Joe Alwyn On Whether He and Taylor Swift Will Work Together (Exclusive)


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  • noemi zerimar
    noemi zerimar 22 hours ago +1

    This is the same girl who asked Taylor how many men he was taking home... why not ask joe how many girls he’s taking home 😂😒🙄 that’s was just so fuckin rude, unnecessary

  • Ajaypal Sandhu
    Ajaypal Sandhu 2 days ago

    Joe handle everything very well.

  • Ella
    Ella 2 days ago

    He is really "Gorgeous" sorry Tay Tay, your man is HOT!!!

  • Douglas Scott
    Douglas Scott 3 days ago

    Why do American interviewers always sound so blunt and unsophisticated? (I am American). Don't they vet these people before they are hired? Almost without exception, they come across as in your face, and without nuance.

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 3 days ago

    Singed joker!

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 3 days ago

    The joker wants to talk to little cat woman... Ohhhh little darling.... Ohhh how cute.... Ohh sweetness... The joker love you... Yes he does... Yes he does... Ohh princess... Ohh ohh ohh ok I'm done!
    That's my sexy talk when I'm petting that pussycat!

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 3 days ago

    Hey joe... Can Taylor (cat woman) and the joker go on a walk for Halloween? I swear I'll let her off the chain... Then have a nice sparkly gift in a package of temptations... What a cat treat!
    Oh wait... I forgot you don't own her so... YES! Why I do accept!

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 3 days ago

    Poem for Taylor with my forementioned gift...
    This rose of 13... Red with passion like your album... Firey my heart is... Bleeding blue through and through...till you... Now red... An inferno heart... It burns the part!. Girl we both have art... My next feet ... A hand sculpted statue of a goddess... My hands will Caress and soothe the clay while my heart burst in vivid colour! Blooming like every soon gifted rose.... Do you fit the part... This is not an act... But a play with many beautiful acts like Romeo et Juliet... And a love story.., I'll have your heart I bet... Soon you will get... Your next birthday gift... Make your wish and I shall grant My heart... It aches for yours... And oh I heart pours because ... Yes oh yes... There's my forever wink our titanic... Rose... Will never sink!

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 3 days ago

    Hey Joe! Welcome to the love joker!
    Gift for Taylor? Well she has a red album... The famous 13? The joker is going to send her 13 RED... Fire red... Roses!
    Who's her best lover? No other chump thought of that? Like you?
    Don't copy... She's mine... That's right... Mine... Be real like me... Not a fake copier! Did I patent that GIFT? I'll patent the swift too... Mine! Don't forget about a poem with all her album names in it... And red and roses and a titanic reference... Rose! And your the other chump!

  • Hala A Deeb
    Hala A Deeb 4 days ago

    A prince ❤👀

  • helen riz
    helen riz 4 days ago +5

    I hope i'll see soon the title: Joe Alwayn and Taylor Swift are getting married.
    Love u taylor sooo much.

  • Ayelen Maldonado
    Ayelen Maldonado 5 days ago

    I don't think he's that cute...

  • AllieCat
    AllieCat 5 days ago +1

    So THIS is the King of Taylor's heart!! She's right! He's gorgeous! 😍❤

  • Karlie Romë
    Karlie Romë 5 days ago

    “Big Reputation, Big Reputation, oh you and me we have a Big Reputation..." 🎶🎶🎶 Wait...Does he have a Big Reputation? 😂

  • Ananta Vania
    Ananta Vania 5 days ago +4


  • Ainhoa Bergara
    Ainhoa Bergara 5 days ago +1

    I really think he is staying guys

  • a J
    a J 5 days ago +3

    Doesn't this woman know the difference between songwriting and acting in a movie🤔 i mean he can't just bring taylor to a movie set to act

  • Yib Ayub
    Yib Ayub 5 days ago +4

    Ocean blue eyes...
    Looking in mine
    I feel like i might...
    Sinking drown and dieeeeeeee~

  • anonymous writer
    anonymous writer 5 days ago


  • Mary Clark
    Mary Clark 5 days ago

    Is He Australian?

    • Flower Rose
      Flower Rose 5 days ago

      that's definitely not an Australian accent...he sounds British?

