Hover Boards in the Airport

  • Published on Sep 26, 2015
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  • skrap makers
    skrap makers Day ago


  • Arin Matos
    Arin Matos 2 months ago +3

    I love how in some of his videos, he says that he is sooooo late for something but makes time to do elaborate shots and time lapses.😂

  • AydeeMusic
    AydeeMusic 3 months ago

    Wait that was juanpa Zurita 😀

  • Egg Roll
    Egg Roll 6 months ago

    Me: oh shoot I’m gonna miss my flight
    Casey:I think I’m gonna miss my flight but I’m gonna go on a run anyways

    JEFBOT RADIO 7 months ago

    incredible edit! thanks casey!

  • Poojan Parlecha
    Poojan Parlecha 7 months ago +1

    04:36 casey's reaction is everything xD

  • Not Tfue
    Not Tfue 8 months ago

    Alright count : loads

  • Julien Roy
    Julien Roy 10 months ago

    My girlfriend ask me are you doing more TVclip yes or no Casey

  • Anghel Barșon
    Anghel Barșon 10 months ago

    WoW u met Juampa!!!!!!!!

  • François Rousseau
    François Rousseau 10 months ago +1

    ''GG you shut up!'' *dead*

  • —————— ——————

    Juanpa zurita

  • Kemi Mosongo
    Kemi Mosongo Year ago

    You forgot your backup backpack

  • Matthew Gutierrez

    Casey I volunteer at the City of Albuquerque International Sunport and if you ever fly in id love to meet you and be in one of your videos for a quick minute haha :) love your videos

  • Lanz Real
    Lanz Real Year ago

    Hola Como Estas, Señor Juanpa Zurita! 😂🤣😂

  • Sunrise Villa Guest House of Jamaica

    like this one man

  • Basicc
    Basicc Year ago

    Can someone tell me what hotel he stayed at?

  • Lindsey Trahan
    Lindsey Trahan Year ago

    watching that guy watch Casey talk to the camera in the plane is the best

  • tfme
    tfme Year ago

    you said that is awesome to that bike at the beginning of the vlog but how the hell do you get down.

  • Ellena Baker
    Ellena Baker Year ago +1

    Replayed 4:36 about 6 times looool

  • SpongebobDeluxe123

    juanpa zurita!!!!!!

  • [02]
    [02] Year ago

    juanpa Zurita

  • Diana Solis
    Diana Solis Year ago

    Juanpa Zurita

  • Luis Felipe Esteva


  • AMAN B
    AMAN B Year ago


  • Anshul rohilla
    Anshul rohilla Year ago

    That time lapse 😍😍

  • Pablo Castillo Gómez

    When are you comming back tho?

  • Lwis García
    Lwis García Year ago

    Love from mrxico, caseu

  • Srinivas Ilango
    Srinivas Ilango Year ago

    Is that juanpa zurita in the thumbnail?

  • cesar avalos
    cesar avalos Year ago

    Pinche luisito copion

  • Tsurro
    Tsurro Year ago

    That was juanpa

  • Josari Cabral
    Josari Cabral Year ago


  • Anas Okour
    Anas Okour Year ago

    At 1 52 this is a honda pilot 2015 i know what brand it is because i have it

  • Black and white Squad

    That guy on the plane looked at the camera "hello darkness my old friend"

  • turd burglar
    turd burglar Year ago

    I wish i could travel alot

  • The Car Channel
    The Car Channel Year ago

    Casey & Peter are my a long shot the best TVclipr I've watched in a while kudo's guy's

  • Nicholas English
    Nicholas English Year ago

    That was wampa

  • triggered
    triggered Year ago


  • Drfsebas
    Drfsebas Year ago

    broken replay button

  • Payton Manipole
    Payton Manipole Year ago

    what is the song, it’s not the link he had

  • Fernando Marinho
    Fernando Marinho Year ago

    Who else is watching this in 2018 and missing Casey's vlogs?

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  • Charle B
    Charle B Year ago

    1 pair of pants. Wow 😂😂

  • Mason 360
    Mason 360 Year ago

    do u have to have something special to get through the AA secret entrance?

  • Tomás Flps
    Tomás Flps Year ago

    What do juanpa?

  • Budget YouTube
    Budget YouTube Year ago

    Never reply to a comment that's top of the pile, else your inbox will be full of replies for days or weeks to come!

  • Doug Cannon
    Doug Cannon Year ago

    The way he ended the vlog almost made me jump!

  • Betty M Cui
    Betty M Cui Year ago

    are we all allowed to have a hover board at the airport? it seems like a perfect tool to use without tiring out the legs!

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee Year ago

    If there was a pumping nightclub filled with hot women just outside my hotel room I'd be there in a heartbeat

  • Stickbiscuits
    Stickbiscuits Year ago

    Lana Del Rey blue jeans lo-fi remix. I like it.

  • Martín Del Cid
    Martín Del Cid Year ago

    juanpa zurita? o como se escriba

  • Avantika Mirchandani

    Casey's montages are BOMB.

  • Tris Flores
    Tris Flores Year ago

    His accent was legit so cute 😍😍

  • Tris Flores
    Tris Flores Year ago

    😍 dang the first guy was super cute what was his name? Omgee I need a Mexican light skin boy in my life ah!

  • Collin Mathew
    Collin Mathew Year ago


  • Blue Electrical
    Blue Electrical Year ago

    Dont EVER say shut up to your dog

  • Scudge
    Scudge 2 years ago

    Bro chill u don't need that much stuff in ur suitcase

  • brayan valero
    brayan valero 2 years ago +1

    Vete a tomar por el culo

    ESPINØSA 2 years ago

    Holy shit how much is Casey worth? I've heard that in order to be able to have a centurion card you need to be at least 15 million dollars worth

  • ShyBoii 77
    ShyBoii 77 2 years ago

    I saw vuampa

  • Lasse 69
    Lasse 69 2 years ago

    Ho Else love casey