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Barry Sanders UNREAL Career Highlights | NFL Legends Highlights

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Detroit Lions running back, Barry Sanders, legendary career highlights.
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  • Jim Ewart
    Jim Ewart 4 hours ago

    Maybe the best RB to play the game

  • Bruce Hedtke
    Bruce Hedtke 8 hours ago

    Imagine being Barry Sanders. You're the best running back in the history of the NFL, had an amazing 10 year career and you played in five playoff games. Five. Let that sink in. A talent you might see once in five lifetimes and the Lions were such a shit-show, he'd rather retire than continue playing.

  • Michael McDermott

    Barry was the shit! Best running back of all times.

  • dieseldust76
    dieseldust76 Day ago

    I get chills every time I watch the old Barry highlights! Damn I miss him! God bless you Mr. Sanders!

  • Ride with me
    Ride with me 2 days ago

    I wasn't a fan of the Lions but I was of this guy.

  • MasterTech Vic
    MasterTech Vic 2 days ago

    Powerful shet!

  • Chad White
    Chad White 2 days ago

    He was the greatest ever. Or will ever be

  • The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Furly

    Reggie Bush at USC was the only thing close

  • Stanford Roberts
    Stanford Roberts 4 days ago

    HE is the BEST

    FRED SMARTSTONE 4 days ago

    When was playing for Oklahoma State I knew right then he would be doing the same thing in the NFL. Just gifted like no other.

  • Chris J
    Chris J 5 days ago

    As a lifelong Bears fan I saw way too much of this guy during his playing days. LOL

  • sherb
    sherb 5 days ago

    Did he ever celebrate a touchdown or spike the ball in the endzone? So humble and a class act!!

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross 6 days ago

    this guy is the goat

  • Dave Thomson
    Dave Thomson 7 days ago

    I saw the best running back in football, ever!

  • Shaw A
    Shaw A 7 days ago

    Thank you UL Barry Sanders card in m25, thank you for helping win all those games online in madden 25!!!!!

  • JoJo Norris
    JoJo Norris 8 days ago

    😲 ... is all we had !!! Greatest Ever

  • Clt Nc
    Clt Nc 8 days ago

    It’s the plays where he runs into a group of defenders disappears and comes out in a different direction that are the best. I remember they used to cry about how he must put something slick on his jersey because they couldn’t get a hold of him. He changed direction like a UFO nothing moves like he did.

  • Chaplain C.D. No Chains

    I'm from Dallas & I love The Dallas Cowboys, but this Man Is The Greatest At Running the Ball Ever... Go Get Him Zeke...E.Smith the Greatest All Around Back..

  • John Shannon
    John Shannon 8 days ago

    It might not be cool to say this, but the only person close to this is O.J.

  • John Shannon
    John Shannon 8 days ago

    All apologies to the great running backs who have played in the NFL but BS is easily the best. Fast, strong, agile and graceful.

  • joseph porter
    joseph porter 8 days ago

    Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders are the two greatest of all time

  • Rick Heras
    Rick Heras 8 days ago

    A lil more many 60 yrd or more td??? . HOW MANY???

  • Rick Heras
    Rick Heras 8 days ago

    Never mind stats.....GOAT.....SIMPLE ENOUGH

  • Jason Somers
    Jason Somers 9 days ago

    If he had the cowboys offensive line then a 4K yard season would have been every year.

  • etpslick100
    etpslick100 10 days ago

    Nothing against Emmet Smith; BUT, Barry Sanders, to me, was the greatest RB that played the game. Detroit had the worst OL and Barry MADE his own holes to get those yards. He was just amazing to watch! 😌🏈

  • Dennis Haines
    Dennis Haines 11 days ago

    Just amazing to watch him play. He just had the ability to make a defense look like bumbling amateurs. His sense of timing was impeccable to slip through holes.

