• Published on Jan 5, 2017
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    In this video you will see 3 diferent things that got crushed by a hydraulic press. They have been cut in half with a waterjet by the
    TVclip channel WaterJet Channel:
    - Giant Sea Shell:
    - Padlock:
    - Camera:
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Comments • 441

  • Willow The Bunny Rabbit
    Willow The Bunny Rabbit 10 months ago

    I like that shell, can you glue it back together and send it to me?

  • Cornelious sanders, A pickle hotdog

    “Experiment at home”
    Because we all have a hydraulic press next to our table, and a massive fucking sea shell in our closets!

  • Pk Nayak
    Pk Nayak Year ago

    It is a poor pres

  • Katrina's S
    Katrina's S Year ago

    Next time crush your fingers, that would give you a ton of views

  • Jasmine Princess268

    I want a iPphone7+

  • Savage steve adventures


  • Savage steve adventures


  • TheL.Olives 72
    TheL.Olives 72 2 years ago

    the video is 4:20 blaze it

  • Elice Ven Ven
    Elice Ven Ven 2 years ago

    diese channel es fake. .. er klaubt die videos. . xd

  • Red3dge
    Red3dge 2 years ago

    R.I.P shell
    2017 - 2017

  • Red Demon8
    Red Demon8 2 years ago

    Hydraulic Press vs. Misha.

  • Gabriel Mascareno
    Gabriel Mascareno 2 years ago

    What did he cut the stuff in half with?

  • supermario18
    supermario18 2 years ago


  • Elliot
    Elliot 2 years ago

    Why would you want to crush something as beautiful as the sea shell? :(

  • Jakob N
    Jakob N 2 years ago

    you should've done the same to the lucas amiibo

  • lau gamer892
    lau gamer892 2 years ago

    like para que lo vean

  • lau gamer892
    lau gamer892 2 years ago +1

    plasta cosas cojeladas con nitrógeno líquido plasta algo como unas frutas y verduras un pollo

  • Bro Island
    Bro Island 2 years ago


  • shaik faheem
    shaik faheem 2 years ago

    waste of money n things

  • MajorLeagueElite
    MajorLeagueElite 2 years ago

    Hydrolic press vs 10000 degree knife

  • WR pro
    WR pro 2 years ago

    why are you cut a perfekt camera!!!!!????

  • JuggerNog
    JuggerNog 2 years ago

    make half photos with the camera 😂

  • Dona-Pier Trépanier
    Dona-Pier Trépanier 2 years ago

    2:16, slowpoke is born!

  • Orange -
    Orange - 2 years ago


  • Fasteroid
    Fasteroid 2 years ago

    I want to see more water saw content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Josiah Sanchez
    Josiah Sanchez 2 years ago

    I was waiting for the sea shell to crack and explode,

  • Orcabeast
    Orcabeast 2 years ago

    Do 1,000 degree glowing knife vs 100 tonn hydraulic press plz

  • Lalaa Venderre
    Lalaa Venderre 2 years ago

    I wish i could buy a camera:(

  • Best Kid Ever
    Best Kid Ever 2 years ago

    lol there's a BatMan sign on the press

  • Deathy
    Deathy 2 years ago

    biggest waste of money in life DISLIKE

    • Deathy
      Deathy 2 years ago

      that canon should have cost like a good 500$ right? YEA

  • paul dean
    paul dean 2 years ago

    and 420 comments

  • paul dean
    paul dean 2 years ago

    4:20 hmmm

  • KOP
    KOP 2 years ago

    what happens when your arm is blastoised by a hydro pump?

  • Ghais Ali
    Ghais Ali 2 years ago

    hydrolic press vs knight industries 3000.i dare u .not even a scratch would come

  • Dinges Danges
    Dinges Danges 2 years ago

    How expensive is that hydraulic press?

  • Som Phothirath
    Som Phothirath 2 years ago


  • catalina p
    catalina p 2 years ago

    Things I hate:
    1. People who can't spel
    3. People who can't count
    4. People who ask for likes
    Like if you agree!

