American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER / Los Angeles to Miami / 4K Video

  • Published on Nov 23, 2017
    This is strictly for airliner enthusiasts like me that love and enjoy the thrill of flying, especially take off and landing.

    Recorded: October 2017
    Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Destination: Miami, FL, USA
    Flight: 1088
    Aircraft Reg # N730AN
    Seat: 7A Business Class
    Flight Duration: 05:22:00
    Camera: Sony RX-100M5 and iPhone 7

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  • H B
    H B 9 days ago

    Did you know the reason they take off over the water. It's just in case a fuel line breaks and the engine catches on fire they can ditch and put it out

    • Pdlifeisgood
      Pdlifeisgood 2 days ago

      LAX departures are to the West, overwater, because wind direction is onshore.

  • Bruce Leibowitz
    Bruce Leibowitz 23 days ago

    Ahhh! Ship 7LP (N730AN)! I have a great memory on that plane from the 2016 AAviation Day @ DFW, I got to ride in the cockpit from the gate over to the hangar!

  • Charles Jenkins
    Charles Jenkins 23 days ago +2

    Absolutely a great video. I joined the Navy to work on aircraft and I love every minute of it. BTW, it was an excellent morning in L.A.; where I'm from.

  • Jason Lawrence
    Jason Lawrence Month ago

    that is one ugly livery.

  • Warren Huffman
    Warren Huffman Month ago

    Great landing!

  • Warren Huffman
    Warren Huffman Month ago

    TO SDmullis: I'm a poor man, not able to afford to fly much, but man your videos let me experience the World! They're always great, I'm an airliner freak like you. I'm 41, moved to Atlanta in '86, I used to get my mom to take my out to Hartsfield and park on Loop Road next to the runways to watch mostly Delata and Eastern 727s, Dc-9's, 757s, 767s, 737s and L-1011s, lest me forget the Lufthansa 747 that came in. My mom complained about the noise giving her a headache (I guess from so many JT8Ds!) . Anyway, thanks man for all you do .

  • Fly LLion
    Fly LLion Month ago

    Who would dislike the beauty of a 777 😍

  • Tristan ZZ
    Tristan ZZ 2 months ago

    los santos to vice city

  • Wake Up
    Wake Up 2 months ago

    Never flew looks safe maybe one day great vid

  • Fanny Craddock
    Fanny Craddock 2 months ago

    great video if you require sleeping tablets

  • Andrew Zimba
    Andrew Zimba 2 months ago +1

    Nice video, u did show some of the planes I really want to fly 787, 777... I love these birds

  • Reflex
    Reflex 2 months ago

    Did you walk all the way back to cattle class just remind yourself of how the peasants fly? J/k.

  • kathleen douglas
    kathleen douglas 2 months ago

    great video , my god the size of greater los angeles , great ariel views

  • Gary
    Gary 2 months ago

    Very neat video, really enjoyed the view shortly after takeoff viewing the coast line and the L.A.basin area.I was able to see the 15 freeway running along side Lake Elsinore over the inland empire good job..Thanks for sharing .✈🎥🙂

  • Kenny G Choonit
    Kenny G Choonit 3 months ago

    tell the captain to punch warp speed now!

  • D ML
    D ML 3 months ago


  • Matt Cairns
    Matt Cairns 3 months ago

    I used to work at TBIT and I NEVER saw it that empty!

  • H2O CO2
    H2O CO2 3 months ago +1

    Very nice video! 👍😁

  • William Hutchinson Jr.
    William Hutchinson Jr. 3 months ago +1

    Great scenery of Cali to Miami.Truly enjoy your footage SD.

  • Ezekiel Major
    Ezekiel Major 3 months ago

    I don't understand why they wouldn't put the GE90's on the upcoming 777x.

  • Jay Tee It Up
    Jay Tee It Up 4 months ago +1

    Wow, what a great departure v from LAX. Really enjoyed the entire video. Great job.

  • Hank Roedell
    Hank Roedell 4 months ago

    Mankind's touch of beauty..... bigger jets, fuel guzzlers, huge runways, obnoxious noise, and the traffic mess getting there, but never mind that. Mankind will get to where he's going, and the hell with the environment.

  • Max Morales
    Max Morales 4 months ago +1

    muy bonito el vídeo... me gusto! gracias por compartir amigo! Bendiciones

  • Tom B.
    Tom B. 4 months ago

    11:00 Are they using a staple gun for repairs on the plane? lol

  • remi hofman
    remi hofman 4 months ago

    Herrlich, ganz toll gemacht das Video, ein großes Lob...