  • Sanskruti Patil
    Sanskruti Patil 5 days ago +3

    They've been so private about their relationship.... It's real love and I'm so Happy for Taylor 💕

  • Veronica
    Veronica 6 days ago

    Wow didn’t expect the deepness of his voice lol

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 6 days ago

    That guy calling the joker crazy... I get no attention... Trust me... And yes bang on buddy as I do...
    Google hang out requests from random girls... My record is over 10 in one day.... Random emails with sexy pictures.... Tons of people saying hey it's swift... Only gave my number out once... And it turned out to be a new York number texting from an expensive neighboorhood north of the world trade centre... I like the odds... She's very sweet... And quite a busy girl... Hey she said she is looking forward to hearing my voice and wants to chat on the phone soon... Hmm... I mean I know the swifts voice. I guess that girl (who ever it is) never thought of that either! Time will tell...
    I'll let you know how it goes... Hey and she said sexy photos to my email is no problem... I'll give her some time on that... The joker will be like... Not sexy enough... Not sexy enough... Until... She already sent me some photos I could not find anywhere on the Internet... But I said sexier baby! She said not a problem! The photos though are so darling and beautiful though as I told her...😝😝😝💗💗💗👑

  • OT5 5Hstan
    OT5 5Hstan 6 days ago

    HELL NOOOOO!!!!!

  • Ismy Partygirl
    Ismy Partygirl 6 days ago +1

    This interview is one of the highlight's of Nancy O'Dell's life.

  • Astrid Baltimore
    Astrid Baltimore 6 days ago

    hes so gorgeous

  • Dakota Beayrd
    Dakota Beayrd 6 days ago

    I’m Autistic and even I know he was joking

  • Asterismz Asterismz
    Asterismz Asterismz 6 days ago

    he looks like trump

  • ILyes Noah
    ILyes Noah 6 days ago +3

    He is mega gentleman, Taylor did finally get the right one end of Excrries stories

  • Rum Flake
    Rum Flake 6 days ago

    Wait a minute. Taylor Swift. The hottest woman in the world is with this poncey faced wet blanket of a dude? The world sucks. I want to get off.

  • thelonious monk
    thelonious monk 6 days ago +1

    he is so sweet and sincere, seemingly no arrogance whatsoever. Its refreshing.

  • panqueques condulcedeleche

    Do people really believe in this “relationship”? 🤣

    • Karlie Romë
      Karlie Romë 5 days ago

      Unfortunately, yes...They Do. They don't understand that PR exists...But time will tell

  • oy59
    oy59 6 days ago

    tell me why he looks like taylor

  • Fahriya Rahmanova
    Fahriya Rahmanova 6 days ago

    He sounds Australian

  • Siddharth Shukla
    Siddharth Shukla 6 days ago +2

    Is Taylor Swift out of her mind she is dating a jerk again

    • Karlie Romë
      Karlie Romë 5 days ago

      She is not dating a Jerk...'Cause she isn't dating him at all ;)

      VINAYAK J NAIR 5 days ago +1

      He isn't a jerk
      He made her happy

    • Reeth Mitra
      Reeth Mitra 6 days ago

      He doesn't seems to be jerk, honestly he seems more like a gentleman sweetheart.

      P.s: I know nothing about him

  • LostX13
    LostX13 6 days ago +3

    yeah the same woman who asked if Taylor is leaving with a lot of men back in 2014 "SNAKE EMOJI"

  • RemyMarlands
    RemyMarlands 6 days ago

    He could have been really rude in his response (because I believe his publicist forbids interviewers from
    bringing up Taylor) but instead he was gracious and sweet about it. A+ guy

  • Francesco Lanzilli
    Francesco Lanzilli 6 days ago +5

    Love how they keep their relationship private

  • Valentina Salazar Tena
    Valentina Salazar Tena 6 days ago +2

    Oh, he’s so charming and educated. It must be tiring to always get asked about Taylor but he responds in such a classy, smart way. Just like her. I’m so glad he’s getting more noticed cu’z he’s an amazing actor.

  • Christian ChimChim
    Christian ChimChim 6 days ago +1

    Can these interviewers stop asking about his personal life?!
    Like he isnt attending this event to tell you how he spends his time with his girlfriend.

