Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)

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  • Pernell Burford
    Pernell Burford 2 hours ago


  • Steven Samame
    Steven Samame 2 hours ago

    This may get lost in the sea of comments but at :55 is that Darth Vader's hand?

  • Ben Deere
    Ben Deere 2 hours ago

    No matter what you do, you cant beat the original, but I could

  • Emily Little
    Emily Little 3 hours ago

    Well now I won't be able to watch the movie because I'll be sobbing every time Carrie is on screen.

  • Ville Lepoaho
    Ville Lepoaho 3 hours ago

    I wonder how they will end this trilogy with the 9th film

  • Werner Herzog
    Werner Herzog 3 hours ago

    2:37 WHEN YOU SEE IT

  • Bruno Silva
    Bruno Silva 3 hours ago

    Spoiler alert: First Order lays a whooping on the Resistance in the beginning scenes, they regroup to lick their wounds, unsuspecting hero from the previous movie gets trained by old exiled jedi, First Order occupied area fights back and the good guys win, but not before one of theirs is captured, hero gets temped by Sith to turn to the dark side but ultimately doesn't. Oh and Princess Leia dies.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 hours ago

    Where is the Lord Vader :S

  • Elliot Mackay
    Elliot Mackay 4 hours ago


  • Dqaz55 Lin
    Dqaz55 Lin 4 hours ago

    Leia dead...

  • Chris Aplin
    Chris Aplin 4 hours ago

    is this episode 5?

  • Badgebusters
    Badgebusters 4 hours ago

    "To fulfil your destiny..!"

  • Derek Gorman
    Derek Gorman 4 hours ago

    I do wish to know how much of the trailer will NOT be in the film. I think if this happens again they will need to crack down on them for false marketing.

  • Grave Gaming
    Grave Gaming 4 hours ago


  • MATI z
    MATI z 4 hours ago


  • Will da Conceicao
    Will da Conceicao 4 hours ago

    the adventure seems greater

    THE REAL ZENFORCE 4 hours ago

    Great Trailer, great visuals, dark as Episode 5 (aka the Best) but let me make a guess : LUKE SKYWALKER IS A/THE SITH LORD  :-)If that is the case that would be highly unoriginal and pretty basic story telling. And please don't do a Jacen Solo (Kylo Ren) and Jaina Solo (Rey) story rip off.Please not the usual Hollywood standard boring plots but i look forward to an original story telling (example Leia Organa doesn't master her Force powers for years due to a lack of Jedi training and she has become the real Sith Lord behind the events or a story plot way better written).Signed a life-long fan for decades (movies, games, comics, etc) and thank you in advance for all the good work.

  • Geogamer ULTRA
    Geogamer ULTRA 4 hours ago +1

    I hope finn kills rey for her betrayal

  • MAIN LOl
    MAIN LOl 4 hours ago +1


  • Hafida Fenzar
    Hafida Fenzar 4 hours ago

    2 months O_o

  • Ankka Plays
    Ankka Plays 5 hours ago

    wooooooooooooow!!!i love star wars but i can't go to cinematic to see that movie or buy a cd because i can't i dont know why😭

  • Fenn Droge
    Fenn Droge 5 hours ago

    Can't wait

  • TheDerpyWarrior
    TheDerpyWarrior 5 hours ago

    1:07 "let the parents die."
    1:09 dat a ship that Leia is on
    Look at kylo rens targeting system *ship Leia is on*
    Leia gonna die

  • placid renegade
    placid renegade 5 hours ago

    Luke needs to Jedi the hell up

  • TheDerpyWarrior
    TheDerpyWarrior 5 hours ago

    1:55 dats alot of stomtroopers

  • Cyber 11
    Cyber 11 5 hours ago

    What about han solo?? He's coming back??

  • Bugsy 101
    Bugsy 101 5 hours ago


  • thtjapaneseamerikanguy

    Umm what’s that 1:33?

  • Ace
    Ace 5 hours ago

    Kylo Ren is the last jedi, it's basically gurranted now.

  • Manifesto
    Manifesto 5 hours ago

    Well star wars was never good but now it became worse

  • Gabriel Matsas
    Gabriel Matsas 6 hours ago

    General Organa is gravely injured during the battle so--he shoots and she lives the attack but has to step down. I don't see Kylo stepping into the light at this point. Yes there is still some hesitance and confusion but he killed his father with no remorse and dug too deep of a hole.

  • Wraith Lord
    Wraith Lord 6 hours ago

    Россия, кто-нибудь есть?

  • Thade Taylor
    Thade Taylor 6 hours ago

    I hope Luke is gonna be a BADASS! in this one

  • Sizifus
    Sizifus 6 hours ago

    "This is not going to go the way you think!"
    I very do hope so

  • Billy Gsell
    Billy Gsell 6 hours ago

    Can't wait to see this movie on my birthday, possibly in IMAX (never seen a movie in a IMAX auditorium before literally, tried to see The Force Awakens in IMAX 3D, but no one let me because it was too far away) or in Regular 3D.