  • John Iii
    John Iii 5 months ago +1

    Odd they had the 350 In the in-flight magazine that order was canceled never even close to delivery

  • Lee Syrjanen
    Lee Syrjanen 5 months ago

    Why is the tail of that Volaris plane pixeled out?

  • Patrick Rose
    Patrick Rose 5 months ago

    It is the best airplane in the world..I flew on a tam 777-300er from Mia to soa Paulo...the best

  • Mohammed Al Ali
    Mohammed Al Ali 5 months ago +4

    Engine sound is melody ❤️

  • andresa1963
    andresa1963 5 months ago +2

    You are exactly as I am. For me on traveling day, the travel starts at 3:30 am when I go for a run, a ritual, and then about 4 to 5 hours before flight, I make my way to the airport. So yes, I understand exactly your type. Thank you for such awesome video.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez 5 months ago


  • JET997u
    JET997u 6 months ago

    American Airlines has one of the worst livery designs of any major commercial carrier. Clunky and jingoistic .

  • Adam Witkowski
    Adam Witkowski 6 months ago

    Clean window, good weather and 4K video, all these contributed to this excellent video, one of the best of this kind. Thank you.

  • Vikram karmarkar
    Vikram karmarkar 6 months ago

    aight, i c u in first class

  • Emmett Cunningham Jr.
    Emmett Cunningham Jr. 6 months ago


  • Randy Levine
    Randy Levine 6 months ago +8

    Very good. Well done! Nice long and interesting scenes. Never jerking the camera around. Beautiful quality video. You are truly a lover of airplanes and it shows. I sat back and relaxed as you shared your journey. Very meditative and peaceful. Loved the morning shots of LAX and the empty airport scenes. I felt like I was there. I got all those travel feelings... Thank you for 50 minutes well spent.

  • Kevin Carley
    Kevin Carley 6 months ago +2

    Great video!

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett 6 months ago +1

    So, this particular aircraft had flown in from Sydney to LAX and then on to Miami. I'd say American is getting their money's worth. BTW, Google how many pins [bolts] hold those mighty engines to the wing pylon. In some cases, three.

  • remi hofman
    remi hofman 7 months ago

    Herrliche Aufnahmen auch das Wetter gibt sein Bestes, ganz großartig!

  • claudio ezequiel piña silva

    Excellent flight.

  • Nelsonbrook33
    Nelsonbrook33 7 months ago

    Beautiful video! Loved all the different morning shots/airliners at LAX. Thanks for sharing!

  • M Jay
    M Jay 7 months ago +2

    Thank you SD. I'm am not interested in those who give airlines the "anal" exam (some like it). I just like to watch and enjoy listening to the engines, the sounds inside the cabins and the videos. Great job! :)

  • Karlo Punzal
    Karlo Punzal 7 months ago

    Easily one of the cleanest AV geek video in TVclip. Superb video quality!

    • Marie Y. Coles
      Marie Y. Coles Month ago

      Karlo Punzal
      I will be in a meeting at a time so I can go to work

  • Chuck Denham
    Chuck Denham 7 months ago

    what kind of seating is that

  • Amon Shegog
    Amon Shegog 7 months ago

    I wonder why Boeing 777 Don't come to Lambert airport?

  • Ivan Udell
    Ivan Udell 7 months ago

    I just took that very flight from Miami to LA two weeks ago today, I absolutely loved it.

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera 7 months ago

    at 39:00 it shows my school Doral Academy

  • Margaret Roselle
    Margaret Roselle 7 months ago

    Wonderful video.....thank you!

  • Captain Fly
    Captain Fly 7 months ago

    Congratulations .. its a Fantastic vidéo with beautifull sceneries ..and the sound of the engines ..whouaaa ! fabulous !

  • Jonathan Thibedeoux
    Jonathan Thibedeoux 7 months ago

    Why did you get there so early?

  • fairday2
    fairday2 8 months ago

    Two beautiful cities, that I wish I could visit. My car came from Miami.

  • Enter Viral Media Horror Films

    Listen to that GE90 PURR 14:31

  • Julio Alayon
    Julio Alayon 8 months ago

    ven visita mi canal y suscribete

  • let's Race
    let's Race 9 months ago

    Pull the sun up with ur hands so it'll be daylight😃

  • runway heading
    runway heading 9 months ago

    A work of Art! Puts copy cat Airbus to shame!

  • Michael Steele Aviation

    Great video. My favorite seat on AA's 77W is 4J. BTW your footage is crisp!! Did you hand hold the camera during taxi and takeoff or did you have it mounted?

