Kled: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends


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  • Twilight Jester
    Twilight Jester 2 days ago

    I bet in the future someone is going to make a Dragon trainer Kled skin.

  • Hue Hue
    Hue Hue 15 days ago

    2 years later and it's such an nonviable pick, it's literally impossible to play fun champions on top when there's fiora, darius and irelia. I wonder if the people that make the remakes actually play this game.

  • Night Raven Scale
    Night Raven Scale 16 days ago

    Kled's Ultimate ability is *uhmm uhm uhmm* Chhaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggee!!

  • Mika Turunen
    Mika Turunen 17 days ago

    Why was this in my recommended section?

  • A Blue Crocodile named Ebb2Flow

    Just like Nevercake said:
    *found one with cool abilities but you hate his stupid face*

  • Ameer Akilan
    Ameer Akilan Month ago

    i liked as soon as he made the noxus pun at 5:08

  • Pocholo Legaspi
    Pocholo Legaspi Month ago

    His w is op

  • Jin
    Jin Month ago

    That's a solid charge right there tbh, does he voice any tanks characters or sumthin?

  • Bobby Frahmand
    Bobby Frahmand 2 months ago

    You can almost feel the sarcasm in his voice every time he says charge

  • innerFire
    innerFire 2 months ago

    The most american champion ever.

  • Soirema
    Soirema 2 months ago

    " when Kled charges in battle somebody gonna die "
    Yeah, Kled 😂😂

  • Xx_SGTMCPro98_xX
    Xx_SGTMCPro98_xX 3 months ago

    8:49 whoooohooooo NOXUS BABY YEAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dennis beuker
    dennis beuker 3 months ago


  • Lewis Clairemont
    Lewis Clairemont 3 months ago

    Is everyone joking about the charge part being cringey? What's the big deal?

  • Battle for Voidzeroth
    Battle for Voidzeroth 4 months ago


  • Emlie
    Emlie 4 months ago

    Okay no joke, this champion is highly underrated and deserves a new skin. I don't care if RiotGames makes skins based on highly played champions. There's tons of great concept art for him and it's been over two years that he's been out, so why has he not gotten a single skin??

  • Rengar, the Pridestalker

    He's so annoying and I just wanna eat him.

  • Captain Planet
    Captain Planet 4 months ago

    I don't like this guy. He's annoying everyone in my forest.

  • Tùng Nguyễn
    Tùng Nguyễn 4 months ago

    Like it when he say " chargeee~~~ "

  • Duarte Silva
    Duarte Silva 4 months ago

    Is Skaarl a reference to Carl in TWD? I mean, Kled reminds me of Rick screaming "CAAAARRRRLLL!"

  • lightning Ducky
    lightning Ducky 5 months ago


  • 1111 2222
    1111 2222 5 months ago +1

    git er dun

  • Gamber63
    Gamber63 5 months ago

    I think they take hashinshin to the next level

  • Wolfy Love
    Wolfy Love 5 months ago +2

    Kled came out in august 2016... he only has one skin.
    Meanwhile, xayah and rakan both came out in April 2017 and both have three skins already, combined six.
    Kinda unfair xP

  • Furious Chiller
    Furious Chiller 5 months ago

    Two years later, I hate this champ.

  • League Master gg
    League Master gg 6 months ago

    Nooo the puns. What did your viewers do to deserve this kind of PUNishment.

  • Charbychu
    Charbychu 6 months ago

    I feel like this is the guy who is the voice of Rakan idk why

  • vha J Han
    vha J Han 6 months ago +2


  • Ashton Frey
    Ashton Frey 6 months ago +54

    Garen: Chaaaaaaaaaaarge
    Kled: Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge

  • dominique lyle suan
    dominique lyle suan 6 months ago

    So rage blade and press the attack is good for him

  • Tomato Myster
    Tomato Myster 6 months ago


  • Hubert Kowalewski
    Hubert Kowalewski 6 months ago

    its 2k18 still cancer

  • Sairaphim
    Sairaphim 7 months ago

    This was so funny I love that guy!

  • v1asec
    v1asec 7 months ago

    "To prove who's the craziest yordle." - Well, at least he doesn't have to prove who is the ugliest yordle.

  • Bryton Dodds
    Bryton Dodds 7 months ago

    I've never heard Kled's voice before. He kinda sounds like a hillbilly.

  • GOAT SWeetandDEadly
    GOAT SWeetandDEadly 7 months ago


  • Slow Internet
    Slow Internet 7 months ago

    Phreak: It hits hard and fast
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Gamber63
    Gamber63 8 months ago

    This champion spotlight make Phreak goes full pun-tential

  • Robocopp 33
    Robocopp 33 8 months ago

    There has to be a Noxian champion to yell, "NOXUS!" every five seconds.
    (In the same way Demacians yell, "DEMACIA!")

  • Kurt Siapno
    Kurt Siapno 8 months ago


  • Tio Kled
    Tio Kled 8 months ago


  • UwU Boi
    UwU Boi 9 months ago

    at least he ‘can tank’ a lot hehe

  • Kraghen1
    Kraghen1 9 months ago

    That’s the funniest champion to play in my opinion

  • Rale Ranger
    Rale Ranger 9 months ago +1

    plz do a kassadin spotlight

  • appsolute zero
    appsolute zero 9 months ago

    Kled used Halbard thrust on Malphite

  • King of Angels
    King of Angels 10 months ago

    Cool champion

  • Baphomet
    Baphomet 10 months ago

    yosemite Sam is that you buddy. 😂 😂 😂

  • Fighting Dreamer
    Fighting Dreamer 11 months ago

    i literally spawned playing kled... and the first thing he said is "HOLY **** WHERE ARE WE?"

