Luenell Drags Drea Kelly for Trashing R Kelly but Having 3 Babies by Him (Part 5)

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
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    Luenell shared her thoughts on R. Kelly during her latest interview with VladTV, and she agreed with DJ Vlad that the women who met Kelly in their 30s knew better than to get with him. She also questioned why R. Kelly's ex-wife supported him following their divorce and recently spoke out about his alleged abuse. Luenell also pointed out that no accomplished woman would get with R. Kelly because he liked women with low self-esteem.
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  • Sakina Sunshine
    Sakina Sunshine 6 days ago

    This mf said "Jump off the stairs" 😭😭😭 she's hilarious

    IMGONEIN60 8 days ago

    Convict cell mate: what remix is this?
    R Kelly: Man I don’t know stop playing.
    Convict: feeling on ya boooooooty!!!!!
    R Kelly: hey man put your clothes back on! Guard!!!!!!! Guard!!!!!!!!!!
    Convict cell mate: I see you calling the guard but I’m Bernard and I’m still on hard now toot that ass up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Crutchfield
    Barbara Crutchfield 9 days ago

    Thanks Luenell for the True.

  • msdeshabangbang
    msdeshabangbang 10 days ago

    SPOT on!

  • Sylvia Turner
    Sylvia Turner 13 days ago

    Luenell is as real as they come. Love her!!

  • Fiona Baby
    Fiona Baby 16 days ago

    She called them church wenches LOLOL

  • Patrice Luv
    Patrice Luv 19 days ago


  • Rita Fultz
    Rita Fultz 19 days ago +1

    Thank you Luenel...Omg I love this Woman....she did this interview....So on point.....

  • Flipflops_with_socks_on

    I've been watching this baddie since the age of 7 when she had her own show and still a fucking savage 😂😂 it!

  • Melanie Edwards
    Melanie Edwards 20 days ago

    But what's a church wench tho? (pronounced wainch) lmfao

  • Evette Scott
    Evette Scott 22 days ago

    The poorest of poor women have self respect or low esteem. I'm not buying that bs. Yes rkelly did marry aailijah and rkelly that almost cost his career. I believe rkelly didnt repeat the same crime knowingly.

  • caramel coco
    caramel coco 22 days ago

    Yes darling you tell it like it! Drea should be locked up with Donkey dick kelly

  • Nicole T Tansmore
    Nicole T Tansmore 23 days ago

    They did there part they all wrong put all of them under the jail

  • Celeste Rogers
    Celeste Rogers 23 days ago

    Cause ain't nobody going fo dat buuuuuulshit!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣I love her!!!!

  • E. Bad
    E. Bad 24 days ago

    As far as O.J., Nicole was a whore. She did drugs. Nicile brought on what happens to her. O.J. did kill her either. Nicole owned a large Debt and didn't pay it. They say Ronald Goldman was there because she left her glasses behind he went to deliver them to her. Have You ever thought How did he know where she lived? How di he get past the Guards? A waiter...???? Come on ppl, use your brains.

  • E. Bad
    E. Bad 24 days ago

    What About The Music Label being held Accountable?

  • Yana Up Next
    Yana Up Next 24 days ago

    “Church wanches” I’m holleringgggggg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jerome Johnson
    Jerome Johnson 24 days ago

    I peeped how when she brought up OJ and Nicole, and how her parents knew she was getting her ass whooped, subject changed fast.

  • Selena Mason
    Selena Mason 24 days ago

    I Love Her She is So ReAl

  • Leann Joseph
    Leann Joseph 24 days ago

    “Cuz ain’t nobody going for that buuuuulshiiiit”🤣🤣🤣

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee 25 days ago

    Like I said,they need to put the monkey,and the ape,in the same cell,and them rape each other,and don't forget the bananas,Andrea is a f en,liar,and so is her freaky mf no good ass husband,the monkey and the ape need to be put in prison,she knew her mf en husband was raping these girls,how u not know,he wasn't sleeping with your mf ass,so any body with common sense would know,he was f en,somebody,are u that absent minded ,and the mothers need to be arrested to,for letting him f their daughter's,they need to go to prison to,what mother would sell their teenage daughter,for fame,and money

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson 25 days ago

    Hi edagdwg love this video God at work love this lady truth be told I respect this woman R.K. was and is a a player the ppl that did what thay wanted for money and know what that we're doing a set up for Monday sad Linda j ❤️joy peace

  • Sonja Kennedy
    Sonja Kennedy 26 days ago

    Thank You Luenell for Speaking Truths About The Situation!

