Game Theory: How Zelda Breath of the Wild SOLVES The Zelda Timeline!

  • Published on Sep 5, 2017
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    THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD is a stellar addition to the series. But ever since its release, Breath of the Wild has plagued fans with one big question - where does this fit into the Zelda Timeline? Well, after hours of gameplay (followed by even more hours of research), I have solved the puzzle! And Breath of the Wild may reveal more about Nintendo's Zelda timeline than we could ever imagine.
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  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists  Year ago +8521

    Ladies and gentlemen, you may have to adjust the color of your is definitely a yellow strap! Haha...I didn't realize it would be so controversial. Pull up the Wiki shot of it and it's pretty obvious.
    (You can also judge based on the brown underpieces that Link wears as a part of that outfit as well, plus the little laces in front at his neck...the hat to me was the most obvious, though)
    Also, just to clarify: A lot of people are saying "It's obvious it's Fallen Hero because Link wakes up in a Reincarnation Chamber." Technically, you can't use that as evidence here because the "Hero is Defeated" division is specifically related to Link losing at the end of Ocarina of Time against Ganon, NOT the battles described in BOTW.
    Lastly, a lot of people are mentioning the appearance of the "Mirror of Twilight" in the form of the "Fragmented Monument." And that's a really good point, however, if you look at the "Fragmented Monument" in BOTW, its design is pretty strongly different from the Mirror, in particular the writing in an ancient language around the rim of the circle.
    Could the timelines have united and this is at the end of them? That's actually what I was hoping for as I researched! Sadly, I just didn't feel like there was enough evidence to support that. When I stopped to look at all the evidence together as well as how Eiji Aonuma was talking about this game leading up to its launch, it felt like the team INTENDED this to be a return to that first timeline while making nods to the other games.

    • Serouj Ghazarian
      Serouj Ghazarian 14 hours ago

      @Exti k in the end of alttp, ganon no longer had the triforce

    • bonjanglevash
      bonjanglevash 8 days ago

      The Game Theorists yuh it’s after twilight princess. Overthinking the simple things like aesthetics and monsters kinda makes your theories bad

    • Waterlemonea
      Waterlemonea 10 days ago

      The Game Theorists 14:33 tfw BotW’s getting a sequel and in the teaser trailer we see what is possibly Ganon’s Gerudo form possibly under Hyrule Castle

    • bonjanglevash
      bonjanglevash 15 days ago

      The Game Theorists i don’t think aesthetic looks prove anything. They changed the world to look different from OoT as well… obviously the geography was changed to make the world more open.

    • Halen Strevig
      Halen Strevig 2 months ago

      How can breath of the wild occur at the end of the adult timeline when breath of the wild happened in old hyrule. Locations in ocarina of time such as Lon Lon ranch, hyrule castle town, and the temple of time all in ocarina of time support this

  • Brycen Dunn
    Brycen Dunn 4 hours ago

    What about the Goron Link carving in death mountain

  • Evan Nowaskey
    Evan Nowaskey 6 hours ago

    You'll get a theory right one of these days

  • Samuel Condon
    Samuel Condon 7 hours ago

    And then as always it gets yeeted out the window

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 7 hours ago

    Couldn’t it also be three different ways to get to the same result? Kinda like a cross roads in Destiny? You do all the things but still end up losing the bad guy wins for a bit. Then his teeth get kicked out of his head, then like the kids leaving with his ball comes back to mess up the good thing you have going

  • a undead gamer
    a undead gamer 9 hours ago

    Any one else notice if you change the ending of oot the timeline could make sense.

  • a undead gamer
    a undead gamer 9 hours ago

    You forgot that in the fallen hero timeline the great deku tree family is killed of by ganon, they only survive in the child timeline and adult timeline and the hero of the wild is a spitting image of the hero of twilght.

  • devinmcsorley
    devinmcsorley 10 hours ago

    That's not yellow.

  • Chips Ahoy!
    Chips Ahoy! 10 hours ago

    I got my own Zelda Theory

  • duder harriss
    duder harriss 12 hours ago

    according to Nintendo's Japanese website breath of the wild is at the end of all the timelines

    VINCEZUCC2000 13 hours ago

    Just rewatching it but I think this theory flopped when botw2 trailer was released

  • mario godbout
    mario godbout 13 hours ago +1


  • ShadowPlayz
    ShadowPlayz 14 hours ago

    MatPat: Gannondorf isn’t in botw and the twilight dialogue is false twilight gannondorf:That is incorrect

  • Kevin Molloy
    Kevin Molloy 14 hours ago

    Man he’s gonna be hella pissed to find out that calamity ganon wasn’t his true power and that it was only a distraction to stop mipha from telling Zelda how to find the sealing power and so they couldn’t stop the full recovery of ganondorf

  • Serouj Ghazarian
    Serouj Ghazarian 14 hours ago

    "Sailing the high seas" can also refer to the transition from a link to the past to link's awakening in the new division

  • Alex TK
    Alex TK 15 hours ago

    it needs anime wow effect instead.

