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  • Magnetic Hug
    Magnetic Hug 5 hours ago

    receive this noise

  • SS25 Isabella Melgaco
    SS25 Isabella Melgaco 13 hours ago

    Damien be like sister scared

  • Alyssa & Marley
    Alyssa & Marley 2 days ago

    I love how red shayne's face gets when he screams or laughs

  • Rawan
    Rawan 3 days ago

    I ship Damien and Courtney

  • jaden lily
    jaden lily 5 days ago

    courtney looked so happy & it made my heart melt. also her giggles are so cute 🥺💓

  • Zambiekiller 456
    Zambiekiller 456 5 days ago

    I love you guys so much it’s impossible to watch you guys and not laugh 😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Osama Bkr
    Osama Bkr 6 days ago

    I ship u guys all

  • somebody :P
    somebody :P 6 days ago

    5:08 Shayne.exe has stopped working...

  • The6Doll Snaps
    The6Doll Snaps 6 days ago

    lmao why does literally all of Noah’s shirts say his name on them???!!!!!😂😂😂

  • Ruby Montano-Jarrett
    Ruby Montano-Jarrett 6 days ago +1

    Damien and Courtney were so cute together in this one

  • Lexi Marie
    Lexi Marie 7 days ago

    4:47 Noah's socks tho 😂

  • IronMan Golden Avenger

    Tell them something they don’t know about you
    Shayne: I used to be on a T.V show called That’s so random

  • I’m a nobody Because im everyone

    Love that Keith and Damien are matching shoes 💚

  • Corgibuts 11
    Corgibuts 11 10 days ago


  • Das Coo
    Das Coo 10 days ago

    Calfs are baby cows

  • Mitzie Blu
    Mitzie Blu 10 days ago

    My favorite

  • al royer
    al royer 11 days ago

    Shayne screams like a diying chimpmonk

  • Daphie Duckies
    Daphie Duckies 11 days ago

    Even though they joke about kissing each other it never happens but I think it would be really funny

  • Lil_ Potato
    Lil_ Potato 11 days ago


  • Rosy Montoya
    Rosy Montoya 12 days ago

    Wake me up wake me up inside save me call my name and save me from the dark

  • Sister Game Network Opallina

    I have been crying for two WHOLE hours and laughed so hard when i saw this Thank You Smosh!

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 12 days ago

    5:13 Shayne is me waiting on sweats

  • Johannes Dagstad
    Johannes Dagstad 13 days ago +1

    T H I C C B O T L L E

  • Mallory Connor
    Mallory Connor 13 days ago

    Its not jenny its mallory

  • Kodesi Wood
    Kodesi Wood 13 days ago

    - sit in their lap
    - fucking kiss already
    - cuddle for 30 seconds
    - lick noses

  • gay jesus
    gay jesus 14 days ago

    HUH nAnI

  • SickNastyPeeps
    SickNastyPeeps 14 days ago +2

    Dude spin the bottle woahhhhh you gonna make out or sum stuff wooooaaahhhhhhh make out sesh over here woaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kali Cox
    Kali Cox 14 days ago

    Every time I watch a video, Noah has a different hair color

  • Emily Inman
    Emily Inman 14 days ago

    LOL, OK, so, if you start the video over and over again constantly, they all look like they're doing some weird dance

  • Nathan Lilly
    Nathan Lilly 14 days ago


  • Mallory Morneau
    Mallory Morneau 16 days ago

    play more with Courtney Olivia Keith Shayne and Noah
    the original squad

  • blake ward
    blake ward 16 days ago

    That dance though

  • VirusTube2007
    VirusTube2007 16 days ago

    Is it just me or dose everyone ship Noah andcurtney

  • Avery Hernandez
    Avery Hernandez 16 days ago +1

    13:15 that look shayne gave keith was actually low-key cute

  • Sera Graham
    Sera Graham 16 days ago

    in the closeup of Shayne spanking he looks like a girl :p

  • Gotchaxxlove *
    Gotchaxxlove * 16 days ago

    8:50. Daniel you are the best ever hear what he said oh my f***ing God

  • Sum Fro
    Sum Fro 16 days ago

    1:28 Damien looks buff I love it

  • BlissyHart Gacha
    BlissyHart Gacha 16 days ago

    *let's all wear black jeans and totally not tell noah!*
    Squad: omg yes totally!

  • Leo _Army
    Leo _Army 17 days ago +1

    *Lets all wear black and white shoes and not tell Shayne and Noah*

  • Ari-ANA Hope
    Ari-ANA Hope 17 days ago

    OMG OMG “Did you just give him one for all?”

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 17 days ago

    damien looked like he already had a unibrow

  • Sophia Espenida
    Sophia Espenida 17 days ago

    Damien,Courtney, and Keith have the (Almost) the same shoes!

  • Crystal Hill
    Crystal Hill 17 days ago

    Noah is so crinj

  • Stephanie Wisch
    Stephanie Wisch 18 days ago

    You should put in the hat is kiss 4 30 secs

  • Prince Princey
    Prince Princey 18 days ago

    whos watching in 2019?

  • potato cultist
    potato cultist 18 days ago

    Shan Shane has a big phat bubble booty

  • Ataysia Calhoun
    Ataysia Calhoun 18 days ago

    I dare you guys to play a round of twister and see how uncomfortable it is .

  • Low Escape
    Low Escape 18 days ago


  • Caroline Da slytherin snake

    I just think Courtney and Damien are cute friends talking about feelings, trust fall, braiding hair...