  • TheBestMusicOnly
    TheBestMusicOnly 12 days ago

    Barry had the best juke moves in the history of any sport. He had a way of turning his hips so that you couldn't tell which direction he was gonna go. His juke was quick. This allowed him to get in and out of the breaks without losing speed. And no, the Lions line was not providing him with much blocking nor did they really have a passing game. By the way #51 of the Cowboys? We found your ankles sir. We're keeping them in a moist ziplok bag until you can have the doctor sew them back on.

  • Jon Castillo
    Jon Castillo 13 days ago

    Know why I do not like Detroit?
    Can you imagine the career Barry Sanders could have had, had he played on a good team?
    How many Super Bowls did Detroit rob Sanders of? If they thought so highly of him, they should have done him the favor and traded him to a good team. But they were selfish and thought only of themselves. This is why I do not like Detroit. Bottom dwellers forever.

  • Willie Beamin
    Willie Beamin 13 days ago

    he shakes #51 at 2:34 dear lord that’s a juke move for the ages. What a legend

  • Gary Gordon
    Gary Gordon 14 days ago +1

    As a lifelong clevelander who is a die hard Browns fan I feel I need to say this... Jim Brown was a human truck stick, he was amazing... and ... is the second best rb of all time. Barry Sanders was able to do things no human before nor for years to come could do... even in a video game. He was unreal and I feel blessed having been able to watch his career... though I was heartbroken when he left with so many amazing memories left unmade.

  • Jessshae Finch
    Jessshae Finch 14 days ago

    Second best I've seen ( Walter Payton )

  • D Hagan
    D Hagan 14 days ago

    One question nobody is asking, if Emmitt went to Detroit and Barry to Dallas (who had one of the best offensive lines in history) how would things have turned out? My opinion, Emmitt would not have come close to what Barry made in 10 years, and Barry would own every record known to man. When he got his 2000 yards, Barry also led the NFL in attempts for loss. He only had a couple years where he had a decent line. Imagine if he ran behind the best, just saying!

    • D Hagan
      D Hagan 13 days ago

      +TJ Libertarian I can see what you're saying, but imagine if he did run behind the offensive line that made Emmitt what he was in Dallas

    • TJ Libertarian
      TJ Libertarian 14 days ago

      That question was pretty much answered on a Monday Night football game between the Lions and the Cowboys. Emmet averaged his first cut one yards past the line of scrimmage; Barry had to make his first cut one yard behind the line in his own backfield. Yet, Barry still out ran Emmet.

  • Mr Knowitall
    Mr Knowitall 14 days ago

    the GOAT for certain...but imagine a white RB following his path...Christian Mccaffrey(go watch Mccaffreys college and pro highlights, uncanny). broke his NCAA all time record, and is now on track at the pro level. there are some amazing backs today, but i think Mccaffrey has the chance to be in the conversation of close to Sanders, in the end. he's the closest style wise, and production to Sanders i've ever seen, in every way. Players like Sanders and CMC create from nothing, don't rely on O lines, or lucky breaks, they're game changers. CMC has the most receptions by ANY PLAYER in NFL history by age 22...let that sink in, imagine if he was with say a Tom Brady, etc.

  • Jim Yang
    Jim Yang 14 days ago

    As a viking's fan, Barry scare the shit out me. Every time he touch the ball playing against the Vikings I have a seizure.

  • Visfor Vegan
    Visfor Vegan 15 days ago

    I rate Walter Payton as the greatest RB if all-time, but Barry was the greatest runner of all-time.
    Will Saquan challenge that? Doesn't really matter, Barry's highlights are sick. The party against Dallas is my all-time favorite.

  • Redcorvet Bule
    Redcorvet Bule 16 days ago

    Bad to the bone. Imagine if the lions would have had a passing game at that time.

  • Polaris sportsman
    Polaris sportsman 16 days ago

    Berry was great because he stayed with 1 team and wasn't about the money

  • L Forte
    L Forte 16 days ago


  • Bill Bixby
    Bill Bixby 16 days ago

    And he did all that while staying loyal to a largely unsucessful small market team. Having a remarkable character lead him to 🐐 status.

