Zlatan Ibrahimović on Playing for LA Galaxy, His Nicknames & The World Cup

  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
  • Zlatan talks about coming to LA to play soccer, his favorite nickname that the fans have given him, scoring his first goal for the LA Galaxy, his very high confidence, and he reveals if he'll be going to the World Cup.
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    Zlatan Ibrahimović on Playing for LA Galaxy, His Nicknames & The World Cup
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Comments • 20 239

  • Joshua war
    Joshua war 10 hours ago

    Zlatan inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen

  • Yoshi i flopped teh nuts and still lost Bugatti

    he looks like the evil villain in a Disney movie

  • Aditya Thapa
    Aditya Thapa 20 hours ago

    Yes good seeing you in the world cup #august2018

  • Ian Lai
    Ian Lai 20 hours ago +1

    Only time someone can be so cocky and be loved for it. Legend

  • Francis Doesburg
    Francis Doesburg 20 hours ago


  • Joseph V M
    Joseph V M Day ago

    He is the symbol of self-confidence and mental power!

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia Day ago

    Zlatan once said the names of only 8 planets...therefore...there are only 8 planets

  • Mathias Lucas
    Mathias Lucas Day ago

    Ibracadabra!!!! i m very fan!!!! very very fan!!!

  • Graziano Fumaria

    Ibra is serious... ain't kidding

  • Adam Francisco
    Adam Francisco Day ago

    zlatan can speak Chinese

  • Mario Cortes
    Mario Cortes 2 days ago +1

    The Lion King it's weak compare to Zlatan the lion 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Big Benn
    Big Benn 2 days ago +1

    Sweden didnt get attacked in ww2 because everyones afraid of Zlatan

  • M Myan
    M Myan 2 days ago

    Stupid confident

  • tigesty neymer
    tigesty neymer 2 days ago

    He's confidence is amazing. He's teammates are lucky 2 have him

  • Silas Ditzer
    Silas Ditzer 2 days ago


  • nico ric
    nico ric 2 days ago

    well look at that he did not go to the worldcup... his own country doesn't want him and they did pretty well anyway!

  • So Mai
    So Mai 2 days ago


  • mystiq86
    mystiq86 2 days ago

    Zlatan is as much of a natural comedian as he is a natural footballer.

    DIMA JUVE 3 days ago

    When zlatan comes to your to house you become the guest

  • Christopher Georgsson

    There´s a reason why he is in the U.S. Zlatan is done in Sweden, done in the National Swedish Soccer Team. Back here, he has gained "gold prices" since 8yrs ago. And also the face of Volvo , who everyone knowes, i suppouse (?). He turned his back on Swedish National Team, when World Championship in Russia 2018 (this year) was coming up. He´s a down hitting star, that´s why he when´t over "the pond".. So... dear Z, we DON`T miss YOU. Finally.

  • Julian Bobi
    Julian Bobi 3 days ago +6

    Zlatan when he wakes up every morning:
    I AM GOD.

    • TheHimbeerjoghurt
      TheHimbeerjoghurt Day ago

      Julian Bobi
      God (Every morning when he wakes up): "I'm Zlatan"

  • David Manyanga
    David Manyanga 3 days ago +1

    i luv me some Ibra

  • Jacob Reinhart
    Jacob Reinhart 3 days ago +1

    goes from playing a good Paris team to shitty NA soccer

  • ThaFilioNevaHeard
    ThaFilioNevaHeard 3 days ago +1

    TVclip watches Zlatan

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 3 days ago +3

    The Government pays Taxes To Zlatan

  • A crafter
    A crafter 3 days ago +2

    Zlatan is not a popular sport in America

  • Saythetruth 13
    Saythetruth 13 3 days ago +1

    This is the best comment section ever 🤣😂🤣😂
    Guys god bless you all

  • Abderrahim Gadmy
    Abderrahim Gadmy 3 days ago +2

    It's nice to see Jimmy on Zlatan's show

  • D Paul
    D Paul 4 days ago +1

    Wtf is wrong with my Sweden?

