25 Marvel Characters Most Fans Didn't Realize Are In The MCU

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • Marvel has slipped some characters into the MCU most fans didn't even realize are there! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is absolutely TEAMING with popular characters from the comics, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk and Black Widow - but you're obviously aware of all those.
    The fact is there are literally THOUSANDS of characters in the franchise - whether that be on the big screen or the small screen - and the presence of some of those guys can go under the radar.
    In this video, we'll be taking you through some characters that most fans probably don't even realise are in the MCU.
    Those characters include; the sentient vegetable/swamp monster known as Swamp Thing, the mighty Greek God of War Ares (and, by extension, the entire Greek godly pantheon), the powerful Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill, the four cosmic entities Death, Entropy, Eternity and Infinity, the metal-controlling mutant Magneto, Thanos' father Mentor (and, by extension, the other Eternals), Odin's father Bor (and, by extension, a huge variety of dead Asgardian characters), the brilliant Miles Morales (a version of Spider-Man in the comic books), the telepathic villain known as the Leader, Amadeus Cho (who's recently been known as the "Totally Awesome Hulk" in the comic books), the Hulk's red counterpart the Red Hulk, and the Living Tribunal (the second-most-powerful character in all of Marvel) - as well as many others.
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    1. Man-Thing
    2. Bi-Beast
    3. Beta Ray Bill
    4. Ares
    5. Death
    6. Entropy
    7. Eternity
    8. Infinity
    9. Stilt-Man
    10. Alpha Primitives
    11. Cosmo
    12. Union Jack
    13. Magneto
    14. Carnage
    15. Whizzer
    16. White Tiger
    17. Chton
    18. The Tinkerer
    19. Mentor
    20. Bor
    21. Miles Morales
    22. The Leader
    23. The Totally Awesome Hulk
    24. Red Hulk
    25. The Living Tribunal
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  • GigaBeat Productions
    GigaBeat Productions 15 days ago

    The Name Tinkerer Was In The Credits Of Homecoming

  • Arin Lampkin
    Arin Lampkin 16 days ago

    Dirtnap is the rat in endgame

  • Xottic Clan
    Xottic Clan 19 days ago

    So are all shows connected to the mcu? If so this means cloak and dagger are in the same continuity as the avengers! Cloak and dagger are my favorites btw

  • siddbastard
    siddbastard 21 day ago

    You forgot Legion, son of Prof.X, who has his own show.

  • NONE
    NONE 28 days ago

    The Kree Eternal, Ultimus appeared in a blink and you'll miss it moment in GOTG Vol. 2.

  • Billy Nguyen
    Billy Nguyen Month ago

    3:16 he says Thor is Odin’s father

  • Marvel the first ten years Ramonc.lujan

    You forgot about galactus.

  • Absolute Carnage
    Absolute Carnage Month ago

    Well since knowhere exists we know Knull and therefore all-black the necro sword and symbiotes exist.

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy Month ago +1

    Bor? Seriously? Why would thor be born if it wasnt for thor? We knew he was in the mcu

  • wafflewingz
    wafflewingz Month ago

    This video is basically "since this one thing that kind of relates to a character exists, that character HAS to exist too!"

  • Simon Jürgensmeier

    The student wasn't Amadeus Cho. It was Mr. Harrington

  • MrToxic
    MrToxic Month ago

    Actually it is stated in Agents of SHIELD TV series (which is directly linked to the movies, more so than any other Marvel TV series) that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are actually inhumans.

  • Justin Pellmann
    Justin Pellmann Month ago

    ScreenRant- making marvel videos for people who don’t watch marvel

  • Noob 'd
    Noob 'd Month ago


  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Month ago

    that was not amadeus cho but it was peter’s teacher, confirmed

  • Ken Bolden
    Ken Bolden Month ago

    Joe Manganiello as ARES 👍🏽

  • King K-man
    King K-man Month ago

    The Netflix series don’t count as MCU. I’m sorry to crush all of your dreams but that’s the harsh reality. No I’m not a hater, but it’s true

  • ᔕ ᗩ ᗰ
    ᔕ ᗩ ᗰ Month ago +8

    Also you forgot Invisible Woman...
    She’s been there since the FIRST Iron Man..