  • Jkayski22
    Jkayski22 16 days ago


  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 17 days ago

    Best there ever was or will be.

  • Bernard Williams
    Bernard Williams 17 days ago

    One of the greatest running backs with a horrible offensive line. We hated to see him leave but he did the right thing for his health and his life.

  • Andre Gillison
    Andre Gillison 17 days ago


  • okolekahuna
    okolekahuna 19 days ago


  • Luke
    Luke 20 days ago

    thurman thomas played with him pre nfl
    thomas turned out not too bad

  • Levi Meyer
    Levi Meyer 20 days ago

    He was coaching I did it for underdogs but he was coaching minds cus protect relace

  • Joseph Saetveit
    Joseph Saetveit 21 day ago

    "His jockstrap is still on the 20 yard line" about Sanders' defenders.

  • Joseph Saetveit
    Joseph Saetveit 21 day ago

    Sanders was so amazing I could watch him run all day!

  • David Niggemeyer
    David Niggemeyer 25 days ago

    Barry Sanders is The G.O.A.T, MegaTron is arguably The G.O.A.T. (Either him or Jerry Rice, but still...), Tom Brady is The G.O.A.T. All 3 played in Michigan! I'm one proud Michiganian. Too bad the Lions SUCK!!! Why God? Why?

  • David Niggemeyer
    David Niggemeyer 25 days ago

    Emmitt has the Title, but Barry has the highlight reels!!!

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard 29 days ago +1

    Emmitt is not better!

  • Maxharddrive64
    Maxharddrive64 Month ago +1

    In his prime , He was absolutely amazing.. I cannot tell you how many times I"d turn to my friends and say, "..did you see that?" He was perhaps the best that ever was. I know other backs have more yardage. But look who he played for. A totally inept team with inept coaching and clueless ownership that still to this day is clueless . (This is one of the richest families in the NFL if they were serious about a Super Bowl they would have won one already.) Study Barry's runs. He didn't need the offensive lineman do too much other than get in someone's way long enough for him to scoot bye. The Great sin of the Lions franchise is pretty much the same thing they did to Calvin Johnson and are now squandering with Matthew Stafford and that is failing to build a proper team around them to win it all.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Month ago

    Never won a Superbowl. He's not counted according to Madden

  • Jeff Willard
    Jeff Willard Month ago

    God I hate the lions.

  • Stephen Goss
    Stephen Goss Month ago +1

    Barry S. Was it just the best.I never saw anyone ever in football run like that and I probably won’t.

  • o K
    o K Month ago

    Billy was better!!!!!!

  • o K
    o K Month ago

    He quit on his Detroit fans ,Walter never quit on chi

  • mw personal 1968 COGM
    mw personal 1968 COGM Month ago +1

    Este para mi, fue el pele o Maradona de la NFL

  • jon dough
    jon dough Month ago

    I was a Emmitt Smith fan and I say #20 was the best ever ..

  • Pat Kurzynowski
    Pat Kurzynowski Month ago +1

    G O A T and it's not even close!!!!!

  • Rick Heras
    Rick Heras Month ago

    Dam......I forgot how special he was

  • Steve Balistreri
    Steve Balistreri Month ago +1

    I am a Packer fan and let me just say I wish my children could have seen Barry Sanders play as it was an honor to watch him.

  • Hector Rodríguez, Rivero

    B. SANDERS is the best running back the NFL has ever seen, no one runs the ball on the field like he did and for such a short career in the NFL he got numbers that would take other running backs years to achieve. Since the lions didn't want to trade him he lost he's interest and the love for football and retired. Barry's the truth.

  • bill bangz
    bill bangz Month ago +1

    Still mad at Barry for not breaking that record but he really didn't want it...

