Hannibal Buress Freestyles While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • For the momentous 100th episode of Hot Ones, we had to track down one of the most requested, most elusive guests on our wish list: the hilarious Hannibal Buress. While struggling through the wings of death, the comedian pulls back the curtain on the Eric Andre show, discusses his off-piste rap career, and explains the art of wearing a jumpsuit with your face on it. He also tries out some unconventional techniques to tame the heat, including "weird vitamins" and a pre-show cryotherapy session. Thanks for rocking with us through 100 episodes, Hot Ones fans! Here's to many more hot questions, and even more hotter wings...
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  • AlexAc_Zarate
    AlexAc_Zarate 11 minutes ago

    Is it weird I think Hannibal has a joker laugh sometimes?? 🤔

  • Big Al Blunt
    Big Al Blunt 8 hours ago

    Please interview *NARDWUAR*

  • Anthony Peppers
    Anthony Peppers Day ago

    The faces he was making while eating the last couple bites. Way ro soldier on!

  • Oof Nuggets
    Oof Nuggets Day ago +1


  • OneironauticalOne
    OneironauticalOne 3 days ago

    The man with the smallest eyeball to head ratio, eats the wings with the highest heat to size ratio.

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 3 days ago

    Crazy they have a disclaimer on the bottle. Wow.. Cant get niggas in trouble basically sayin
    Take at ur own risk 😏

  • Black Finesser
    Black Finesser 3 days ago

    This tastes like poison... keeps eating

  • masterg004
    masterg004 3 days ago

    But you don’t have too...

  • 111vml111
    111vml111 5 days ago

    19:24 so adorable and evil the way he does that lol

  • Digital Soldier XP
    Digital Soldier XP 6 days ago


  • Objective Perspective

    I can't watch this. Hannibal had some dried snot on his bottom lip for a while and then on his top lip. I guess is was snot or could be ash. I knew lips could be ashy. But i never seen chunky that don't go away even if you eat wings. Anyway. Someone should have told his nasty ass to wipe his lips. Smh

  • Big Life
    Big Life 7 days ago

    Plutonium.. Casually.. Lmao ! Dude is hilarious

  • Big Life
    Big Life 7 days ago

    Watch out with your eyes Hannie! Scares me when your touching your face

  • Kiko Aquino
    Kiko Aquino 7 days ago

    how famous do i have to be to get on this show?

  • Nick Person
    Nick Person 8 days ago

    I love the sound effects when it gets spicy

  • Jay vedoy
    Jay vedoy 8 days ago +2

    Y’all better give him props for cleaning those wings

  • Marcelino Mares
    Marcelino Mares 10 days ago

    Hannibal looks like wore the strongest pair of prescription glasses in the world and just took them off for this episode...

  • Phobos Anomaly
    Phobos Anomaly 11 days ago

    7:09. watch that spit go into the cup

  • Brian Brad
    Brian Brad 12 days ago

    Morpheus walruses Morpheus Morpheus

  • Kaz Komperda
    Kaz Komperda 12 days ago

    Steinmetz Streaks!!!

  • Mike Souders
    Mike Souders 12 days ago

    I paused this video to watch the Eric Andre-Rapper Ninja Warrior skit. Lmao

  • Monric
    Monric 13 days ago

    Why didn't Hannibal come with Eric?

  • Pepsi of Doom
    Pepsi of Doom 13 days ago +1

    Why he looks super black

  • Jacob Short
    Jacob Short 14 days ago +7

    Why the hell hasn't John Mulaney been on this show

  • Josiah Williams
    Josiah Williams 14 days ago

    Dudes strong💪 go Hannibal. Felt your pain😁

  • anthony murray
    anthony murray 15 days ago +1

    Aye the subtle background music when the guest feel the heat is great!!!

  • stev6963
    stev6963 16 days ago

    Hannibal is a cool ass funny dude. He’s really good in Broad City.

