The Problem With DC's Heroes

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
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  • MoNkEyBuTtS1?
    MoNkEyBuTtS1? Hour ago +1

    Bro marvel *MAKES* there directors know their shit

  • Some Sergal
    Some Sergal 2 hours ago

    Bullshit. That crate is no way in hell going to bounce off.

  • Dyno
    Dyno 4 hours ago

    Jesus Christ, could you explain your points WITHOUT ALL THOSE COMIC AND CARTOON SPOILERS!

  • NVR Shoot
    NVR Shoot 7 hours ago

    Dc heroes would be so interesting , which they are in the comics, but the movies ruin the outlook fot everybody

  • ImAWeeb
    ImAWeeb 9 hours ago


    I've read a lot of Batman comics don't get me wrong...

    But this scene made me cry, so fucking hard

  • ANDER Miftari
    ANDER Miftari 13 hours ago

    Ya know that episode of Justice League is taken from the Superman comic ''for the man who has everything''
    it was literally the first superman story i read.

    SPICY-GUN-GAMER -BITCH 15 hours ago

    Some poeple: DC heros are not as good as marvel heros
    Any Batman thats not George Clooney or ben Afleck hold my BATBEER
    But to be honest I like all marvel heros better than DC heros exept Batman deadpool and Batman are both my favoriet superheros

  • BowmansWorld
    BowmansWorld 17 hours ago +1

    I hate people who dont read.

  • Lol Dunno
    Lol Dunno 19 hours ago

    Personally, I’ve been reading Batman comics for about 2 years and I fucking HATE the modern Batman.

    FGC PEAK 19 hours ago

    This nigga said we should pledge money to his Patreon so he can quit his job and make videos "for us" all day. What a fucking gimp lmfao

  • michael preller
    michael preller 20 hours ago

    Can't stand the DC heroes (OP and boring AF) other than WW. But Joker and Luther are fantastic. Also love Batman's setting, second only to Spiderman version of NYC.

  • Hamtaro
    Hamtaro 21 hour ago

    I wonder what your opinion is of Smallville? I personally love that show and have all 10 seasons

  • Milo S
    Milo S 22 hours ago

    holy shit that part in the lego batman movie where Alfred takes away batman's computer privileges is absolutely hilarious

  • Savon Anderson
    Savon Anderson Day ago

    It’s cuz they suck at making movies. Dark knight proves that

  • Boomerang Classic It's all Coming Back to You.

    I strongly believe that Marvel and DC comics are the best at story telling and adventurous.

  • Jayasurya Maker
    Jayasurya Maker Day ago

    NOLAN's batman was far far better than any marvel films...

  • Barnos 69
    Barnos 69 Day ago +2

    Past:peace will take over in the future

    *pewds vs t series
    *marvel vs dc
    *console war

  • Please Reboot Kid Icarus

    when superman was thinking about what he loves most about earth and he just looked away and chuckled. The only thing i was thinking of at the time was " what the fuck your not gonna say anything, not even gonna say ice cream you little bitch what the fuck " and this carried through out the entire movie.

  • its Toxic Paradise
    its Toxic Paradise Day ago +3

    the montage at 17:24 is so great . i laughed so hard i cried

  • JNF
    JNF 2 days ago

    I like novels and I like movies, but I don't really like reading comic books. Is that weird? I just don't like how the media is presented.

  • Toxiclaw_Games
    Toxiclaw_Games 2 days ago

    RIP Marvel Comics. Disney killed the dreams again

  • Leo Blocker [Guru]
    Leo Blocker [Guru] 2 days ago

    I kinda learn a lot from you

  • JC Gam1ng
    JC Gam1ng 2 days ago +4

    Favorite part of the video was just Uncle Cosmonaut showing us a clip of a empathetic Batman then shows us a montage of Batman being a savage ruthless killer 😂😂😂 I just laugh at it the entire time

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 2 days ago +1

    But Marvel sucks for fucking 15 years now, do You even read fucking comics? Fuck the movies, only shitty casuals watch those shit, a disgrace and a slap in the face of every reader, fuck Disney.

  • Simon Ned
    Simon Ned 2 days ago

    Batman should be written similar to Tony Stark just without the asshole part near the beginning.

  • LizardKing625
    LizardKing625 2 days ago

    I'm starting to feel bad for Snyder for getting all of this hate for Man of Steel and BvS, he's certainly not without blame but the biggest problem with those movies was the writing. If anyone should be blamed for the quality of those movies it should be David Goyer.

    • Jonny T.
      Jonny T. Day ago

      David goyer wrote dark knight trilogy and mos. Both were awesome
      Joss whedon ruined it for me

  • CatnipNapkin
    CatnipNapkin 2 days ago

    The only singular reason I'd ever watch the Justice League movie, is Gal Gadot's thighs.