  • Inanna Lynn
    Inanna Lynn 6 days ago +44

    He seems like a super cool, genuine guy, with a quiet kind of self-confidence (meaning he's not full of himself like some actors). Good for him and Taylor both - seems like they're lucky to have each other!

  • proserfina21096
    proserfina21096 6 days ago +12

    it's my first time to hear his voice.

  • Michael Gary Scott
    Michael Gary Scott 6 days ago

    He is no doubt, into men

  • Anjali Mandal
    Anjali Mandal 6 days ago +1

    THAT "there you go" KILLED ME LOLOLOL😂😂😂

  • Clara Rebecca
    Clara Rebecca 6 days ago +26

    This interviewer is the same one who asked Taylor swift the sexist question at the Grammys, she needs to get fired because her questions are so rude and unprofessional

  • I have something to say

    I bet her breath stinks.

  • Ashley K.
    Ashley K. 7 days ago +17

    She always asks obnoxious questions 😩

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 7 days ago

    Mad one says? No ... not at you but yes most certainly! The joker loves it and himself! The joker... Look it up my man... I fit the joker to a t!

  • Miles Quiroz
    Miles Quiroz 7 days ago +308

    She should have asked him if he was going to go home with lots of men! #eyeroll

    • Sheerio
      Sheerio 2 days ago +5

      No, he's gonna go out with some friends and then he's gonna go home to his cats.

    • Karlie Romë
      Karlie Romë 5 days ago +1

      Maybe he is... ;)

    • MOMO :3
      MOMO :3 5 days ago +1


    • Sara Saleem
      Sara Saleem 5 days ago +1

      Oml 😂😂

    • Dhruvil Desai
      Dhruvil Desai 5 days ago +3

      that'd be a concept joe alwyn going home with men

  • Ninguém que te interesse

    He get 3 movies with Taylor fame 😂😂

  • Rjay Soriano
    Rjay Soriano 7 days ago +19

    You should take it as a compliment
    That I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk 🎶🎶🎶 HAHAHHAHA Taylor is Right

  • gky west erl
    gky west erl 7 days ago

    joe alwyn is a sneaky bastard using taylor swift's fame

  • Dawny K
    Dawny K 7 days ago +263

    She is also the interviewer who asked Taylor about taking a man home from the Grammys a few years ago and Taykor gave her the death glare lol

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 7 days ago

    Next target... Swift... The joker says the question is not if but how swift!

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 7 days ago

    From blowjobs to marriage... Did you learn class? See all my comments... My work here is done!

  • Ludmi Zeballos
    Ludmi Zeballos 7 days ago

    i love them💕

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 7 days ago

    The update... She's talking about marriage now...😝😝😝

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 7 days ago

    Nobody holds jokers tounge... Noooooo body!!!!
    Hey... How about jokers dolly?

  • Barry Stewart
    Barry Stewart 7 days ago +43

    Paul Thomas Anderson “who’s that?” Good Job Nancy👍. Oh OK not the juicy answer she is looking for so just go ahead and mention Taylor. Joe handled this well. This is what Delicate is all about.

  • kyle009 00
    kyle009 00 7 days ago

    He sounds like a country singer to me.

  • Nathan Tisdale
    Nathan Tisdale 7 days ago +219

    They do say you end up with someone who looks like you.. Queen Taylor!

  • Billy Adam
    Billy Adam 7 days ago

    I love his hair... 😍😍

  • Michal Kate C.
    Michal Kate C. 7 days ago +46

    they really need to stop asking him about her

  • Rubber Ducky
    Rubber Ducky 7 days ago +284

    This woman asked Taylor the rudest question at the Grammys. She's unqualified to even ask questions ABOUT HER.

    • Manao Lukram
      Manao Lukram 5 days ago


    • Sanskruti Patil
      Sanskruti Patil 5 days ago


    • KalenT
      KalenT 6 days ago +3

      Wow! You get a short interview with Taylor & good chance it would never happen again,& that is the question you ask? What a hack! Obviously that is what she would do "IF" she was Taylor! ......"leave with alot of guy's" smh! 😂😂😂 maybe she wanted a song written about her!!!

