Gordon Ramsay Cooks Sea Bass On A Car Engine!

  • Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • Next time don't forget the charcoal.
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  • I LiKe DoGs
    I LiKe DoGs 11 hours ago

    Well with that v8 compressor 550 hp @6500rpm I think you'll be able to cook some big ol' meat blocks in half a minute.

  • Tired Taurus
    Tired Taurus 18 hours ago

    “While dad is off being a maniac”
    They all are tired of Gordon slowly going insane

  • Indigo Intuitive Counselor

    Im surprised ford didnt sue

  • Alphavex
    Alphavex Day ago

    there are grills there
    behind you

  • Gingerdipper1
    Gingerdipper1 Day ago

    “I hate to admit it, but dads cooking was genius!” Ok Gordon, we get it.

  • Uk winer
    Uk winer Day ago +1

    Fuck off pretentious little brat. Needs a smack In the face. Brat.

  • The lil Pikachu
    The lil Pikachu Day ago

    He could have just gone to the shop for charcoal

  • oof g
    oof g Day ago


  • Opie Aini
    Opie Aini 2 days ago

    Urgh... Ms yeah cook at enggine n many more briliant idea cooking style...


    My Summer Car in a nutshell

  • Jianzhen Ke
    Jianzhen Ke 3 days ago

    Feel sorry for the middle aged men who watch this. Didn’t except the chalk edits and cringy voiceover.

  • Jianzhen Ke
    Jianzhen Ke 3 days ago

    Feel sorry for the middle aged men who watch this. Didn’t except the chalk edits and cringy voiceover.

  • Ez Clap
    Ez Clap 3 days ago

    0/10 not enough fucking donkeys

  • StarWarsftw12
    StarWarsftw12 3 days ago


  • Chevy51
    Chevy51 4 days ago

    Matilda don’t open your mouth again annoying

  • Chevy51
    Chevy51 4 days ago

    Annoying ass voice

  • Kawaii Squish lps :3

    Why does she keep shouting at me!!

  • Bino Sengdara
    Bino Sengdara 4 days ago

    She sound like pepper pig

  • I kick life's ass
    I kick life's ass 5 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks her voice is annoying

  • conflict gamer
    conflict gamer 5 days ago

    Matiltada: Makes pizza water melon
    Gordon:Tha's very pretty
    Proffesional Chef:Makes water melon pizza
    Gordon:What the fuck is this shit! Fucking hell

  • Accient Weeb
    Accient Weeb 5 days ago +1

    Can I get a Huwater?

  • LORD music
    LORD music 5 days ago

    Chef: I need oven to cook a perfect fish!
    Gordan:Hold my engine

  • Elyse Knipp
    Elyse Knipp 5 days ago

    I love the way she talks

  • Kiroshito Komi224
    Kiroshito Komi224 5 days ago

    Her voice makes me want to commit suicide. It's so irritating!

  • Chill popcorn
    Chill popcorn 6 days ago +1

    Gordan being a genius
    Me: Tries but fails and gets a ****ing raw piece of Crap

  • julikeah
    julikeah 6 days ago

    She likes that vlog doesn’t she?

  • julikeah
    julikeah 6 days ago

    What’s all the fucking shouting for?

  • My RSN is Adruu
    My RSN is Adruu 7 days ago +1

    Wtf was that mank ass salad lol

  • SpongeBob NiggerPants
    SpongeBob NiggerPants 7 days ago +1

    Ramsay we could do it to just give us a Range Rover

  • SpongeBob NiggerPants

    3:10 that’s gotta be in America I see takis

  • Jackson Amann
    Jackson Amann 7 days ago

    thats the supercharger tho lol

  • alGhulami ganunese
    alGhulami ganunese 7 days ago

    oh uncle Ramsay i wanna be your son in law may i?

  • Zach Wildey
    Zach Wildey 8 days ago +1

    Too much scripting.... His raw candid stuff is FARRR more entertaining....

  • Tristin Farrell
    Tristin Farrell 8 days ago

    Most Annoying I’ve seen.

  • Nuaim Naufal
    Nuaim Naufal 8 days ago

    Ur daughter have a nice..... O.O

  • Daniel George
    Daniel George 8 days ago +3

    He saw it on top gear first

  • Steve Carl
    Steve Carl 8 days ago


  • KingOfDisaster
    KingOfDisaster 8 days ago

    Inspired by jeremy clarkson

  • Lorenzo Ladia
    Lorenzo Ladia 8 days ago +1

    Nice he took jeremy clarkson's idea

  • Ayaz Syed
    Ayaz Syed 8 days ago


  • Ayaz Syed
    Ayaz Syed 8 days ago +14

    Jeremy Clarkson showed him on old Top Gear that car engine can cook food while driving.

  • Luilu
    Luilu 8 days ago

    The daughters voice is good. Has a nice accent. Ramsay is a legend.

  • Tonald Drump
    Tonald Drump 8 days ago

    Tilly's false enthusiasm just gave me eardrum cancer

    OH YEAH YEAH 8 days ago

    That voice is so fucking annoying

  • Ahmad Aliyan
    Ahmad Aliyan 9 days ago

    He really adopted this idea from his visit in TopGear

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 9 days ago

    If my daughter yelled like that she would get slapped 😂😂

  • Diegoskiii
    Diegoskiii 9 days ago

    Just as annoying as her father

  • damn bish
    damn bish 9 days ago

    gordon the type of guy to season his dick before he gives it to his wife 😏🧂

  • kim ju
    kim ju 10 days ago +2

    That idea came from when Gordon is at a car show called top gear😊

  • timothy selix
    timothy selix 10 days ago +1

    old top gear lmao

  • Lost Astronaut
    Lost Astronaut 11 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay got that idea from top gear tvclip.biz/video/o9vhGiSL904/video.html

  • Mashael Shaheen
    Mashael Shaheen 11 days ago +1

    Her voice is just like her dads voice

  • MrGT1994
    MrGT1994 12 days ago

    American Dora voice😂

  • Adam Arnold
    Adam Arnold 13 days ago

    I love the content but for the love of god folly, tone down the voice

  • Commander Xananymous
    Commander Xananymous 13 days ago

    My god enough with tilly and her British accent she should die with her horrible voice

  • nice app Khan Khan
    nice app Khan Khan 13 days ago


  • Lucas Playz
    Lucas Playz 14 days ago

    Gordon your an idiot sandwich

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis 14 days ago +3

    "Honey, why does the car smell fishy"?