  • Ivan Caballero
    Ivan Caballero 2 days ago

    This video is full of nothing but facts and the truth

  • Barokai Rein
    Barokai Rein 2 days ago

    Honestly I prefer the whole ''spiderman has organic webs'' thing over web shooters. I just think it's cooler whenever character has superpowers instead of gadgets.

  • Holden Joyner
    Holden Joyner 2 days ago

    This is extremely correct I loved marvel and hated dc until I started watching the cartoons and and I watched the ultimate spiderman show and thought hmm this bad but spiderman is cool and so maybe dc has good stuff too and just the movies are bad and thats when I started reading comics

  • Subsciber33333333
    Subsciber33333333 2 days ago

    This video fully changed my mind about the movies, i was way more willing to see these charaters changed to fit a good story (not that there was any lmao) than to keep them at their core

  • Thomas Thompson
    Thomas Thompson 2 days ago

    What's the song that starts at 7:19/where do I know it from?
    Is it Aesop?

  • Josh Sheldon
    Josh Sheldon 2 days ago

    any one notice that at 17:46 the backround music is the messyourself diss track

  • Broockle
    Broockle 2 days ago +1

    Justice league cartoon superman was cardboard just like almost everyone else in that cartoon.
    Batman and Luthor were by far the best written characters in the whole series.
    I always felt that superman isn't really a character at all, he's a plot device.
    Nvr read any DC comic tho so what do I know. Just played all the Arkham games and watched all the cartoons with batman.
    They're all awesome
    Also, Evangeleon a Mecha Anime....?
    Evangeleon is it's own genre xD

  • jace ross
    jace ross 3 days ago

    On the spiderman web thing they had natural webbing in the comics for a bit

  • TheCrystalFlaaffy
    TheCrystalFlaaffy 3 days ago

    Whoa whoa whoa wait.

    That clip of the girl fighting Darkside and flipping him into his own omega beams. WHAT WAS THAT FROM??? I NEED TO SEE THIS!

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 3 days ago

    Marvel haters: I don’t like marvel it’s got terrible heroes.
    Also marvel haters: oh yeah I’m a dc fan by the way

  • IcyyHott
    IcyyHott 3 days ago +1

    I swear if DC ruins Nightwing. Dick Grayson is so far the only hero I (my opinion) have seen that is some what relatable and feels human, and the adoption for Titans is cool and somewhat relatable to the fact he doesn't want to live in the shadow of Bruce and live on his own, but the original is much more relatable. He witnessed his parents death and was fortunate to be adopted by the one person who on both parties could help Dick find the killers to his parents, and hell before he becomes Robin he tries to find them. But he aspires to fight crime, whether its actually in law and order as a detective or as a realistic super hero, He's just a very strong willed gymnast who trained in martial arts to fight. Almost anybody can do that. So I really hope they get the character right.

  • Weeaboo Generator
    Weeaboo Generator 3 days ago +2

    dc comics > marvel comics
    dc movies < marvel movies

  • Grant Parker
    Grant Parker 3 days ago +1

    “I’m dying”


  • Young Milk
    Young Milk 3 days ago

    Spider man has had organic webing before in multiple reboots in comics just to let u know and I personally like it

  • BarakaTarkata
    BarakaTarkata 3 days ago

    Please for the love of god, Change the flash’s actor he is soooo Bad and please change zack Snyder bring a another director

  • connor d
    connor d 3 days ago

    All i want is a good Batman Beyond live action film and a great film about Brainiac's entire life from beginning to end with Cosmic Unknown Horror as the inevitable antagonist

  • adam_humanbeing
    adam_humanbeing 3 days ago

    ye mcu is so so so much better

  • Maxis!!!!
    Maxis!!!! 3 days ago

    What was the animation shown at ~ 4:00 mark?

  • Lucas Friedfeld
    Lucas Friedfeld 3 days ago

    Dude you get it. Finally. Couldn’t agree more. The movies. The animated series’. The games. All star. Same opinions. Snyder ruined Superman for us. Whoever made that trailer for MOS should be allowed to direct because at least he understands the character.

  • the aiden
    the aiden 4 days ago

    Ok but man of steel was good tho

  • Rafael Alfaro
    Rafael Alfaro 4 days ago +1

    i dont wanted read

  • LJ_Redd
    LJ_Redd 4 days ago

    i used to like arrow and the flash but they went downhill and its too much to watch now

  • Kj Powell
    Kj Powell 4 days ago +1

    I dont give a fuck how many comics Christopher Nolan read the dark knight trilogy was great.

  • GMaNiAc
    GMaNiAc 4 days ago +16

    Dont hate on the dark knight trilogy, those movies are hella good

    • Barnos 69
      Barnos 69 15 hours ago

      Gotham:a lot of murdering a lot of super human bad guys police is to weak
      People: Lets live there!!