    • Lisa Young
      Lisa Young 6 days ago +3

      Really I hadn't even thought about that woman since. But I guess it's the same reporter.😉

    • MartinVlogol
      MartinVlogol 7 days ago +63

      Was she the woman who asked Taylor "Are you going to walk home with lots of men tonight?" IDIOT... I don't understand why these people are in the media. :(

  • Martim Ramos
    Martim Ramos 7 days ago +214

    why don't this woman get fired... She just asks rude questions to celebreties all the time.

    • JY RN
      JY RN 6 days ago +1

      +mary tallant Like I said, they can choose to not answer. Media obssession with celebrities is not a new thing. They know what their job entails and they choose that career in spite of it. They act like they want to protect their privacy but deep down I am sure they realize that this is what keeps them relevant and increases their fame which leads to even more job offers. He may be a great actor, but right now he is getting lots of attention because of his girlfriend who gets a lot of attention because of her boyfriends (through her songs). Thats how hollywood works. Scandal and gossip sells.

    • Lisa Young
      Lisa Young 6 days ago

      +mary tallant the media is always nagging celebrities for information. That's what they think their job is.😉

    • mary tallant
      mary tallant 6 days ago

      +JY RN But then the media will nag them about it

    • JY RN
      JY RN 6 days ago

      So a person should lose her job because celebrities feel uncomfortable? They always have the option not to answer. Besides, those are the questions that make you want to watch the video.

  • Darren w
    Darren w 7 days ago +3

    I must meet his very good & he's coming cross more confidence to me since he started.

  • Ethan Edward
    Ethan Edward 7 days ago +1

    This relationship is too long..maybe Taylor snake could not find anything wrong about him to make an album...and she have to keep going with this charade .we all know why Taylor snake is at the golden globes...she wants to be in the acting industry...not because of this bloke..he is being used and he's ok about it

    • a J
      a J 3 days ago

      +Ethan Edward 😣😣

    • Ethan Edward
      Ethan Edward 3 days ago

      +a J i totally agree with you...but i'm criticizing a celebrity whose part and parcel of their whole existence is to be critic on, but what you are obviously doing is criticizing a random person who you don't even know that post an opinion that is just not align to yours. of course we will have difference in opinion and thoughts...that what makes us different from 1 another. if everyone should be thinking like you...then i think it's ok for Trump to keep on Governing US. So don't go and say i shouldn't get "mad" or response critically towards you or the rest that come before you because all your HATRED and MADNESS is obviously directed towards me when all i did initially was to state an opinion..if i were to not might be thinking you are correct in your conduct..which is obviously incorrect. So man up and grow up, Swifty/Snakes. Always get your facts right before exposing yourself...OK go back to your studies..i bet you have exams most of your time...oouh look what you make me doooo.......shake if off shake it off.....

    • Lyka Malayao
      Lyka Malayao 3 days ago

      +Ethan Edward U know what its really FUN talking to you because its u dont read and understand at all. You just keep on repeating ur irrational views. 1st I did not speak on her behalf, I spoke the truth about her not even caring about you or maybe me too cause she dont know both of us but thats fine for me cause she gives me hope and thats enough. 2nd in this interview its not like she ASKED for her name to pop out, its the INTERVIEWER'S FAULT not hers. The MEDIA just LOVES to bring her name in any given chances. 3rd yeah I admit she is flawed but are you not flawed too? Aren't all of us flawed, nobody is perfect. Despite that there is a part of her that is incredibly attractive and inspiring. 4th about getting even, I never denied her doing that but what I am saying is ALL of the people on this earth has done that, she is not a saint its not like the artist that you like had not even gotten revenge or something. And LAST about the "drama" she did not start any drama at all, its always the other party plus the media making the SITUATION big just so they can have lots of clicks. AND LAST LASTLY as I had said go find another vocalist that you like, I am sticking with her because unlike those vocalists she writes her songs and they are relatable. AND PLEASE DONT TALK LIKE U ARE A PERFECT PERSON JUDGING HER JUST BECAUSE OF MINOR FLAWS, NOBODY IS PERFECT, PLEASE LEARN TO SEE THE GOODSIDE OF PEOPLE. Nice talking to u 😚😚☺☺

