Famous Dex Got New Diamonds - 50K Lettuce in ICEBOX!!!

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Famous Dex met Dexter and got new diamonds by the way... 50k Lettuce in ICEBOX!!!
    Icebox Diamonds & Watches
    3255 Peachtree Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305

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    Famous Dex Got New Diamonds - 50K Lettuce in ICEBOX!!!
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Comments • 743

  • Cheeseface
    Cheeseface 2 days ago

    So all of thay was 50k lol no way that was more.....+

  • i am that
    i am that 6 days ago

    Tweaker at work

  • SLIPS 714
    SLIPS 714 12 days ago

    Them LEGO block shoes tho 1:49

  • Dean Gwadz
    Dean Gwadz 19 days ago

    7:22 he’s such a nice guy Lls like no other rapper

  • TuffGuy Rio
    TuffGuy Rio 20 days ago

    What’s that shit in the corner of his mouth?!?

  • Mac Unum
    Mac Unum 27 days ago

    Yo when u lick yo lips lick the sides too

    BIG DOGG CALIFORNIA 27 days ago

    1:09 boy had to get a piece of gum cuz they couldnt handle the stanky breath

  • James Hilliard
    James Hilliard 28 days ago

    This guy reminds me of the Dave Chappelle crack
    head skit

  • carlos hernadez
    carlos hernadez 29 days ago

    5:40 my favorite part 😭😭

  • Jay Ess 812/317
    Jay Ess 812/317 29 days ago

    Dex be gay asf acting

  • Just a nigga tryna help

    Ice Box are bitch ass niggas just out to rip people off. Thats why all the videos titled “100k , 50k, 250k” !!!! They just charging dumb amounts for shit many others got and even better for half the price. Rice eating MFers

  • Alfonso Uno
    Alfonso Uno Month ago

    Wipe yoyr drool man your so disgusting no breeding at all i dont understand what the fuck are you talking about are u a retarded he talks like a 3 yrs old boy with mental disorder or disability

  • Gus Web
    Gus Web Month ago

    Don’t invest in a ice out chain or watch it holds no value ! But he will be broke in 3 years . South rappers can’t rap , take the auto tunes and the fire beat your left with mumble bull shit lyrics .

  • BronxBoy
    BronxBoy Month ago

    & what y’all say in ATL? no CAP

    BMDUBLU Month ago +2

    Dude looks/acts like he should be working at NASA or something. IQ of a golden retriever

  • minor threat
    minor threat Month ago

    Get the spittle out the corner of yo mouth

  • minor threat
    minor threat Month ago

    Can't none of these mf get a bank account and just carry a damn card. All that dirty crumpled up cash.

  • Nelly Nelz
    Nelly Nelz Month ago

    This nigga slow str8up white shit all on his mouth str8 corn

  • JermaineOfficial
    JermaineOfficial Month ago

    This video is 🔥

  • Doug Smart
    Doug Smart Month ago

    Nigga tried on every watch and left without one 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Doug Smart
    Doug Smart Month ago

    Get your chain back - Big Draco

  • E. Guti
    E. Guti Month ago

    give him some soap and water to wash his hands

  • metaldude
    metaldude Month ago

    He looks semigay

  • BossCaveman
    BossCaveman Month ago

    4:58 "He a Muthafuckin Dope Fein" *Kennard voice*

  • BossCaveman
    BossCaveman Month ago

    50k for that nah

  • Hands on Thompson
    Hands on Thompson Month ago

    Soulja boy was right Dex a crackhead 🤦🏾‍♂️ I like this beat its 🔥

  • Big Duke
    Big Duke Month ago

    ? Song playing from his phone

  • SneakerNerd
    SneakerNerd Month ago +1

    You can’t trust a mf who bite his nails and has fingers.

  • Skiny Celo
    Skiny Celo Month ago

    4:57 - reminds my so bad to Tyrone Biggums the crackhead..

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L Month ago

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Lost6oy
    Lost6oy Month ago

    This was the day he shot one of his last fire songs....

  • Henry Garcia
    Henry Garcia Month ago

    This Nigga probably can barely read like Floyd mayweather 😂

  • William Castellanos

    Background beatt?

  • Mrepicgamer
    Mrepicgamer Month ago +2

    Who here after solja boy beef

  • wahh Taoo
    wahh Taoo Month ago

    Look at the side of his lips there white, filthy.

