Hannibal Buress Freestyles While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • For the momentous 100th episode of Hot Ones, we had to track down one of the most requested, most elusive guests on our wish list: the hilarious Hannibal Buress. While struggling through the wings of death, the comedian pulls back the curtain on the Eric Andre show, discusses his off-piste rap career, and explains the art of wearing a jumpsuit with your face on it. He also tries out some unconventional techniques to tame the heat, including "weird vitamins" and a pre-show cryotherapy session. Thanks for rocking with us through 100 episodes, Hot Ones fans! Here's to many more hot questions, and even more hotter wings...
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  • Melow
    Melow 11 hours ago


  • gemstony85
    gemstony85 12 hours ago


  • gemstony85
    gemstony85 12 hours ago

    When he said "I went to Ross's"... I...LOST...IT!!😄😄😂

  • King Dino Flex
    King Dino Flex Day ago

    Yall not gone tell this man he got chicken on his lip

  • Freddy
    Freddy Day ago

    Why is the editing on so many hot ones fucking haunted?

  • Yung Hokage
    Yung Hokage 2 days ago


  • Bathor
    Bathor 3 days ago

    19:27 sean's face. im dead lmao.

  • Sergio Rodriguez
    Sergio Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Bruhs chapped lip skin makes me cringe... how the fuck you let yo lips get that chapped son.

  • Richard Small
    Richard Small 3 days ago

    Will sale my soul to fight Eric Andrea anyone think they can make that happen? Oh but I’m duck taping an super gluing brass knucks to my hands and taking 8 -addiral 30s before hand the old foot ball orange 30s tho

  • raymond conde
    raymond conde 3 days ago

    nice little juke break with the music

  • Corey Kerwood
    Corey Kerwood 5 days ago

    This tastes like poison! Continues to eat it lol

  • Thicc and Wholesome
    Thicc and Wholesome 5 days ago

    Some garbage is okay

  • I am Bear
    I am Bear 5 days ago

    Hannibal sounds like the worst tight end of all time.

  • Todd
    Todd 5 days ago

    One of the best guests on this show!

  • Marissa Toomey
    Marissa Toomey 6 days ago

    Someone get this man some chapstick

  • Jon Costello
    Jon Costello 6 days ago

    *sniffles* *makes face of great pain*
    *rips another shred off wing and eats it anyways*

  • Roger3abbit
    Roger3abbit 7 days ago

    Elon musk. Make it happen

  • John walt
    John walt 7 days ago

    His blackness won't allow him to leave any chicken on the bone lol

  • DarthFunkNinja
    DarthFunkNinja 8 days ago

    Well eaten; well done Hannibal. Well done.

  • Thatguy56
    Thatguy56 8 days ago


  • Jeremiah Herrington
    Jeremiah Herrington 8 days ago

    YOOOOO! You are a funny guy Hannibal....but damn you lips making mine feel chapped! gets some chapstick! common maaaaaan!

  • MAC Music Review
    MAC Music Review 9 days ago

    YO! You should get NF on the show. That would be crazy.

  • deegan727
    deegan727 10 days ago

    14:55 Complains the whole time how bad it is while continuing to put more in his mouth.Thats awesome,good sport.

  • David Sooley
    David Sooley 10 days ago

    Get John Stewart!

  • WackyDude 21
    WackyDude 21 10 days ago


  • Nick Bottorf
    Nick Bottorf 10 days ago

    I don’t trust like that

  • Twisted N
    Twisted N 11 days ago


  • Stylistics Guy
    Stylistics Guy 11 days ago

    I’m Mexican so I’m feeling what they’re feeling because I’m eating pork rinds with tapatio😂😭

  • Soulgab
    Soulgab 11 days ago

    Hannibal's high as fuck.

  • DrumrbaxJ
    DrumrbaxJ 12 days ago

    No one has made me laugh as much as Buress as.

