25 Marvel Characters Most Fans Didn't Realize Are In The MCU

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • Marvel has slipped some characters into the MCU most fans didn't even realize are there! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is absolutely TEAMING with popular characters from the comics, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk and Black Widow - but you're obviously aware of all those.
    The fact is there are literally THOUSANDS of characters in the franchise - whether that be on the big screen or the small screen - and the presence of some of those guys can go under the radar.
    In this video, we'll be taking you through some characters that most fans probably don't even realise are in the MCU.
    Those characters include; the sentient vegetable/swamp monster known as Swamp Thing, the mighty Greek God of War Ares (and, by extension, the entire Greek godly pantheon), the powerful Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill, the four cosmic entities Death, Entropy, Eternity and Infinity, the metal-controlling mutant Magneto, Thanos' father Mentor (and, by extension, the other Eternals), Odin's father Bor (and, by extension, a huge variety of dead Asgardian characters), the brilliant Miles Morales (a version of Spider-Man in the comic books), the telepathic villain known as the Leader, Amadeus Cho (who's recently been known as the "Totally Awesome Hulk" in the comic books), the Hulk's red counterpart the Red Hulk, and the Living Tribunal (the second-most-powerful character in all of Marvel) - as well as many others.
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    1. Man-Thing
    2. Bi-Beast
    3. Beta Ray Bill
    4. Ares
    5. Death
    6. Entropy
    7. Eternity
    8. Infinity
    9. Stilt-Man
    10. Alpha Primitives
    11. Cosmo
    12. Union Jack
    13. Magneto
    14. Carnage
    15. Whizzer
    16. White Tiger
    17. Chton
    18. The Tinkerer
    19. Mentor
    20. Bor
    21. Miles Morales
    22. The Leader
    23. The Totally Awesome Hulk
    24. Red Hulk
    25. The Living Tribunal
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Comments • 1 098

  • M. Fahri
    M. Fahri 3 days ago

    Marvel TV is not MCU

  • Joshua Polanco
    Joshua Polanco 6 days ago

    Plus for Miles, when Davis tells him his “NEPHEW” was a fan of his! *BAM*

  • gabes ,
    gabes , 8 days ago

    Tv👏 series 👏 and👏 fox👏 are👏not👏mcu

  • TheBluePanda
    TheBluePanda 8 days ago

    At this point with Avengers, I can't see them introducing any new characters. Pretty sure they're not just gonna throw Magneto into the Endgame film.

  • Curtis Williams
    Curtis Williams 12 days ago

    swamp thing is a DC character.

    • Danny Orange
      Danny Orange 12 days ago

      And Man-Thing is a Marvel character

  • Iñaki Gamboa
    Iñaki Gamboa 13 days ago

    You missed Namor

  • Muirak bon
    Muirak bon 14 days ago

    "thor was odins father"

  • The baby Shark
    The baby Shark 15 days ago +1

    I need man thing in the mcu

  • Trogdor Tibbles
    Trogdor Tibbles 18 days ago +2

    The one you credited as Ares isn’t Ares on the tower. That’s Hulk.

  • Not Clickbait Studios
    Not Clickbait Studios 21 day ago +1

    Things in the comics aren't always the same in the movies. You're making too many assumptions.

  • Aj McCool
    Aj McCool Month ago

    The only reason that I'm in the show turned into the Hulk was that he tooks the power from Banner when he was about to explode so he traded places exhort energy

  • Steven Kelly
    Steven Kelly Month ago

    Anyone else hate the logic stretches in this channels videos?

  • lachlan edgecombe
    lachlan edgecombe Month ago

    A lot of this is far fetched

  • GMSD 773
    GMSD 773 Month ago +1

    U didnt mention the celestial holding the power stone

  • GMSD 773
    GMSD 773 Month ago

    Netflix is not mcu idc

  • Bin Gomez
    Bin Gomez Month ago

    Oh screen rant, how you try so hard.