  • ArthurD2
    ArthurD2 15 hours ago

    I still beleive that botw is the inevitable event that happens in all 3 branches, cuz it happened thousands of years later and the game has a bit of every timeline, I like to beleive this game fixes the timeline into one

  • Andrew
    Andrew 17 hours ago

    uhh you know that
    "Hyrule's history changes with time. When we think of the next game and what we want to do with it, we might think, 'Oh, this'll fit well,' and place it neatly into the timeline, but sometimes we think, 'Oh crap', and have to change the placement," Aonuma told Famitsu. "Actually, the decided history has been tweaked many times."

  • sneap
    sneap 22 hours ago

    Good theory

  • InkLink64
    InkLink64 Day ago

    Hah the theory be debunked because ganondorf is present in that time now and according to your words ganondorf has no form in the fallen timeline except his pig form also the master sword which is present in the game heavily puts evidence towards it being in the child timeline and like you said it couldn’t be the adult timeline because the master sword is present so boom ur theory debunked (relatively) [im sorry for being mean]

  • daf myr
    daf myr Day ago

    maybe this game is for everything

    • daf myr
      daf myr Day ago

      and that he has already seen everything and that he sees everything again in all other parts, but he does not remember this

  • Casual German
    Casual German Day ago

    I played moft the more known Zelda titles. But it never came to my mind that there even is something like a "timeline" that connects all Zelda games. IMO (almost) each Zelda is is a reboot. Naybe with some exceptions like "lInks Awekening" which I say play somewhere after "A link to the Past". Of course there is content that reminds you of what you know from other Zelda games, but I say that's because to keep fans connected with the Zelda games. EiJI Aonuma's answer reagrding the evolution of that race makes no sense, because I think the creators of the games never had the intention to think of a timelime when they released their games. That's why it makes no sense. It is weirder to explain all thoset hinks, than what Star Trek ha t o explain why the Klingons forehead look different in the "Original Series" than it does in the movies and "Next Generation". Anyway: Great Video. Treis to explain stuff without taking the topic too serious! :D

  • Ian Carroll
    Ian Carroll Day ago

    Ok, so at the end of Link failing to defeat Ganon in OoT, he goes into a coma until he is old enough to wield the master sword? Is this the what caused link to be approached in the first place by the people outside of time or whatever?

  • The RoGus
    The RoGus Day ago

    His shirt seems to be brown as well... eeew... millennial sweatstains... 😥

  • Max Max
    Max Max Day ago

    The BIGGEST clue that the Hero is defeated is at the the beginning of BOTW. You are comatosed. Lol

  • Matthew Scholz
    Matthew Scholz Day ago

    the failed hero timeline's link also has brown arms for his tunic, and it's unique to it, so we're save from the CDI for now at least.

  • Byrd Games
    Byrd Games Day ago

    This hasn’t aged well

  • CaramelLeek
    CaramelLeek Day ago

    Idk BOTW2 may have a Gerudo form Ganon again

  • Evan Hoffman
    Evan Hoffman Day ago

    Um... how the heck is the “adult” timeline what I’m calling the “toon” timeline?

  • Ronin Smith
    Ronin Smith Day ago

    You should watch NintendoBlackCrisis's Levithan video or his Part 1 and 2 Timeline Video.

  • Ronin Smith
    Ronin Smith Day ago


  • Shaq
    Shaq Day ago

    BOTW2 Trailer Drops
    MatPat: oh so it is in the child timeline, still not deleting the video

  • Toshi The Panda
    Toshi The Panda Day ago

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was based on Avatar the Last Airbender? I mean, in the game, Link wakes up after being in stasis for 100 years and the first thing he's told immediately after is that a great evil is threatening the world and only he has the power to stop it. Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds awfully similar to how Aang woke up after being trapped inside an iceberg for 100 years and finding out about the war and how he needs to stop the Fire Lord before it's too late 🤯. Now I could just be overthinking it and these might just be coincidences but still it really makes you wonder. 🤔

  • Doomshake Lindog Yeet like smell

    You are wrong It's Child Era. Watch BotW2 trailer.

