Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)

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  • Niall Martin
    Niall Martin 21 minute ago

    Is Princess Leia cgi?

  • Victor g
    Victor g 29 minutes ago

    Jar Jar!!!!

  • p4easy7
    p4easy7 35 minutes ago

    son of a

  • Brandon Hardman
    Brandon Hardman 36 minutes ago

    Just been and watched it!!

  • Franco Corradi
    Franco Corradi 39 minutes ago

    Star wars story:
    Star wars prequel trilogy:
    I: the phantom menace, 1999.
    II: attack of the clones, 2002.
    III: revenge of the sith, 2005.
    Star wars original trilogy:
    IV: a new hope, 1977.
    V: the empire strikes back, 1980.
    VI: the return of the jedi, 1983.
    Star wars sequel trilogy:
    VII: the force awakens, 2015.
    VIII: the last jedi, 2017.

  • Henry Dyer
    Henry Dyer 43 minutes ago

    Anyone else watching this tonight to get hyped up for the premier tomorrow nigjt?

    • Mr.Simple
      Mr.Simple 40 minutes ago

      Film Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently crowded and very amazing, do you know? if not watched, went into his home and watch it free here now : ...

  • Matthew Kerr
    Matthew Kerr Hour ago

    I'd say that was the best word I could use to describe my reaction after seeing the movie.

  • Harvey the Heeb
    Harvey the Heeb Hour ago

    Anyone know where I can download this movie for free?

    • Edwin Varghese
      Edwin Varghese 52 minutes ago

      Harvey the Heeb
      This website is not downloadable but you can watch it directly on the website
      You welcome :)👍

  • gulli97
    gulli97 Hour ago +2

    I was very disappointed after watching this movie. It was a typicalDISNEY movie....

  • Ivey Moore
    Ivey Moore Hour ago

    Im watching this , this satirday after the day it comes out to the theaters, its gonna be so exiting!!!

  • Disruptor 6
    Disruptor 6 Hour ago

    I give the movie a 6/10

  • andythc2302
    andythc2302 Hour ago

    is this date today!

  • KillBill Grill
    KillBill Grill Hour ago

    Just watched the preview, it's great .
    Greetings from Germany 😁

  • Peyton_fcking_money
    Peyton_fcking_money 2 hours ago

    I need to know how they managed to get anakin's lightsaber after luke lost it along with his hand in episode 5 fighting darth vader.

  • Napoman2001
    Napoman2001 2 hours ago

    Only 1 day left..

  • Sonn sobek
    Sonn sobek 2 hours ago +1

    0* its bygest bull shi* What I ewersome see
    Hate you disney !!!

  • Christian Chandra Winata

    OMG Finn wields saber again! Thank God

  • Teguh Aditya
    Teguh Aditya 2 hours ago

    Happy Star Wars eve!

  • eka hadi
    eka hadi 2 hours ago +1

    best star wars movies i've ever seen

  • _dributeLp_ _
    _dributeLp_ _ 2 hours ago +1

    Very, very ,very nice Film, im watched it. Guys u should better look the film too😍

  • RandomDudeIsHere
    RandomDudeIsHere 2 hours ago

    I feel like Rey is going to join the dark side ;-;

  • Negociador PT 1143
    Negociador PT 1143 2 hours ago

    Just saw the movie. I loved it !! But it leaves so many questions to episode IX

  • Gehab
    Gehab 2 hours ago


  • ChaBoy
    ChaBoy 2 hours ago

    Whose back here after watching the awesome movie

  • ChaBoy
    ChaBoy 2 hours ago

    That was a awesome movie! Loved it so much

  • ruste shackleferd
    ruste shackleferd 2 hours ago


  • Brendan Oler
    Brendan Oler 2 hours ago


  • etelot
    etelot 2 hours ago +2

    Not good this one. Don't watch. Don't spend your time and money

  • Billy Maddox
    Billy Maddox 2 hours ago

    Watching this today

  • minecraft trainer pro
    minecraft trainer pro 3 hours ago

    Ive aready watched the last jedi

  • joriz stark
    joriz stark 3 hours ago

    “This is not going to go the way you think!” KEEP THIS MANTRA ALL THOROUGHOUT THE FILM!