    • Barnos 69
      Barnos 69 15 hours ago +1

      @Sean y the weather is always dark and the dc government is pretty stupid for not dealing or giving a shit to the city

    • Barnos 69
      Barnos 69 15 hours ago +1

      @Sean y watch everything bad about batman games and you will find 2 or more vids

    • Barnos 69
      Barnos 69 15 hours ago +1

      @Sean y batsy has the best storyline but overall spiderman is more fun and have better missions side ops or gameplay

  • teja chelimilla
    teja chelimilla 4 days ago

    The only reason marvel make good movies because they were bad at comics

  • Ashkan Mousavi
    Ashkan Mousavi 4 days ago

    I like dc animations, they're the best, assualt on Arkham, superman and super girl animations, like the ones that are used in 4:05 , they're amazing

  • Madeline Carragher
    Madeline Carragher 4 days ago

    So that’s why I loved LEGO Batman.

  • Alan Li
    Alan Li 5 days ago

    Re: Kill Bill... Thank God, someone finally said it.

  • Megan Jagdeo
    Megan Jagdeo 5 days ago +1

    Justice League is one of my favorite movies because every time I watch it, i find something new to hate and my blood pressure rises and I've never felt more alive

  • Iron fudger Stark
    Iron fudger Stark 5 days ago +1

    Their secret identities suck

  • torturapesnorrarape
    torturapesnorrarape 5 days ago

    man Arrow was sooo much wasted potential, like the whole island arc was great and all but really full of plotholes and the actor for Green Arrow must have thought he was playing daredevil or something because he had like 0 sense of humor for DC's discount tony stark..was so sad..

  • dimpledwonder
    dimpledwonder 5 days ago

    Yeah, they made jokes about Batman’s past, but remember the entire climax where Batman fights literally all the villains that aren’t in Batman. Voldemort, the Wicked Witch, Sauron, etc.

    DAVID'S BRICKFILMS 5 days ago

    This is more then true.

  • jeb _
    jeb _ 5 days ago +11

    People praise Zack Snyder 🙄but honestly he messed up everyone...he made superman dark and Batman a kill and didn't even give him a back story why he is like this,in Justice league he sexualize the amazons and did the same to worder woman... Also people say he had a plan with justice league but his plan was to the leaque to fail and die and flash to rewrites everything...and that's stupid

  • JimmyTM
    JimmyTM 5 days ago

    The CW shows were good. Still think they have potential but the last few seasons have been extremely mediocre and super girl and the new bat women look bad. Flash I think has the most potential though. But dc comics are way better

  • supferfuzz
    supferfuzz 5 days ago

    Boostergold is the ONLY movie dc fans really want to see. You all feel it, but are afraid to say it.

  • Γιάννης Ζαχαρίας 1

    Μπράβο παιχταρά μου μπράβο πάσα μου πεστα said it

  • Ria Ali
    Ria Ali 6 days ago

    Never thought DC heroes was bad. I think they have just as much potential as marvel tbh. Movies just suck. I'm more of a marvel fan but I WANT dc to succeed. More awesome badass hero shit for me to freak out over

  • Racool
    Racool 6 days ago

    Lol if they did a flashpoint movie, at least the Flash tv show’s version would be seen in a better light.

  • Racool
    Racool 6 days ago +2

    Aquaman and Shazam wasn’t garbage
    Is DC actually learning their lesson???

  • TheTurtle ofCreation

    I looooove the LEGO Batman movie

  • Irreverent Bard
    Irreverent Bard 6 days ago

    Doom patrol is THE BEST comic book show ever!

  • KingFishKiller 6
    KingFishKiller 6 6 days ago

    Superman comics are lit

  • AIDS
    AIDS 6 days ago

    the dceu must just restart.

  • Shravan Kumar
    Shravan Kumar 6 days ago

    Shazam is awesome

  • Jose Figueroa
    Jose Figueroa 6 days ago

    the dark night is the best super hero movie

  • The Peach
    The Peach 6 days ago

    So basically theres nothing wrong with the super hero's but the media?

  • GemForTheWin
    GemForTheWin 6 days ago

    You are a comic purist, but the comics are good so fair enough

  • Ruben Celiceo
    Ruben Celiceo 6 days ago

    Don't really know much about the superhero stuff but I'll still listen to your topic and try to take away something. Yes I know I phrased that like a dork

  • Eliab Perez
    Eliab Perez 7 days ago

    Its 2019 and I forgot flash was supposed to get released already but it got delayed...again😂😂

  • Garrett Griffin
    Garrett Griffin 7 days ago

    I know you probably dont like it but I wanna know your take on aquaman

  • tammy ward
    tammy ward 7 days ago

    I hope Disney buys DC and the rest of marvel

  • Sky
    Sky 7 days ago +36

    Why is Batman killing people he's supposed to KO them so they go to jail just like in Christopher Nolans Batman trilogy