  • Eddie Strand
    Eddie Strand 16 days ago

    He starts freestyleing at 22:10. Your welcome

  • Tague Frizzell
    Tague Frizzell 16 days ago

    Sean is for sure gonna have intestinal problems lmao

  • Will Mooneyham
    Will Mooneyham 17 days ago

    You need to get Donny o mallie

  • Rupert Siri
    Rupert Siri 18 days ago

    I love sean but he makes the stupidest fucking faces when he shakes the final bottle

  • SRMkay
    SRMkay 18 days ago

    I don't think I've ever seen someone actually turn red on this show as it progressed

  • Rex Hargrove
    Rex Hargrove 18 days ago

    Best ever

  • Adam Hanohano
    Adam Hanohano 19 days ago

    Almond milk

  • Zara Evander
    Zara Evander 19 days ago

    This man has gorgeous skin.

  • R. J. Reda
    R. J. Reda 20 days ago

    Was expecting funnier from HB but all good

  • Christopher Moreno
    Christopher Moreno 21 day ago

    Gotta love Hannibal.

  • Javier Alvarez
    Javier Alvarez 21 day ago +5

    I knew it, im at the 15:09 minute line where he tries "Da Bomb" and he said exactly what I was thinking😂😂 "it taste like poison." I knew it, it was a darker red and muddy looking as well as pasty thick. Can't stand hot sauces that just burn with no good taste.

    • Big Al Blunt
      Big Al Blunt 8 hours ago +1

      That shit's rough. It comes in waves of increasing intensity and burns all the way through you

  • Sleeve Dapper
    Sleeve Dapper 22 days ago

    So, just curious, but how pissed was Hannibal when he saw that you guys let him keep talking with that thing hanging off of his lip. You let that go for 5 whole minutes.

    NMDC GME 22 days ago +7

    Thumbs Up if you wanna see Nardwuar next.

  • Buttnuttz
    Buttnuttz 22 days ago

    14:55 didn’t Eric Andre say the same thing?

  • michael reynolds
    michael reynolds 23 days ago

    Yoo Havoc from mobb deep doin comedy Word Son!

  • Glass Marbles
    Glass Marbles 23 days ago +4

    Could you get Colin Jost and Michael Che on the show?

  • Tom Bruijnzeels
    Tom Bruijnzeels 23 days ago

    He looks asian but black

  • William Hetherington
    William Hetherington 23 days ago

    "this tastes like poison"
    keeps eating... LOL

  • Thomas Hull
    Thomas Hull 24 days ago +35

    This dude gets the same quality guests as jimmy kimmel he should get the same recognition and Celebrity status as the popular show hosts

  • Ceruliver
    Ceruliver 24 days ago +2

    Sean Evans is such an interesting guy, I love how deep he dives to get dirt haha

  • Isaac Calvillo
    Isaac Calvillo 24 days ago

    Bring back YG

  • Forgiven Heathen
    Forgiven Heathen 25 days ago

    Back when I was on drugs this show would of tripped me out

  • Ramses of RA
    Ramses of RA 25 days ago

    Is every subject really that funny? Really?😐

  • Relayzy1
    Relayzy1 25 days ago

    He definitely likes wings xD

  • Thotinator Sperminator

    This taste like poison 😂

  • Brianna Garrett
    Brianna Garrett 26 days ago

    Those echoes

  • 16BitOG
    16BitOG 28 days ago +2

    this man doesn't understand the concept of licking your lips. those aren't chapped, he just has chicken on them 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Claudia Barocio
      Claudia Barocio 24 days ago

      I thought about that. Every. Wing. Like, “does he not feel that?”

  • Hav Mercy
    Hav Mercy 29 days ago


  • Sinister
    Sinister Month ago +6

    Who killed Hannibal?

  • PazuzuStalker
    PazuzuStalker Month ago

    Bira? Swedish slang for beer...

  • Lattice 90
    Lattice 90 Month ago


  • Brandon Diaz
    Brandon Diaz Month ago

    3 seasons later and they got the other half of the Eric Andre Show

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ Month ago +4

    Hannibal: Reads label for Mad Dog 357 with nothing but warnings and notes suggesting this sauce may kill you...
    Also Hannibal: Guess it's time to eat!

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ Month ago +3

    As a native Chicagoan I did NOT know juke music was unique to Chicago... this just blew my mind!