  • Joseph
    Joseph 4 days ago +2

    It looks like his face is zoomed in on his face

  • Lionel Muke
    Lionel Muke 4 days ago +2

    Zlatan has been my favourite player for years but u people only follow hype

  • Yahyaa Bhattay
    Yahyaa Bhattay 4 days ago

    Zalatan gmail account: gmail@zalatan.com

  • Yxng Lawd
    Yxng Lawd 4 days ago +1


  • Lima ozukum
    Lima ozukum 4 days ago

    Zlatan can freeze ice with his elbow

  • Hashi Abdalle
    Hashi Abdalle 4 days ago

    Knas A-Z the Swedish fish mmm lax Sveriges godaste lax

  • Mwesigwa Moses
    Mwesigwa Moses 4 days ago

    His room mate at the Ajax academy narrated a story of how Zlatan woke him up from his bunker deep in the night and told him he had a dream and in the vision he was seeing himself turning into one of the greatest strikers in the world. At the moment he felt it was stupid of him to wake him up just to listen to his dreams but I have to admit, the dream was worth it.

  • Admiral Aladeen
    Admiral Aladeen 4 days ago

    Zlatan comes late to training, and the other players are punished for coming too early

  • AlexVB195
    AlexVB195 4 days ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel, Allow people to comment on your Kanye West video... or are you afraid of the true public opinion?

  • Mie Helene
    Mie Helene 4 days ago +2

    Zlatan does not have tattoos.
    Tattoos have Zlatan.

  • Denzil Pillay
    Denzil Pillay 4 days ago +1

    Zlatan is king!

  • Thebe E
    Thebe E 4 days ago

    This guy is just cool

  • Alex Popescu
    Alex Popescu 4 days ago +1

    Jimmy is such a bad interviewer here.....first he has no respect over anything that's not american second he dosn't even realize who's he talking too, making fun of him, instead of being welcoming. Felling insecure Jimmy?:)).... Zlatan is a legend ... dude you re only famous because you interview famous people.....

  • Marko Kardinar
    Marko Kardinar 4 days ago

    2:11 I put sweden on the map :D hahaah legend!

  • Edgard Ramirez
    Edgard Ramirez 4 days ago

    ZLATAN 2020!!!!

  • Irma Rahmawati Sea
    Irma Rahmawati Sea 4 days ago

    Zlatan didnt brush his hair his brush itself

  • Rod Bellfield
    Rod Bellfield 4 days ago +2

    All I can see are all the hearts I broke in FIFA playing as Manchester Utd scoring goals from across the map when I watch this LOL.

  • sola Venatus
    sola Venatus 4 days ago

    Zlatan will never become a victim of gun crime, Gun crime will become a victim of zlatan! ( seeing as he is in America now )

  • Zoran Jovanovic
    Zoran Jovanovic 4 days ago

    Arrogance HIGH10

  • Azad Rahul
    Azad Rahul 5 days ago

    Anything they achieve they will credit it to you
    "I'll make them"

  • Azad Rahul
    Azad Rahul 5 days ago

    He even looks like Chuck Norris

  • Luiz Duarte
    Luiz Duarte 5 days ago

    Brilha muito no Corinthians!

  • JJ Benjamin
    JJ Benjamin 5 days ago

    He's a gangsta

  • Andrei 3000
    Andrei 3000 5 days ago

    Maybe I smoked to much....but is he a therapist for really famous people? But its all in a weird format...

  • Margui622
    Margui622 5 days ago

    Zlatan would think this guy is an idiot.

  • Donald 999
    Donald 999 5 days ago


  • valdemar cardoso
    valdemar cardoso 5 days ago

    Football, has the name says is played with foot, the other sport can be good but was no expression, in global.

  • thirumalai nambi
    thirumalai nambi 5 days ago

    I'm not a typical Swedish guy, but I put Sweden on the map, so.. 😂

  • Armin Gilani
    Armin Gilani 5 days ago

    It’s football not soccer get used to it, billions of people around the world call it football but only Americans call it soccer. I don’t understand why you guys couldn’t come up with name for your sport, I mean how hard is it? You renamed the RRAL football soccer, surely you could’ve been more creative to make a new name for your so called “football”

  • Lavito Beats
    Lavito Beats 5 days ago

    Zlaten is made from STEEL. Never forget.

