Boeing 777 - the best airliner of the XX century. History and description


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  • toni mulyana
    toni mulyana 14 hours ago


  • class 43
    class 43 Day ago

    Are you russian

  • Letzebourger
    Letzebourger 4 days ago

    777 - best airliner of the 20.century?

    The best airliner was the Lockheed L1011-500.
    And No.2 was the DC 3.
    And No.3 was the Concord.
    No doubt about!

  • Yuri Tovbin
    Yuri Tovbin 4 days ago

    Отвратное произношение и грамматические ошибки. За это- дислайк.

  • Yuri Tovbin
    Yuri Tovbin 4 days ago

    Зачем русский читает английский текст?

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga 5 days ago

    Yes, I did mean transponder along with other communication devices that update the companies technical support people on engine efficiency for example or dispatch, collision avoidance functions, internet services etc.. When the pilots or just the captain of MH370 switched off their transponder and the other devices' I'm trying to recall ,they were truly lost and invisible to the rest of the world. I agree that while your aircraft is on the ground you don't want to be distracted with verbal traffic. I don't want any more PAs or cockpit and cabin staff to lose their lives as those on 370 did. Whether it's ECAS if there is such a thing or the transponder we can't allow all the communication/tracking functions to be switched off in cruising airliners. THANKS for responding to my comment GH, Jam

  • Hellstorm
    Hellstorm 5 days ago

    О, вы из англии;)

  • Shariq
    Shariq 8 days ago +1

    WTF is this : 10:10

    • Shariq
      Shariq Day ago

      GH1618 i thought it looked ugly :P

    • GH1618
      GH1618 5 days ago

      Shariq - The 747 SP is a long-range version.

  • Boy Gilo
    Boy Gilo 12 days ago

    It can fly 22 hours non stop, no other passenger plane can

  • 6120mcghee
    6120mcghee 12 days ago

    The 777. Baddest plane in the sky along with the Queen, the 747. Making Airbust look like shit since like forever!

  • Scott D
    Scott D 13 days ago

    If I'm ever involved in a plane crash I want it to be in a 777. It seems to be pretty safe to crash in.😀✈💥

  • Aviation Nut
    Aviation Nut 17 days ago

    The 777 is just amazing. It's the best and most successful twin engine wide body aircraft ever. I am sure the 777X will be another success, can't wait to see it's first flight. That picture at 10:59 is just amazing, you can really see the huge size difference between a 737 and a 777.

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga 18 days ago

    I don’t quite understand why any pilot can shut down his airliner’s transceiver and other communication devices while airborne. Will this option be discontinued after the “highjacked” MH370, was able to lose itself in the Indian Ocean?

    • GH1618
      GH1618 5 days ago

      Bobby Paluga - You must mean “transponder.” The reason the transponder can be shot off is that you don’t want all the aircraft on the ground at airports responding and clogging up the radar screens.

    • Jam Dee
      Jam Dee 9 days ago

      Like any computer, the transponders sometimes fail, and the first thing the controller tells the aircraft is, "recycle transponder, squawk XXXX" ..... That entails turning it off, and back on -- basically a reboot ......

  • Ace Falcon
    Ace Falcon 19 days ago


  • Sheng Han
    Sheng Han 20 days ago +1

    Anyone think there is some serious conspiracy shit behind the Malaysian flight disappearance?

    • GH1618
      GH1618 5 days ago

      Sheng Han - Nope.

  • mike Wolfe
    mike Wolfe 21 day ago

    Narrated by borat

  • Daniel Munch
    Daniel Munch 21 day ago

    Did anyone else notice the F-15’s at 5:53? So cool

  • Alexandre BAS
    Alexandre BAS 28 days ago

    The best is Airbus...

  • Holden Craig
    Holden Craig Month ago

    Vodka drunk fake country blasts civilian commercial jet out of the sky with commie missilies. Not complicated in the slightest.

  • BgbadWulof
    BgbadWulof Month ago

    What this video tells me is stay away from Malaysian Airlines.

  • Vi Le
    Vi Le Month ago

    747 -400 GASOLINE

  • Homo Quantum Sapiens

    Huh, nope the 777 is really uncomfortable for the passengers in the back, terrible shaking during even slight turbulence. I avoid the 777 when I can.

  • brian lane
    brian lane Month ago

    I think Fed Ex is the only company that still flies Dc 10s.At least when they crash hopefully they only kill the crew.What a piece of shit aircraft.

  • Lazaro Gomez
    Lazaro Gomez Month ago

    Excellent video!

  • Thomas Sayles
    Thomas Sayles Month ago

    I was able to fly in the 777 five times on very long flights to three continents in five days and enjoyed it, it was a very smooth and comfortable plane. It was a very long plane in my perception.