    • Breena Ramsunder
      Breena Ramsunder 3 days ago

      +Ethan Edward hey love, I'm really not in the mood to read your essay of a comment. Bye now

    • a J
      a J 3 days ago

      +Ethan Edward Okay thanks for your advice but if you can critic other people they are allowed to critic you too
      you shouldnt get mad when people call you out atleast dont act like a child and call everyone snake

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 8 days ago

    I also remember that ex model giggling and having fun when I stoked her pussycat and grabbed her ass in public... She said tiggers back...
    Wait I thought girls like boring and predictable... Or maybe some like a man who has so many entertaining faces its like eating a box of chocolates...

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 8 days ago

    Wait... Entertainment industry... Guess that ACTOR in real life is far more entertaining and fun😢
    Nobody holds the tough of the joker... He's just not for sale...
    Remember that!

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 8 days ago

    The joker crazy? No... Never fits his description...😝
    The joker is wild and crazy... And the joker loves himself and well... And laughs at what people say about him...Why do I love the joker?No honesty there! He's not confident all all either and girls hate confidence and all that!
    Maybe your right...
    You know what? Your right...💗
    I am crazy and not wild and that's why my ex model from Toronto never ever would contact me...
    And I'm lying... I didn't see her today... Grab her ass or pussycat in public or take her to lunch and burn money...And she's never used the word soulmate ever!
    And this poor crazy guy can never pick up girls with his wild ways and a gorgeous heart...
    He's just not entertaining enough or wild enough with an ooy gooy softy ... Girly hearted Center... Priceless!
    Oh I'm just...😝😝😝
    Not entertaining... Never would be fun... Or funny... Or...!or...Sorry 😢

    KATHERINE PALACIOS 8 days ago +83

    2016 he was at the Met Gala and nobody gave a 5 seconds for him. He date Taylor now he is god

    • Cynthia Ramos
      Cynthia Ramos Day ago

      James Afif wait so she was still with Calvin during the met gala then we get videos of her dancing with Tom and then Karlie. Then she dumps Calvin and goes in a very public relationship with Tom. if shes was thristing over Joe since she first met him in the MG why did she went with Tom instead of Joe if that was the Guy that caugh her eye ? And when did she and Joe had time to develop a relationship during the hiddleswift?

    • Cynthia Ramos
      Cynthia Ramos Day ago

      Thats the Taylor Swift power

    • Karlie Romë
      Karlie Romë 5 days ago +1

      How that explains the part of "Big Reputation"?
      The Magic of PR...

    • James Afif
      James Afif 6 days ago +2

      @KATHERINE PALACIOS idk but i guess Taylor need something to convince her feelings, i mean like he's really young, she need to figure it out about what she actually feelings, like she need something different. Untill she knows that he actually loves her too. Cuz We all know what the media gonna potrait if she just jumped right at him. She also talked in her song that she need to breaking up with her ex, cuz she tired with the same old fashioned, she just need a reason. Well She should done anything before she actually starts to date him

      KATHERINE PALACIOS 6 days ago +1

      +James Afif why he didnt date him instead to go with Tom Hiddleston that met the same night

  • Alexine Nicole
    Alexine Nicole 8 days ago +1


  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 9 days ago

    The chump didn't say Taylor ... When he was asked who he's like to work with?

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 9 days ago

    646-397-???? Look familiar?

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 9 days ago

    And how long has this girl been texting me... Oh on and off for ... Before you...
    And hmm she loves poetry... Does she ask you... Have you eaten... Hope your not stressed at work...
    Ring any bells?
    Very loving she is...
    Never gets mad at me...
    Has had this number for years...

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 9 days ago +1

    Hey joe... Does Taylor wake up really early in the morning? I get texts at say 6 or ealier... Almost every day...And live north of the world trade centre in New York? Really busy all day too? Sound familiar?
    Let me give you the number I tracked that's texting me from north of the World Trade Center in New York...
    Signed joker!

  • Neha Y
    Neha Y 9 days ago +7

    Joe swift .....