  • Big SlongMong
    Big SlongMong Month ago +1

    Do you guys know that thanos’s brother is called Eros which in Greek god mythology is the god of erotic stuff

  • Supertravv98 Games
    Supertravv98 Games Month ago

    In the spider man homecoming scene,the guy who said “that is false.” I think that’s Miles Morales

  • arcticTNT
    arcticTNT Month ago

    The tv shows like Jessica jones aren't part of the mcu

  • Richy Bright
    Richy Bright Month ago

    Ermmm so pretty much none of those are in the MCU, they’re just in either Marvel series or Marvel associated productions.

  • Ilie  LEO
    Ilie LEO Month ago

    Where is B-Rabbit? I have to remind you that because of him, Papa Doc left his rap career and became Falcon

  • deathtrooper 637
    deathtrooper 637 Month ago

    When they stop using movie footage due to copy rights

  • drmad725
    drmad725 Month ago

    Hollywood trata movie hours as being of lesser intelligence, rightly so. Things must remain simple so that MORE people will watch and not feel alienated. These movies are not made for fans of the source material but to capitalize on an untapped (before) medium. If they're is an appearance of a let being it's supportive of the narrative and most likely NEEDED GET real screen time.

  • ray harrris
    ray harrris Month ago

    Scorpion in Spider man homecoming

    DEMIxGODxSHADOW Month ago

    When we meet his uncle, Peter is still a kid so for the other spider man to show up the time skip has to happen

  • Bubba DooM
    Bubba DooM Month ago

    8:15 PM 2/4/2019

  • Mausmi Sharma
    Mausmi Sharma Month ago

    Miles was there in homecoming you can see him in the quiz team

  • JamesDM4
    JamesDM4 Month ago

    You forgot scorpion on Spiderman Homecoming. The guy in the prison with the scorpion tattoo on the neck at the end scene

  • Robinson Supermarket

    What if.... Thanos was really fighting infinity and eternity in MCU, well it's titled "Infinity War".

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Month ago

    ok just forget about adam warlock

  • Armand Perez
    Armand Perez Month ago

    im pretty sure the british version of captain america is captain britain lol

  • stephen appleyard
    stephen appleyard Month ago

    Dum dum dagun ,mockingbird,slingshot all feature in agents of shield and dum dums also in first avenger

  • VypR Games
    VypR Games Month ago

    I'm surprised that Batroc the Leaper wasn't mentioned, though maybe he was a bit more obvious being the first person Captain America fights in Winter Soldier

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas Month ago

    i dont know why but i thought in 2008 Incredible Hulk that Samuel stern was going to be A-Bomb i was young when i ttohught this and tbh the only reason i thought he would be A-bomb is that he is wearing all blue

  • robmorgan1989
    robmorgan1989 Month ago

    should MCU not be exclusive to Cinema? "Cinematic"?

  • Gizelle Kelly
    Gizelle Kelly Month ago

    maybe beta ray bill will have a diffrent kind of stormbreaker

  • Slæm Læm
    Slæm Læm Month ago

    What about Adam warlock?

  • ClutchSwaggins
    ClutchSwaggins Month ago

    some of these are a reach

  • Maximilian Mus
    Maximilian Mus Month ago

    I hope miles morales is in this list cause he was briefly mentioned in homecoming

  • Levi DeGroff
    Levi DeGroff Month ago

    Most fans haven't picked up a single comic book

  • David Kingsley
    David Kingsley 2 months ago

    Man-Ape is M'Baku, Trish Walker is Hellcat, Misty Knight is pretty obvious

  • rodney hall
    rodney hall 2 months ago

    A=Tim, b=eagles

  • S46k flmha
    S46k flmha 2 months ago

    What’s mean MCU??????

  • Azazel
    Azazel 2 months ago

    There’s another story line in the comics where quicksilver and Scarlett witch’s real parents were gypsies and that’s what I’m supposing the mic is going off of

  • Hit-Next-n-Continue
    Hit-Next-n-Continue 2 months ago

    As far as the grandmasters busts... I think they were just nods... an Easter egg... to the characters themselves. I kind of doubt they would have those

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez 2 months ago

    All these videos are trash. Stop trying to go beyond what y'all are good at. Y'all just repetitively shitty

  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams 2 months ago

    I think the Sinister Six is in the MCU. Cause in Spider-Man: Homecoming we see Toomes talking to Mac Gargan aka Scorpion in jail. During their conversation, Gargan kinda mentioned something about a team wanting to take down Spidey