  • Ramses Stafford
    Ramses Stafford Month ago +1

    John Madden said it best when he dubbed Barry Sanders 'The Gingerbread Man'. The most fun players I've ever seen with my own two eyes on Sundays were Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders and Mike Vick.

  • fallguye6011
    fallguye6011 Month ago +1

    Can't go wrong with Sanders, 34, or Jim Brown.

  • Bobby Axelrod
    Bobby Axelrod Month ago

    its a shame he wasted all his years in detroit

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez Month ago

    He was a bad Dude Pure greatness ....

  • KJEdward Cooke
    KJEdward Cooke Month ago

    Barry Sanders >>>>> Emmit Smith

  • JClaus1221
    JClaus1221 Month ago

    no doubt he was one amazing back, but one thing struck me watching this video, the Lions had to have some of the best blocking receivers downfield that ever played. I mean they are everywhere in these highlights.

  • Jim M
    Jim M Month ago

    Barry Sanders was " THE WATER BOY " for the Lions. I couldn't recall the names of any of their personnel when they played. Shame he never got a ring .

  • UnHoly 666
    UnHoly 666 Month ago +1

    I live in Detroit Michigan and going to those games and watching the GOAT.... priceless.

  • Tom Lebeuf
    Tom Lebeuf Month ago +2

    No word of a lie...I still get goosebumps watching this guy. Every year since he retired I scour the NFL draft to find someone who has that "it" factor. I'm so lucky to have watched Barry's whole career.

  • Dez Parker
    Dez Parker Month ago +1

    People say Jerry Rice is GOAT. Montana. Brady. But for me, it's Barry Sanders, hands down. The most phenomenal athlete in NFL history, magician, Michael Jackson/Baryshnikov rolled into one. And he spent his entire career playing for a bad to mediocre team. Oddly enough, the closest man after Barry is another Sanders, Deion. Must be something in the name.

    • Apple Fritter
      Apple Fritter 24 days ago

      ​+JClaus1221 love Vick...but not true. Sanders was more explosive over the first 10 yards. Better change of direction, better at making something out of nothing. Vick always has the option to run or throw the ball away. He ran when it was expedient. Barry didn't have that option. Love Vick and his awesome athleticism and cannon for an arm...but he was not as good as runner as Sanders.

    • Dez Parker
      Dez Parker Month ago

      +JClaus1221 True. Vick was certainly the most athletic QB that NFL has ever known. And yes, amazing arm. He threw the most beautiful spiral.

    • JClaus1221
      JClaus1221 Month ago +1

      course Vick had all the same moves, was faster, and could throw a ball 80 yards with a flick of his wrist. as far as being a one man show, Vick was usually running for his life on every play, people bashed him for not being able to stay in the pocket...he barely ever had one. No doubt Barry was amazing, but Vick was every bit as dynamic.

  • g barnwell
    g barnwell Month ago

    Like a human video game. Unbelievable

  • International Harvester

    As much fun as watching Earl Campbell!

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen Month ago

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  • Reek Z
    Reek Z Month ago +1

    I tear up watching this shit cause dudes so good

  • Trader Help 101
    Trader Help 101 Month ago +3

    If there is ONE athlete that doesn't need records or championships to KNOW he's the greatest of all time...
    It's Barry Sanders

  • Kill Roy
    Kill Roy Month ago

    Emmit who?

  • Ronin Midori
    Ronin Midori Month ago

    They didnt go for the ankles back then

    MURR DOG Month ago +1

    Simply the best RB ever ..too bad was on a team with sheity ownership.

  • Jerry Garcia
    Jerry Garcia Month ago +2

    The michael jordan of the nfl.

  • Des iolle
    Des iolle Month ago +1

    The original ankle breaker.....brings a tear to my eye....what an athlete

  • bluewaffle74ab
    bluewaffle74ab Month ago

    Ah when football was exciting

  • Carlton Brown
    Carlton Brown Month ago

    Barry was good. REAL GOOD! But, I would still take Eric Dickerson over Barry any day, and twice on Sundays.

