Hannibal Buress Freestyles While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • For the momentous 100th episode of Hot Ones, we had to track down one of the most requested, most elusive guests on our wish list: the hilarious Hannibal Buress. While struggling through the wings of death, the comedian pulls back the curtain on the Eric Andre show, discusses his off-piste rap career, and explains the art of wearing a jumpsuit with your face on it. He also tries out some unconventional techniques to tame the heat, including "weird vitamins" and a pre-show cryotherapy session. Thanks for rocking with us through 100 episodes, Hot Ones fans! Here's to many more hot questions, and even more hotter wings...
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Comments • 7 936

  • Atone SB
    Atone SB 2 days ago

    I would pay a lot of money to watch Joe Rogan try to 1v3 some comedians. Like a lot of money.

  • JL JR
    JL JR 2 days ago

    Bro I know I’m super late but u gotta get tech n9ne and Krizz kaliko on

  • YAMBAG84
    YAMBAG84 2 days ago

    He had a chicken crumb on his lip for a good bit there a couple of times.

  • OddOneOut665
    OddOneOut665 3 days ago

    Its Strawberries and Ham, its my favorite combination of Foods.
    - Hannibal Buress, 2012

  • leomdavis
    leomdavis 4 days ago

    This guy is rich! Why cant he afford chapstick?

  • Josh Buckley
    Josh Buckley 4 days ago

    Nice to see a guest who actually eats the wings.

  • jo H
    jo H 5 days ago


  • Heather Griffin
    Heather Griffin 5 days ago

    Hannibal gets extra points for eating the entire wing. Not everyone does. hahahaha that freestyle was so good. lol

  • B N.W
    B N.W 6 days ago

    I am now purchasing Versace Breakfast.

  • Adrian Esteban Rincon Eraso

    16:57 I was expecting the classic Eric Andre Show cut when Hannibal said "What the fuck?"

  • null null
    null null 7 days ago

    He's a great guest.

  • Kody &Buddy
    Kody &Buddy 7 days ago

    Back for seconds.

  • Trevor Cole
    Trevor Cole 8 days ago

    Ever seen if Dexter Holland would come through?

  • Danny M
    Danny M 9 days ago +1

    Hey Hannibal my dad was bitten by a copperhead and insurance won't cover the antivenom, do you have $36,000?

  • thatguy person
    thatguy person 9 days ago +2

    feels like the hosting is getting better almost to the point to where its more interesting than the hot sauce, I love all the guests hands down...not just that but, lmao soundrack is mehh and exaggerates moments in an almost ironic humor way, actually please tone down the sound effects and jeopardy music

  • Mark Kramer
    Mark Kramer 10 days ago

    I followed your instructions at the end and now my monitor is broken. Thanks, Hot Ones.

  • Derek Bos
    Derek Bos 10 days ago

    Lick ya lips homie

  • Rahema
    Rahema 11 days ago

    The music is really awkward at the beginning of this episode :/

  • Blaise Bullion
    Blaise Bullion 12 days ago

    I love that they brought up juke music

  • Cassidy Martin
    Cassidy Martin 13 days ago


  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 14 days ago

    I hope that wasn't the vegetable cleanse he took 😂

  • sam s
    sam s 15 days ago

    Should’ve flicked pickle juice on the wings

  • MarelWhite
    MarelWhite 15 days ago

    new orleans? thats where I wanna die $$

  • Dani Dans
    Dani Dans 15 days ago

    Fuck going on with his lips?

  • Nathan Bibbs
    Nathan Bibbs 15 days ago

    😂😂nobody gone tell him he got chicken on his lip the whole interview!!

  • arry a
    arry a 15 days ago

    Mark Normand!

  • Josh Squash
    Josh Squash 17 days ago

    Who killed Hannibal........................................

    PLANE JAIN 17 days ago

    If he can lick his lips, just one time, I can focus on the episode. 😔

  • Grizzlo
    Grizzlo 18 days ago

    Got that Maui 👻 pepper jumpin'!

