$50 Recycled Pallet Wood Cabin Intro

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • Just an introduction to the next project from St. Bernard Acres. While in between building the cabin for me & Gail, I thought this would be a great use for all the extra wood I find and all the pallets I recycle. Should be fun, and could give some ideas to people.
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    Joe Waller
    3825 Wood St.
    Wheeling, WV 26003

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  • The Universal Homesteader
    The Universal Homesteader 7 months ago +1

    Very nice! We are saving pallets right now to make a small sleeping cabin for 4 people. Not much else as we dont want it too big.

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker 11 months ago +1

    Joe, Are you including the barrel stove kit in the price of the cabin? That'd put you around 100.00 total cost? And what did that fancy board puller tool cost you? I like it, but shoestring is better than my budget. What are the dimensions of the floor you are sitting on?

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  11 months ago

      +Matt Parker I didn't include the stove as I'm not sure what I will do. The pallet tool was about 50 on Amazon.

  • goatheadone
    goatheadone Year ago +1

    Joe, I’ve been reading of pallet projects for years. Here is a link to one of my favorite sights if the link works, www.reshareable.tv/pallet-emergency-home-can-built-1-day-basic-tools.html. Iv3 always wanted to do 5his myself, but never had the land. Good work!

  • Jose Cuervo
    Jose Cuervo Year ago +1

    This will be great to follow.

  • Survival Mindset
    Survival Mindset Year ago +1

    Joe I will be following you threw the series

  • KMAC Radio
    KMAC Radio Year ago

    I think you should install marble counter tops and central air. Yeah... that's the ticket.

  • Carl and Dawn Homestead

    Good deal Joe, looking forward to see how it turns out.

  • William Rakes
    William Rakes Year ago +1

    Where did you get the tool to take the boards off the pallets with?

    • Jonathan Strohl
      Jonathan Strohl 16 days ago

      I was wondering the same.... Where did you get that tool to decompose the pallets?

  • Odahi The Dubious
    Odahi The Dubious Year ago +3

    It's going to be fun to watch you build this little cabin, I've often thought the guys from TA Outdoors could have a hotel by now, if they had a circular saw to go with their drill. It's hard work cutting all that lumber with a bow saw. Are you planning to salvage any of the nails from the pallets? It would save you a few bucks, but it takes a lot of time, too. Linda and I send our best.

    • Odahi The Dubious
      Odahi The Dubious Year ago

      I understand and respect what they're doing, but I'm old and lazy. LOL

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  Year ago +2

      Thanks! I think it'll be fun. I am not planning on salvaging the nails though, and will probably use more power tools lol.

    ROBYN S Year ago +1

    It can be done , I have a friend that did it. I can get the link if you like.

  • beach Life
    beach Life Year ago +2

    Can't wait til you build it joe , get r done sir...

  • CMB
    CMB Year ago +1

    Really cool project,joe. Speedy recovery from the cold. Stuart uk.

    GRANNY TG TG GRANNY Year ago +1

    I love how you dream. Enjoy the fun. I can't wait to see it done. Granny fan

  • stella Crowe
    stella Crowe Year ago +1

    You have sunshine, god bless Stella 😄
    I have lived the bare survival life. I can't wrap my mind around the thought of anybody wanting to live like that even for one second let alone a week or two.

    • stella Crowe
      stella Crowe Year ago

      St. Bernard Acres
      it will definitely test you. I wish you the best on you're adventure.👍

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  Year ago +1

      Just something to test my skills, and see what its like. I may hate it lol.

  • D. Kennedy
    D. Kennedy Year ago +3

    If you eventually added say a wraparound porch to your main cabin (house) and screened/ windowed part of it to make a sunroom/extra bedroom, would the powers that be allow this?

    • St. Bernard Acres
      St. Bernard Acres  Year ago

      This is just a weekend cabin for now. After we move out there, it will become like a guest cabin.

  • John Grytbakk
    John Grytbakk Year ago +2

    Such a fun project Joe. All the best. Enjoy the lovely spring weather :-)

  • Aggy Aggz
    Aggy Aggz Year ago +3

    Sounds great joe really looking forward to your future vids. Steady away stay lucky bill from yorkshire