    NOTE: Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Justice League are going to save Hollywood from a predicted revenue loss of $512.6 million from last year, but Thor: Ragnarok would not save it despite its' current 98% score and projected to gross $105 million because there won't be a animated feature offering until the next two weeks and the only movie to come out to set to underperform because it was released on Wednesday because of Thor: Ragnarok coming out that week.

  • Brandon Myers
    Brandon Myers 7 hours ago

    So are Rey and Kylo supposed to be reincarnations of the Son and Daughter of the force somehow?

  • Yaowaret Numsakun Eide

    Is this last one

  • xori61x
    xori61x 7 hours ago

    24.000 People tried to like the Trailer but accidentally pressed the dislkie button.

  • Enoch Brooks
    Enoch Brooks 7 hours ago +1

    I can't stop watching this trailer

    XLORD OF SOULSX 7 hours ago

    The moment with Carrie Fisher made me tear up

  • xori61x
    xori61x 7 hours ago


    *passes out*

  • Jonathan Orenday
    Jonathan Orenday 7 hours ago

    i see my kaydel ko connix in the background 1:38

  • TheJellyninjaXD
    TheJellyninjaXD 7 hours ago

    Rey, I am your brother...

  • KinqAde
    KinqAde 7 hours ago

    R A W F O R C E

  • Pappa Panther
    Pappa Panther 8 hours ago

    Im so excited.
    I just cant hide it.
    I think im losing control.
    I just can't fight it.

  • Blake Wilkinson
    Blake Wilkinson 8 hours ago

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  • Samuel Dawson
    Samuel Dawson 8 hours ago

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  • Tom Akers
    Tom Akers 8 hours ago +2

    This is not going to go the way you think! I sincerely hope it doesn't.

  • nightmare freddy
    nightmare freddy 8 hours ago

    The first order strikes back

  • julian kmenta
    julian kmenta 8 hours ago

    In german the title is "die letzten Jedi" what means it is plural

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter 9 hours ago +1


  • Karla Butcher
    Karla Butcher 9 hours ago

    I love star wars:-)

  • Alexandre Martins
    Alexandre Martins 9 hours ago

    And after First Order, we'll have Second Order, and then Desert. And then they'll start another meal...

  • Bob Dylon
    Bob Dylon 9 hours ago

    Daisy taze me walk all over me you make my left eye lazy because you amaze me .we would make amazing babies together jedi ninja warriors with great teeth

    • Bob Dylon
      Bob Dylon 9 hours ago

      Look me up I'm a hell of a cook

  • nope bye
    nope bye 9 hours ago

    ray=dark side?

  • Sky Blailock
    Sky Blailock 9 hours ago

    I really am liking the new movies. Lot elements remind me of the Thrawn trilogy and Kyle Ren is essentially Jacen Solo.

  • Lodi Lodi
    Lodi Lodi 9 hours ago


  • Movie Compilations
    Movie Compilations 10 hours ago

    So Ray is becoming a sith?

    • That Random Guy Standing Over There
      That Random Guy Standing Over There 8 hours ago

      If Rey was to join the Darkside (if), it wouldn't be the sith as are they are extinct, it would most likely be the Knights Of Ren

  • ItzJustStephen
    ItzJustStephen 10 hours ago


  • SN2903
    SN2903 10 hours ago

    I hope Luke still has that badass green lightsaber. Seriously I will shed serious manly tears if he busts it out.

  • ShaliKyuu
    ShaliKyuu 10 hours ago


  • TheMaskMan Gaming und Co

    Wow. Now we have a clone of Part 3

  • star lord
    star lord 10 hours ago

    Can I get one subscribeer

  • Γιωργος Αυγερης

    It would be amazing

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis 10 hours ago


  • MRE
    MRE 11 hours ago +1


  • J Lo
    J Lo 11 hours ago

    Scenes aren't related.
    Snoke is talking to Rey. But" fulfilling destiny" is to kylo.
    Luke saw the power in Kylo, now he sees it in Rey.
    Rey asks Luke to train her.
    Rey ultimately goes w kylo, and snoke tries to tame her.

  • Zyriab
    Zyriab 11 hours ago +1

    I think Finn would make a better main character...

  • AlmostBall
    AlmostBall 11 hours ago

    who's die bgs last jedi does it means ray or luke dies?

  • Joey Taplin
    Joey Taplin 11 hours ago

    "When I found you, I saw RAW untamed power." Haha, more like medium rare talent vato. Baghdad.

  • Joey Taplin
    Joey Taplin 11 hours ago

    Anyone wanna be best star wars friends??? We could like talk about star wars and be best friends forever.

  • loooony92
    loooony92 11 hours ago

    The music.. it’s so dire this time around..

