Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | December 12, 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | December 12, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • laging babadTV
    laging babadTV 22 days ago

    Melo is the face of Portland team

    STRATE PAPER Month ago

    Dame need to become a RAP star fulltime and let MELO run team SMH#JEALOUSY

  • Lex Boogie
    Lex Boogie Month ago

    I feel bad for Lillard. Man went with his principles and decided not to form a super team and now he’s suffering for it. I don’t feel too bad though since he’s got a 200 million dollar contract.

  • EMCD Twentynine
    EMCD Twentynine Month ago

    dame and cj should pass the ball to the open teammate especially to melo who's always open

  • Arman Asif
    Arman Asif Month ago

    Is that shot clock timer on the nuggets floor real or is it visible through broadcasting/television? If it’s real then out of the NBA Denver got the illest court even though aesthetically it kinda sucks.

  • Jihaad Hammami
    Jihaad Hammami Month ago +2

    is this the same 2k commentators?

  • My_opinion_is_better
    My_opinion_is_better Month ago +3

    4:09 When you toss your phone in the toilet and siri tries to scream for help

  • Troy Addict
    Troy Addict Month ago +2

    You see how Carmelo big boying these youngsters lmao 🤣

  • Ben Rafter
    Ben Rafter Month ago

    Carmelo Anthony is the best player I've ever seen for the Nuggets, better than Iverson, Billups, Jokic, Gallinari

  • AlmightyMe
    AlmightyMe Month ago

    Exciting game I'm pleased

  • JB
    JB Month ago +2

    joker jumps higher than hassan

  • rocky97
    rocky97 Month ago

    I thought my headphone is broken lol

  • Mr Pelvis
    Mr Pelvis Month ago +3

    imagine if this nuggets team had Melo in his prime

  • T Real
    T Real Month ago

    They need to pass the damn ball to melo bro fuck you niggas be losing

  • Tobi Emmanuel-Aina
    Tobi Emmanuel-Aina Month ago +1

    Isn't this the clippers announcer?

  • Tony Taylor
    Tony Taylor Month ago +3

    they never pass melo the ball

      STRATE PAPER Month ago

      @jatotz Barquin 🎯💯

    • jatotz Barquin
      jatotz Barquin Month ago +2

      Tony Taylor yes no. 0 wont pass to melo insecurty alert

  • Destiny Amore
    Destiny Amore Month ago +1

    W'ere is Dame time😥

  • yaoihunter
    yaoihunter Month ago

    360 noscope dorito m8

  • Timothy Marland
    Timothy Marland Month ago +3

    Denver needs to trade KPJ if they’re not gonna play the kid

    • Anto
      Anto Month ago

      Trading him wont change a thing. Denvers player development has been one of the best in the league the last 5 years for a reason.

  • DogZy
    DogZy Month ago

    From 78-79 to 80-96, that is UNACCEPTABLE. I've been cheering for Blazers, last season was a pleasant surprise but what they are doing now is shameful.

  • enovsky9 1
    enovsky9 1 Month ago

    Melo missed so many rotations LOL. He is not the answer the Blazers need

  • Freddy Chavez
    Freddy Chavez Month ago

    Melo not improving shit...

  • Benny Lava
    Benny Lava Month ago +1

    NBA 👽 Alien 👽 discussions 4:09

  • TD #CSGO
    TD #CSGO Month ago +3

    4:08 Kawhi Leonard took over.

  • TD #CSGO
    TD #CSGO Month ago

    Fking hell, now Whiteside has been playing awesome and Melo is stepping up, but now fking Dame is struggling. CMON LETS WORK TOGHETER WTF

  • Stargames
    Stargames Month ago +3

    See now people saying what I’ve been saying for the longest about dame be ball hog but no one saids not a damn thing

  • Stargames
    Stargames Month ago +5

    Bruh I thought my speaker blow 😂the audio tho

  • hipHopiZlyfe
    hipHopiZlyfe Month ago

    until dame and cj learn to add passing to their games they will never be champions

  • Felix Hutagalung
    Felix Hutagalung Month ago

    7:45 fap on this

  • stannis the mannis
    stannis the mannis Month ago

    Came to watch a recap, summoned a demon. okay

  • Joslin De la Rosa
    Joslin De la Rosa Month ago +3

    Portland's body language is a pain to watch... and Melo is the only one hustling for the rebounds on both ends... pfff

  • Iron Dong
    Iron Dong Month ago


  • deep void
    deep void Month ago

    9:20 maan i like when a selfish motherfucker destroyed like that.

  • kj8491
    kj8491 Month ago +6

    finally we robots can understand what they’re talking about!

  • 陳瑞宏
    陳瑞宏 Month ago

    What an awesome defense from melo for the first play 😂

  • Edegar Filho Cardoso
    Edegar Filho Cardoso Month ago +1

    C. Paul?

  • John Delbo
    John Delbo Month ago

    Whiteside too lame. 🙄 makes the offense off .

  • Proppa Music
    Proppa Music Month ago +1

    *Can I be honest; Melo Trash*

  • Angeline Santos
    Angeline Santos Month ago

    like if you love the voice of commentator

  • Collins Quayson
    Collins Quayson Month ago

    Why are they boooing Melo?

  • Belle Parsons Wilshere

    Question of the day! Who shoots 3's better - Hassan Whiteside or Ben Simmons?

  • F.B.I Agency
    F.B.I Agency Month ago +8

    10:02 travel but aight

  • heavyeater
    heavyeater Month ago +28

    Whiteside firing jumpless JUMPSHOTS

    • C
      C Month ago

      not a fan, but he played so well...good blocks recently

  • dantelo88
    dantelo88 Month ago +4

    This is the game where the media and everybody turns on CJ & Dame (this include the fans as well)..