  • Roman Romanski
    Roman Romanski 18 days ago

    I don't understand, when you like a show and watch press the dislike? some sick shit

  • Charlie J
    Charlie J 20 days ago

    When he takes his glasses off Hannibal looks like an adult version of James Toney in junior high

  • unnamed715
    unnamed715 22 days ago

    "Food shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable. Accidentally at best."
    Fuckin' love this guy! XD

  • Christian Galindo
    Christian Galindo 22 days ago

    Hannibal is wholesome, man

  • Niranjan S.A
    Niranjan S.A 23 days ago

    nicely edited!

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 23 days ago

    They just gave him a full celery stalk

  • Nesto Fondeur
    Nesto Fondeur 23 days ago

    Cut, your, fucking, NAILS!

  • Loresk Canada
    Loresk Canada 24 days ago

    the friggen music when he slammed down them vitamin bottles haaha

  • The Velvet Lounge
    The Velvet Lounge 24 days ago


  • Quentin Rance
    Quentin Rance 25 days ago

    This is me fightin' against evil!

  • Scrimpy Mule
    Scrimpy Mule 26 days ago

    I want to see Joe Rogan or Dan Cummins on this show.

  • tiddy fuk tha police
    tiddy fuk tha police 27 days ago

    hannibal SHINY

  • Lan Flan
    Lan Flan 28 days ago

    Morphius dorphius

  • Stimmy Mayhem
    Stimmy Mayhem 28 days ago

    Hannibal has had a piece of chicken wing on his lip for an uncomfortable amount of time. the interviewer is an asshole for not telling him.

  • Steven W.
    Steven W. 29 days ago +2

    Hannibal’s barely open eyes speak volumes

    • sgtgiggles
      sgtgiggles 13 days ago

      Matthew Mckee II you speak troofs brotha!

    • Matthew Mckee II
      Matthew Mckee II 13 days ago +1

      He got the Brock from pokemon face LoL

  • NovemberZulu 118
    NovemberZulu 118 Month ago

    Is anyone gonna mention how Hannibal spat a piece of food while talking? Lol

  • Luckybit e. x. player

    *This taste like poison*continue eating X)

  • Nomi
    Nomi Month ago

    i want wings now

  • Max Bournos
    Max Bournos Month ago

    Tyler the Creator

  • Sacred Productions
    Sacred Productions Month ago

    Ayy, I live in Southern Illinois. Carbondale is DOPE.

  • Twan
    Twan Month ago

    I wonder what all those big scars on his face are from? I have never noticed them before.

  • Jimmy Bacas
    Jimmy Bacas Month ago

    Macaulay Culkin!!! DO IT

  • Emily Sheehan
    Emily Sheehan Month ago

    give us drake !!!!!

  • CwissinDaKidd
    CwissinDaKidd Month ago

    I didn’t know he’s from/lives in same city as me, the chi son

  • Big Soup
    Big Soup Month ago

    Who else thinks Morpheus was Hannibal’s best rap?

  • nickPOPmusic
    nickPOPmusic Month ago

    couldnt stop laughing for some reason at 21:39

  • Fernando Salazar
    Fernando Salazar Month ago

    Eric Andre is a clone of Satan, while Hannibal is a clone of the devil known as Jose Santiago Herrera who they call as God, also Donald Trump is a clone of Jose Santiago aka the devil, those clones consider man kind as the devil, because they want to believe they are good people, but they are just biological human computers who are trying to manipulate their systems against man kind

  • Bob Douche
    Bob Douche Month ago

    Listen at 17:20 is it just me or does he say sausage instead of sauce?

  • GRISH/\ G/\NCHE\/ G/\NG

    now thats my african american male!

  • Sweet George
    Sweet George Month ago

    Whatever happened to the Strawberries and Ham? Smh...

  • Nick Adkins
    Nick Adkins Month ago

    "I wish somebody else can take a shit for me, 15 toilets bout to hear from me" LMAO!