    ROCK AND ROLL 12 hours ago

    I hope Han Solo will back

      ROCK AND ROLL 8 hours ago

      Daniel Claggett never😂😂

    • Daniel Claggett
      Daniel Claggett 8 hours ago

      Han Solo is dead, get over it!

    • SN2903
      SN2903 9 hours ago

      I think he will be in flashbacks. Fingers crossed.

  • Justine clayton
    Justine clayton 12 hours ago

    Can't wait to going to the Odeon in 3-D reclining chairs

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 12 hours ago

    So, Luke is the last Jedi. Looks like he will be fighting 2 Sith in Episode 9.

  • Leonor Galvão
    Leonor Galvão 12 hours ago

    :v :v

  • Leonor Galvão
    Leonor Galvão 12 hours ago

    can wait to see this movie!

  • Leonor Galvão
    Leonor Galvão 12 hours ago

    its so cool

  • Wifo24
    Wifo24 12 hours ago

    nice they revealed like 80% of plot in the trailer

    • Geert Matthys
      Geert Matthys 6 hours ago

      Henning A the trailer pretty clearly states naughty Rey and light side Ben

    • Henning A
      Henning A 10 hours ago

      Only if you actually believe everything the trailer tells you. There are a couple of misdirects in this, like making you think Kylo will kill Leia and Rey talking to Kylo at the end. What the trailer really does is showing us where the characters are and what choices they'll have to make. But it doesn't reveal their decisions.

  • QuackingMallard
    QuackingMallard 12 hours ago

    I swear if Luke dies I’ll be so sad😰

  • Vu-Down
    Vu-Down 12 hours ago +1


  • Seth Stemen
    Seth Stemen 12 hours ago

    "Watch out for those wrist rockets!"

  • YPA Reviews
    YPA Reviews 13 hours ago

    Walker fight, training with an old Jedi on a remote planet, a mid trilogy plot twist... uh oh.

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 13 hours ago

    How to tame horse in mine craft??

  • Dlyricz
    Dlyricz 13 hours ago

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  • Zenonem Freak Creeper
    Zenonem Freak Creeper 13 hours ago +1

    Iam so excited to watch it 😰😰

  • Stuart Driedger
    Stuart Driedger 13 hours ago +1

    looks boring

  • LuluReingar PLUS
    LuluReingar PLUS 13 hours ago +1

    I feel like a terrible person for slightly shipping Rey and Kylo Ren

  • MinecraftMusic
    MinecraftMusic 13 hours ago

    noooo. I had high hopes for this but now I see the trailer I see that fin and other useless characters are STILL there! I hope they die. I HATE Ben Solo!!!! HAN SOLO IS ONLY SUPPOST TO HAVE THREE KIDS: Anakin, Jacen and Jaina
    Still going to see the movie though since it is Star Wars

    • That Random Guy Standing Over There
      That Random Guy Standing Over There 7 hours ago

      The sith continuing past 6 makes everything George Lucas wrote about Anakin's role as the chosen one all pointless, it's good that they removed all that and fixed the continuity problem and all the new writers work together with the Lucasfilm story group to create a better and accurate timeline. But they can still bring back all the best stuff outside the sith stuff that would make the canon even better (in my option I want to see the Yuzhan Vong return in a 4th trilogy).

    • Daniel Claggett
      Daniel Claggett 8 hours ago

      The EU does not matter anymore. Most of the books in the EU were terrible fan fictions. You can cling to those old books but they no longer matter. Get over it.

  • Celtic Spirit
    Celtic Spirit 13 hours ago

    I think Rey kills Luke before telling Kylo she needs someone to find her place in all this.

    • Daniel Claggett
      Daniel Claggett 8 hours ago

      The scene with Rey and Kylo are from two different scenes in the movie. The lighting gives that away. Most likely, Rey is talking to luke.

  • Yutae Lee
    Yutae Lee 14 hours ago +1


  • sk8ernutdw
    sk8ernutdw 14 hours ago

    I really would love to see Yoda return as a force spirit.. he's the driving force leader of the Jedi Order.

  • Jaidy Patrik
    Jaidy Patrik 14 hours ago

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  • Nalalioness tlkfan
    Nalalioness tlkfan 14 hours ago

    What is the music in this called?

  • zombie.k.i.n.c
    zombie.k.i.n.c 14 hours ago

    So Rey’s a sith?

  • WorldofRandom6
    WorldofRandom6 14 hours ago

    Luke's voice is sexy

  • Sema Gülen
    Sema Gülen 14 hours ago +2


  • 鈴木万博
    鈴木万博 14 hours ago +1


    • 鈴木万博
      鈴木万博 14 hours ago

      What is JASTIS!? ねーちゃんは強いよ どこの国でも ! 内容はデイズニーだからお子様向け 日本のアニメ、漫画でやり尽くした。剣術対決の美学は日本遺産なのです。

  • Linklamontygu
    Linklamontygu 14 hours ago


  • john carr
    john carr 14 hours ago +1

    My theory. Luke is a broken down old drunk and won't be any help for anyone.