  • Chance Foy
    Chance Foy Month ago

    How do rappers even talk to echother I can hardly understand any of them

  • Bun It
    Bun It Month ago +1

    This nigga a fake ass Sosa

  • Simply Awesome vlogs

    Is it "that way" or "dat way" ?
    Hard to to tell with all that dick in his mouth, dex gay frfr

  • William Bass
    William Bass Month ago +1

    Soulja put him on!

    • LongLiveLA
      LongLiveLA Month ago

      dex was blowing in Chicago anyways, soulja just got him into the industry faster. Dex would still be here without him

  • John john
    John john Month ago

    But lil jay is steal locked up..with bond

    • LongLiveLA
      LongLiveLA Month ago

      you don't know about the case goofy, lil jay still had trial meaning he'd pay 50k to just go right back in after trail. FBG already explained this, also lil jay turned on FBG before jail that's why no one was really helping him

  • Mihaiukuk
    Mihaiukuk Month ago

    Before clowns were at the circus. Now you see them everywhere.

  • atmoment_official
    atmoment_official Month ago

    What is fake jewelery. It's real. You can touch it. You can lick it. It's just cheaper. I'd rock a big ass cubic zirconia and if you don't have a meter or a jeweler handy then you'd never know. And if you did... I wouldn't care because fuck ya opinions. I spent 40 on a chain and 150 on a watch. It still does the same thing. You just feel better because you're wearing 50k

  • atmoment_official
    atmoment_official Month ago

    I never understand why rappers wesr these expensive brands everywhere. They don't sponsor you or give you a check for advertising.

  • Japnan Ekoli
    Japnan Ekoli Month ago

    ”Where your chain at” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • -SiS-
    -SiS- Month ago

    istg famous dex is so hyper

  • Robert Burgos
    Robert Burgos Month ago

    Nigga do to much drugs he looks dead no cap 🤔🤔🤔🤭🤭🤭

  • Hooper Visions
    Hooper Visions Month ago +1

    Why was Dex itching

  • zoro zoro
    zoro zoro Month ago

    I studied for 20 years and got a job that just support daily bread ..and this guy just mumble and got a diamonds lol

  • JulieK Killem
    JulieK Killem Month ago

    "ion even know what im doing here" thumbnail face ass

  • TheJohnp1984
    TheJohnp1984 Month ago

    All black rappers remind me of the creature of the hobbit movie. “My precious”, blacks are soooo misguided they only care about stupid shit like this

  • Jay Stylez
    Jay Stylez Month ago

    Famous dex is one of the dirtiest rappers i have ever seen 💯

  • moe sizlack
    moe sizlack Month ago

    Tyron biggums jr look it up hahahah

  • bizzy tattoo
    bizzy tattoo Month ago

    He’s nasty he sounds like he’s a pecker checker plus with that white stuff coming out his mouth eww 😷 and he’s always scratching cuz he’s high as shit on codeine

  • King Jboy
    King Jboy Month ago

    Soulja boy his dad 💯

  • ben dover
    ben dover Month ago

    Why is this crack fiend always foaming at the mouth???!

  • MA AS
    MA AS Month ago

    this nigga is dirty asf, dry cum on the side of his mouth..

  • JustinLoc
    JustinLoc Month ago

    My Mans Always Got Some White Shit In The Side Of His Mouth! 😡Gotta Do Better Young G.

  • Chester Thomas
    Chester Thomas Month ago

    I wonder have any of these rappers got their mothers out the hood😱😱😱

  • babduda
    babduda Month ago

    What a sloppy spook, look how he carries his money. It’s gonna be funny to see someone like this guy 10 years from now.

  • Great Tasting Goodness

    What would Riley say about those necklaces?