  • Justin Babin
    Justin Babin 2 months ago

    In the alternate universe the mcu is in Scarlett witch and quick silver arent magnetos kids

  • NaturalBornKillers2
    NaturalBornKillers2 2 months ago

    ass guardians

  • Logan Cornes
    Logan Cornes 2 months ago

    You forgot about nova. He is the one that arrest star lord in guardian of the galaxy 1. When thanos went to nova and took the power stone I'm sure he killed half the planet. With that being said it's safe to assume he helped create the hero Nova

  • Dane Whittington
    Dane Whittington 2 months ago

    Tell me why BLADE is always forgotten. People really sleep on him. Just as powerful as Logan, which is why they’re pals.

  • SlimeyCC
    SlimeyCC 2 months ago

    You fogot the Real Mandarin

  • Crick1952
    Crick1952 2 months ago

    "gains his super speed from being injected with mongoose blood from his father"
    *LMAO!!!* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mortimer Fort
    Mortimer Fort 2 months ago

    They aren't magnetos kids anymore it's been retcon

  • Kim Kinney
    Kim Kinney 2 months ago

    I won't rest until I see Namor and Kang.

  • Samuel Carter
    Samuel Carter 2 months ago

    Also the Marvel TV shows are not considered part of the MCU......

  • Sephandre DeMarte
    Sephandre DeMarte 2 months ago

    Batroc the Leaper

  • Waffl
    Waffl 2 months ago

    The only reason I’m making this comment is to be the 100th comment

  • tigermix83
    tigermix83 2 months ago

    Nova Centurion? I dont think he was formally introduced but if the Nova Corp is established then he must be coming at some point.

  • Corry Williams
    Corry Williams 2 months ago


  • LokiCraft
    LokiCraft 2 months ago

    “cough” The Netflix Marvel shows are garbage and aren’t apart of the MCU “cough”

  • 0mniscient1
    0mniscient1 2 months ago

    That's not how you pronounce "Chthon".

  • TextaB0t IDK
    TextaB0t IDK 2 months ago +1

    Um all the characters from the Netflix shows aren’t in the MCU cos the shows are in a different universe

    • mr.firebass
      mr.firebass 3 days ago

      every netflix show refers to the events of the avengers films at some point, therefore they are in the same universe

  • Rarazal Productions
    Rarazal Productions 2 months ago

    Not a bad video per se, but to be honest - you're reaching preeeetty far with about half of these. Just because a character who exists in the MCU has an important connection to someone in the comics doesn't mean that this connection has to be there in the movies...

  • Bakesale59
    Bakesale59 2 months ago

    Can we be honest for a second? Beyond mentioning "the incident" in a couple episodes of the Netflix shows there has been absolutely zero crossover between them and the movies. These universes are connected by payroll only and nothing else.

  • Aspect dylan
    Aspect dylan 2 months ago

    is nova in the mcu?

  • phonkp
    phonkp 2 months ago

    Please, someone tell me why the Eternals are an exciting new addition to the MCU?

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman 2 months ago

    You forgot Fin Fang Foom.
    He is on the Sakar tower as well.

  • Lucricious The Trainer
    Lucricious The Trainer 2 months ago

    Half of these are easter eggs and the other half are already pretty well-known

  • Alex Román
    Alex Román 2 months ago

    I think the Dog was a Lajka refferenc

  • Hepatitis D
    Hepatitis D 2 months ago


  • kristian kirilov
    kristian kirilov 2 months ago

    o chin chin

  • Oda93
    Oda93 2 months ago

    netflix's marvel series arent MCU so this list is garbage.

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 2 months ago

    Netflix probably isn't cannon now

  • Kathir Ganesh
    Kathir Ganesh 2 months ago

    Netflix isn't MCU now

  • Earl Brooks
    Earl Brooks 2 months ago

    Stan Lee is the one above all

  • Lynn Green
    Lynn Green 2 months ago

    Amadeus' mom Helen was also in Age of Ultron.

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago

    Yall forgot about the Mandarin. The real one.