  • Justin Whitmarsh
    Justin Whitmarsh 9 days ago

    I'll just be going down there getting a place because they're cheap there and then I'll be coming back next month for my first load motorcycle cell one maybe rent a truck to get the rest of this s*** I don't know

  • Justin Whitmarsh
    Justin Whitmarsh 9 days ago

    I'm letting you know to I am leaving out of the country on the first my vehicle is not running and I'm not putting another dime into it I'm just going to call the wrecking yard and let him take it take the battery out return it and on the 1st I'm headed to Mexico there's no reason for me to stay here anymore

  • Celeste Concepcion
    Celeste Concepcion 10 days ago +18

    He aquí un salvaje comentario en Español. 😂😂😂

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 10 days ago

    The key to the citizenship question is that people always assume the state of water to be liquid... So no mention of it so I choose frozen or ice... Same a state of the water molecule... One of three...

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 10 days ago

    Ya I heard she "acts" with joe all the time! Lol
    But not with me!
    Signed joker!!!!😝😝😝💗💗💗😇😇😇

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 10 days ago

    Singed joker...

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 10 days ago

    Another tip my man... The last man got her her favourite gift an olive tree... What tree beats the clique of forgiveness like the horrible tasting olives... Poetree of poetry... Much better cheaper gift and joker likes cheap possessions! Read my free contract...

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 10 days ago

    I think she read my contract... Uh oh... We will talk in the after life punk! Lol signed joker...

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 10 days ago

    The better question joe is will she work with the best love and lawyer in Canada me! I'm going to let the Swift cheat on the citizenship test when we get married... How do Canadians walk on water? Ice!
    Signed joker!

  • Jishan Mallick
    Jishan Mallick 10 days ago +8

    Tay tay......our qn...😊😊😊🐍🐍

  • Geeta Sharma
    Geeta Sharma 10 days ago +13

    They look cute together...Joe and Taylor.... Aww

  • Sarina Xo
    Sarina Xo 10 days ago +125

    the way he said "there u go" cut her off, love it hahaha

  • Manuel Belliard
    Manuel Belliard 11 days ago +15

    I just want this guy to be ready for his song😹😹😹😼

    • a J
      a J 5 days ago

      +James Afif she has written love songs about her other exes too but they were released after taylor broke up with them

    • Siya
      Siya 6 days ago +3

      +James Afif Most importantly the way she is hiding her love from public seems so real. It's not for attention or paps.. It real. True love needs no display.

    • The Name Is Evian
      The Name Is Evian 6 days ago


      I just wanted to use the cat emojis...

    • James Afif
      James Afif 6 days ago +4

      @Siya yeah me too!! Taylor was never make so many songs about love in her Album just to discuss the same guy before, until Joe came to her life. Literally only IDSB, LWYMMD, GC, and TIWWCHNT on rep Album that not talked about him

    • Siya
      Siya 6 days ago +4

      I hope he finally stays and marries her! She deserves a true love.

  • влад кар
    влад кар 11 days ago

    слащавый урод. он не достоин Тейлор.

  • Alistor Banks
    Alistor Banks 11 days ago +6

    It's nice Taylor's dating an Australian guy. Good for her. 😀💘

    • thelonious monk
      thelonious monk 6 days ago

      Royces Mary yeh but im Australian and i and alot of people in Victoria sound like him. Yes he is british and you can tell but he has a very australian british accent.

    • Royces Mary
      Royces Mary 6 days ago

      the accent is obviously british lol

    • thelonious monk
      thelonious monk 6 days ago

      Nathan Tisdale thats a little bit why haha but mostly offensive hah the real reason is we are part of her commonwealth and all the british media and art etc over the years has proliferated our culture too. Rachel wiesz did that brit slang vid with emma stone and they were almost all our slang too. Alistor Banks i had to check myself cause i knew he was a brit but he sounds like most aussys just with a bit of posh.

    • Nathan Tisdale
      Nathan Tisdale 7 days ago

      He's English... and Australians kinda sound like londoners because Australians are English convicts.