    • DeclarinJam
      DeclarinJam 19 hours ago +1

      Tell that to ras al ghul whos in jail at the end of batman begins.... Oh wait

  • antoine pruyssers
    antoine pruyssers 7 days ago

    DC has great animation, and comics. Marvel has great live action and relatable stories.
    Yet none is better then the other. DC and Marvel are 2 parts of a larger universe

  • Zachary Flanders
    Zachary Flanders 7 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says. I freaking love Ben Affleck's Batman. I grew up reading the comics and have read more than I can count. My favorite adaptions of Batman are when he's unbelievably dark like the original comics by Bob Kane and Frank Miller (don't forget All Star Batman). Affleck's Batman pushed the dark persona a bit farther than anyone was used to and it just worked for me. Batman is always seen as the scariest guy in the Justice League despite him having no super powers yet most adaptations give him the same ferocity as everyone else. Snyder's Batman is what he was meant to be. He's someone that truly cares about the innocent and isn't going to hold back when dealing with those trying to hurt them. A punishment from Batman shouldn't be a routine beating most of these guys are just used to. It should be something they either don't walk away from or are forever traumatized by.

  • fried frog mcduck
    fried frog mcduck 7 days ago

    Shaza.......... oh god

  • Drizz13
    Drizz13 7 days ago

    mark my words DC will compete with Marvel again. Just remember that the best superhero movie of all time is THE DARK KNIGHT

    • SRC EC
      SRC EC 5 hours ago

      Nah, into the spider-verse is the best

  • rockie boi
    rockie boi 7 days ago

    I swear to God these editings are fucking hilarious. Great video

  • frost gaming _plush and more

    Stop bringing up this Batman crap it was a dream sequences

  • ADM chaos
    ADM chaos 7 days ago

    when i enjoy a movie if i had fun watching it then its a good movie thats why i love spider-man 3 and the resident evil

  • Mason Campbell
    Mason Campbell 7 days ago +1

    Dc animated movies (under the red hood, batman returns, flashpoint paradox) are still great tho

  • The Wild King
    The Wild King 7 days ago +2

    Same with the xmen, everyone thinks wolverine is the leader and the main part, but hes not, they also think cyclops is a fucking loser, which hes not, hes way cooler than wolverine and cyclops would destroy him. Xmen should be a fucking team, where cyclops is awesome and the leader. Wolverine should be a 5’3 fucking “SHORT” tempered fuck.

  • Mason Matincheck vlogs

    The dark night series with Christian bale was great

  • Colbe Hunter
    Colbe Hunter 8 days ago +1

    DC=better story telling (comics)
    Marvel=a bit more better heroes
    But my favorite hero is batman

  • Adrian rivas
    Adrian rivas 8 days ago

    I love LEGO Batman

  • sauce, no kectup, just sauce, raw sauce

    "Im dying very soon"
    " *YES* "

  • Samuel
    Samuel 8 days ago +1

    Wonder woman is looking to be good, hopefully your wrong. Agreed with everything else, also sad flashpoint was cancelled. Hopefully the theorys of wonder women 2 resetting the universe is right.

  • a chad
    a chad 8 days ago

    I agree

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 9 days ago

    Warner bros should screw fantastic beasts and work on DC

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C 9 days ago

    The fucking Batman savage montage LMAO amazing

  • Onat
    Onat 9 days ago +2

    marvel has movies. and live action tv. but when it comes to animation, oh boy does dc kick their ass.

    tldr marvel pls give us some good ass animation already!

    • Jonathan Will
      Jonathan Will 7 days ago

      @Hampton_the_ one yeah i get it dceu is not good (but whos talking bout dceu any ways) btw( its just getting started)

    • Jonathan Will
      Jonathan Will 7 days ago

      @Hampton_the_ one yeah i hate cw but i m talking bout dc streming shows , titans is not cringy its opposite of cringy

    • Jonathan Will
      Jonathan Will 7 days ago

      @Hampton_the_ one watch doom patrol buddy or you can watch marvel clocks and dragger or cringy agent of shield

    • Jonathan Will
      Jonathan Will 7 days ago

      @Onat plz dont compare a cancelled show with most view netflix show

    • Jonathan Will
      Jonathan Will 7 days ago

      @Onat lol please dude cringy ,i guess your talking bout cw haha.doom patrol is all bout characters over coming fear and swamp thing is like horror , lucifer is bout the devil
      (watch s 4 lucifer trailer and see the views )

  • SatanicPony
    SatanicPony 9 days ago

    I’d say injustice Superman is more the superman who thinks he’s a god and humans are weak and frail.

  • Zodiac CreamPie
    Zodiac CreamPie 9 days ago

    When you listed the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited I got excited because that’s my childhood