    KLAUDIA KAMBERI 11 months ago

    Rip Game Balance

  • yusuf aydin
    yusuf aydin 11 months ago

    kled main yapacam

  • Geometrical Games

    Nice champ

  • Rathik
    Rathik Year ago +2

    All I want to know is... who the fak came up with the "Lily liver, fondue sniffer" line.

  • Zhi Qi Wei
    Zhi Qi Wei Year ago

    im just looking at his charcter and his story so i can get ideas for my new novel, LMAO

  • Spec tator
    Spec tator Year ago

    "...when Kled charges into battle, somebody's gonna die."
    NO SHIT I thought soldiers hit each other with nerf darts and straw swords and shared milkshakes after battles.

  • Yesdrek
    Yesdrek Year ago


  • Mr. Nani?!
    Mr. Nani?! Year ago

    I love this part 8:59 he just started a royal rumble

  • Die1PumaSchildkroete


  • David the raccoon


  • paw paez
    paw paez Year ago

    crazy hahahah

  • TBIO Gaming
    TBIO Gaming Year ago

    didnt see that coming 9:05

  • daii120
    daii120 Year ago

    please specify the remount cool down you idiots

  • B leck
    B leck Year ago

    Stop fucking screaming

  • Xeverous
    Xeverous Year ago

    8:21 hidden chat sounds

  • DarkFlame666
    DarkFlame666 Year ago

    hahahaha this hero looks awesome! i liked the spotlight.

  • A45 AMG
    A45 AMG Year ago


  • Mega Morty
    Mega Morty Year ago


  • OP Malfit
    OP Malfit Year ago


  • shardinhand
    shardinhand Year ago

    looks like this gnarly little bastard was inspired by the dog knight from the labyrinth... ^_^ cool!

  • Lunatic
    Lunatic Year ago


  • Oskar Mening Johansson

    Hello im kled and this is skaarl,prepare to die

  • Jack Baynham
    Jack Baynham Year ago

    He reminds me of Buck from Ice Age

  • Leonardo Lejarde
    Leonardo Lejarde Year ago

    the editing improved nice

  • o O 0
    o O 0 Year ago

    If you go to sandbox mode and use his ult quickly, you can hear the first few seconds of his theme some

  • Cinamon Toast
    Cinamon Toast Year ago

    what a pussy "CHAAAAAAAAAAARGGGEE!!"

  • Masubo
    Masubo Year ago +1

    Lol insecure much? It was not cringe you guys are copying each others

  • raascal
    raascal Year ago

    It wasn't even cringy when he said charge lmao

  • Jason Deutschbein
    Jason Deutschbein Year ago +1


  • A Pirate named Ali


  • Epicmonk117
    Epicmonk117 Year ago


  • Jefferson Reynoso

    Best Champion in the game, next is Camille

  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen Year ago

    Sivir plus Nami ult with Kleds ult 2x the movement speed

  • Just Shinbi 고양이

    Love this man

  • JohnnyP
    JohnnyP Year ago

    Lulu top nice meta rito

  • Lord Rhinark
    Lord Rhinark Year ago

    7:30 So you could say he was caught between a rock and a hard place?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ben Baxter
    Ben Baxter Year ago +1

    i like this crazy little bastard XD

  • Meme Suppliers Inc.
    Meme Suppliers Inc. Year ago +5

    kled, the nazi alcoholic yordle

  • Negan
    Negan Year ago

    yeah seems like people is agree that this guy is cringy as fuck, he used to be a serious voice now sounds trying to be funny but ends being stupid. im not even laughing

  • Terravium
    Terravium Year ago

    pls... dont ever do that cringy shitty Charge Voiceacting again

  • Lenrme
    Lenrme Year ago +1

    0:18 Get back here n*gga

  • Kansei Yamazaru
    Kansei Yamazaru Year ago

    Kled, so mental that he can even hear the announcer talk about 'em!

  • How2 Carry
    How2 Carry Year ago

    I typed: chicken champ lol, and look what i found xD (don't ask me why i search for this ^^)

  • I eat bowls of cigarettes for breakfast

    Been playing Kled since he first came out, never played another champ since.\
    How do I always get the lane I want? Faster internet ofcourse.

  • Omega Fire
    Omega Fire Year ago

    He's CHAAAAAAAARGE!? helps my mobile phone charge that quickly.

  • sxrcee
    sxrcee Year ago +1

    4:06 tell me thats not op

  • sxrcee
    sxrcee Year ago +1

    niqqa talks too much

  • Chase Yancey
    Chase Yancey Year ago

    If this fucker screams charge one more time I'm going to kms

  • Renndy R
    Renndy R Year ago

    i hate you narrator , dont do the chaaaaaaaarge again >:( , i cant stop laughing

  • somethingelse
    somethingelse Year ago

    Labyrinth ripoff

  • Diego Vv
    Diego Vv Year ago

    Chaaaarge lo.ol!!! XDD

  • κ λ s
    κ λ s Year ago

    you forgot to but cd on his Q