  • Zevin X
    Zevin X Month ago

    Thanks for this video, I fly often to Asia from the United States, recently all my trips have been booked through Chinese airlines and they seem to use allot of 777-300er/lr, Originally i didn't think much of the plane (didn't know much about it) But i always missed and preferred the 747 i grew up with. However after watching this, i have a whole new appreciation for the 777 series, fantastic planes.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson Month ago

    Best sardine can flying today.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    McDonald Douglass DC 10 is still the most gracefull proportional airplane built, with the 747 a close 2nd.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    I do have to say though, I dont like the squat ass tails on almost all newer planes. The tail should slope up from bottom alway up practicaly. This alows for more rotation & less tail strike, especially on the longer planes. Not to mention it is so much more graceful when the top of fuselage is horizontally straight, in my humble opinion.

  • William Erazo
    William Erazo Month ago

    Besides the BA crash. The rest of those accidents were human involvement. SF crash was the point thought he could let the plane land and didn’t have enough hours with plane to actually fly with passengers

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    My first Trans-Atlantic flight was on one of these. Love this bird.

  • Steve Dunch
    Steve Dunch Month ago

    Soft landings to you!

  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazuki Month ago

    wow, not much clearance underneath those engines.

  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazuki Month ago +1

    well are all the butthurt airburst err airbus fanboys?

  • Selmo Pires
    Selmo Pires Month ago

    Seus vídeos são da hora pena que eu não intendo nada de inglês

  • Selmo Pires
    Selmo Pires Month ago

    O mano coloque legenda em português bl tmj

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    Discovered your channel recently & i am hooked. Thank you for the informative & humorous way of sharing the info. Love it!
    - Jay

  • Lithostheory
    Lithostheory Month ago +1

    MH17 is not complicated, it was shot down by a RUSSIAN buk rocket operated by RUSSIAN soldiers.

  • harbinger
    harbinger Month ago

    I’d feel safer on the 777 than any other aircraft I think, it’s sad that it’s the reason the 747 is going to phase out over the next decade.

  • elias dircie
    elias dircie 2 months ago

    Thanks for this amazing video.

  • Paths Less Trampled
    Paths Less Trampled 2 months ago

    China Airlines B-18001 (5:40) - I flew on this exact aircraft from Taipei to Ontario, California a few months ago. Very nice inside, very comfortable even in economy class. China Airlines' TPE-ONT service is GREAT, very convenient, avoids the hassles of awful LAX.

  • Paths Less Trampled
    Paths Less Trampled 2 months ago

    I am loving accent. Saying Hello to Moose and Squirrel for me!

  • thefirsthalo3junk
    thefirsthalo3junk 2 months ago

    Truly not the best plane built, but surely it's the best by Boeing. Too bad it can't compete with Airbus

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot for the información

  • Doug Ball
    Doug Ball 2 months ago

    Just a few minor corrections. The effort with Alitalia was a forerunner of the 767 program and had nothing to do with the 777. Loved the scene with the guys in the 1" wide ties - not the 777 program - that section of video had to come from the 60s/early 70s. And finally, there was never a KC-777 tanker. In thought, perhaps, but never a prototype as this video suggests. For reference, I worked at Boeing (in aerodynamics) from 1977 to 2014.

  • rdesjardin
    rdesjardin 2 months ago

    Lol, I work on 777X. AMA!

  • Jaime Arango
    Jaime Arango 2 months ago

    Your voice 😎

  • broomsterm
    broomsterm 2 months ago

    A Russian who loves American planes? What a country!

  • Stephan Mohr
    Stephan Mohr 2 months ago

    My favorite Boeing aircraft is the 757, I love the long slender body and the front nose and windshield. Even though I prefer Airbus , Boeing is still good too.

  • Borce Ivanovski
    Borce Ivanovski 2 months ago

    777 is also spiritual achievement of the Boeing company #

  • Rafeed Chowdhury
    Rafeed Chowdhury 2 months ago

    Like your videos but sorry to say its hard to get your accent.. can you please work on it?

  • Luke Darkvadehord
    Luke Darkvadehord 2 months ago

    i thaught we are XXIst :-( ... hhhhhhhhhhh

  • Sethei
    Sethei 2 months ago

    More passengers, more deaths when it crashes lol, why u do this.

    • Doug Ball
      Doug Ball 2 months ago

      The only reason people get upset about an airplane crash is because it's on the front page of the newspaper. So you are in favor of getting rid of cars? They kill 40,000 people every year just here in the United States.

  • Jonathan Stewart
    Jonathan Stewart 2 months ago

    You do a great job on these videos and should have a million subscribers. I'm sure you're on your way. Keep it up!

  • Keith Domin
    Keith Domin 2 months ago

    Is a 4 engine 777 possible? I am sorry to see the American-based 747's passenger planes going away.