  • Ravi Kiran
    Ravi Kiran 10 months ago

    Was that Sundar Pichai speaking at 10.28 ?

  • Racine Thiam
    Racine Thiam 10 months ago

    You went at the airport to early you should of whate till at least 2 hours before your plane takes of

  • 龍Kin shun Sharon lung sha sha

    Sharon lung kin shun.own. 船机

  • DelaneWilson
    DelaneWilson 11 months ago

    Why is the plane at the Tom Bradley terminal? Aren't you going to MIA? Loved the vid. Awsome flight!!!!
    Nevermind the first question, read through comments. So they just kept the plane there instead of moving it.... Maybe so they wouldn't have to worry about space for another domestic. Save the room and keep it there at TB.

  • Dencho Cooling Services BV
    Dencho Cooling Services BV 11 months ago +2

    *I really love it, great video. thank you*

  • Omar mosa
    Omar mosa 11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing our beautiful moments

  • plush universe
    plush universe 11 months ago

    Why is a 777 flying from los Angeles to Miami

    • Sweetteawillie
      Sweetteawillie Month ago

      Cargo hubs for transcontinental departures.
      Capacity is revenue.

    • derek Rohan
      derek Rohan Month ago

      captain plush universe so people can get from LA to Miami..

  • Brian Cebu
    Brian Cebu 11 months ago

    what runway was the landing?

  • alex Gilmour
    alex Gilmour 11 months ago

    Is this the one that continues to Buenos Aires?

  • Pillow Alabama
    Pillow Alabama 11 months ago

    I love watching this type of videos haven't been in a plane since I was 11 years old I am currently on my way to 30 years old... In July 31 I be going to Disney world taking my son for his b day.. this type of videos gets me exited can't wait.. thanks for the video 😀😉 my wife and son first time on a plane 😂

  • Fredy Flores
    Fredy Flores 11 months ago

    Waaaaaa, a domestic flight here not by a 737

  • Evan Kagan
    Evan Kagan Year ago +11

    I wish that American, United, and Delta bought the A380

    • Jerry Miller
      Jerry Miller 3 months ago

      I dont...glad they Chose not to

    • Jerry Miller
      Jerry Miller 3 months ago

      I dont

    • Pete Michel
      Pete Michel 5 months ago

      Totally agree Mike

    • Mike Mike
      Mike Mike 6 months ago

      It is not only about the fuel of A380. Boeing and US airlines have a new strategy that goes around mid size planes that can fly long distance into smaller airports and cities and not only big once. Today's future is for B787 and probably A350.

    • David Barnett
      David Barnett 6 months ago

      Evan Kagan - here on the tube you can find the current 2018 fleet of the big US American carriers and their upcoming orders. The big 3 do have Airbus aircraft in their fleets, but NOT the A-380. It's a gas guzzler like the old Cadillac. lol

  • Joe Cappo
    Joe Cappo Year ago

    Is this business class with the nice seats?

  • Filipp Matkov
    Filipp Matkov Year ago

    May 2012, my trip from Miami to LA. The same story.

  • AeroporosGR JKL
    AeroporosGR JKL Year ago

    Nice video !

  • Jason Cavitt
    Jason Cavitt Year ago +1

    _Excellent_ video. I kept thinking that couldn't be LA, what with the breathable air and all. Great job taking advantage of an unusual day.

  • TravelJunkieTV
    TravelJunkieTV Year ago

    I wonder why they would make you check in at Terminal 4 but then make you go to the International Terminal for a domestic flight? I get that the flight came in from Sydney, but most airports would have the plane deboard through an international gate but then move the plane to a domestic gate if the aircraft is continuing on to a domestic destination.

    • Michael Steele Aviation
      Michael Steele Aviation 9 months ago

      That AA 787-9 was at gate 41 where most of the 77W's park and I believe the other gate the 77W uses was being used to. AA also operates 4 gates out of TBIT that have combo use due to LAX having limited gates. Kind of silly to move it though since the Terminal 4 TBIT connector opened a few years back.

  • Geminijets 46
    Geminijets 46 Year ago

    How many gates are at the TBIT?

  • Dirk De Belder
    Dirk De Belder Year ago

    Super video! I've enjoyed watching it here in Belgium!

  • Re d
    Re d Year ago +5

    Nice, I love the engine sound

  • Oren Ben-Zeev
    Oren Ben-Zeev Year ago

    Beautiful video

  • zerberus500
    zerberus500 Year ago

    FANTASTIC video, the LAX sequences are awesome!

