I Made Giant Mozzarella Sticks And Onion Rings • Tasty

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • “The biggest cheese pull I’ve ever done in my life.”
    HELTHYJUNKFOOD - tvclip.biz/video/TGtfMbyUROk/video.html
    JAKE FRANKENFIELD - jake.frankenfield
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    Appetizer Food
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    Homemade Fried Mozzarella Sticks
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  • ÝØØ its ŁĔXÏ
    ÝØØ its ŁĔXÏ 44 minutes ago +1

    BRUHHH i lovvvveee mozzarella sticks so if u gane me this...i love u u r my best friend

  • An Ha
    An Ha 48 minutes ago

    Make a giant macron or a giant Mochi

  • Carla Renata Diaz
    Carla Renata Diaz 5 hours ago

    A giant tiramisu! That would be SO cool!

  • Jahir Moreno
    Jahir Moreno 5 hours ago


  • Jahir Moreno
    Jahir Moreno 5 hours ago

    Do a giant taco

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson 10 hours ago

    "It's actually really nice and soft to play with. Gotta make a hole in the middle."

  • Elizabeth-Ann Graner
    Elizabeth-Ann Graner 10 hours ago


  • Vladislav AWPerino
    Vladislav AWPerino 13 hours ago

    Thats not real Mozzarella O.o

    LPS OLIVIA 14 hours ago

    Anybody else start blinking when he squeezed the onion?

  • Satanicpup87
    Satanicpup87 15 hours ago

    Could you make me a giant pancake plzzz

  • Euge Federico
    Euge Federico 17 hours ago

    We all need a friend like Alvin ❤

  • Singer #Skater
    Singer #Skater 20 hours ago

    I am eleven years old and I love this show.Alvin please make me a giant cupcake!

  • Kassariah
    Kassariah 22 hours ago

    I had to click after reading mozzarella sticks lol

  • kalia lee
    kalia lee 23 hours ago


  • Pyarthepro
    Pyarthepro 23 hours ago

    His face when Alvin said I wanna make you a giant food

  • El Bichote
    El Bichote Day ago

    Did you just make mozzarella cheese sticks and onion rings fancy?

  • Chanel Ebanks
    Chanel Ebanks Day ago

    Who eats all this food so it doesnt waste?? Or do you just throw it away after everyone has nibbled on it??

  • witfurd
    witfurd Day ago

    giant ice cream

    FAT OWL Day ago

    You want some fries 🍟 just comment and you get fries

  • Naomi Williamson

    is it just wierd that 4 is my lucky number

  • lil 420
    lil 420 Day ago

    You really treating me right mann🤙🏾😂

  • Cristiano Pedrozo

    I cant stop think how you make this giant food good and tasty and my normal size food is just a matter of luck and mood from my destiny.

  • MrCnote1993
    MrCnote1993 Day ago +1

    The mozzarella sticks would be a great Super Bowl party appetizer

  • He is my President

    I wished we were friends n u made me giant mozz styx

  • Lil 9ine
    Lil 9ine Day ago

    What game do you play together?

  • Ardin and Mommy
    Ardin and Mommy Day ago

    Make a Giant Frito Pie

  • Zain Paul
    Zain Paul Day ago +1

    Like it mozzarellas stick

  • takataka xx
    takataka xx Day ago

    i want your *big* asian d

  • Julian Lazaro
    Julian Lazaro Day ago

    i want Alvin to be my friend hahahah

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. Day ago

    The most impressive thing to me is that despite having all that frying going on, his skin is flawless. Mi celoso

  • Эрик Федишин

    Vanzai it's ukranian channel and they do really enormous dishes , like 2m pizza or 40 kilogram oreo... Visit it!

  • happygirlly girl


  • kelof duty
    kelof duty 2 days ago

    This made me so hungry

  • VipersTWENTY10
    VipersTWENTY10 2 days ago

    can you make huge hot dog

  • Anson Lei
    Anson Lei 2 days ago +2

    Probably gonna get a heart disease after that mozzarella stick

  • Gabriella Springer
    Gabriella Springer 2 days ago +1

    I love this show I just hope all this food does not go to waste 🥺

  • chae
    chae 2 days ago

    I'll take a 6 inch mozerella stick please.

  • twotimesspecial
    twotimesspecial 2 days ago

    Why it looks like photo shop?

  • Mëmęż Föřēvéŕ

    Sana ol

  • OH
    OH 2 days ago

    Pro tip always wear swimming goggles when dealing with onions

  • A Z
    A Z 2 days ago

    I would want a giant pizza with cheese crust

    SATYA MISHRA 2 days ago +1

    I have recently started watching tasty's making it big videos and I watch only Alvin and I just can't stop myself from liking his videos within the first 10 seconds. it's really fun watching him. Love from India. New subscriber.

  • Wafflez
    Wafflez 2 days ago +1

    Vegans have left the chat.

  • GetRektPlebLol
    GetRektPlebLol 2 days ago


  • Rarock
    Rarock 2 days ago

    Rella rella rella rella, Sticks with Mozarella

  • charlie wolff
    charlie wolff 2 days ago

    Make a giant milk shake

  • I'mWatchingYou Ppl
    I'mWatchingYou Ppl 2 days ago

    A GIGANTIC Maryland Cake and Barbie Doll Cake!!! #yesssPLZ

  • Agata Beltrame
    Agata Beltrame 2 days ago

    Why do I watch this kind of videos at 12:40 when I haven't eaten yet.

  • puteytoo
    puteytoo 2 days ago

    3:31 he's so cute omg

  • aithan mae c Durante

    I want giant lasagna but I'm here In the Philippines

  • tb Brown
    tb Brown 2 days ago

    Big sticks more like thick sticks haha I know I’m not funny 😔😩

  • Ava Brenner
    Ava Brenner 2 days ago

    Ummm was I the only one who thought that he said he would eat half of the thing but do YOU think it’s BUTTER or is it just me?

  • Samantha
    Samantha 3 days ago

    Love this

  • Freakshow
    Freakshow 3 days ago +10

    No one:
    Alvin: I’m fanning my own eyes. *blows*

  • Jonathan Arabov
    Jonathan Arabov 3 days ago

    Do make these yourself or do you get the recipe from your culinary experts

  • Jameela Modeste
    Jameela Modeste 3 days ago

    Come in my country n cook for me .

  • Ms. Kanas's Class At Enlace

    1st of all is anyone else dreaming about eating this right now 2nd of all he should make a giant taco

  • goldd
    goldd 3 days ago

    Mede a big pizza for matt stonie

  • my world
    my world 3 days ago +2

    •Make a giant TACO!!
    •Make a giant CREPE CAKE!!
    Did u know if you chew gum and cut onions u will not cry**

  • ごみか-ちゃん
    ごみか-ちゃん 3 days ago

    Can someone make a vid where they make Alvin a GIANT bed 😂 because this dude deserves it and he always naps 😂
    I find it so heartwarming that he always finds a person to make food for beforehand 😊