  • One CRAZY Who Dat!
    One CRAZY Who Dat! Month ago

    He was way better than Emmitt Smith.

  • giantkiller56
    giantkiller56 Month ago +1

    We Lions' fans didn't deserve Barry.

  • Khalid Shabazz
    Khalid Shabazz Month ago +1

    They might as well direct snapped him the ball with all those sorry ass quarterbacks

  • Jason Godfrey
    Jason Godfrey Month ago +1

    This dude broke ALOT of ankles😄😄😄😄

  • Leon Maliniak
    Leon Maliniak Month ago +1

    There are and there have been many, many great running backs in the history of the NFL..

    Some of them also had an element of the elusiveness and the ability to read the flow of the defense and change direction on a dime that Barry Sanders had.
    But nobody had this gift to the degree that Sanders had. BARRY is the creme de la creme....the best of them all. He was as quick and as jittery as a....jitterbug !
    Most of the other greats were primarily north - south type runners with the odd shake and bake lateral moves or " spins " to weave in and out of defenses but nothing compared to Barry. In my opinion the only other back close to Sanders in this Pac-Man type of running skill was everyone's favorite " IF I DID IT " and " IF THE GLOVE DOES NOT FIT...YOU MUST ACQUIT " whipping boy...O.J. SIMPSON
    Talk about destroying a career and shooting yourself in the foot. Of course, killing two people is not a serious crime in our country, but STEAL some playing cards and memorabilia and it's LIFE IN PRISON or seven years...whichever comes first...but I digress.
    It should not be overlooked that the ability to spin, shake and bake, twist and turn and change direction on a dime is a PHYSICAL skill because your legs and your hips and ankles have to be able to resist the incredible stresses of those sudden moves, but it is also a big MENTAL gift . To do what a running back like Sanders is able to do he has to be viewing the placement of the players all around him and evaluating and interpreting the solution of the exit to the MAZE of all of their directions and body placements and angles in split second timing and then acting accordingly.
    Since it all happens so fast, this all has to be some sort of learned REFLEX developed at a young age and through lots of practice, where, like with the repetition of piano playing, of all things, there is a sort of MIND - MUSCLES " MEMORY " which develops where the body and the mid almost act by becomes instinctive.

  • Lorenzo Alonzo
    Lorenzo Alonzo Month ago +1

    You can't get no better than Barry Sanders! One of the all time great running backs to lace up! Unstoppable!

  • SingleTax
    SingleTax Month ago +1

    Barry Sanders is not only one of the five greatest running backs of all time, he is by far the greatest running back to never appear in a Super Bowl. Emmitt Smith could only *wish* he could do the sort of things Barry could.

  • KOJAC-wholovesyababy


  • BillyJack85
    BillyJack85 Month ago

    Forget RB's, Barry might be the best to ever do it period. I don't know if there's another player with as much mystique and raw talent throughout the entire history of American football from then til today. And I'm not even a Lions fan. Sanders is in a category all his own.

  • JoshCT K
    JoshCT K Month ago

    You can never say that Barry is the Greatest Running Back of all time but certainly Barry Sanders can be called the Greatest Runner of all time. If he was a better pass catcher/blocker he would hand down be the best RB ever.

  • M R
    M R Month ago

    4:23 he caught up to Barry 😮

  • Clayton LoneTree
    Clayton LoneTree Month ago +1

    He was amazing! Not a Lions fan, but when they were being shown on tv; my first thoughts were 'Barry!' I have this friend who is a Dallas Cowboys fan and he would get irate when Barry would get the ball. "Get him!" GET THAT Mother!" Then slam his hand on the table.
    I just loved how Barry would slip the crowded lanes and next you know he's twenty yards down the field! For you millinials you definitely missed this humble guy.

  • Justin Stolba
    Justin Stolba Month ago

    They need to make a Johnny Unitas or Jim brown

  • Vino Daniels
    Vino Daniels Month ago