  • Ryan DeKnoblough
    Ryan DeKnoblough 3 hours ago

    I believe it will crack over 200 million opening weekend.

  • Krzysztof Olszak
    Krzysztof Olszak 3 hours ago

    Such dissapointing... 2 years of waiting and no 1-sec-meeting of Rey and Finn....

  • Ralph Mateo
    Ralph Mateo 3 hours ago

    I read Mick LaSalle's movie review in the San Francisco Chronicle praising Mark Hamill's performance in this film, so I thought I might go it see. Then I made the mistake of viewing its trailers. This movie looks like the same old clichéd, overblown, predictable, shallow tripe as its predecessor. For those who see it, though, I hope you enjoy it.

  • vincentgc1
    vincentgc1 3 hours ago +1

    Worst Star Wars movie yet tbh. You were supposed to fix the plot holes not join them! You were like a brother to me... i loved you... *watches the movie burn as i walk away*

    • Unknown 258
      Unknown 258 2 hours ago

      Murad Can Tiner if you think the movie wasnt star wars you should go read star wars legends comics

    • Murad Can Tiner
      Murad Can Tiner 2 hours ago

      vincentgc1 it was like 2 hours of disney and 30 min of star wars .. So lame

    • Murad Can Tiner
      Murad Can Tiner 2 hours ago

      Oh my god it was awful man, they ruined the star wars to next level.

  • Tom Marshall
    Tom Marshall 3 hours ago +1

    Iuke gets ultra instinct

    • Disruptor 6
      Disruptor 6 Hour ago

      Tom Marshall lmao thats what i said too

  • paipes sawer
    paipes sawer 3 hours ago

    Jar jar binks

  • Aimee Scott
    Aimee Scott 3 hours ago

    I'm finally seeing it today!!!

  • Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries 3 hours ago


  • Margaret Lauder
    Margaret Lauder 3 hours ago +1

    1 more day

  • Natalie Styles
    Natalie Styles 3 hours ago +1

    We'll see it tonight, see yaa

  • Milorad
    Milorad 4 hours ago

    name of theme at 2:15 ??

  • bingo
    bingo 4 hours ago


  • Mathias S.
    Mathias S. 4 hours ago

    But how did he die, and why?
    Who will lead? So many questions 💁❤️

  • Saphhire Gem
    Saphhire Gem 4 hours ago +1


  • brayden mcnickle
    brayden mcnickle 4 hours ago

    woah this gave me cold chills. IM SO PUMPED FOR THIS!!! #onlytwodaysaway

  • Shah Zane
    Shah Zane 4 hours ago +2

    "This is not going to go the way you think"
    The most apt line to describe the movie. Saw it last night and I was blown away! Absolutely love it!

  • danjal07
    danjal07 4 hours ago

    Whats up with all the british accents?

  • Oliver Fink
    Oliver Fink 4 hours ago

    Im so glad i didnt watched the trailer before the film... But it was soooo hard :D

  • Window cleaner
    Window cleaner 4 hours ago

    1:32 I want one

  • Commander2402
    Commander2402 4 hours ago +2

    I'm conflicted about this movie. The comedic dialogue works, mostly. The scenery, the settings, the practical and special effects and actors feels right.... but the movie doesn't feel like Star Wars. Now, this might be because Lucas' vision of Star Wars has been around for more than 3 decades, but I think my biggest quarrel with this movie is that it illustrates how the sequel trilogy is trying to kill off something I can't quite define.
    There is something about the way the original trilogy presented the conflict of the Empire vs Rebellion. In elevating the conflict beyond the characters, but still making it a family space opera. This is where I think Rogue One succeeded, in elevating the conflict beyond the characters. This is, amongst various things, where The Last Jedi fails.
    Well, it's not like you can't expect the sequel trilogy to follow the formula of the original (no, not the storyline itself, but the presentation, direction and the way the tone in which the story unfolds), but there is a reason why I can happily rewatch any of the original/prequel movies. I couldn't do that with The Force Awakens, I could do that with Rogue One, and while I think The Last Jedi has some memorable scenes, the overall movie doesn't resonate in with me in the same way.
    And lastly there's the story itself. I know we were promised The Last Jedi would shake up things but, the plot twists in this movie wasn't only predictable, but out of place. Not going to spoil anything, but the third act of the movie until the end of it was ripe with "Disney, are you really going there?" moments.

