Intense Footage of Kamikaze Attacks During WWII

  • Published on Dec 15, 2017
  • On April 6, 1944, U.S. marines faced a battle unlike any they had faced before: the Japanese intentionally crashed over 1,900 planes in suicide kamikaze dives on them.
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    From the Show: Battle of Okinawa
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  • I am
    I am 4 hours ago

    I like to see the American burger explode xD

  • Humanforfreedom 95
    Humanforfreedom 95 2 days ago

    “The Americans call it inhamane” haha yeah let’s take a lot at American history for a second......

  • DataPointsWith NANsOnly

    One sided, since 1945.

  • Terry Harrow 3
    Terry Harrow 3 8 days ago

    My friend's great grand father got stuck underneath the wreckage of a kamikaze plane, he was stuck for 2 days

  • Karl Arsch
    Karl Arsch 12 days ago

    Kamikaze fighters were not that irrational. The Kamikaze Fighters chance for survival was 0%, but i doubt it was much higher for conventional attacks. Any Soldier accepts a probability of dying, it was pretty high for any japanese pilot at that stage of the war, for kamikazes it was slightly higher. The only difference between a kamikaze and a conventional pilot is that the kamikaze doesnt have that false hope of surviving. The effect was 2,800 Kamikaze attackers sank 34 Navy ships, damaged 368 others, killed 4,900 sailors, and wounded over 4,800. If they had been conventional Pilots, they would most likely have been dead too at the end of the war, but would they have scored as much damage?
    And given that Kamikazes did not harm a single civilian, its ridiculous to call it "inhumane".

  • Aravind Srihari
    Aravind Srihari 12 days ago

    Japan before anime

  • 1manuscriptman
    1manuscriptman 12 days ago

    Absolute, guaranteed, immediate entry into Vahalla.

  • Raymund Labs ra
    Raymund Labs ra 13 days ago +1

    when 2 most powerful country fights we in Philippines are in the midst of war

  • Hi Wind
    Hi Wind 13 days ago +1

    All of Kamikaze pilots dead to complete their mission for their country , girl friends, wives, and children have been sleeping since 1945 at Yasukuni shrine at Tokyo. ⛩🌸

  • Shadow Sniper
    Shadow Sniper 16 days ago

    Inhuman war more like honor and loyalty to ur country

  • friendly foxy
    friendly foxy 16 days ago

    Can confirm am kamikaze pilot

  • Matrix Dude
    Matrix Dude 16 days ago

    Fighting the devil with pure soul to save the wives and the children

  • Carlo Santianes
    Carlo Santianes 16 days ago +1

    US NAVY: Japan enemy planes are low ammo hahahahaha
    Japanense pilot : ALLAHU AKBAR

  • Uncle
    Uncle 17 days ago

    First terrorist attacks in history (Colorised 1944)

  • Panos Rod
    Panos Rod 20 days ago +1

    "these guys are very determined. Let's drop a nuclear warhead on their civilians!"

  • Albert Tatlock
    Albert Tatlock 20 days ago

    War is war, those Japanese were prepared to die in battle

  • parwinder singh
    parwinder singh 21 day ago

    American says inhuman warfare... Hahahahah 2:43

  • robertg305
    robertg305 23 days ago +2

    2:36 isn't all warfare inhumane? Or is that a social construct?

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 23 days ago +1

    my dad’s friend was in the navy in world war 2 in this battle and a kamikaze hit the same ship

  • Paul Dan
    Paul Dan 27 days ago

    The only real winners in war are the arms dealers that keep these wars going.

  • amoretto
    amoretto 27 days ago

    Japan knew they were outclassed in every aspect of the war. They weren't in the beginning of the war, but US oil embargo really hurt Japanese production. Kamikaze's were really the only hope they had of destroying a ship.

  • Kammö
    Kammö Month ago

    Shame they dropped only 2

    HIROO ONODA Month ago +1


  • Tom tonka
    Tom tonka Month ago +61

    America: This is inhumane warfare!
    Also America: Let's nuke their civilians!

    • WAKEUP!!
      WAKEUP!! 8 days ago

      America: Now you can eat McDonald's 🍔🍟

    • Nassin
      Nassin 8 days ago +2

      @WAKEUP!! Japan: 🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️

    • WAKEUP!!
      WAKEUP!! 8 days ago +2

      America: We use atom bombs on your kids then make Hollywood movies about our bravery and humanity.

    • Nassin
      Nassin 8 days ago +1

      @WAKEUP!! Japan: What if we don't surrender?

    • WAKEUP!!
      WAKEUP!! 15 days ago +3

      America: We'll be raping Japanese women from now on.

  • ぽよ ぽよ
    ぽよ ぽよ Month ago


  • ばかハッカー
    ばかハッカー Month ago


  • God Emperor Guy6000

    Imagine kamikaze but with jericho trumpets

  • Miku Nakano18
    Miku Nakano18 Month ago

    Respect to all of men who died in this war

  • Daniel Cuevas
    Daniel Cuevas Month ago +2

    Question: why do Japanese pilots wear thick leather jackets in the Pacific?