  • Kuzaku
    Kuzaku Month ago

    Kinda look like slump god

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones Month ago

    Straight homo

    ICYLAZER V Month ago +1

    Rich Da Kid

  • Montana Gentes
    Montana Gentes Month ago

    3:59 dexter finna smash that employee 😂😂

  • Timothy Davis
    Timothy Davis Month ago

    1 he been wearing that shirt forever
    2 did he even buy anything 😅😂😂

  • Code Red
    Code Red Month ago

    I hate when ppl leave that white shit on the side of there mouth

    JAYBEINGJAY Month ago

    180,000 at least for both watches ⌚️

  • salvador aguilar
    salvador aguilar Month ago

    What shoes is he wearing 👀

  • Jose G
    Jose G Month ago

    dex talks to much 😂

  • woody
    woody Month ago

    somewhere goons watchin this doing the birdman hand rub thinking bout how they gonna snatch this off his neck

  • I Am Nerf
    I Am Nerf Month ago +16

    That damn crust on the corner of his lips just irritates me for some reason 😂

    • Cas 2x
      Cas 2x 21 day ago

      I Am Nerf💉💊

  • WapakalypseMan
    WapakalypseMan Month ago

    I cannot stand this greasy crackhead. Who gave this doofus money?

  • Austin Keck
    Austin Keck 2 months ago

    holy cow 50k?

  • rashid merri
    rashid merri 2 months ago

    Soulja Boy the reason why u in icebox

  • GG 666six
    GG 666six 2 months ago

    dex spent all that time in there. ran his fucked up credit! and didnt buy shit.. you can tell everyone in that storw getting annoyed as'f with his negro ass in there. THAT WAS ALL CAP.

  • 1stnamebrandon
    1stnamebrandon 2 months ago

    Get a check and spend it right back "non-Black people."

  • Maks Mroz
    Maks Mroz 2 months ago

    Rap games worst dreads😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 2 months ago

    Idk but this nigga annoying like he be acting retarted

  • Jermy Suazo
    Jermy Suazo 2 months ago

    All cause of Soulja

  • Chilled Nillz
    Chilled Nillz 2 months ago +1

    This man tweaking the whole vid

  • patty
    patty 2 months ago

    Now he broke

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 2 months ago

    His like hurry up and buy lol

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 2 months ago

    Poor guy the salesman

  • Kurt Teitscheid
    Kurt Teitscheid 2 months ago

    Dude is fuuuuuucked up lol. Got that perc itch going on.

  • Cesar Guerrero
    Cesar Guerrero 2 months ago

    2:45 what he singin ????

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 months ago


  • harunDMC
    harunDMC 2 months ago

    Damn that boi ugly

  • Josh Gordon
    Josh Gordon 2 months ago

    he’s the dumbest nigga ever

  • Korey Lackford
    Korey Lackford 2 months ago +1

    I bet you half these rappers on here are sponsored by ice box. Making the artist a waking promotion. No way in hell these guys spending $50,000-$100,000 on a couple pieces of jewlery. Only A list artists/celebs really come threw and spend that kind of money. Not some on the come up aritist no disrespect but i can see right threw it. Stay woke y'all, its ya boi kelo brown from wilmington delaware.

    • Jake Thomas
      Jake Thomas 2 months ago

      Korey Lackford obviously they get a discount or something for the promo. it’s not a conspiracy just common sense...

  • Rizzi
    Rizzi 2 months ago

    His money gave me anxiety

  • Laquan Mcintyre
    Laquan Mcintyre 2 months ago

    If this isn't an example of the deterioration of the black community , what is it? blacks are being paid to act as retard as possible and their doing it and wonder why the stereotypes follow the community. The white man is getting better and trickier everyday. The image of blacks today is so bad it hurts, people expect black people to engage them like this , like make me laugh and make me giggle, and we'll do it all day even when the camera is off for a dollar. #EMBARRESSING

  • 이성재
    이성재 2 months ago

    이색기 매일 입술에 침바름

  • Kavin Nash
    Kavin Nash 2 months ago

    Fuck is that in the corner of his mouth

  • Rob B
    Rob B 2 months ago

    Did dex just give Atlanta the phrase no cap? And he’s from Chicago 🤔🤔

  • A-Trak 88
    A-Trak 88 2 months ago

    Dex a real nigga.... But there Krispy Kreme that's always in the corner and that nigga mouth we got to do better

  • Irham Nanda
    Irham Nanda 2 months ago

    Negro fuck

  • Satria
    Satria 2 months ago

    Fake smile

  • bb ks
    bb ks 2 months ago

    He so dicked out and gay industry made that boy a attick ,😂😂😂

  • Kyle Weir
    Kyle Weir 2 months ago

    I’ll love dex to have a conversation with Tyler the creator

  • Joshua Fersner
    Joshua Fersner 2 months ago

    what song is the background beat for?