  • SupaSanic
    SupaSanic Day ago

    Me: I don't have BOTW Matpat!
    Matpat: I was wrong about what i said at 1:04...

  • Jonatan Perez
    Jonatan Perez Day ago

    Well i guess we can say for sure that BOTW is after twilight princess

  • Cozzy Cozzy
    Cozzy Cozzy 2 days ago

    This theory has been kinda proven false now since Ganondorf is in botw 2 and Calamity Ganon was just a puppet

  • Franky Skye
    Franky Skye 2 days ago

    10:35 Oh no! he has a yellow stripe on his hat/hair Too! Anyone else see?

  • Sir Perry
    Sir Perry 2 days ago +1

    Mummy Gannondorf.

    also... I believe BOTW was said to be the reconvergence of all 3 timelines.

    • Jonatan Perez
      Jonatan Perez Day ago

      By the way i heard aonuma say that what we saw in the trailer is darker than Majora's Mask. So this might be a darker game

    • Jonatan Perez
      Jonatan Perez Day ago

      No they said its definitly at the end of everything but Aunoma said he gives the players the choice of where it lands.
      But with BOTW2, we see some obvious twilight princess references. Ganondorf's corpse is sealed below Hyrule Castle. Its stabbed in the middle and when it revives, he cracks his neck. These are obvious references to Twilight Princess' Ganondorf.
      But I see that lately Nintendo is trying to unify the chaos. Probably because they dont want to worry about 3 seperate timelines

  • Ashton Keech
    Ashton Keech 2 days ago +1

    Ganons corpses is gone, but that’s just a theory...


  • Huffl3puff Gam1ng
    Huffl3puff Gam1ng 2 days ago

    I liked twilight princess’s link suit

  • D.R.G.
    D.R.G. 2 days ago

    that strap is definitely a lighter shade of green.
    if you take it to a dye shop and change it to a different color the "yellow" strap becomes a lighter version of the color you change it too.

  • Huigberts Gamed
    Huigberts Gamed 2 days ago +11

    2019 Nintendo: Let's destroy this man's entire career

  • Ink1out
    Ink1out 2 days ago +1

    I played it

  • CaptainRemixer
    CaptainRemixer 2 days ago

    Nintendo just confirmed that it is 10,000 years after

  • NOOB 2 PRO
    NOOB 2 PRO 2 days ago

    It might classify in every timeline like all the timelines has converted back into one

  • Donovan J McQueen
    Donovan J McQueen 2 days ago

    My favorite Termina Location is Ikana Valley and my favorite Termina Landmark is the Stone Towers!
    It's the creepy aspect and sense of dread that draws me back there every time I play Majoras Mask!!!

  • Mr. Infinity
    Mr. Infinity 2 days ago +1

    11:10 Well, that wasn’t the real Ganon anyways. Botw 2 hype

    • Jonatan Perez
      Jonatan Perez Day ago

      This is so confusing. Link beat Ganon's true form in BOTW though... but i guess if his sealed body is still sealed below the castle that could explain why Ganon is still around.
      My guess is that after BOTW2, Ganon is no longer going to be the villain

  • Johnny Beavers
    Johnny Beavers 2 days ago

    I want another game in the child timeline

  • Noob
    Noob 2 days ago

    What about *BREATH OF THE WILD 2?!?!?!*

  • Josh Woofter
    Josh Woofter 2 days ago

    It's definitely child timeline

  • Slender Auditore
    Slender Auditore 2 days ago

    Didn't Matpat also say that there is no Master Sword by the end of the failed hero timeline?

  • Consumedgrub2
    Consumedgrub2 2 days ago +1

    Okay, great vid btw, however I found some ground breaking evidence that flew right over your head. Did you notice that the monument in Zoras domain says “hero of legend”. This hints towards the fallen hero timeline, since in the game link to the past, the hero is called “the hero of legend”! So if the hero of legend was in the fallen hero timeline, and if the stone monument refers to the hero of legend, that means the events of breath of the wild take place in the fallen hero timeline! You should check out the monuments in zoras domain that tell you about zora’s domain history!