    • Commander2402
      Commander2402 2 hours ago +1

      Well, there was two major twists in the movie, and then there was Luke *sigh*.
      Could it be anymore obvious that Disney just doesn't want to have to deal with the old cast anymore?
      2 down, 4 to go.

    • Unknown 258
      Unknown 258 2 hours ago

      Commander2402 i wasnt expecting the twist mainly because it reminds me of star wars legends

  • טל זילברמן
    טל זילברמן 4 hours ago

    Just came back from thaters, I loved this film so much, it is better the I imagined it would be, and I can imagine quit a bit

  • TheExpo Explorer
    TheExpo Explorer 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one that got chills when Rey did that rhythm with her light saber

  • Adam Kifle
    Adam Kifle 4 hours ago

    Who’s ready for the midnight release tomorrow? Cannot wait

  • Oscar Mombert
    Oscar Mombert 4 hours ago

    Just saw the movies and this... is... THE BEST STAR WARS EVER NO SPOIL JUST GO SEE THAT

  • Carl Geijer
    Carl Geijer 4 hours ago +1

    sorry, but this movie was underwhelming, I expected a lot etter from rian johnson. it makes the same mistakes as TFA and copies many aspects of previous star wars films, and feels like more of a shallow super hero movie than star wars. finn, poe and that random chinese girl deserved more influence.
    just like in TFA the empire (resistance) is still powerful, even though they were supposedly beaten in the previous movie, making every win seem meaningless. destroy star killer base? doesnt matter, the first order is still always strong and chasing.

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer 5 hours ago

    Just saw the movie in IMAX 3D, amazing! It really surprised me until the end. Enjoy it everyone!

  • jannechu
    jannechu 5 hours ago +1

    I watch todey this movie and I love almost every star wars things but this movie make me sick because too much comedy for star wars, this is like thor: ragnarok with star wars effects

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 5 hours ago

    May the force be ever in your favor. lol, I realize this isn't what they actually say but I wanted to add a Hunger Games spin on it

  • KanchoKomancho
    KanchoKomancho 5 hours ago +1

    This half-millenial / half-feminist BS is not Star Wars. This is something completely different then the original thing.

  • Teuvo Bro
    Teuvo Bro 5 hours ago

    Saw the movie. No spoilers. The best parts are in which the old man is yelling at the young girl, and vice versa. The dry humor is among the best ever seen on cinema.

  • Clay Lewis
    Clay Lewis 5 hours ago

    I am watching it tommorow

  • REX 234
    REX 234 5 hours ago

    yeet logang f life MAVERICK

  • mirza rivera
    mirza rivera 5 hours ago +2

    The movie sucks

  • Fil Bencs
    Fil Bencs 5 hours ago

    "We are the spark
    That will light the fire
    That will burn the First Order dowm"

    • Fil Bencs
      Fil Bencs 5 hours ago

      Oh, God, what a cringe mistake of mine.

  • RoryCooper2
    RoryCooper2 5 hours ago

    How does phasma die?

    • Murad Can Tiner
      Murad Can Tiner 2 hours ago

      Falls down to the exploison but desth not confirmed

  • Dede Zakss
    Dede Zakss 5 hours ago +1

    The Movie is amazing. I've fulfill my destiny

  • Allen Leal
    Allen Leal 5 hours ago


  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 5 hours ago +8

    Who's here after watching the movie?

    • Rick James
      Rick James Hour ago

      Is the kid with the broom a force user?
      Saw him accio the broom at the end.

  • Evan Deflorville
    Evan Deflorville 5 hours ago

    How many more Star Wars movies will there be? BREAKING NEWS: FINAL STAR WARS MOVIE PUBLISHED!
    wanna know the name?
    "Star Wars: The Last Last, for real this time"

  • A person
    A person 6 hours ago

    I am going to a premier of this movie tomorrow! The moment I have been waiting for!!