    *Btw she’s known as Drax in the MCu*
    (She’s always been there you just didn’t know it)

  • Octavio Sandoval
    Octavio Sandoval Month ago

    The mindless ones in the end of doctor strange

  • Octavio Sandoval
    Octavio Sandoval Month ago

    Fingers fan foom billboard in the iron Man movie.

  • Octavio Sandoval
    Octavio Sandoval Month ago +1

    In agent Carter they mention two gun kid or raw hide kid being a real inspiration for the movie Stark was producing or directing. Can't remember.

  • TheFuzzyElf
    TheFuzzyElf Month ago

    Loooool the TV series are not part of the MCU.

  • Saad Tahir
    Saad Tahir Month ago

    Man thing....how original

  • Marshmallow Doom
    Marshmallow Doom Month ago +1

    This is so bad and wrong in so many ways

  • Ssj Reo
    Ssj Reo Month ago

    Is it me or did he say Thor is Odin’s father?

  • Mike Bassett
    Mike Bassett Month ago

    Mcu writers are not only storytelling at an a+rate they’re also broadening the possibility for a lot of other path ways simultaneously. I doubt they take them all but , they’re there . 80% of the people mentioned In this vid are not interesting enough in my opinion though , but hey Ironman once was a boring character now he’s the coolest and most important. So go figure

  • Spidey Venom
    Spidey Venom Month ago +1

    So some of these are just theories not actual set in stone facts

  • Kieran Nay
    Kieran Nay Month ago

    3:12 wait what

  • Adam Witt
    Adam Witt Month ago

    Moondragon is drax's daughter believed to be killed by Thanos I don't know what she was doing at that time but in the comic books Drax is originally a human who had his soul stuffed into a Android body. She also becomes part of the infinity watch which is completely useless if there are no infinity gems

  • Eric H
    Eric H Month ago +4

    I don’t like how he talks so fast so that if you are not looking any the screen it will be hard to know when he switches the things that he is talking about.
    At least say, “number 2” or something when switching numbers

    • Victor Cardenas
      Victor Cardenas 19 days ago

      If doesn't talk fast and it's easy to know when he switches if you aren't looking

  • BioCapsule
    BioCapsule Month ago

    Actually not quite regarding Amadeus Cho, while they technically did cast him, his character was mention by name. But what they did do is have the character Helen Cho which is Amadeus's mother be a young scientist working with Tony on what would become Vision. So they can very easily recast and reset his character as yet to be born. Helen Cho is quite young, they can even have Amadeus's smarts be link with the Mind stone. Also Stile Man in the form of Turk Barrett already exist.

  • Milton Ortiz
    Milton Ortiz Month ago +2

    Netflix shows aren't part of mcu

  • Butter Head
    Butter Head Month ago

    The netflix tv shows aren’t part of the mcu tho

    • BioCapsule
      BioCapsule Month ago

      It is, it's still listed under MCU and Marvel has never disavow them.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special Month ago

    The evidence of the existence of The One Above All in the MCU is every "Staneo" ever.

    • Jay Kay
      Jay Kay Month ago

      That's the first time I've heard that "word" used. I don't like it.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special Month ago +2

    I thought the Netflix heroes weren't officially part of the MCU.

    • Infamous
      Infamous Month ago

      Those shows have direct ties to the MCU, it’s in the same universe. These heroes just aren’t heard of as much because they’re most ‘street level’ than an Avenger.

    • BioCapsule
      BioCapsule Month ago

      They are, but like almost every TV series extension, they are rarely acknowledge. But the TV shows do acknowledge each other on rare occasions even if different network.

  • Chase Osborn
    Chase Osborn Month ago

    If the Grandmaster's Champions in Thor: Ragnarok are crowned by beating another Champion, and we know those battles are won by killing the opponent, all the characters that are in the MCU featured on the Grandmasters tower are likely dead and just Easter eggs for diehard Marvel fans

  • EliteScarecrowGaming

    If Cassidy isn’t in this video, you’re getting a fatty “dislike”

  • bootymaster426
    bootymaster426 Month ago +5

    After the end of endgame I am very sure that Thor will meet Beta Ray Bill in the next guardians of the galaxy movie and will give him stormbreaker.

  • SAIBOT64
    SAIBOT64 Month ago +1

    All of these are either incorrect or implied. This is not journalism at all.