  • Kale Reed
    Kale Reed Month ago

    7:09 Hannibal is a spitter 😏

  • Nihilzen
    Nihilzen Month ago

    17:03 😂

  • MitchieNichole
    MitchieNichole Month ago

    I love how he keeps eating the chicken lmao

  • Bryttany Garth
    Bryttany Garth Month ago

    The sound effects though 😂😂

  • Grigore FX
    Grigore FX Month ago

    15:40 half expecting gta san andreas theme to pop in

  • Morgan B
    Morgan B Month ago

    please for the love of GOD get John Mulaney on here

  • Marino Gonzo
    Marino Gonzo Month ago

    I'm tryna be on this show one day

  • Daphne Rose
    Daphne Rose Month ago

    Get bill Cosby

  • Joey De La G
    Joey De La G Month ago

    Get Lil Rel!

  • Is Az
    Is Az Month ago

    He looks like Adrien Broner at the end after getting KOd

  • mitch :
    mitch : Month ago

    best freestyle

  • escajeda2010
    escajeda2010 Month ago

    7:30 " shut that shit off!" Had me dying

    SUP BRO Month ago

    Pete davidson gotta get on show

  • Azrael Tsubuzaki
    Azrael Tsubuzaki Month ago

    I used to get Garrett's once yearly, even then I eventually got sick of if.

  • Rohit Diesh
    Rohit Diesh Month ago +14

    sean is like a guy who could never offend anyone

  • IdolsAndAnchors
    IdolsAndAnchors Month ago +4

    Hope the wings were some healthy seal meat

  • Viviana de Jesús
    Viviana de Jesús Month ago +1

    Awesome freestyle tho

  • Ryan O'Connor
    Ryan O'Connor Month ago

    Can I get a quick shoutout to Christina Applegate?

  • victoria Lafferty
    victoria Lafferty Month ago +1

    I’ve had that mad dog stuff it felt like someone stabbed me in the tongue

  • chris stallard
    chris stallard Month ago +1

    was that Mamrie Hart in the background of that wrestle mania pic?

    • Eva R.
      Eva R. Month ago

      I think it is!

  • Matt Briney
    Matt Briney Month ago

    Hannibal is a fn badass! Love this guy!

  • Whipmaker
    Whipmaker Month ago

    We've got snakes

  • mattkobe14
    mattkobe14 Month ago

    Does anyone realize that since this is the 100th episode, he’s eaten over 1,000 wings on this show alone?

  • TCLB Gaming
    TCLB Gaming Month ago

    I go hard in the mother fUCKING PAINT NIGGA

  • Boris Haimerich
    Boris Haimerich Month ago +2

    it seems like if Hannibal smoke weed he gets temporal blindness

  • Spoopidy boop
    Spoopidy boop Month ago

    Make something terrible

  • Aaron Hirsh
    Aaron Hirsh Month ago

    he is classically handsome

  • cobalT
    cobalT Month ago

    But he keeps eating it lmao

  • StoryOfPain
    StoryOfPain Month ago

    Wtf is wrong with the sound editing?

  • Kreynis
    Kreynis Month ago +1

    Does he have his shirt inside out???

  • Charles Inyang
    Charles Inyang Month ago

    Do you ever just out of nowhere start craving some Hot Wings frm Wingstop? I’m only 3 minutes in to the episode and I’m craving Wingstop Wings from Wingstop. 😭

  • Ed Mirman
    Ed Mirman Month ago

    respect for being one to actually eat the whole wing not one bite

  • fuxt edd
    fuxt edd Month ago

    Do you cook each wing individually?

  • Kolby Long
    Kolby Long Month ago


  • Barney Quinn
    Barney Quinn Month ago

    "I don't believe in this" - Hannibal Buress

  • MultiJamesman
    MultiJamesman Month ago

    YES, about time some eats the whole wings. Also, why would you dump Fiery
    Chipotle if it was popular???? BRING IT BACK.

  • beefjerkykoolaid
    beefjerkykoolaid Month ago +1

    If I could like this one hundred times, I would, without question.

  • Cyril Sneer
    Cyril Sneer Month ago +1

    just so ya know 'bum rushed' in the uk means summet a bit different

  • EM1LL1E
    EM1LL1E Month ago +1

    8:52 Is that Mamrie Hart in the back?

  • Dean Morrison
    Dean Morrison Month ago

    Jook musix originated in miami not chi sorry