  • Japhet Anciado
    Japhet Anciado Month ago

    The way the ragged flag showed after the sailors dumping their fellow fallen comrades in the ocean :(

  • amoxford 2
    amoxford 2 Month ago +1

    Japan did 9/11

  • doodskie999
    doodskie999 Month ago

    If the japanese can do these, area 51 is a walk in a park

  • muay thai23
    muay thai23 Month ago

    Some of those pilots were on a level none of us can even understamd.

  • Donatello B
    Donatello B Month ago +20

    Inhuman warfare😂😂 is that the americans who says that?!

  • Fatih Kan
    Fatih Kan Month ago

    war is not to win no matter what. it's not to sacrifice your body as a tool insulting your honor. They mean that by inhumane.

  • こけこっこ
    こけこっこ Month ago +5

    My ancestors- Most of japanese pilots were talented university students…
    Thank you, my ancestors for protecting our country. You are our pride.
    See you in Yasukuni again !! Salute
    And …For the American soldiers who died… Salute

    • Ralph melvin
      Ralph melvin 12 days ago +1

      Very brave Japanese Pilots to save their country from the horror of an invasion.. they give their own very Noble

  • billy giles
    billy giles Month ago

    Statistically the most efficient missile in history

  • Mr. Big
    Mr. Big Month ago

    I wonder how many soldiers have been thrown overboard into the ocean...

  • ぽよ ぽよ
    ぽよ ぽよ Month ago +1

    전범 전범이란 한국의 영상은 어디에도
    남아 있지 않다.
    언제 싸웠다? ?

  • Rocket Pencil
    Rocket Pencil Month ago +2

    They sacrificed for their country. But more than just that, they really wished the peace for their family by kamikaze attack

  • blair montgomery
    blair montgomery Month ago

    Life accelerates and also becomes more trivial as you grow older. I would trade all of my thirties and forties to crash into an american battleship in one glorious moment of affirmation.

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan Month ago

    Music at the end?

  • Uriel Correa
    Uriel Correa Month ago

    Is it just me or does the background music in this video at times give a Cod: World at War vibe? Specifically the music from the cinematic intro clips at the beginning of each Pacific mission.

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago +2


  • ugly ass
    ugly ass Month ago

    Greatest fight in history

  • ViralTuber
    ViralTuber Month ago

    I guess TVclip has banned/wiped clean the tons and tons of raw WWII sea vs air battle footage that exists, and only allows us snowflake documentary packages with brief glimpses of combat.

  • BioHazard
    BioHazard Month ago +2

    If I was instructed to sacrifice myself as a kamikaze, Id bring a doctors note.

  • M.S. Gannets Dosel
    M.S. Gannets Dosel Month ago +1

    Inhumane warfare 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 As if they were the saints

  • Gtasks
    Gtasks Month ago

    One of my worst fears

    Flying creepers irl 😅

  • Gtasks
    Gtasks Month ago

    So kamikaze is basically a suicide bomber?

  • Kodi Schitter
    Kodi Schitter Month ago

    Haha 350 planes!? More like 3500 they try to hide how disgusting this event was.

    • Tom S.
      Tom S. Month ago

      Kodi Schitter Thats what the video said and also according to the us air force, there was approximately 2,800 Kamikaze attackers that sent 34 ships, damaged 368 others and killed 4,900 sailors and wounded over 4,800

    • Kodi Schitter
      Kodi Schitter Month ago

      Tom S. it was more than 3,500.

    • Tom S.
      Tom S. Month ago

      Kodi Schitter they said 1900

  • Green Defender
    Green Defender Month ago +2

    kamikaze are inhuman look we teach the human way drop a nuclear bomb on millions of innocents

    • Ronald Reagan
      Ronald Reagan Month ago

      Green Defender don’t start a war then. You can’t start a fist fight then complain when the guy fights back and doesn’t stop until you can’t fight back.

  • Npc #57335899
    Npc #57335899 Month ago


  • Javier Macossay Hernandez

    Why did they throw away the dead bodies instead of sending the bodies back home?

  • jayhuegan
    jayhuegan 2 months ago

    80 million honorable deaths.

  • Tormund Gaint
    Tormund Gaint 2 months ago

    We would be calling them terrorist if this was happening today...

    • Rule of Two
      Rule of Two Month ago

      Cant tell difference between targeting military targets or civilian? grow some brain

  • Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb 2 months ago +228

    Soldier: "You think they're out of ammo?"
    Kamikaze pilot: "I'm about to do what we call a pro gamer move"

  • Lil YungPeePee
    Lil YungPeePee 2 months ago +130

    I remember the stories my grandfather told me back when he was a kamikaze pilot. Good times

  • California E92
    California E92 2 months ago

    Americans first false flag , the planes that struck in every documentary don’t have the Japanese flag on them

  • sNakki -M-
    sNakki -M- 2 months ago +1

    That must take some balls to do