• Published on Sep 6, 2018
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Comments • 1 935

  • Brenda Perez
    Brenda Perez Day ago

    Keith was mad today

  • Lacy Conley
    Lacy Conley 4 days ago

    Wax each other

  • Oscar Guerrero
    Oscar Guerrero 8 days ago

    Watching this in 2019 and I barely noticed the Yamato sword from DMC in the background 1:15

  • Duckyboy 33
    Duckyboy 33 10 days ago +1

    My quote would’ve been “get to the chopper”

  • Lisa Mahon
    Lisa Mahon 13 days ago

    3:33 - lol i love this

  • a random person
    a random person 14 days ago

    Where Olivia????

  • Sei Verseicle
    Sei Verseicle 14 days ago

    Did anyone else catch Courtney making a My Hero Academia reference?

  • AC Fan1
    AC Fan1 15 days ago +1

    AWWWWW NOAH IS SO CUTE!! XD (not in a gay way or weird way because I’m a boy)...!!!

  • Sam Hoff
    Sam Hoff 18 days ago

    Oooooo Shane low key thiccccc

  • ThePink Llama
    ThePink Llama 21 day ago

    On behalf of Shayne..... Jennie call Shayne those eyes when he said your name...... a part of him left that day

  • ThePink Llama
    ThePink Llama 21 day ago

    Can I have Shayne and Courtney as my siblings? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??!?!?? They would be amazing siblings

  • suckfish sam
    suckfish sam 25 days ago

    7:36 *someone burps*
    shayne: *bless u*

    • yousif4
      yousif4 24 days ago

      That's Courtney's monstrous burp and Damien blessed her xD

  • A.R.I Mad
    A.R.I Mad 25 days ago


  • Timmy Curran
    Timmy Curran 25 days ago

    I like how shayne and Keith are both wearing yellowish colours, Damien and Courtney are wearing blue colours, they are all wearing black pants and then Noah is wearing a combo of all of the colours everyone else is wearing

  • Kayla Meynders
    Kayla Meynders 26 days ago

    For the trust fall you should fall forward that would be so funny

  • the crazy youtuber !!!!!

    Dress up as a girl if ur a boy dress up as a boy if ur a girl

  • Maya Singh
    Maya Singh 27 days ago +1

    Once again they use courtney and shayne as clickbait

  • TryMeBoi
    TryMeBoi 29 days ago

    3:27 is how kids in my class react to random spiders on the ground

  • BroccoliDoodles
    BroccoliDoodles Month ago

    "Did you just give him the one for all" NOAH IS DEKU CONFIRMED

  • fazbearplayz
    fazbearplayz Month ago

    Dat Boku No Hero reference tho...

  • Dai Jeffery
    Dai Jeffery Month ago

    They're all wearing similar shoes except for Shane lol

  • Zeanoss 210406
    Zeanoss 210406 Month ago

    Dude have jujimofo come on

  • Towney 15
    Towney 15 Month ago


  • Ms magzs
    Ms magzs Month ago +1

    Let’s all wear black shoes and not tell Noah

  • Elsa B
    Elsa B Month ago

    I want to kiss 💋 Noah aswell

  • TUmaDO
    TUmaDO Month ago

    "my eyes are really juicy" keith *2018*

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari Month ago



  • Hjalmar Hellström
    Hjalmar Hellström Month ago

    3:36 It loks like hes giving birth

  • asyh ech
    asyh ech Month ago

    is Courtney and damien datting???

  • Caroline Besner
    Caroline Besner Month ago

    try not to laugh challenge

  • Forever_Mojo
    Forever_Mojo Month ago

    Do more!!!!!

  • Demi-leigh Mcfarling

    Shayne and Courtney should get together

  • Lemon Games
    Lemon Games Month ago +1


  • Joshua Browning
    Joshua Browning Month ago

    Sing Lion king in each others faces

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Month ago +2

    5:55 Is Courtney referencing BNHA or have I just become a little obsessed

  • Jason Wiedenhoeft
    Jason Wiedenhoeft Month ago


  • Lily Auburn
    Lily Auburn Month ago

    Seeing Noah scream is so weird because he's so quiet

  • Waves 546
    Waves 546 Month ago


  • Kendall Battle
    Kendall Battle Month ago +2

    Damien and smosh squad do team bonding exercises for 17 minutes straight

  • Meowsters
    Meowsters Month ago

    Where is Olivia and my SHIP with them

  • Crack shot Gameplays

    WHERE IS OLIVA!!!!??????

  • Abbey Smith
    Abbey Smith Month ago

    is no one going to comment on the “i almost peed out of fear” comment courtney made?'😂😂

  • Viktoriyah Casilla
    Viktoriyah Casilla Month ago

    Me and my mom used to connect tongues

  • Lana V
    Lana V Month ago

    Lick ear

  • Bryanna Emery
    Bryanna Emery Month ago

    you should do this again with Shane Dawson

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S Month ago

    I'd pipe courtney

  • Alyssia Halliday
    Alyssia Halliday Month ago +2

    I really want to kiss noah

  • Gacha Potato123
    Gacha Potato123 Month ago

    Shane x Tyler be like

    I'LL SCREAM IN YOUR MOUTH TO SHOW THAT I WANNA KISS YOU seems like they are almost kiss in lol

  • The Franklin Family

    Shortny anyone??

  • Raptor Family
    Raptor Family Month ago +1

    Does anyone else say teen-mobile instead of T-Mobile??