  • Kieran Clopp
    Kieran Clopp 18 days ago


  • Joseph Iovino
    Joseph Iovino 18 days ago

    you should have the rock on the show

  • Trish Park
    Trish Park 19 days ago

    The jjba jokes are blessed

  • mio the gachatuber
    mio the gachatuber 19 days ago +1

    5:53 Noah is deku confirmed

  • karalyn sanocki
    karalyn sanocki 19 days ago

    Suck thumb

  • Kim chambo
    Kim chambo 19 days ago

    I just want to know if Courtney and Shayne like each other

  • Jana Jessup
    Jana Jessup 20 days ago

    do a normal sin the bottle with the kissing and what not i dare you

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 20 days ago

    They would be sooo cute 😍

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 20 days ago

    Omg at 6:31

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 20 days ago

    I ship courtney and shayne soooo much

  • Shayla Cook
    Shayla Cook 20 days ago

    You done fucked up Jenny **********

  • Catherine Boone
    Catherine Boone 20 days ago

    Omg is it Jenny Grabenstein because that's my step mom omg that would be so funny

  • Brian Yavorsky
    Brian Yavorsky 21 day ago

    be gay for an our

  • NibbleNibble !
    NibbleNibble ! 21 day ago

    My friends won’t “trust fall” me cause I’m to fat ;-;

  • Amelia Hudgins
    Amelia Hudgins 21 day ago

    I feel like Shayne told Damien that he likes Courtney. (I know, I know yeah lame Shourtney theory) When watching Courtney’s turn of spilling beans with Shayne, he didn’t just listen to Courtney, but also watched Shayne and smiled when seeing him enjoy that moment. I think he felt happy for him. By the way, when Courtney spun and it landed on Shayne, Damien yelled out YAY.

  • Andrew Collins
    Andrew Collins 21 day ago

    you were right this video is weird.

  • LaurenCookie26
    LaurenCookie26 21 day ago +3

    Courtney and shanye were so cute in this

  • Abigail bunch
    Abigail bunch 21 day ago

    How about you draw a picture do each other and make out with it

  • A Tom
    A Tom 22 days ago

    Anyone else notice Courtney said she hoped She got to kiss Noah or Keith, but not Damien or Shayne
    Otherwise known as a hint to everyone on the internet that obsessively ships them they aren't onto each other so cool it and leave them alone.

  • Łejsek
    Łejsek 22 days ago

    Courtney fine tho

  • Lesa H
    Lesa H 22 days ago +1

    Shane was on switch at birth

  • Victor Stewart
    Victor Stewart 22 days ago

    I ship Damien and Shayne SOOOO HARD

  • Marita Siguencia
    Marita Siguencia 22 days ago

    Peeps 😜😜🔥🔥

  • Yaniv Jarufi
    Yaniv Jarufi 22 days ago

    I love you guys so much!!

  • IM the Underdog!!!
    IM the Underdog!!! 22 days ago

    Drink pickle juice then kiss

  • Sadie Rosa
    Sadie Rosa 23 days ago

    Each other's tong will kissing

  • Sadie Rosa
    Sadie Rosa 23 days ago

    Hear is one tuch tung

  • Eslam Ruby
    Eslam Ruby 23 days ago

    We're is Olivia

  • bts_lover101
    bts_lover101 23 days ago +3

    'Old Indian food dipped in sand'

  • Lillian Turner
    Lillian Turner 23 days ago

    It's 4:30 in the morning and I'm laughing so hard but trying not to wake up my sister. 😂😂😂

  • Marley Beamish
    Marley Beamish 23 days ago

    You should do a try not to laugh spin the bottle

  • aleyna akpinar
    aleyna akpinar 23 days ago

    i legit think courtney is riley from girl meets world

  • Nicole Hofer
    Nicole Hofer 23 days ago

    Touch butts together

  • Christopher Byers
    Christopher Byers 23 days ago

    She made a deku reference

  • Fiona
    Fiona 23 days ago

    No Olivia ☹

  • Idiot_ on_the_internet

    Damien is such a gentleman, I love it.

  • Vine Forlife
    Vine Forlife 23 days ago

    Can you put The Beach Boys on? And P.S spin the bottle paper thingy can you write - slap eatch other in the face-

  • Kathleen Allison
    Kathleen Allison 24 days ago

    Shane gave Noah freaking ONE FOR ALL.

  • Leviathan Lamothe
    Leviathan Lamothe 24 days ago

    3:13 Noah needs help

  • UmbreonErick
    UmbreonErick 24 days ago +7

    "Let's all wear Black Pants and *NOT* tell Noah!".

  • Kittys C:
    Kittys C: 24 days ago

    This is my new favorite TVclip channel.

  • Joseph
    Joseph 24 days ago

    You should bring in the bad boys.And put in wear chicken suit.

  • Cassandra Fisher
    Cassandra Fisher 24 days ago

    I love shaynes laugh I know I comment this on ever video but but his laugh is great and it chears me up

    LUNAPRINTING1983 24 days ago

    intro: courtney: i hope i get to kiss noah
    a few minutes lates: courtney: yay noah is so cute

  • Seth Linstad
    Seth Linstad 24 days ago

    10:41 it is called a "butterfly kiss"

  • Grant Havron
    Grant Havron 25 days ago

    Be a beauty guru

  • Grant Havron
    Grant Havron 25 days ago

    Swop clothes

  • Grant Havron
    Grant Havron 25 days ago

    Slap in face

  • isthealthy
    isthealthy 25 days ago

    smell fart thats what i want and i wand mr gus jhonson in the spin the bottle

  • Logan Olson
    Logan Olson 25 days ago

    Tickle challenge

  • Gus Boi
    Gus Boi 26 days ago

    ok. just sayn, courtney's nails look fire.