    • Aidan Gallagher
      Aidan Gallagher 13 days ago

      Basement parties juking with some bitch in mix matched ankle socks is a chi tradition

  • El Niño
    El Niño Month ago

    If ken was a comedian 😂😂😂

  • Dan TheMan
    Dan TheMan Month ago

    Sean: Alright, so this next one is Mad Dog 357 with #9 Plutonium.
    Hannibal: ...What the Fuck!?
    Lmao *Dying*

  • Manny _
    Manny _ Month ago

    ReviewBrah for hot ones

  • Patience 6gyal
    Patience 6gyal Month ago

    Please have cardi b on this show!!!

  • Lectro Volpi
    Lectro Volpi Month ago

    No one likes Da Bomb and not for being hot but for tasting like crow shit.

  • Carnage Studios
    Carnage Studios Month ago

    🤣those effects!

  • Adam Robillard
    Adam Robillard Month ago

    Man. Hannibal rules. Yuh.

  • Telios Abraxas
    Telios Abraxas Month ago

    He's awesome on the Eric Andre Show.

  • Ryan Fuller
    Ryan Fuller Month ago

    Who killed Hannibal?

  • Drake
    Drake Month ago +1

    Where are his eye? Y doesn't he have more eye?

  • Pokemon Viking89
    Pokemon Viking89 Month ago

    how is he having a hard time and not even breaking a sweat ? jeez 😅 i would be sweating like a pig

  • Onfroi
    Onfroi Month ago

    19:24 sean looks like he's uncomfortably jacking someone off

  • Jyanigma Bolthouse
    Jyanigma Bolthouse Month ago


  • enlightenedapple
    enlightenedapple Month ago

    Good questions. I’m gonna be famous and eat them wants from hottest to least hottest.

  • my name is Jeff
    my name is Jeff Month ago

    Get pewdiepie on this

  • Ronk h
    Ronk h Month ago

    Seal meat

  • Darius Bennett
    Darius Bennett Month ago

    He's so Chicago. It's cool.

  • That Regular Guy
    That Regular Guy Month ago

    Freestyle on point all day long lol.

  • Micah West
    Micah West Month ago

    This taste like poison lmao

  • Tristan Kwasniewski

    What da fuck!! Carbondale shit!!!

  • Jty85 TV
    Jty85 TV Month ago

    its funny he just kept eatin

  • DJ Carbone
    DJ Carbone Month ago

    Can we get a wing recèpe

  • Atx Cat
    Atx Cat 2 months ago


    TRUEBLUEAUSTRALIAN 145 2 months ago

    when will this be on netflix

  • MrLolzAlot
    MrLolzAlot 2 months ago

    He was definitely high during this video

  • lil chipsahoi
    lil chipsahoi 2 months ago +3

    Hannibal is such a chill guy

  • Logan Bme
    Logan Bme 2 months ago

    Hannibal has really tiny eyes

  • Max Broom
    Max Broom 2 months ago


  • Attempt
    Attempt 2 months ago +1

    *Yooo Hannibal dummy thicc*

  • Karolus
    Karolus 2 months ago

    Chill with the effects

  • Of The Skies
    Of The Skies 2 months ago

    By far the best person to be on the show so far. So easy to interview, friendly, approachable, talkative and legit funny without exaggerating. Not to mention he cleaned those wings properly, not like 90% of the guests that take a mouse bite and throw the wing away.

  • OdysseusThinking
    OdysseusThinking 2 months ago

    Thumbnail 2:57

  • Stanley
    Stanley 2 months ago

    Hannibal Buress looks like if Michael B Jordan had an allergic shock or sonething

  • Macho Moist
    Macho Moist 2 months ago

    Boy got some crusty lips smh

  • Sebastian Alba
    Sebastian Alba 2 months ago

    One of the best stand up comedians?! F... Bullshit hot ones piece of s...

  • Brian Camarena
    Brian Camarena 2 months ago

    Tryin to fit in when he said “ do u fuk with”

  • NOSOX tv.
    NOSOX tv. 2 months ago +1

    You guys need to do one of these with like RDJ or something

  • Colton Austin
    Colton Austin 2 months ago

    His eyes gradually got squintier