  • Sophie's Vlogs 101
    Sophie's Vlogs 101 Month ago

    i was watching with captions and at 5:56 it says "are you ready my time god?" lol

  • SamXx
    SamXx Month ago +1

    Keith's laugh is life

  • TheRealEmmalee
    TheRealEmmalee Month ago

    More!!! also Sam and Colby!!!

  • Lucy Fearnley
    Lucy Fearnley Month ago

    5:10 Me at the Dentist!.

  • Magnetic Hug
    Magnetic Hug Month ago

    receive this noise

  • SS25 Isabella Melgaco

    Damien be like sister scared

  • Mabrookanna 215
    Mabrookanna 215 Month ago

    I love how red shayne's face gets when he screams or laughs

  • Rawan
    Rawan 2 months ago +1

    I ship Damien and Courtney

  • jaden lily
    jaden lily 2 months ago

    courtney looked so happy & it made my heart melt. also her giggles are so cute 🥺💓

  • Zambiekiller 456
    Zambiekiller 456 2 months ago +1

    I love you guys so much it’s impossible to watch you guys and not laugh 😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Osama Bkr
    Osama Bkr 2 months ago

    I ship u guys all

  • somebody :P
    somebody :P 2 months ago

    5:08 Shayne.exe has stopped working...

  • The6Doll Snaps
    The6Doll Snaps 2 months ago

    lmao why does literally all of Noah’s shirts say his name on them???!!!!!😂😂😂

  • Ruby Montano-Jarrett
    Ruby Montano-Jarrett 2 months ago +2

    Damien and Courtney were so cute together in this one

  • Lexi Marie
    Lexi Marie 2 months ago

    4:47 Noah's socks tho 😂

  • IronMan Golden Avenger
    IronMan Golden Avenger 2 months ago

    Tell them something they don’t know about you
    Shayne: I used to be on a T.V show called That’s so random

  • I’m a nobody Because im everyone

    Love that Keith and Damien are matching shoes 💚

  • Corgibuts 11
    Corgibuts 11 2 months ago


  • Das Coo
    Das Coo 2 months ago

    Calfs are baby cows

  • Mitzie Blu
    Mitzie Blu 2 months ago

    My favorite

  • al royer
    al royer 2 months ago

    Shayne screams like a diying chimpmonk

  • Daphie Duckies
    Daphie Duckies 2 months ago

    Even though they joke about kissing each other it never happens but I think it would be really funny

  • Lil_ Potato
    Lil_ Potato 2 months ago


  • Rosy Montoya
    Rosy Montoya 2 months ago

    Wake me up wake me up inside save me call my name and save me from the dark

  • Sister Game Network Opallina

    I have been crying for two WHOLE hours and laughed so hard when i saw this Thank You Smosh!

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 2 months ago

    5:13 Shayne is me waiting on sweats

  • Johannes Dagstad
    Johannes Dagstad 2 months ago +1

    T H I C C B O T L L E

  • Mallory Connor
    Mallory Connor 2 months ago

    Its not jenny its mallory

  • Kodesi Wood
    Kodesi Wood 2 months ago

    - sit in their lap
    - fucking kiss already
    - cuddle for 30 seconds
    - lick noses

  • tracy martel
    tracy martel 2 months ago

    HUH nAnI

  • SickNastyPeeps
    SickNastyPeeps 2 months ago +2

    Dude spin the bottle woahhhhh you gonna make out or sum stuff wooooaaahhhhhhh make out sesh over here woaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kali Cox
    Kali Cox 2 months ago

    Every time I watch a video, Noah has a different hair color

  • Emily Inman
    Emily Inman 2 months ago

    LOL, OK, so, if you start the video over and over again constantly, they all look like they're doing some weird dance

  • Nathan Lilly
    Nathan Lilly 2 months ago


  • Mallory Morneau
    Mallory Morneau 2 months ago

    play more with Courtney Olivia Keith Shayne and Noah
    the original squad

  • blake ward
    blake ward 2 months ago

    That dance though

  • VirusTube2007
    VirusTube2007 2 months ago

    Is it just me or dose everyone ship Noah andcurtney

  • Avery Hernandez
    Avery Hernandez 2 months ago +1

    13:15 that look shayne gave keith was actually low-key cute

  • Sera Graham
    Sera Graham 2 months ago

    in the closeup of Shayne spanking he looks like a girl :p

    WOW THATS HOT * 2 months ago

    8:50. Daniel you are the best ever hear what he said oh my f***ing God

  • summer fro
    summer fro 2 months ago +1

    1:28 Damien looks buff I love it

  • Ruby Playz
    Ruby Playz 2 months ago

    *let's all wear black jeans and totally not tell noah!*
    Squad: omg yes totally!

  • Leo _Army
    Leo _Army 2 months ago +1

    *Lets all wear black and white shoes and not tell Shayne and Noah*

  • Ari-ANA Hope
    Ari-ANA Hope 2 months ago

    OMG OMG “Did you just give him one for all?”

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 2 months ago

    damien looked like he already had a unibrow

  • Sophia Espenida
    Sophia Espenida 2 months ago

    Damien,Courtney, and Keith have the (Almost) the same shoes!

  • Crystal Hill
    Crystal Hill 2 months ago

    Noah is so crinj

  • Stephanie Wisch
    Stephanie Wisch 2 months ago

    You should put in the hat is kiss 4 30 secs

  • Royal Tori
    Royal Tori 2 months ago +2

    whos watching in 2019?

  • potato cultist
    potato cultist 2 months ago

    Shan Shane has a big phat bubble booty