  • Yas Kween
    Yas Kween 12 days ago

    He went to steinmetz!? I didn't go to steinmetz but still wtffffff

  • The truth
    The truth 12 days ago

    That wasn’t Hannibal that was Kanye man I want yhandi

  • sooperheep
    sooperheep 13 days ago

    Hannibal “I went to Rosses” Buress

  • sooperheep
    sooperheep 13 days ago

    The music on this is awkward af

  • Mike Quinn
    Mike Quinn 14 days ago

    Hannibal fucked it up true gangster


    the music is way too intense


    Hannibal’s just looks like the most chill man to ever live

  • Woebegone Kenobi
    Woebegone Kenobi 15 days ago

    His freestyle was actually fire lmao

  • Beastlyfawn228
    Beastlyfawn228 16 days ago

    7:09 he just spat on his chicken lol

  • XiaDun
    XiaDun 16 days ago

    I love that everyone has the same reaction to Da'bomb. That sauce is like licking a flaming turd of a dog that got it's mouth on some peppers.

  • Javid Alim
    Javid Alim 16 days ago

    14:50 - "This tastes like poison"
    Continues to eat another piece
    "Yh this tastes wrong"
    Still takes another bite

  • kyle winell
    kyle winell 16 days ago

    can only focus on the piece of food on his lip.

  • Gabe Cole
    Gabe Cole 16 days ago

    Stop with the fucking audio shit it’s gay as hell

  • judyboyyt
    judyboyyt 16 days ago

    Damn Hannibal is awesome on wing #10 he is dying but just picks all the meat off and eats it lol champ.

  • old leaf
    old leaf 16 days ago

    my nigga

  • frrp Brappp
    frrp Brappp 17 days ago

    This is so fucking racist omg he invites the African American to eat the chicken, fuck you sean you fucking MAGA trump loving racist

  • Scott Gruver
    Scott Gruver 18 days ago

    Yo I wonder if skim or almond milk would make a difference

  • Seth Kursel
    Seth Kursel 18 days ago

    One tough comedian, two dry lips

    JPONTOL1 18 days ago

    Bring back Fiery Chipotle!

  • fofa small
    fofa small 19 days ago

    why does i he always look so high

  • Coon Ass patriot
    Coon Ass patriot 20 days ago

    We need Hot Ones but it’s liquor instead of hot sauce.

  • BB Angelo
    BB Angelo 20 days ago

    Nigga went to ROSS 😂💀🤦🏼‍♂️

  • KG Thompson
    KG Thompson 20 days ago

    This is me for dinner everynight i am obsessed with hot sauce

  • andKnuckles
    andKnuckles 20 days ago +2

    Game Grumps for Hot Ones!

  • Childish Chiquillo
    Childish Chiquillo 20 days ago +2

    Watched In vr 10 out of 10 would fap again

  • Steev Don
    Steev Don 21 day ago +1

    Face feeling numb this sauce sucks
    Tastes like poison what the fuck
    Might pass out took Pepto bismol
    Get with me
    This shit got me wanna sing I'm a symphony
    I wish later somebody can take a shit from me.

  • Dominic Lawrence
    Dominic Lawrence 21 day ago +1

    I think this show still has one of my favorite editors @thatchrismurphy

  • AxeMan808
    AxeMan808 21 day ago

    Ha! He's talking about Chappelle's "Wrap It Up Box" at around 7:40

  • TheCherrypie0000
    TheCherrypie0000 22 days ago

    Could somebody please tell me the name of the smooth beat from 2:40 to 3:10 I've been dying to listen to more of it :(

  • james hawkins
    james hawkins 22 days ago +1

    That is not a casual work mutha fucka!

  • BigManLikeWill
    BigManLikeWill 22 days ago

    One name... 50 cent

  • Vincent Obah
    Vincent Obah 22 days ago

    Hannibal repping the city right! I also went to Steinmetz and played football there!

  • carole james
    carole james 23 days ago +1

    you need bread for hot stuff, or crackers. water makes it worse

  • Famous
    Famous 23 days ago


  • chuck1prillaman
    chuck1prillaman 23 days ago

    Da Bomb is universally slammed as disgusting.