  • X99AK
    X99AK 6 hours ago +1

    Spoiler alert Finn didn't die

    • Mathias
      Mathias 5 hours ago +1

      X99AK I was thinking like : Oh come on Rose let him finish his suicide mission 😂

  • Bowserboy44
    Bowserboy44 6 hours ago


  • [The biggest LotFam] Julian van Beek

    I have seen it best star wars movie

  • big weld
    big weld 6 hours ago +2

    Why do some people hate it? Why would you put hate comments on the internet, it makes me so depressed... People just need something to whine about

  • rincon maldito
    rincon maldito 6 hours ago


    • Marco D. Toon
      Marco D. Toon 5 hours ago

      rincon maldito Dude delete your comment. It's not funny to spoil like this

  • Iamtheoneandonly01
    Iamtheoneandonly01 6 hours ago +3

    Saw it today. When Snoke revealed his true self and he was a bloody porg I nearly walked out!

  • Colby Chamberlain
    Colby Chamberlain 6 hours ago +1

    Just got reviewed 9.7/10 by IGN. Can’t wait

  • Tom Bradford
    Tom Bradford 6 hours ago


  • wildonile
    wildonile 6 hours ago


  • wbb77
    wbb77 6 hours ago +1

    So what, I see only CGI and a bad story, it seems.

    • Marco D. Toon
      Marco D. Toon 5 hours ago

      wbb77 Great and original story, very little CGI

  • ReeFX™
    ReeFX™ 6 hours ago +2

    I watched it today and it was amazing thats the only "spoiler" i'll leave here

  • MegaRay
    MegaRay 6 hours ago


  • Shawn Clayton
    Shawn Clayton 6 hours ago

    Tomorrow I can’t wait. I’m geeking out

  • Tom McMoys
    Tom McMoys 7 hours ago +1

    Snoke deat .I watched .Realy

  • John Adams
    John Adams 7 hours ago +1

    Grow up you dweebs. These movies are for kids under age of 13.

  • ryuke sasuke
    ryuke sasuke 7 hours ago

    Any1 here because of big bang theory or a loyal fan

  • O'Neill Sean liam
    O'Neill Sean liam 7 hours ago +8

    the whole movie is just a big joke its really not serious

  • natrbll
    natrbll 7 hours ago

    One more DAY

  • Finley Batchler
    Finley Batchler 7 hours ago +1

    I had better not have to see like Skywalker die with my own two eyes god dammit

    • Keith Rippin
      Keith Rippin 46 minutes ago

      Best not watch this film then :)

  • Crompus
    Crompus 7 hours ago +2

    The high ground is the key to all of this

  • TheHmongol
    TheHmongol 7 hours ago

    Ahh, Jedis... The galaxy's biggest cowards. Run and hide when $hit hits the fan. LOL.

  • Nikolai O Wilhelmsen
    Nikolai O Wilhelmsen 7 hours ago +2

    I watched this movie to day

  • Tatiana Shalimova
    Tatiana Shalimova 7 hours ago

    Hello from London / Star Wars last Jedi / Like Subscription and support to friends. An interesting positive channel. Cool video. Come to us. Good luck.

  • ColinZeal
    ColinZeal 7 hours ago +1

    Drinking milk aggressively? Running around in a leaking water jacket?
    Yup, that's Star Wars now. Thanks Rian!

  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan 7 hours ago +7

    Having BEEN a STAR WARS fanatic. What the hell happened. This last episode of star wars " The last Jedi " was rubbish. I just came away from the first showing here in EDE Netherlands, having waited quite some time for it to arrive. I walked away thinking is this what Disney does to good storytelling. That was not good cinematography at all or good acting for that matter. It gets a 3 out of 10 from my side. No more support from me now for Star wars !

    • Unknown 258
      Unknown 258 2 hours ago +1

      disney didnt make the story they just own star wars they dont direct it
      and i give it a 9/10

    • Ensiferum Fan
      Ensiferum Fan 6 hours ago

      +Andrew Jordan That's what you get for not seeing the (di$JWney) signs.

  • Adwiser
    Adwiser 7 hours ago +1

    For the UK, tonight is the night. I cannot wait. I have 3 more hours to wait, buzzing isn't the word.

  • Dection Productions
    Dection Productions 7 hours ago +2

    Snoke is boba fett you’re welcome :)

  • StarAl 2015
    StarAl 2015 7 hours ago +1