  • Simply Shwa
    Simply Shwa 3 months ago

    The netflix, amazon, and hulu shows are MCU adjacent notMCU canon.....

  • Vulgarr the Viking
    Vulgarr the Viking 3 months ago

    Whirlwind, a former operative of the Mandarin and member of the Masters of Evil's name is Dave Cannon. In the comics he also once worked for Ant-Man Security Solutions. In the MCU, one of the 2 guys that hangs around Louis and works for Scott Lang's security company is an ex-con named Dave.

  • Loki Ragnarok
    Loki Ragnarok 3 months ago

    You were reaching with the miles morales lol

  • stuart bailey
    stuart bailey 3 months ago

    so many logical fallacies with this guys thinking....

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 3 months ago

    i disagree. The TV shows arent the mcu

  • 00gyb00gy
    00gyb00gy 3 months ago

    Usually MCU does these character interpretations justice.. but this QuickSilver was AWFUL! Just terrible. Evan Peter's Version was a million times better.

  • Mr. Ambiguoso
    Mr. Ambiguoso 3 months ago

    The Gladiator is in Daredevil

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel 3 months ago

    Well, it seems like most of the characters exist on the Grandmaster's tower of Former Champions😛

  • Salem Baron
    Salem Baron 3 months ago +1

    How are the trash series like Jessica Jones and stuff related to the MCU? The actors of these series will never star in any major Marvel movie because they are C-class actors.

  • Daniel Vekony
    Daniel Vekony 3 months ago

    In the Captain america: The first Avenger, there was an android shown, which could have been a reference to the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. In Iron Man 2 there was a Shield Map at the background, which had marks on Canada (Hulk), Scandinavia (Where Thor might be), New Mexico (where Thor was), the Antarctica (Captain America), Africa (Black Panther), but these we already have. The last mark however was put above the Atlantic Ocean, which is believed to be a reference to Namor, the Submariner.

  • jk Cauvel
    jk Cauvel 3 months ago

    Doc sampson is incredible hulk

  • Gnilretsam
    Gnilretsam 3 months ago

    Mcu and tv are not connected

  • Nero KIA
    Nero KIA 3 months ago

    too many ads.

  • Ethan Kellerman
    Ethan Kellerman 3 months ago +1

    I came for Carnage...

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 3 months ago

    Because no one worth anything reads SJWArvel. That's why people don't know (or care) about who you mention.

  • Lotan Kritchman
    Lotan Kritchman 3 months ago

    "therefore you HAVE to think..." no. No we don't have to agree with you. A nod to a villain or character doesn't necessarily mean everything from the comic is in the MCU

  • Lotan Kritchman
    Lotan Kritchman 3 months ago

    The netflix shows arent part of the MCU... they tried to be... but they're not.

  • sdf1macross
    sdf1macross 3 months ago

    Not to be mean but the “C” in MCU is for cinematic (movies) if you are gonna include the tv shows, they do not really count as part of the MCU

  • Ve nom
    Ve nom 3 months ago

    I want to see Beta Ray Bill in Avengers 4.

  • h8dallas420
    h8dallas420 3 months ago

    Screen Rant, you need to do more research, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are not Magneto's children anymore. It was retconned to be they were created by the high evolutionary with fake memories

  • spinytoad286
    spinytoad286 3 months ago

    Union Jack isn't the British Captain America... there's literally a Captain Britain. Cmon guys

  • IamtheJayman
    IamtheJayman 3 months ago

    #5 I noticed heck he’s why I clicked this video.
    He was the only one on the Vultures crew not captured or killed that drove me nuts, because he’s the real threat. He was the brains behind everything Vulture was selling. He’s the one who kept pushing for them to go after Stark, but it only happened because they were delayed because Shockers 1 and 2 were firing weapons in the open less then a week after the failed ATM robbery, stupidity or a suggestion from Phineas? He used alien tech to make a drone while Tombs was very vulnerable to suggestion.
    Phineas wanted what was on Starks plane regardless of what Tombs said, he just wanted Tombs to think it was his idea. His victory was a certainty if Tombs succeeds great, if the plane crashes Damage Control will clean it up and it’s been shown to be fairly simple to steal from them.