  • Eryc Carrera
    Eryc Carrera 5 days ago

    jimmy next time dont disrespect zlatan by calling it soccer... and NEVER tell him to get use to it... zlatan is god

  • MaLo NiNo
    MaLo NiNo 5 days ago

    Then messi must feel super ultimate

  • Agha Ali Raza
    Agha Ali Raza 5 days ago

    I'm sorry but why is jimmy kimmel on The Zlatan show? And by powerful at +3:19 he meant an atomic bomb!

  • T RAPS
    T RAPS 5 days ago

    Jimmy isnt interviewing Zlatan ...Zalatan is Interviewing Jimmy

  • J.T. R
    J.T. R 5 days ago

    Where was he in the world cup tho?

  • German Arenibar
    German Arenibar 5 days ago

    Whenever zlatan makes a grammar error the dictionary is updated

  • German Arenibar
    German Arenibar 5 days ago

    Zlatan makes onion cry

  • Futrocstar vids
    Futrocstar vids 5 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel didn't have Zlatan on the show
    Zlatan had jimmy kimmel on the show

  • Silenzio 81
    Silenzio 81 6 days ago

    He’s Croatian blood

  • DEtta Mason
    DEtta Mason 6 days ago

    Taking my son to see him in Kansas City. Can not wait he is my son's absolute favorite player

  • Legoat James
    Legoat James 6 days ago

    Zlatan doesn’t play futbol , futbol plays zlatan

    TZY TZY 6 days ago

    We are all orbiting around Zlatan!

  • Misael Cortes
    Misael Cortes 6 days ago

    Zlatan can conquer Thanos

  • quymoto
    quymoto 6 days ago +1

    Fun Fact: Zlatan drives a car, Flitstones style!

  • khali dibba
    khali dibba 6 days ago +1

    I feel more manly to just see him..what an alpha man

    FIFA FT SHOW 6 days ago +2

    Let’s rename in to: Zweden

  • Areeb Siddiqui
    Areeb Siddiqui 6 days ago

    When you invite zlatan on your show you're the guest.

  • sven svenson
    sven svenson 6 days ago

    He one of the Players Never went to the Neymar Theater School

  • Hemuli
    Hemuli 6 days ago

    Fiery personality 1000%

  • Kk football skills skills

    He is so arrogant

  • RipX
    RipX 6 days ago

    When Zlatan goes to school the teacher learns from him

  • Ratoni Macaroni
    Ratoni Macaroni 6 days ago

    Zlatan doesn’t pay tax. The tax pays zlatan to stay in la

  • Helena Ivanka
    Helena Ivanka 6 days ago

    Jimmy please do some background research on your guests...….you were so unprepared for this superstar!!

  • That Guy
    That Guy 6 days ago

    Also this wasn't an interview at all. In an interview the other person needs to try and engage the interviewer just as much as the interviewer engages the interviewee. If you watch an interview with someone like Ryan Reynolds you see how an interview works.

  • CrazySailor1637
    CrazySailor1637 7 days ago

    He's loving the LA life

  • Michael Jo
    Michael Jo 7 days ago

    5:54 best part

  • Disturbed By The Light Nikolovski

    When Zlatan goes to High School he is the teacher

  • Seb Privat
    Seb Privat 7 days ago

    Zlatan the God of confidence

  • chris taylor
    chris taylor 7 days ago

    Now your in LA get a noise job bro! Also do something about your ignorance

  • mission possible
    mission possible 7 days ago

    I read an autobiography of Carlo Ancelotti his former coach,
    And he said he is honestly one of of the most selfless team players he had coached. Man deserves what he gets too you should see his work rate

  • RaggaMovin
    RaggaMovin 7 days ago

    LEGEN!!! one Zlatan

  • mang kuruak
    mang kuruak 7 days ago

    When Zlatan enter, Jimmy is the guest..

  • Sergio Marquez
    Sergio Marquez 7 days ago

    Zlatan is awesome.

  • Pretty Cake
    Pretty Cake 7 days ago

    Zlatan's parents used to climb into his bed when they had nightmares

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 7 days ago

    Savage is Zlatan

  • Nigam Tamang
    Nigam Tamang 7 days ago

    Dear Los Angeles, Welcome to the world of ZLATAN!

  • We Are Anonymous
    We Are Anonymous 7 days ago

    He's an amazing person

  • Happy Dreamer
    Happy Dreamer 7 days ago

    call him the swedish shark

  • Redronnie B
    Redronnie B 8 days ago

    He should play for SAFC