  • Larvy Mrabet
    Larvy Mrabet Month ago

    Is blade the half vampire in the MCU I know he is in marvel but I don’t know if he is in the same universe as the movies going on right now

    JACK WONG Month ago +5

    Netflix isn't the MCU.

    • Nulono
      Nulono Month ago

      Yes it is.

    • Gamer CH
      Gamer CH Month ago

      It's still associated with the MCU

  • Anthony Chiappone
    Anthony Chiappone Month ago

    And here I was thinking there’d be talk of a Howard the Duck solo movie

  • Angelo  Dell'Orto
    Angelo Dell'Orto Month ago


  • ryan1976
    ryan1976 Month ago +5

    The green Brainiac-looking guy is Mentor from the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard, not Alars from Titan.

  • Drake Delmor
    Drake Delmor Month ago

    Bring in Beta Ray Bill or I riot

    JAYDON Month ago

    Carnage is not in the mcu

  • Lik hula
    Lik hula Month ago


  • Roll 3X
    Roll 3X Month ago

    Now that Disney bought fox, maybe they'll make it so that the mind stone activated Maximoffs' mutant genes.

  • kaine bolts
    kaine bolts Month ago +1

    Know that we know that the mcu is on earth 616 and there’s a multiverse miles morales is for sure in the mcu

  • Clay
    Clay Month ago

    Aries was in wonder woman

  • - M.D.N -
    - M.D.N - Month ago

    Namor should have been on the list too.

    • - M.D.N -
      - M.D.N - Month ago

      @Nulono he has several references.

    • Nulono
      Nulono Month ago

      When is he in the MCU?

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis Month ago

    The Russo brothers said that the Netflix shows arent canon. That's also why they were all canceled when Disney announced the are making their own streaming service. That's why they werent in endgame. Perhaps they woulda been if Disney wasn't planning on making their own service.

  • Nick Grimz
    Nick Grimz Month ago

    But deep down we want devil dinosaur

  • Fh Imon
    Fh Imon Month ago +4

    The Marvel TV series are not part of the MCU as stated by Marvel several times

    • Jeremy Burnside
      Jeremy Burnside 16 days ago

      Actually they said it is a shared universe movie and tv

    • Nulono
      Nulono Month ago +1

      This is not true; _Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D._ , _Agent Carter_ , _Cloak & Dagger_ , _Runaways_ , _Inhumans_ , and the Netflix shows are all in the MCU. Season 1 of _Daredevil_ deals directly with the fallout of the Battle of New York, and the team on _Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D._ supplied the helicarrier for the climax of _Age of Ultron_.

  • Kako y la conchetumare

    Tv series are not connected to MCU. Maybe S.H.I.E.L.D agents

    • Nulono
      Nulono Month ago

      That's just not true.

  • Nothing’s Happened Yet

    I heard that there will be an Eternals movie...

  • Misphit.
    Misphit. Month ago

    Jessica Jones is not part of the MCU

  • Mihai Preoteasa
    Mihai Preoteasa Month ago

    Galactus is on the tower too

    KUSHY SOLDIER Month ago

    Flat Earth confirmed to be introduced in the next Marvel movie.

  • Chris Ray the Rapper
    Chris Ray the Rapper Month ago +10

    so as it mentions ManThing it stopped for a Swamp Thing Ad 😂😂😂😂

  • Cubing 101
    Cubing 101 Month ago


  • Yung Cain
    Yung Cain Month ago

    Most of your list is TV shows, which are not connected to the MCU.

  • Parrish Harris
    Parrish Harris Month ago +7

    I love this video content because I didn't know my Marvel be really giving so much love from the comics to the big screen like that - 👍.

    Mr.LEGENDARY Month ago

    You just like click baiting huh?

  • Yash Raj
    Yash Raj Month ago


  • Fresh Fish
    Fresh Fish Month ago

    Now with Endgame bringing back Thor’s old hammer Stormbreaker will probably go to Beta Ray Bill which would be awesome as I really like Beta Ray Best Boy

  • Tim Jansen
    Tim Jansen Month ago

    Most people also don't realize Hawkeye is in the MCU

  • Rest In Paradise
    Rest In Paradise Month ago

    Jessica jones isn't in the mcu technically. Feige stated that the shows aren't canon whatsoever to the film's.

  • coroc sat
    coroc sat Month ago

    Disney doesnt own magneto, they own his kid.. that is why hes not offically appeared

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago

    The coolest one was the dog