  • Evette Scott
    Evette Scott 26 days ago

    You're right strong minded women and ghettos girls dont tolerate bull. So, I say this is bull all the way. I have children of both sex. A star lies within yourself. Yes, he may have been wrong marrying Aaliljah. But he didn't repeat that crime he was charged with 08. He was setup on that altered tape. My theory is all tapes were adults but the faces were altered showing underaged faces that didn't match the same alleged victim or the face remained in the tape but the body was different. I didnt see any tapes so I'm thinking anything is possible regarding conspiracies, manipulation, blackmail, economical gains, legal misrepresentation, etc. A lie travel around the world before the truth is ever told, and that being if ever told. Check the score card from actual data of how many people are dead years over lifetime that were innocent but people couldn't phantom that person truth. All emotional people are not calm when trying to defend themselves under any type of duress. No two people are exactly the same or agree with the so called norm. All the lifetime alleged adult ass women are liars and setup chicks with disrespect for all and everything except getting pain. I cannot say what happened or didnt happen based on hearsay. Nope cannot. Everybody deserve to be have their own dirty laundry but be truthful in that and be equally accountable but not to the point you play the blame game.

  • Shavon Dozier
    Shavon Dozier 26 days ago

    Thankyou Luenell....ive been saying the same thing

  • Brenda Fuller
    Brenda Fuller 26 days ago

    Alliyah was a cutie and going places- RKellys first and Last. Since then he been grabbing the bottom of the barrel- not smart enough for “real” women!

  • MzJazzy 4aReason
    MzJazzy 4aReason 26 days ago

    Finally a Real woman speaks the truth.

  • Erica Lee
    Erica Lee 26 days ago

    Agreed!!! She on point!

  • Mo'Nique Duncan
    Mo'Nique Duncan 27 days ago

    Hold up them was women of his caliber foh he's a Pedophile they know how and who to prey on

  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young 27 days ago

    Everybody is guilty

  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young 27 days ago

    Luenell you remind me of all the positive women in my life who keeps it real i like you when you said these grown as 14 years making their self look grown

  • Truly Blessed Tiffany
    Truly Blessed Tiffany 27 days ago

    People keeps saying that R. Kelly was dropped by Sony, that’s not true. Sony said until this mess is over they can’t release anymore of his music. He’s a cash cow. So in other words when this is all over they will pick him up again if he walks.

  • Serenityafterall
    Serenityafterall 27 days ago

    I love Mrs. Lady ‼ Respect 💞💞 💞

  • bgreen0115
    bgreen0115 28 days ago

    The responses of the women are blowing my mind. Two wrongs don't make a right. Rkelly is a grown man. Sex with children is sick and against the law. And he should rott in jail and hell for it. Whether or not the parents aloud it. He knew it was wrong. Stop making excuses for this pervert.

  • MsSerenity Smith
    MsSerenity Smith 28 days ago

    She kept it 💯

  • aribabe01
    aribabe01 28 days ago

    Luenell’s the Realest

  • S Bradshaw
    S Bradshaw 28 days ago

    Stop moving this shit away from ROBERT. This mofo needs to be locked the fuck up. Robert = R Kelly. There isn't any separating the two because it's the same fuckin' person.

  • Tamika Hughey
    Tamika Hughey 28 days ago

    No, I don't agree with abortion. I do believe in using protection.

  • Robert Crockett
    Robert Crockett 28 days ago

    The women he dating is the same as the women in Hollywood, the only difference between the women he chose and the women in Hollywood is that the women in Hollywood got money and the other women don't. But all them have low self-esteem

  • David Candela
    David Candela 28 days ago

    "Jump off the stairs jump off the bridge or something" no one is uncut and real like luenell 😂

  • Joss McElroy
    Joss McElroy 29 days ago

    She's right. Women must have some accountability too in these situations. I thought we were independent, strong, and can think for ourselves? I guess that's until women see an opportunity to get famous or get paid, so they fall back into the victim role when it suits them.

  • Scyvall Minor
    Scyvall Minor 29 days ago

    Thank you I have been saying this the whole time.

  • Scyvall Minor
    Scyvall Minor 29 days ago

    Yes Luenell honey keeps it real!

  • Arlene Barbee
    Arlene Barbee 29 days ago

    My Girl L is so "Real". l'm a Fan!!! She keeping it totally 1,000,000. 😄

  • Nick Midwest
    Nick Midwest 29 days ago

    "Open the windows in this mothaf@$ka" 😂😂😂

  • Helen Boula
    Helen Boula 29 days ago

    I have been around Stars pretty much all my life I have never been impressed by any of them there has only been one person that ever impressed me and that was Roy Orbison a very very nice man a gentleman that I know of I lived with a star the name is not imported it's no big deal but that was another time and are in my life and it happened but as far as I wasn't even even impressed with him he picks me I didn't pick him so but I'm not even going to that story but how women can be so stupid and men and of course you got your con artists out there man and women. I will say this if you going to play you got to pay ashi dance you got to pay the fiddler. Lights camera action

  • 2400N0RDV35T
    2400N0RDV35T 29 days ago

    Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world you black bitch. They have one of the highest IQ's in the world and they are the cleanest country in the world. Nobody is pimping their children out there.