  • zeo ranger 7
    zeo ranger 7 2 days ago

    Champions we need to form the mega super divine beast

  • slendertooger64 ._.
    slendertooger64 ._. 2 days ago

    your wrong that is anther bight ganon his dead body in the sequel to this game bleeding from his chest who do you thing that dead body belongs to

  • DatNico 13
    DatNico 13 2 days ago

    Why does everyone come back to this video after the release of the e3 trailer of the botw sequel

  • Dank Jerry
    Dank Jerry 3 days ago

    The only sentence I will remember

    *Thats just a theory, THATS A GAME THEORY!*

  • internetguy
    internetguy 3 days ago

    aquatic species evolve into avian, damn that is some evolutionary feat right there

  • Greendaydisease
    Greendaydisease 3 days ago

    BOTW 2 is coming out pls remake this video bc its wrong now since Ganon now has a humanoid form
    From what I've heard it happens during the child timeline because it is possibly the same ganondorf from Twilight Princess
    the hand is holding him where he was impaled and his neck is snapped back into place.

  • Ethan Owens
    Ethan Owens 3 days ago +1

    I have the cap on the Switch, definitely doesn't look yellow :|

  • Gamercakes007
    Gamercakes007 3 days ago +3

    Game changer: what if BOTW is the end of all three timelines?

  • matthew howard
    matthew howard 3 days ago +1

    Am i the only one who's going to tell him. in botw2 the ganon is from twilight

  • Andrew Krebs
    Andrew Krebs 3 days ago

    The took away the "too young joke"

  • Marinah Stefanizzi
    Marinah Stefanizzi 3 days ago

    I laughed every time that painting face-slapped.

  • Connor Cottingham
    Connor Cottingham 3 days ago

    you could borrow it and "forget" to give it back

  • NightcoreTM
    NightcoreTM 3 days ago

    I think that breathe of the wild ties all the timelines back up

  • Jorge Samperio
    Jorge Samperio 3 days ago +4

    Matt Patt: he doesn’t go his ganondorf form

    Botw 2: hold my beer

  • BigBoiBryce
    BigBoiBryce 3 days ago

    Maybe breath of the wild is an unstoppable point in all 3 timelines and it combines them.

  • cyberfrost
    cyberfrost 3 days ago

    How can there be the rito tribe if they evolved from the Zora tribe in breath of the wild how can they both be there that doesn't make sense what are your thoughts

  • cyberfrost
    cyberfrost 3 days ago

    You know what always bothered me in this game how there was both the rido and the Zora think about it for a volley is the readout champion and meta is the sorak's champion how is that possible unless they're both in same time but the reader tribe was evolved from the Zora tried it literally said it's he set BA coach said we set it up so that the reader tribe was the evolved form of the Zora tribe that appeared in Accra enough time are they different creatures are works but I think but what do you think matpat. Edit sorry I used the voice thing

  • Άγγελος Αλεξάνδρου

    The mirror of twilight is literaly in the game and many many many other things point to the adult timeline and you talk about a yellow stripe that is actually green

  • Vice
    Vice 3 days ago

    That opening is how I felt wearing the maid costume a couple years ago

  • edi Abdullai
    edi Abdullai 3 days ago

    But what about the shadow mirror wich is found in the beach and ganomdorfs body in the sequal?

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown 3 days ago

    They are going to make breath of the wild 2 I already know what timeline that will be in

  • ThePeopleOnTheCouch
    ThePeopleOnTheCouch 3 days ago +2

    MatPat: Link must defeat Ganon once and for all.
    Breath of the Wild 2: Ha. How cute.

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 4 days ago

    actually calamity ganon is just MALICE FUSED with SHEIKAH TECHNOLOGY and in the sequel there is his ganondorf form in a skinny form soooo hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Louie Firneno
      Louie Firneno 3 days ago

      he didn't know at the time. besides it still all adds up. Ganondorf body still exists, he just left it. Lynels, Hat color, you name it. And by the way, Malice IS Ganon because his pure enraged form is malice. ONLY malice. he may control shekia tech, but he isn't actually fused with it.

  • it`s me
    it`s me 4 days ago

    I think the stripe is light green

    • Louie Firneno
      Louie Firneno 3 days ago

      are meant to look faded. yellow faded is lightish green looking

  • Brian Hall
    Brian Hall 4 days ago +1

    I’m so excited that Ganondorf will be in BOTW 2

  • oNLiNe
    oNLiNe 4 days ago

    Mat Pat: He has no humanoid form
    BOTW2: Hold my cuccos

    • oNLiNe
      oNLiNe 4 days ago

      I don’t want him to make another zelda theory

  • Dark deaths channel
    Dark deaths channel 4 days ago

    But how could there be failed timelines in loz games wouldnt the only way for that to happen if link dies and I didnt really see how botw link has a yellow stripe I thought it was green

    • Dark deaths channel
      Dark deaths channel 3 days ago


    • Louie Firneno
      Louie Firneno 3 days ago

      colors are meant to look faded. yellow faded is lightish green looking. and its the concept that link dies

  • Haku Nagi
    Haku Nagi 4 days ago +4

    Turns out Gurudo Ganon actually was in the game below Hyrule Castle(BOTW2)

  • Mitchell Woroniecki
    Mitchell Woroniecki 4 days ago

    Honestly I wouldn’t be suprised if the realm of twilight did exist in the other timelines, they just haven’t had a game taking place in the other timelines.