    • Doug Ball
      Doug Ball 2 months ago

      I am going to say no, for two reasons. The first reason is the wing has to be designed in the presence of the engine and its exhaust plume. You can't just go 'stick' and engine on the outboard wing and expect it to work. The A340 discovered this, and I have photos of the blisters they put on the underside of the wing and the inside of the strut to try to fix the issue. I believe they ended up redesigning the wing. The second reason is it will burn more fuel. It's the reason the 777 and A350 are putting the A380 and 747 out of business.

  • alexis bono
    alexis bono 2 months ago

    the number 7 was mentioned 777 Trillion Times in this video

  • GianCarlo M.
    GianCarlo M. 2 months ago

    Airbus > Boeing

  • Pass the Salt
    Pass the Salt 2 months ago


  • Music Feign
    Music Feign 2 months ago

    As a 4 decade airline employee , I can say it's the most beautiful reliable aircraft. The new x series is perhaps the most impressive of all. As I get ready for retirement I hope to see my airline fly the x series before I leave. Since we were first to fly it and was integral in its design. , I'm sure it will be flown for years to come.

  • Friso Lustig
    Friso Lustig 2 months ago

    The best plane in terms of???

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 months ago

    Personally I don’t really like the triple 7

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 2 months ago +9

    I love this narrator. LOL he's fucking awesome!!!

    • ryan white
      ryan white Day ago

      Thomas J Sanford He speaks Native Russian so Regular skyhips Is it in Russian in several weeks ahead

    • Classic Porcupine
      Classic Porcupine Month ago +4

      +Thomas J Sanford So what? obviously not a native speaker.

    • Thomas J Sanford
      Thomas J Sanford 2 months ago

      I'm still counting the number of mispronounced words....

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 2 months ago

    If it ain't Boeing, I AIN'T GOING

  • Andy D
    Andy D 2 months ago

    Fantastic state of the art cockpit but the captain's/co pilot's seats are always so ratty looking. I guess it's the amount of hours sitting there but it always makes me chuckle.

    • Doug Ball
      Doug Ball 2 months ago

      Not ratty looking. They have sheepskin covers!

  • just plane crazy
    just plane crazy 2 months ago

    The asiana 777 did not crash in 2017. It was like 2014 or something. And if you think the 777 is unsafe, most accidents were pilot error.

  • Larry F
    Larry F 2 months ago +1

    That takeoff roll at about 11:30 seems incredibly short. Is that typical? All the 777s I've been on were much longer, iirc

  • Paulo Martins
    Paulo Martins 2 months ago +3

    This is a really good video, of a really good aircraft. Well done

  • The Gmork
    The Gmork 2 months ago

    Thanks to the fierce competition between Boeing and Airbus, both companies make great aircraft. As an American, I feel like the aircraft built by Boeing represent myself and everyone else who are citizens of the United States. The competition is good for everyone including Boeing and Airbus themselves. The 737 and A320 are both great, but as long as the high standards and innovation continue the 737 will always be the better aircraft to me because I feel that I have a stake in it.

    • Doug Ball
      Doug Ball 2 months ago

      The funny thing most people don't realize is how much of both company's products are made outside their "home turf". It's nearly 50%. Both Boeing and Airbus planes are really products of the planet. And that's a good thing.

    • TRPG pilot
      TRPG pilot 2 months ago

      You have a stake in a 777? Do you have shares in the company?

  • Fierce DEVIL
    Fierce DEVIL 3 months ago +2

    Somehow its safety record is better than the 787

  • Abdelrahman Rashed
    Abdelrahman Rashed 3 months ago +4

    Boeing 777-300ER can also reach a range of more than 14,000 km (8,700 miles)

  • stein1385
    stein1385 3 months ago +3

    Ty Skyships! This is one of your best vids! And i absolutely love it. its very knowledgeable and juicy with info. Good Job!

  • Will Anthony
    Will Anthony 3 months ago

    Anybody has a headache from listening to this guy? Mine is so big, I need morphine or knockout drops!

  • Khmerminn Sota
    Khmerminn Sota 3 months ago

    I wonder if China or Russia is making any kind of commercial planes!

  • Trisha Yamada
    Trisha Yamada 3 months ago +4

    I’ve flown over 150,000 miles on various 777s. The ANA 777-300er was my best flight and such a big aircraft. 🇯🇵

  • Simon Maier
    Simon Maier 3 months ago +6

    I've flown the T7 2 times (300ER), the cabin air was really bad, I felt sick after both flights. On the same day, I flown another route (even longer) with the A350, even longer, without any problems. Aircraft from the 21st century like the A380, A350 and also the 787 are much more comfortable than the T7. The T7 is a 90's aircraft in its roots. It may be a good aircraft economically, but in comfort there are much better aircraft today, from Airbus and also from Boeing.

