Kris Jenner Grills Scott Disick About Dating Sofia Richie -- Watch!


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  • the saleslady
    the saleslady 7 months ago +1

    Age doesnt matter nothing bad with that as long as they are happy.

  • E Elle
    E Elle 8 months ago +2

    Kylie was underage when she dated tyga. Kim was 19 when she married her 30 something year old first husband. Kris is dating a man around the same age as her daughter's. And kourtney is in her late thirties dating a 24 year old. Who are they to judge Scott?

  • The bitch From hell
    The bitch From hell 8 months ago

    Omg Robert kardashian is a pervert paeodophile child rapist cos she was just a 17 year old little girl. 17 year olds cannot consent at all. He should have been kept away from his daughters and put in prison and put on the sex offenders list for life. American law

  • phoenixonfire83
    phoenixonfire83 8 months ago

    god the hypocrisy, your twenty year old just had a baby and has been screwing a dude since she was barely 17, and your other daughter has been dating a man child, and she acts like this is shocking. Give me a break. The kardashians are sick and hypocritical. They do whatever the hell they want and get on the high horse when it comes to everyone else. They have been treating this man like a closet paedo but Courtney is such a saint right? Blood sucking succubi, that is what these women are, fake as hell. They live in glass houses yet love throwing stones, all I can say is Karma, she is surely coming for that fat ass any day now.(in fact she may even be knocking at the door, Blac Chyna anyone haha)

  • Both Botv
    Both Botv 8 months ago

    Dang Scott clocked her

  • Ayesha Fernandez
    Ayesha Fernandez 8 months ago +4

    Oh Kris did you forget that Kylie was underage too not to mention she even has a Baby now smh

  • x213ERx
    x213ERx 8 months ago

    Hahaha dumb ass Scott got her ass..

  • Honest Abe
    Honest Abe 8 months ago

    I'm as straight as it one but I see why these hot young bitches like Scott he is mad handsome ( not gay)

  • Shubham Barthwal
    Shubham Barthwal 8 months ago

    Bitch tryna act like a genuine woman💩💩

  • connie bracamonte
    connie bracamonte 8 months ago +4

    Pot calling the kettle black 🤔😂Kris & Robert , and Kris & Corry .

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  • Safa Slote
    Safa Slote 8 months ago +23

    But Kylie is only 20 and has a child...

  • X226
    X226 8 months ago +13

    Her daughter dated a younger man didn't she notice !!!

  • babs bythebay
    babs bythebay 8 months ago +11

    And how young is her boyfriend?

    • angelina angel
      angelina angel 8 months ago

      Lucy Sullivan kourtneys dating a24 yr old and she's freakn 38

    • angelina angel
      angelina angel 8 months ago

      Lucy Sullivan there drama

    • Lucy Sullivan
      Lucy Sullivan 8 months ago +1

      exactly why is kris sticking her nose in it the daughter and scott are dating younger people

    • angelina angel
      angelina angel 8 months ago

      babs bythebay exactly thank u. That's what I just was about to comment

  • meily amy
    meily amy 8 months ago +1

    Scott loves kourteny kardashian we all know that so dont dream a lot Sofia richie

  • meily amy
    meily amy 8 months ago +4

    i hope they break up,Scott should be with Kourteny Kardashian not that young lasy who is named Sofia richie

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 8 months ago +5

    I actually love kris

  • how to fun
    how to fun 8 months ago +4

    Second 😎

  • oz818valley _
    oz818valley _ 8 months ago +2

    First yes Scott dickgets