  • MattmannTheGod
    MattmannTheGod Month ago +8

    Dame & CJ some ball hogs I swear

    • real c
      real c Month ago

      You're right

  • Lonely Boy31
    Lonely Boy31 Month ago +20

    4:07 Alien invasion, start now.

  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino Month ago +1

    Whiteside Coming strong
    Thats something Good

  • Ippang Galak
    Ippang Galak Month ago +8


  • Ej C
    Ej C Month ago +9

    Melo should be a star player, not a wing man by ball huggers

    • MattmannTheGod
      MattmannTheGod Month ago

      Ej C facts they see em they pass em up then he get benched when they up coach see the team losing they put em back in like he MELO in his prime 😪😪

  • Alcriss Aquino
    Alcriss Aquino Month ago +21

    Melo is not a problem!!!!!!

  • Mali Slon
    Mali Slon Month ago +3

    Whiteside can potential to be top 5 player in the league. But most of the time he looks so lazy on the court.

  • Shaye Smith
    Shaye Smith Month ago +2

    who else thought they were getting hacked at 4:08

  • Edgardo Ramos
    Edgardo Ramos Month ago +5

    CJ is a poison for the Blazers, he is taking too many shots and not creating plays. He should not play on the floor along with Melo and Damian. SMH

    • John Robertson
      John Robertson Month ago +1

      You gotta respect CJ for trying. If that guy didn't try last West semifinals, they couldn't have torched my Nuggets. He literally carried Portland all that series, Lillard just had 20pts at most and CJ with moster 40pts mostly. And he the only guy winning bread in clutch against the Nuggets that time.

  • zz
    zz Month ago +4

    Melo form drop after contract was guaranteed, and portland havent won a game since 😂

    • DRJEBP
      DRJEBP Month ago

      zz That is why you should have stated it more clearly and should have avoided the “minutes played” and “assists taken” argument. We could have avoided this conversation altogether, if you did so. You did not actually state a fact. What you did was give an opinion that was biased against Melo and put him at fault for the team’s losses. You might say it is not what you meant but that is what we understood from your original comment and the sole reason YT fan replied to you in the first place. I am not a Melo fan but you should give credit where credit is due. Do not hate just for the sake of it. So we agree to disagree and end this now lol.

    • zz
      zz Month ago

      @DRJEBP Bruhh, thats my point. Why you saying Melo is 3rd 4th option if he can be hot at any given night, stop saying he is 3rd 4th option, thats all im saying bruhh. He is part of the team, and im just stating the FACTS, the team haven't won since his contract was guaranteed, whats wrong with that?

    • DRJEBP
      DRJEBP Month ago

      @zz The problem with your argument is you are basing your conclusion in the most recent game. Lillard and McCollum had a bad night so Melo had to step up which he did, good for him. However, both Dame and CJ are leading the team in minutes played and points made. In those criteria, Melo is third. So obviously Melo is the third scoring option in every game. But in situations such as the last one, anyone can become the first scoring option if they are the one that is in the zone. By the way, CJ also had 37 mins while Dame played for 38 mins. Hopefully you understood it this time.

    • zz
      zz Month ago

      @DRJEBP Yes i think you are the one who's confused. Of course, logically when your team is losing, you want your best player to be on the floor, then Melo playing 37 mins is not the 4th option if his on the floor when his team is losing?

    • DRJEBP
      DRJEBP Month ago +2

      @zz By your logic, minutes played dictates who the scoring option is and number of assists received dictates who the priority scorer is. You are definitely confused. And it's "you're" not "your", bruhh.

  • Cagatay Guner
    Cagatay Guner Month ago +70

    4:08-4:24 aliens discussing suspending the earth invasion plans after whiteside scoring 33

    • nana kojo
      nana kojo Month ago

      @Vaishnav Negi exactly and when u become pretty good at it then u become a bigger threat... and in my opinion he can be better than Embiid

    • Vaishnav Negi
      Vaishnav Negi Month ago

      @nana kojo yup pretty accurate.....
      Also hebis expanding his game maybe...testing mid range and threes every now and then.

    • nana kojo
      nana kojo Month ago +1

      @Vaishnav Negi SHAQ said something in his discussion with KObe... For a centre aim for 7 points per quarter.... if it goes well,u will make 28 points easy

    • Vaishnav Negi
      Vaishnav Negi Month ago

      @nana kojo I know bro....can have a shot at being the best centre in the his passing has impressed me the most this season......

    • nana kojo
      nana kojo Month ago +4

      @Vaishnav Negi i tell u... he can easily produce 20-30 ppg,10rebs and 3blks in a game

  • Junior Guerrero
    Junior Guerrero Month ago

    Ese p lp no estan ativos bam a perder casi siempre es que estan siegos

  • krezo
    krezo Month ago +1

    Why was chris paul at the game??

    • krezo
      krezo Month ago +1

      Avatar Wan thanks

    • Avatar Wan
      Avatar Wan Month ago +3

      krezo to support his bestfriend carmelo anthony

  • Levi
    Levi Month ago +102

    Bruh why the audio turn demonic tf 😂

    • junjun Betonio
      junjun Betonio Month ago

      i thought my speaker have problem but when i clicked back i heard it again..😂😂

    • King King
      King King Month ago

      Levi facts

    • krezo
      krezo Month ago +1

      Levi that was terrifying

  • Ganja4life
    Ganja4life Month ago

    Portlanda mentality is melting

  • rain de la Gon's
    rain de la Gon's Month ago +1