    • Icanifiwant
      Icanifiwant 2 months ago

      Quick sucking dick maybe you won't sick.

    • Ricardo Rodrigues
      Ricardo Rodrigues 2 months ago

      saves one character (yay!), someone has a really bad data plan there LOL

    • K H
      K H 2 months ago

      You sound like a German or Swiss fruitcake.

    • Simon Maier
      Simon Maier 2 months ago

      +datguy555 T7 means triple 7, a unofficial short name for 777. It's used widely by aviation enthusiasts.

    • datguy555
      datguy555 2 months ago

      why don't u just type "777" like a normal human being? what's a t7?!

  • Scott 250r
    Scott 250r 3 months ago +1

    Boeing Baby The very best

  • Tevin Morgan
    Tevin Morgan 3 months ago

    Any one knows the name of the instrumental playing at 7:00 ?

  • David Harris
    David Harris 3 months ago +1

    Boeing needs to come up with a 757 replacement before any more lost orders to Airbus

  • Luc Rolland
    Luc Rolland 3 months ago

    The other day, I saw both aircrafts in an airport and I found the A350 large and the B787 small.

  • dan kuettel
    dan kuettel 3 months ago

    I like all the footage from PDX!

  • Léo Pold
    Léo Pold 3 months ago

    Not confortable. Always turbulence prone. Love A380

  • Infinite Axel
    Infinite Axel 3 months ago

    nothing beats the ge-90's. gotta love that sound

    BILLY LAMB 3 months ago

    cannot stand the horrible narrator, sounds like a gay german with a lisp....

  • Lucky Ladies
    Lucky Ladies 3 months ago

    You forgot to mention one of the 777s was deliberately shot down by the Russians!

  • Brayden Gregory
    Brayden Gregory 3 months ago

    lil tay must have made the title

  • Thondup Andrugtsang
    Thondup Andrugtsang 3 months ago +1

    Best airline channel with the best narration. Subscribed immediately.

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga 3 months ago

    I blame the BA fuel freezing issue on good old Rolls Royce. The SFO incident simply proves that braindead pilots can crash any aircraft. It’s always the simple, very basic issues such as watching speed and altitude, three pilots were sitting in the cockpit not one was paying attention to whether the autopilot was controlling speed and altitude or if they should have handled it manually. The autopilot was off and no one was watching how low and slow they were. Recall the Eastern TriStar crash in the Everglades? Same deal the three man cockpit crew was so engrossed in checking a defection 15volt bulb that they paid no attention to their instruments or altitude until they smacked down into a gator infested swamp.The Malaysia 317 and 370 disasters were simply criminal acts that killed hundreds R.I.P.

  • mike fromuniontown
    mike fromuniontown 3 months ago

    любить самолеты!

  • Cyprian FernsNZ
    Cyprian FernsNZ 3 months ago +3

    This is one of the greatest aircraft Boeing has ever built..its safety and reliabilty is unrivalled and its also a beautiful aircraft to look at..simply awesome..Thanks for a well made and well researched video

  • IFM
    IFM 3 months ago +3

    The greatest commercial plane series ever

  • Jeffrey Ady
    Jeffrey Ady 3 months ago +3

    One request: I'd really like to see your take on the Boeing 737-ER. Most of my Hawaii-US Mainland flights are on 737-ERs and I really don't like them, despite their airworthiness and fuel efficiency. What do you think?

  • Jeffrey Ady
    Jeffrey Ady 3 months ago +1

    I think this is the best so far in your series. I particularly appreciate your comparisons between the 777 and other, even earlier, wide-bodied aircraft. @~8:28, the mention of the "early" -200 with video of the aircraft taking off with numerous construction sites on the horizon was poetic!
    Any great video begins with good copy writing, and your compositions are excellent. Keep up your great work!

  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis 3 months ago

    The Jesus Christ of the airline industry.

    AEROMAGNUM TV 3 months ago

    My personal all-time favorite commercial airliners: B-727-200, MD-90, MD-11, B-747-4, B-787-8/9/10, all B-777 models, DC-7. What's your all-time favorite commercial airliners? Happy/Safe Flying!

  • Larry Carmody
    Larry Carmody 3 months ago

    When will You Tube or someone that puts these videos on TVclip please put the dates on them, so they make sense today????

  • Ilya Glinsky
    Ilya Glinsky 4 months ago +3

    Great video. Thanks.

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  • fighter5583
    fighter5583 4 months ago

    11:33 World's shortest 777 take off?

  • Florin M
    Florin M 4 months ago

    You can say only, it's a "hot" one.

  • William Osorio Pineda
    William Osorio Pineda 4 months ago