    SAUNDRA RIVERS 29 days ago

    When I Was 14, I Could Passed as 18 and above.

    SAUNDRA RIVERS 29 days ago


  • Evette Scott
    Evette Scott 29 days ago

    I have been praying for rkelly. So, I'm not quick to judge and I thank God that he jas allowed me to view issues from two sides in some issues more. God is almighty and God does as only he can regardless of what mere men or women think. Now, I see God is pulling the covers off alleged victims and knocking down walls. I say thank you Lord. Now it's time to see God at work. The state attorney who is now federalized indicted on extortion charges, allegedly victims lies exposed, state haven't handed over evidence and still crying out for concrete evidence. Nobody but God. Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy. No other way to say God love rkelly and rkelly love almighty God. When you walk and talk with God that's all you need because he is all in all. To God be the glory for the things he's already done and I trust him to be God for his work nere man cant understand. God will be rkelly need.

  • Sheryl Davis
    Sheryl Davis 29 days ago

    I always said she knew that's BS talking about she never heard of him Bullshit!!! you was going for that BS all along. you should be shamed

  • Robbin Carter-Hopkins

    How do You take down r Kelly and not take down all the people around him who knew??? You don't!!! But you sure as hell start with THAT PEDOPHILE!!! The others are secondary to me!

  • Bryan Whiteside
    Bryan Whiteside Month ago

    When your comedy isn't selling, get your 15 minutes by dragging someone else. She's right tho. lol

  • Prince Agama
    Prince Agama Month ago

    True talk Mum ... we all know they all went in for the money ... even the judges know... you know how many girls are looking for him still..

  • Laquever Fryar
    Laquever Fryar Month ago

    Yooo I did not notice him lurking in the back of the cover 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • April Hilton
    April Hilton Month ago

    Lurkin a$$ R . Kelly I'm Hollering😂😂

  • Lovingly Lovely
    Lovingly Lovely Month ago

    People will treat you like royalty while you're doing for them, but you better expect the opposite once you stop.

  • petejanett pittman
    petejanett pittman Month ago +3

    Something's UP and something aint right.
    why this - why him - & why NOW
    they ALL knew !!!! (somebody somewhere knew something .. )

  • Gina Grey
    Gina Grey Month ago

    Ugh! Ugly! Looks like Shrek!

  • Ida Walker
    Ida Walker Month ago

    They have fake ID because i had one i confess because God loves the truth. And i was 15

  • Barb senrab
    Barb senrab Month ago

    Did u check out,R.Kellys Nutritionist Speaks??? GOOGLE IT . N as far asking for ID,Ever hear of FAKE ID?!!? N R.Kelly didn't go looking for these Women,girls, or whatever they went looking for him!¡! N do u call K.Michelle,a nobody?

  • L Young
    L Young Month ago

    This bitch said "....And Europe." LOL. She is a natural.

  • Annette Pulliam
    Annette Pulliam Month ago

    I fo not believe R Kellys wife she is just hating he left her behind and he is with younger and prettier woman!

  • Queen Mercy
    Queen Mercy Month ago

    Let the church say aaaaammmeen

  • Charla Moseley
    Charla Moseley Month ago

    Always keeping it real!!!

  • 80" Reach
    80" Reach Month ago

    Basically what really needs to be said is that ( this is NOT an R Kelly Problem )
    It's a parenting / social problem, R Kelly is simply the poster child

  • Barbara Rackley
    Barbara Rackley Month ago

    I agree and then letting her daughter speak her father on tv. I divorced my husband but I talk bad about him, no because I had 3 children by him. He dosen't talk about me in a negative way. After all whatever happened I was apart of it, I stayed till I left. She's on tv crying about what he did. You picked him so what does all this say about you..?

  • Vanessa Clarke
    Vanessa Clarke Month ago

    Ummmm I always loved her 😍😍😍😍 Real talks 😍😍😍😍😍 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Damien Pough
    Damien Pough Month ago

    Drea, horse face looking ass, should have kept her mouth shut!

  • Ebony Nicole
    Ebony Nicole Month ago

    Open some windows in this dark mf😂

  • Patrice Austin
    Patrice Austin Month ago +1

    The wife is a mess and played a role. I love R. Kelly's music. I pray all is well with him. He ain't too guilty.

  • Patrice Austin
    Patrice Austin Month ago

    She irritating me. His so called wife. The comedian is so lovely. I miss her jokes.