  • habyss
    habyss Year ago +1

    He's taking the long way to Miami. Should have gone east.

    • Sweetteawillie
      Sweetteawillie Month ago

      The wind comes from the ocean towards the land.
      It decreases the amount of runway needed, going into the wind.

    • JET997u
      JET997u 6 months ago

      And you don't know how to spell. "Your".... idiot. +Herbert Carrillo-Ramos

    • Herbert Carrillo-Ramos
      Herbert Carrillo-Ramos 7 months ago

      Sorry dude ..but you dont know what your talking about. The captain flew south east.

    • Delta TV
      Delta TV 7 months ago

      habyss lol

    FORZA MILAN Year ago

    Lucky! i got to go on the A321 going from KLAX to MIA

  • Karen picado
    Karen picado Year ago

    I like the new version at lax

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black Year ago

    i was at KLAX in August of 2017


    I great video you have done the same I would had done. LAX is my favorite airport. Felicidades in spanish means congratulations.

  • Libardo Salazar
    Libardo Salazar Year ago


  • KamalTV
    KamalTV Year ago

    Great job on showcasing the mighty 777-300ER, and LAX! Your trip reports are among my favorite on youtube, appreciate all the detail you put into the airport experience, along with the actual flight.

  • Cayetano López
    Cayetano López Year ago

    Excelente video,....Gracias.

  • bombaytaxidriver
    bombaytaxidriver Year ago

    Aren't sunrises brilliant!

  • PokerRun388
    PokerRun388 Year ago +3

    It's amazing the amount of miles these 777-300ERs cover every year! Great coverage & beautiful aircraft!

  • Paul B 'KhunPaul' - Travels & Aviation

    Nice video. I had flown on AA B77W from JFK to LHR in 2014. The B77W was new back then. Great takeoff and landing. Good seat on engine view. I cant wait to fly on EVA from SEA to SIN via TPE on Royal Laurel next month.

    • Mimi The Bear
      Mimi The Bear 11 months ago

      Paul B 'KhunPaul' - Travels & Aviation how was your flight?

  • Steve Hofmaster
    Steve Hofmaster Year ago

    Great video,I truly love AA 777-300 airplanes real nice service and wonderful photography.

  • Jess Barnett
    Jess Barnett Year ago +3

    Oh and, hey JetBlue! I saw you!

  • Jess Barnett
    Jess Barnett Year ago

    I don't like to fly but watching videos of beautiful planes. Weird. I guess when you're used to only 737 and a320, you dream of more roomy and cozy airplanes likes the 777!

  • datsniggawater
    datsniggawater Year ago

    what camera do u use when filming walking in the jetway and do u have any montes u use on the camera for the window

  • GazzaOak
    GazzaOak Year ago

    Is it common for domstic flights to depart from TIBT

    • Michael Steele Aviation
      Michael Steele Aviation 9 months ago

      AA acquired for 4 gates right around the time the merger with US Airways. Lax is is very gate limited.

  • David Wolf
    David Wolf Year ago +42

    I don't think you could've picked a more beautiful morning to make that departure from LAX! Great video with some great shots of the various aircraft types and variants. I've also flown on this 777-300 in first class, from LAX to ATL. Good job on this video!

    • Marie Y. Coles
      Marie Y. Coles Month ago

      David Wolf

    • Chino lewin
      Chino lewin 3 months ago

      ikr just soo amazing. i miss LA soo much i left there from 2016 and i havent been back there then. i want to go back out there this year though.

    • SirPuddi Tangg
      SirPuddi Tangg Year ago

      what airline did you fly 1st class to get to Atlanta David

    • SDMullis
      SDMullis  Year ago +1

      Thanks !

  • Hugo Abrego-Nunez
    Hugo Abrego-Nunez Year ago +1

    Wow at 8:24 I see a e175 United express taking off

  • NVHSChadSheppard1
    NVHSChadSheppard1 Year ago +1

    Love the GE90

  • JetBird11
    JetBird11 Year ago +1

    Wow man awesome

  • Chris mckeithen
    Chris mckeithen Year ago +8

    In fact today and through the holiday season AA is flying from DFW-LAX a mix of 788, 789, 772, and 77W's.

    • Herbert Carrillo-Ramos
      Herbert Carrillo-Ramos 7 months ago

      Dont forget also WE transport CAArgo

    • Delta TV
      Delta TV 7 months ago

      Yep dad.

    • Ricardo Ramirez
      Ricardo Ramirez Year ago +1

      They do it to reposition, and other times it’s because it has too much time on the ground, so they utilize it between their hubs. I took this flight March of 2017. It was packed.