  • An Egg With 10K Subscribers???

    Her voice makes me want to slit my fucking throat.

  • dix rael
    dix rael 14 days ago

    You should've cook it on your forehead wrinkles gordon! Lol

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett 14 days ago

    Her voice annoyin

  • makhi shelby
    makhi shelby 14 days ago +1

    She sounds and acts like Jojo Siwa

  • Shad0wSpill
    Shad0wSpill 14 days ago

    Dear lord, her voice 😵

  • Raqib Khan
    Raqib Khan 15 days ago

    Tbh it isn't that she's cringy but this is ACC her own show on a kids TV show this isn't something that the demographic age group of 18+ would watch

  • Shadow Sit
    Shadow Sit 15 days ago

    What if i dont have a car and charcoal

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First 15 days ago

    That’s #badass

  • Happy Chef
    Happy Chef 15 days ago

    Bear Grylls Ramsay

  • Hanxi Guo
    Hanxi Guo 15 days ago +1

    Cavemen: *Roasts food over fire*
    Gordon: *Roasts food using a car engine*

  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans 15 days ago

    And he called Jeremy Clarkson an idiot. Who’s the idiot now, Gordon!

  • Bob the Hat King
    Bob the Hat King 15 days ago +4

    Gordon should thank Jeremy Clarkson and the old top gear team for putting this idea in his head many years back 😂😂😂

  • Zeon Kitsune
    Zeon Kitsune 15 days ago +1

    Imagine your voice sounding like that
    Oh hell naw I kept watching she's an instagram food girl

  • reventlow23
    reventlow23 16 days ago

    Cooking in aluminium is really toxic and carcinogenic Especially when acidity is added - why do top chefs promote this 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Halluci
    Halluci 16 days ago

    Most annoying voice ever. Jesus, stfu

  • James Griffin
    James Griffin 16 days ago

    I can't stand her voice

  • AbAbAbAbAbAb E
    AbAbAbAbAbAb E 17 days ago

    Till’s voice makes me want to jump off of those mountains behind her at 3:47

  • Syn_HyperSonic 54
    Syn_HyperSonic 54 17 days ago

    Ok so let me get this straight one car engine + one fish = food for the whole family wth

  • Rhys Wright
    Rhys Wright 17 days ago

    Mate his daughters voice is fuckin annoying don't give a shit who he is he also deserves a smack tbh

  • zomB SLICE
    zomB SLICE 18 days ago

    Does Gordon ever eat frozen foods for a quick meal??

  • Md Shajid
    Md Shajid 18 days ago

    i wanna date with you girl🙂

  • TheHolyGhost
    TheHolyGhost 18 days ago

    This is fucking cringe.

  • RedTeRRor100
    RedTeRRor100 19 days ago

    Damn why this girl gotta yell at me the whole time

  • Turnt Jesus
    Turnt Jesus 19 days ago

    Gordon your daughters voice is horrendous shame on you for letting her narrate

  • PhemieC
    PhemieC 19 days ago

    Not gonna lie, Matilda is fucking annoying

  • Mojo
    Mojo 19 days ago

    Cringe alert

  • Furqan Ullah
    Furqan Ullah 20 days ago

    She’s annoying

  • LiquidShaman
    LiquidShaman 20 days ago

    4:50 Gordon's giggle

  • It’s Kai Your Mother
    It’s Kai Your Mother 20 days ago +1

    Gordon ain’t gonna be inpressed with the tomato sauce left on he board 😆

  • kiritoavs
    kiritoavs 21 day ago +19

    Who else remembers when he hated this on top gear.......

  • tytuphon
    tytuphon 21 day ago

    I hate the voice acting from the kids, jusssttt be yourselffffffffff

  • yeet man
    yeet man 21 day ago

    Her voice is killing me, had to stop watching

  • Cobrax
    Cobrax 21 day ago

    Why the fuck is everyone so fuckin mad at the voice over? Yes it's a little annoying still sounds better then those damn school girls at fuckin bus stop. Great now I'm ranting to strangers on TVclip

  • PH 5555
    PH 5555 22 days ago


  • Morten Benoni
    Morten Benoni 22 days ago

    That voice...

  • Kaki Like Video Malaysia

    Mute is the best for watching !

  • GMFreeman
    GMFreeman 23 days ago +6

    4:50 He’s finally lost it

  • Will Kj
    Will Kj 24 days ago

    jesus christ wtf ?!!?

  • John Duff
    John Duff 24 days ago

    Well I love refrigerators

  • White Dragon gaming
    White Dragon gaming 26 days ago

    Matildas voice is like dora’s voice

  • Perry Robles
    Perry Robles 27 days ago

    “OK. FUCK YOU. 4 REALS?”
    YUP. 4 REALS.

  • beAftab
    beAftab 28 days ago +4

    @matildaramsey, It's was Jeremy Clarkson's Idea to cook on car engine. Your father spat out what jeremy clarkson had made in the top gear episode