    • Alistor Banks
      Alistor Banks 9 days ago +17

      +Swift Cat That must be why Taylor got drunk and made fun of the way he talks. 😋💞

  • T. S
    T. S 11 days ago +1

    His voice makes me aggressiv

  • Mackenzie Wilmoth
    Mackenzie Wilmoth 12 days ago +212

    I think it was not smart of Nancy to ask him this question, but the way he lights up when she mentioned Taylor makes me so happy. I’m glad they found each other and that they’re doing so well

  • ah297
    ah297 12 days ago +560

    i wish people would stop bringing up Taylor in his interviews...they have been very clear that they don't want their relationship to be picked apart by the media. There is also a reason Taylor doesn't join Joe on the red carpets but instead goes to the event(s) without taking any of his spotlight away

    • Cynthia Ramos
      Cynthia Ramos Day ago +1

      U cant really blame them tho taylor name creates Buzz like lmao I only clicked this bc It had Taylor name on It

    • Rachel Ardito
      Rachel Ardito 6 days ago +9

      I feel like they love to bring her up for attention. I mean, hell, this entire clip was titled because it'll grab attention. If they said, "Joe Alwyn On Dream Collaborations" (referring to the main question of who he actually wants to work with as an actor), then less people would be inclined to watch for him, rather they'd watch to see if he says anything about her or their relationship. Instead of pushing him for his acting, which is why he's even at the Golden Globes, they just bring Taylor up. Which is such a shame, because he's actually a great actor on the rise. Mary Queen of Scots and The Favourite were quite good.

    • Zquad and Swiftie
      Zquad and Swiftie 7 days ago +8

      @Ethan Edward It’s not as if Taylor asked the interviewers to talk about her lmao

    • imcandyghost
      imcandyghost 7 days ago +14

      Ethan Edward she doesn’t love the drama, it loves her

    • Beach ASMR Life
      Beach ASMR Life 7 days ago +12

      Of course I completely agree, Taylor is one of the most well known people and she deserves it but she also knows that Joe deserves to be in the spotlight too they have such a good relationship and they don't want to risk that by being ruined by the media

  • Zoey dole
    Zoey dole 12 days ago +29

    Stupid question

  • Gnarly Puth
    Gnarly Puth 12 days ago +13

    He's too good for Taylor

    • Misa ka
      Misa ka 7 days ago +3

      wasnt aware that you knew both of them personally to make such a judgement

    • I'm just a human jk I'm from Mars
      I'm just a human jk I'm from Mars 7 days ago

      Shauny Green loll seems about it

    • Shauny Green
      Shauny Green 10 days ago +6

      lol is that John Mayer 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Walaa Muneer
      Walaa Muneer 11 days ago +9

      Gnarly Puth he is so good TO her. Call it what you want

    • Hiroko Meserve
      Hiroko Meserve 11 days ago +12

      well then u don't know taylor swift

  • Charlie Nonya
    Charlie Nonya 12 days ago +132

    You know Nancy was thinking about that awkward Taylor interview the whole time.

    • Zquad and Swiftie
      Zquad and Swiftie 7 days ago

      She should be ashamed to even ask questions about Taylor

    • Amy McHasi
      Amy McHasi 7 days ago +4

      Miranda N
      No way that was the same woman.. Good lord don't people learn ?

    • Miranda N
      Miranda N 7 days ago +3

      Ravenclaw Rules! I believe it was at the 2015 Grammys and she asked her about going home with men

    • Ravenclaw Rules!
      Ravenclaw Rules! 11 days ago

      Which one?

    • Walaa Muneer
      Walaa Muneer 11 days ago +5

      Charlie Nonya exactly 😂😂😂

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP 12 days ago +713

    I love how Taylor gives Joe his own space just to be himself and let him shine like the great actor he is

    • SwiftsMorrison
      SwiftsMorrison 5 days ago +2

      In other words... she stays back and watches him shine

    • Sanskruti Patil
      Sanskruti Patil 5 days ago

      +ChiefClickClack hahahahaha good one

    • ChiefClickClack
      ChiefClickClack 6 days ago +6

      I Looove how she gives Joe some ****Blank Space**** :)

    • Stephane Labossiere
      Stephane Labossiere 6 days ago +4

      Yet, let your baby shine on his own :) something many couples don't do.

    • Jolly Jokress
      Jolly Jokress 6 days ago +1

      THAT'S TAYLOR ;)

  • Kai Raza
    Kai Raza 12 days ago +95

    I like how she basically only knew him as Taylor’s bf. how awkward