  • AnimeKidMii demello #1

    0:44 Lucas Amiibo

  • Evelyn G.
    Evelyn G. 2 years ago

    A shell is strong if it lasted that long against a hydraulic press

  • Tsum Tsum King Nicholas Maharaj

    1:48 of you came for the thumbnail, thank me later

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 2 years ago

    this backround music, bruh, sky v gaming would be peeved

  • Red Wolf Gamer
    Red Wolf Gamer 2 years ago

    Who's eating macaroni and cheese while watching this?

  • Iaian Sykora
    Iaian Sykora 2 years ago

    face reveal

  • Carlos Candelaria
    Carlos Candelaria 2 years ago

    tritura tablets

  • deathpacito _rr
    deathpacito _rr 2 years ago


    ПОД ПРЕССОМ 2 years ago

    welcome to my channel

  • Ryan Osborne
    Ryan Osborne 2 years ago

    in my opinion you showcase the things ur gonna crush too long... I would like it more I you kinda cut to the chase. other then that.. dope vids!!!!

  • Eddy Enrique
    Eddy Enrique 2 years ago

    es mejor el canal en español :v ok no

  • livingcreature
    livingcreature 2 years ago


  • Yo Soy Cabulas
    Yo Soy Cabulas 2 years ago +1

    Eres El De Esperimentar En Casa Verdad?

  • Gary Gary
    Gary Gary 2 years ago

    Wtf was that thing you used to cut the camera in half?

  • goodguy babbitt
    goodguy babbitt 2 years ago

    Hydraulic presser vs stuffed animals

  • Vitaly Snep
    Vitaly Snep 2 years ago

    This content is absolutely shite.

  • not fsjal memes
    not fsjal memes 2 years ago

    Press a silly string thing plz!!! (Idk if u did it yet)

  • Sun Vlogs
    Sun Vlogs 2 years ago

    this guy ruind probably one of the most beautiful shells I've seen

  • ••Black Reaper••

    question remains why don't you have a million subs but get millions of views each video so lost

  • Kristian Soriano
    Kristian Soriano 2 years ago

    You sake

  • Thecreepiercreeper 99
    Thecreepiercreeper 99 2 years ago

    do you have any advice on being a good youtuber? if u want to want to see mine and tell me if it needs anything, my channel is my username with a space in front of the 99.

  • Viivi
    Viivi 2 years ago

    Shredder vs shredder

  • Luke Grissom
    Luke Grissom 2 years ago

    Why did you brake a dope shell 🐚

  • Lpspaw
    Lpspaw 2 years ago

    1 like: love for camera
    1 sub: love for pups and kittens and baby animals

  • Anton Wirgart
    Anton Wirgart 2 years ago


  • Anonymous Bread
    Anonymous Bread 2 years ago

    0:29-0:32 I don't know why but my gf thinks it's a dick.

  • Stepan Hejda
    Stepan Hejda 2 years ago

    idiot very idiot

  • LoQuillo
    LoQuillo 2 years ago

    aplasta chicles de cualquier marca dale Luke para que experimento casero lo aga

  • weedeater49cc
    weedeater49cc 2 years ago

    tempered glass cube and ruberds drop positioned so the tail dont break in the press would be intresting

  • MoigamerYT
    MoigamerYT 2 years ago

    Hermano que te aviso cuando llegue a el de la los datos de los bendiga datos de la mañana por para que no se me ocurre mejor forma que me lo de debitaron que no me ha llegado gustado un texto de la mañana por para que me termine de el de hoy no se te aviso por favor y un poco de los que datos a las que se te lo que me cuentas de Twitter que me cuentas de los que te se lo agradezco que te no aviso me te lo aviso a las los bendiga a todos
    Ahora cuál es la moraleja?

  • MoigamerYT
    MoigamerYT 2 years ago


  • MoigamerYT
    MoigamerYT 2 years ago

    Jajaja que piratas

  • mega eye
    mega eye 2 years ago

    I should have never came here

  • MagentaKiller_CKY
    MagentaKiller_CKY 2 years ago

    Give me new canon camera

  • NotDavidM
    NotDavidM 2 years ago

    too much editing, just show the footage of stuff being crushed ffs

  • 。某某人 。
    。某某人 。 2 years ago

    wow if im that guy i will keep it for show off

  • Ryan Hasty
    Ryan Hasty 2 years ago

    Wasting that camera pisses me off

  • PoorQualityIsFunny
    PoorQualityIsFunny 2 years ago

    bet you smoked some dank shit in that seashell 😂