  • Patrice Austin
    Patrice Austin Month ago

    Yup his so called wife embarrassed him. He didn't realize how stupid she really was. Took the name and ran with it. Not a good wife sitting there enjoying the money all day. BS

  • stnic72
    stnic72 Month ago

    Drea a fucking leech she never go change her last name an play both sides for a check she all about a come up

  • King Kong
    King Kong Month ago

    When you pimp out your children to predators expecting money and you don't get it. It's like a "drug deal gone bad"

  • Shantacia Wilson
    Shantacia Wilson Month ago

    Fuck R-Kelly. Fucking kid toucher.

  • Lynn Dumas
    Lynn Dumas Month ago +4

    She said "I won't have 3 babies with a MF I can't stand" lol Ms. Luenell please come to my city and say these words. 🤣🤣🤦🏽

  • The Fantasy Brand
    The Fantasy Brand Month ago

    Lunell basically blames everyone BUT R.Kelly for his situation.

  • Monee Luv
    Monee Luv Month ago

    The Town

  • Tyrha McGowan
    Tyrha McGowan Month ago


  • Ho-seok Jeihope
    Ho-seok Jeihope Month ago

    And she's right about Nicole Simpson's parents. This woman was 22 when she started dating a married man with kids. If that had been my daughter, OJ wouldn't have come near her. But he was a famous football player & had that money.

  • Ho-seok Jeihope
    Ho-seok Jeihope Month ago +2

    Lunell is absolutely right. I watched Hollywood Exes & Drea sung his praises. AFTER he peed on that girl. Now she was abused? She need money.

  • Tasheika Mobley-Robinson

    Yasss luenell..I love her..she is a queen of comedy to me..she speaks the truth...

  • Linda Harris
    Linda Harris Month ago

    Luenell is on point!

  • MeMe So Free
    MeMe So Free Month ago +1

    Luenell: "jump off the stairs, jump off a cliff, Get rid of that mutha fuckah" LMAO!!

  • Billie Feagin
    Billie Feagin Month ago

    Yes, indeed, I agree! Some folks /parents, live vicariously through their children ... force them into activities that they really want no part of ... smh!

  • Emerson Smith
    Emerson Smith Month ago +1

    Luenell you are so real 💯

  • Bobbie Kenoly
    Bobbie Kenoly Month ago

    Look.. That man was wrong
    and so was the parents. Somebody/anybody should have told on him AND the parents a long time ago.
    Anyone that "pimp out" their kids AREN'T parents. They're worthless pieces of SH.. just like R. Kelly.

  • Sonya Dean
    Sonya Dean Month ago


  • Sonya Dean
    Sonya Dean Month ago

    THANNNNKKKK YOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!! Damn I’ve been saying that shit about Nicole family for years and silly mofo’s look at me like I’m stupid with they’re airheaded asses!!!!! And YES everyone around Robert ass is guilty as hell if he is AND THAT’S PERIOD!!!!

  • Tracy Boone
    Tracy Boone Month ago

    Lunell is WAAAY TOO OLD to be this ignorant. Young girls can't EVER give consent. The ONUS is on R Kelly not to mess around with girls... Period! Old Ignorant Heifer

  • bjosh02
    bjosh02 Month ago

    And that is my point. There are some young little fast ass girls out here who put themselves in situations with men!!. We all know some. Shit men been hitting on me since I had boobs!! Grown men! Aside from pedophiles, the reality is is that men like younger women/ or young girls that look like women and you got younger women or young girls who look like women who like older men. We all knew this man liked younger girls but no one had a problem with it. No one was coming forward at the height of his career to bring him down as the monster he is being portrayed to be, NOW..

  • Jacqueline Simpson
    Jacqueline Simpson Month ago

    She is telling the damn truth and I approval of what she is saying. All them fucking babies and he was a dog ass nigga. He couldn't not get a real lady with standard or quality with classes. And all them grown folks who know better they should go to jail also and his law that playing dumb as a motherfucker.

  • 12 hr shifts
    12 hr shifts Month ago

    Yes. Yes. Get her. She guilty as
    R. Kelly she was getting the bag, now that it's hunting season and Kelly under fire she rolling for sympathy, girl was done 2 kids ago. She Can have several seats. Victim my ass.

  • Areatha Bacon
    Areatha Bacon Month ago

    Wake up this been going on for centuries 😭😭😭😭

  • Vibe with Klee Baby!!

    Lunell been the baddest forever and always

  • eugene28
    eugene28 Month ago

    Love you so HONEST

  • Foxyroxy1961
    Foxyroxy1961 Month ago +1

    She know exactly what she talking about Dreya Kelly is a whore

  • LaToyia Mackey
    LaToyia Mackey Month ago

    I called the police and left. IN THAT ORDER.