  • Spydery
    Spydery 24 days ago +4

    John Mulaney, Heavyweight champ: *"You've gotta throw them off their rhythm"*

  • Josiah Pettway
    Josiah Pettway 24 days ago +3

    Hannibal: I shopped at Ross earlier today
    Hot Ones: *blurrs out name on bag*

  • Dachampster
    Dachampster 24 days ago

    did you tell him almond breeze does not relieve heat

  • Jay Wright
    Jay Wright 24 days ago

    If I come on this show I want ice cream and I wanna bring my own chicken.

  • 1mikesmiley
    1mikesmiley 24 days ago

    Give the jumpsuit to the guy that pretended he was you at the awards show.

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi 24 days ago +2

    I miss those amazing edits dude :(

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi 24 days ago

    Dude,. Everything until season 6 was amazing, so real, so vibrant! Love Hannibal.

  • akrtr160
    akrtr160 24 days ago

    Hannibal was high as fuck man lmfao

  • Power x
    Power x 25 days ago

    Fuck this small eyed unfunny black bastard

  • Marshal
    Marshal 25 days ago

    imagining john mulaney trying to fight makes me fucking dieee 🤣

  • Carlton Croft
    Carlton Croft 25 days ago

    Wanna see something hilarious? Unscrew the base of the bullet on the Mad Dog 357 hot sauce.

  • Christopher Bazaka
    Christopher Bazaka 25 days ago

    Its so weird seeing Eric without Andre next to eachother

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 25 days ago

    Sean, you can't have a little respect and tell the man he got food on his face.

  • Ricardo Betancourt
    Ricardo Betancourt 25 days ago

    Hannibal is a man he ate the whole chicken wing not a little people I've done that...

  • Junior Sanchez
    Junior Sanchez 25 days ago

    This a real G

  • Johana M.
    Johana M. 26 days ago

    John Mulaney trying to box somebody is a comedic show I would pay to see

  • James Speer
    James Speer 27 days ago

    C'mon let's get Keanu Reeves!! 😁

  • Oh Yea yea
    Oh Yea yea 28 days ago


  • Gavin Loves Loli
    Gavin Loves Loli 28 days ago


  • Jaume Genaro
    Jaume Genaro Month ago

    Back to you flylo

  • Mustafa Turgut Denizer

    A bald white guy and a bald black guy eating hot chicken wings and laughing. Racism is over.


    I'm watching this while eating barbecue wings.

  • Amanda Anaya
    Amanda Anaya Month ago

    Nice freestyle!

  • Gil Dionísio
    Gil Dionísio Month ago


  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez Month ago

    dope video love the content

  • Ben Niemi
    Ben Niemi Month ago

    Face is pretty numb
    Shit tastes like ass
    Gonna burn coming out my bum

  • Dstroy95
    Dstroy95 Month ago

    Who killed Hannibal?

  • Banjo Billy
    Banjo Billy Month ago +1

    "This tastes like poison"
    *continues eating wing*

  • Ben Grahl
    Ben Grahl Month ago

    W A C K

  • Prince Yeshowah
    Prince Yeshowah Month ago

    My nigga Hannibal went ta ross

  • Jacob Rochon
    Jacob Rochon Month ago

    17:21 Hold up Sean you can't just say you don't wanna know how the sausage is made when we all know you were talking about hot sauce. And clearly have a heavy interest in nice sausage

  • Wolfgang Eggman
    Wolfgang Eggman Month ago

    He sounds like Chris Rock’s broke knockoff cousin

  • Haydn Anderson
    Haydn Anderson Month ago

    Hannibal looks like Jon Belushi seeing the light of God in the Blues Brothers movie in the thumbnail, holy shit

  • TranZWorldMerC
    TranZWorldMerC Month ago

    Hot ones feels like “you’re smoking with a good friend vibe.”

  • Kanye's Roblox
    Kanye's Roblox Month ago +12

    *Blurs logo on paper bag*
    Hannibal: Oh I went and bought stuff from Ross'