• Published on Feb 22, 2015
  • Know Me From available to purchase on iTunes now:
    Filmed and edited by Jaiden Ramgeet
    Stormzy is back with his highly anticipated debut single 'Know Me From' produced by ZDot! #MERKY! TICKETS FOR STORMZY's HEADLINE TOUR HERE:
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  • Buxtonnes
    Buxtonnes Day ago +1

    That awkward moment when you are just driving along, and someone starts rapping in the middle of the road with their mum.

  • Wiź 0
    Wiź 0 Day ago

    Red brick and dat

  • Simone Antonia
    Simone Antonia Day ago


  • The Water Slide Destroyer

    He is truly a man of honor 😂👍🏻

  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans 4 days ago

    The parking at 1:20 is unacceptable

  • billy brown
    billy brown 5 days ago

    Phat tune on headhones .....

  • DarkEmperor
    DarkEmperor 5 days ago

    The 4.9 thousand dislikes are motherfuckers you know are quite idiotic.

  • joshua lee
    joshua lee 6 days ago

    square up on this UK get splat like a ra tatattatatatatattatatatta klatttttt

  • joshua lee
    joshua lee 6 days ago

    la chat would land the female bitch ass
    dont fuck with america

  • Guiller Brady
    Guiller Brady 7 days ago

    Very few rappers keep it real like Stomrzy. No flashing piles of cash,gold,cars and half naked females everywhere.
    Common he used a Toyota Prius in videos😎😎

  • jessica rogers
    jessica rogers 8 days ago

    how many layers was he wearing?

  • Jelly King
    Jelly King 9 days ago

    Am I the only one that admires this mans height no homo

  • dan turtel
    dan turtel 9 days ago

    Come yo a team and fuckit up. David moyes. Pmsl.fuckin mint

  • jasmine jsk
    jasmine jsk 10 days ago

    I soooo would mmmh, ghanian men yes plzzz

    BOAH NATION 10 days ago

    His mums a g

  • Nana Bonsu
    Nana Bonsu 10 days ago

    2 CARS Are

  • Megan Lawther
    Megan Lawther 10 days ago

    Keen to see you in Sydney bruh !!!! May 2020 yesss 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼

  • Simone Antonia Campbelll

    when his gyal looks like mya but his mom looks like that woi oi

  • Simone Antonia Campbelll


  • Simone Campbell
    Simone Campbell 11 days ago

    # unified

  • Simone Campbell
    Simone Campbell 11 days ago

    .love you

  • Ibrahim Kamil
    Ibrahim Kamil 12 days ago +1

    "My name is Romelu Lukaku"

  • lock 7
    lock 7 13 days ago

    Aim hit hit hit...😈

  • lock 7
    lock 7 13 days ago

    You what

  • Maxwell Campling
    Maxwell Campling 13 days ago

    First I've heard of this guy definitely not the last

  • Khalid Abdulrahman
    Khalid Abdulrahman 15 days ago

    Talk about me , better # hashtag problem.

  • Golden Hat
    Golden Hat 17 days ago +1

    Stormzy’s mum can dance better than me

  • Ashob Shoev
    Ashob Shoev 17 days ago


  • Sup Guy
    Sup Guy 18 days ago

    How is dis fire 😂😂😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Ruby Dooby Doo
    Ruby Dooby Doo 20 days ago +1

    Stromzy: where do you know me from
    Me: my brother
    Also me: where he knows you from is beyond me

  • HypeABC
    HypeABC 21 day ago

    I rate how this is produced

  • Ade
    Ade 21 day ago +1

    Stormzy: where do you know me from
    Me: inter Milan

  • Rapidz_ Kyle
    Rapidz_ Kyle 21 day ago


  • slaughterghoul
    slaughterghoul 23 days ago +1

    when the shoebox charity comes to my door 50 times: 1:07

  • Terry McCann
    Terry McCann 25 days ago

    This goes better with Functions On The Low that Shut Up does

  • Jonesy04 Hd
    Jonesy04 Hd 25 days ago

    Was the Moyes line a reference to joe Weller

  • Lui Même
    Lui Même 26 days ago

    I know you from the times you where in Everton romelu

  • Romin
    Romin 28 days ago

    I know you from the interwebs..

  • Tegan Jackson
    Tegan Jackson Month ago

    This song is the best and stormzy

  • ComradePerelini
    ComradePerelini Month ago

    Lol was it only me who came from Doctor Who?

  • Klaudek
    Klaudek Month ago

    haha U r the best

  • Netten
    Netten Month ago +1

    This song is usefull when you wanna hear some good beat and when you are fighting with spider 🕷

  • MOD tv
    MOD tv Month ago +1


  • Jamie Guppy
    Jamie Guppy Month ago

    Started on road, now you need a f@#king telescope to find him amongst the stars!!

  • Luigi Manna
    Luigi Manna Month ago

    Stormzy box Jake Paul you will win stormzy

  • Grip Sense
    Grip Sense Month ago

    This dickhead car 😂😂

  • Jamie Cooper
    Jamie Cooper Month ago

    That lady must be his mum

  • Anthony Morosanu
    Anthony Morosanu Month ago +2

    Stormzy 2015: two cars block filming

    Stormzy 2019: *closes up a whole road so no cars block the filming*

  • Sami Zubair
    Sami Zubair Month ago

    2:41 when ur in the wrong gang

  • Pike Family
    Pike Family Month ago

    This makes me wanna beat up a bush

  • Pardeep Singh Bains

    big man like me with a beard- where is his beard i don't see one?

  • beth butt
    beth butt Month ago +1

    Just listened to this song. Bout to get some Adidas trainers and hang out in the Tesco's car park.

  • billy neill
    billy neill Month ago

    this song made my pig fly

  • Michael Blizman
    Michael Blizman Month ago +1

    Spiders might not like this track, but I sure as hell do!

  • Natmanprime
    Natmanprime Month ago +1

    "The brown skin girls and white ones too" but never black ones lol I see how it is looool

    • Hali Ali
      Hali Ali Month ago

      Natmanprime I see it too from a distance 😂

  • gamerunknown
    gamerunknown Month ago +1

    "Where do you know me from": uh you left your change

  • iain sherman
    iain sherman Month ago

    bro thats where my house is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hooney Booney
    Hooney Booney Month ago

    Jajajjaa is not a cute guy but fuck os so cool wow ! I love him

  • Krisso
    Krisso Month ago +1

    Budget: £20

  • Rumba
    Rumba Month ago

    Lukaku is that you ?