  • Mary Ellen Plaenk
    Mary Ellen Plaenk 4 days ago

    MatPat: MatPat makes a Game Theory about BotW's Timeline placement
    BotW2 Trailer: Imma bout to end this man's whole career.
    However... don't forget that Link no longer has Triforce Slash in SSBU. Because it was stolen by Ganondorf to turn into the Demon King in the Failed Hero timeline. Because Triforce Slash's part where the Triforce of Courage is gets highlighted. But is Ultimate it is replaced with the Ancient Bow & Arrow. Because the Links cannot have it now that Ganondorf has used it to become the Demon King.

  • IdontHaveAname
    IdontHaveAname 4 days ago

    Looks like Matpat is wrong after the new trailer

  • Lem'nLime
    Lem'nLime 4 days ago +1

    Trap link

  • rougescout1099
    rougescout1099 4 days ago +1

    Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 ganon: Am I a joke to you?

  • Michael Morgan
    Michael Morgan 4 days ago

    Your theory is disproven by the statement from the game makers that BotW is set in all 3 timelines, and brings the three back together. It is an event that is inevitable regardless of the timeline.

    • Michael Morgan
      Michael Morgan 3 days ago

      @Louie Firneno

    • Louie Firneno
      Louie Firneno 3 days ago

      link? id love to see this.

  • RW 75
    RW 75 4 days ago

    I thought the three branches connected to BOTW and made the timeline in a form of a rupee

  • Giovanni Alberico Bonacci

    Calamity Ganon it's just another blight Ganon cause in teaser trailer of botw2 (probably before the events of botw1) we see that in some zonai tribe dungeon, the seal (prob of the old hero of 1000 years before botw) breaking, and so ganondorf wakes up again...

    • Giovanni Alberico Bonacci
      Giovanni Alberico Bonacci 3 days ago

      @Louie Firneno yeah i know... let's see what Nintendo will do

    • Louie Firneno
      Louie Firneno 3 days ago +1

      we dont know much about the game to be making assumptions like that yet.

  • Mr.sleek 321
    Mr.sleek 321 4 days ago

    What are the theories for the sequel of breath of the wild

  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX 4 days ago

    Alright I'm pissed skips to rage-mode

  • Blubber Beast
    Blubber Beast 4 days ago

    If Link enters a new timeline by transforming into adult / child, surely he would be gone in that timeline? There must be a timeline where Link is not already existent because when you return to each time, the changes that Link made are present, except he still left to travel in time. This means that every time you jump, you jump by the same amount of time, so you could never return to the very beginning of the game by using the temple of time. How could adult Link then stay in the future timeline while also returning to his past to grow up normally? It physically doesn't allow you to stay an adult...
    If he apparently splits himself and stays in the timeline then surely he could just duplicate himself and the master sword to defeat Ganon easily because there are 100s of him. Even 10 would be enough.
    This means Link would have no reason to just commit suicide every time he splits himself into another timeline.

  • Memelord1717 Yee
    Memelord1717 Yee 4 days ago

    I only slept for 100 years mom! I still have 5 hours left of school today mom

  • DaLemonsHateU
    DaLemonsHateU 5 days ago +1

    The ceremony is actually a reference to Hyrule Warriors

  • Video Sniper
    Video Sniper 5 days ago +13

    Who’s watching when BOTW’s sequel was announced that its in development?

    that trailer’s creepy...

  • Gigdj
    Gigdj 5 days ago

    Mat pat:
    Botw 2: I am about to end this mans hole career

  • Vinny Sanford
    Vinny Sanford 5 days ago

    Disregarding the new info about Ganons body being big botw2. He’s not in the failed hero time line because it would be a more vibrant yellow if he was.

  • Joshua Grissom
    Joshua Grissom 5 days ago

    My fav is majora but this tops it you are THE MAN

  • Joshua Grissom
    Joshua Grissom 5 days ago

    God damn you quit blowing my mind lol LOVE IT

  • Manuel Colmenero Hernandez

    He wasn’t wrong