Gordon Ramsay Cooks Sea Bass On A Car Engine!

  • Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • Next time don't forget the charcoal.
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Comments • 5 719

  • Hiewii
    Hiewii 5 hours ago

    can't she just SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY
    we ain't watching dora!!

  • Marwa Saydee
    Marwa Saydee 17 hours ago

    Her voice hurts my ears

  • Tea SRT Drag Racing
    Tea SRT Drag Racing 19 hours ago

    He made bass on a supercharger lmao

  • Drastic oG
    Drastic oG Day ago

    I cant stand her voice omfg

  • Kade
    Kade Day ago

    His daughter needs to get smacked in the fucking throat

  • Becky
    Becky Day ago


  • its Chris
    its Chris Day ago

    As a car enthusiast i watched Jeremy clarkson do this

  • ZaaraSaara Ahmed
    ZaaraSaara Ahmed Day ago +1

    It's actually sad how much better Matilda can cook compared to me.... 😥😥😭😭

  • The D.I.Y Reader

    The seedy bits in the middle..😍 Just like your dad

  • Gazz
    Gazz 2 days ago

    4:49 Youve been gnomed

  • YaBoyReaper
    YaBoyReaper 2 days ago

    Her voice is annoying as hell

  • Edm Riven
    Edm Riven 3 days ago

    Omg Tilly sound like Tracer

  • Ethan Khang Tran
    Ethan Khang Tran 3 days ago


  • Madox Gaudet
    Madox Gaudet 4 days ago

    Wtf is watermelon pizza
    Edit: a discrace

  • Hai Dang NGUYEN
    Hai Dang NGUYEN 4 days ago

    how did the bass cross the road?
    by a carbecue?

  • stndrds79
    stndrds79 4 days ago

    The voice over daughter so annoying

  • sal sal
    sal sal 5 days ago

    He get this idea from top gear uk

  • Clarence Smith
    Clarence Smith 5 days ago +4

    Tilly in ten years: WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE

  • Jungshook
    Jungshook 5 days ago

    Literally no one:
    TVclip: Gordon Ramsay Cooks Sea Bass in Car Engine!

  • Felipe Acuña
    Felipe Acuña 6 days ago

    Que loco este gordon jiji

  • Jeremiah Kulakevich
    Jeremiah Kulakevich 6 days ago

    Im genuinely questioning why matilda isnt on nickelodeon lol

  • Fatwomanfarting
    Fatwomanfarting 7 days ago

    Invented by Jeremy Clarkson

  • ilyasa
    ilyasa 7 days ago

    credits to jeremy clarkson from back in the top gear days👌👍

  • EmDub
    EmDub 7 days ago

    A whole different meaning to Cooking with gas

  • Ethan Diaz
    Ethan Diaz 7 days ago

    Hola mi llamo Dora

  • Crowtein
    Crowtein 7 days ago +1

    Imagine dating one of his daughters and having to impress Gordon with a home cooked meal.

  • Dirtnapp 811
    Dirtnapp 811 8 days ago +1

    Does anyone else have a problem with that girls voice and the words moving around every where like seriously so annoying

  • Andrew Gunter
    Andrew Gunter 8 days ago +1

    Tilly sounds like Jojo siwa... just thought I'd leave you with that.

  • Vague
    Vague 9 days ago +1

    "Just joking its only cocaine"

  • 0
    0 9 days ago

    What an ingenious idea!

    RHAEGAMING 9 days ago

    When i try to cook a pasta , while on the road my front have little smoke will i let it become a fire or put the cognac now

  • notbohnhere butcantleave

    Good Lord are they really going to try to capitalize on their fathers success… I just lost all respect for Gordon

  • Ricardo Bosoria
    Ricardo Bosoria 10 days ago +1

    Is dora commentating

  • Elixer
    Elixer 10 days ago

    I remember when he did this on top gear

  • Fallz _
    Fallz _ 10 days ago

    This is a nice kids show but where’s the lambs sauce?

  • Johmmy Kim
    Johmmy Kim 10 days ago


  • FamousCat
    FamousCat 10 days ago

    iS tHaT a FisH

  • diamond boi
    diamond boi 10 days ago +1

    when tilly grows older shes gonna get cringe from her commentary😂

  • cory Rumpster
    cory Rumpster 10 days ago +1

    Obviously staged... can’t believe rhis

  • James Brooking
    James Brooking 10 days ago +2

    bruh never let yo daughter do the voice over no offense 💀

  • Mannion Bricks
    Mannion Bricks 11 days ago

    Isn’t it weird that he liked his daughter’s food and not most of the restaurants in Kitchen Nightmares??🤔

    SIŁENCE 11 days ago +1

    Eww her voice is so cringy no offence

  • Bram Kremer
    Bram Kremer 11 days ago

    This was learned from top gear

  • BoD Ba
    BoD Ba 11 days ago

    Where is jake

  • Daniel Rosenfeld
    Daniel Rosenfeld 11 days ago

    Jesus her voice 🤢🤢

  • TheMalteseFury
    TheMalteseFury 11 days ago

    God fucking damn her voice is annoying

  • ViPDriver GT
    ViPDriver GT 11 days ago

    Inspired by Jeremy Clarkson

  • Bitchy_ Bitch!
    Bitchy_ Bitch! 11 days ago

    The crazier some people are, the more ingenuity they have! 😋

  • flaming fire
    flaming fire 11 days ago


  • Channel ni Itong
    Channel ni Itong 11 days ago

    Is Gordon Ramsay's daughter Tracer?

  • Bilal Zia
    Bilal Zia 11 days ago

    Everybody basil wrong

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips 11 days ago

    This from the guy who complained about cooking a steak on a shingle.

  • Wiktor 91018
    Wiktor 91018 12 days ago

    Her voice sounds like a kid youtuber who does nothing but scream GUYS . And shit

  • Wiktor 91018
    Wiktor 91018 12 days ago

    sQuIsHieST SquASHiesT saLaD

  • aaron anstett
    aaron anstett 12 days ago

    His daugters pretty cute but anoying as hell

  • Charley Bill
    Charley Bill 12 days ago

    God that girls voice is high

  • Clara Murzynski
    Clara Murzynski 12 days ago +2

    I remember when my Dad told me when he was a Navy aviation mechanic, that he'd make scrambled eggs using his field mess kit to scramble eggs and fry bacon on the planes engine manifold. He had a way of cooking eggs that I've tried to emulate but never could. They were OH so good!

  • Yamin Aqeeli
    Yamin Aqeeli 12 days ago +1

    When i hear the car engine: hear this kids thats the sound of of a extra tender rib eye

  • Ralph
    Ralph 12 days ago +14

    Can’t even make it thru the video, her voice is blowing my high smh.

  • Brair Jackson
    Brair Jackson 12 days ago

    She sounds like tracer

  • Richard Slimák
    Richard Slimák 13 days ago

    You Can cook bacon on gun barrel

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 13 days ago +1

    I’ve never seen a watermelon that was solid green like that. Are they near a toxic waste dump?

  • Speckles Annimmation
    Speckles Annimmation 13 days ago

    In Arizona u put the fish in the car or on the street

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 13 days ago

    What the fuck that’s ghetto at

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 13 days ago

    Her voice kinda makes me want to fuck off and watch something else.

  • Alex Landaverde
    Alex Landaverde 13 days ago

    My sister: What the fuck are you watching are you watching baby stuff
    Me: NO im just watching a video wich is why it’s ruined because a dam girl talk like if she was participating on baby’s show

  • Yeahh Haa
    Yeahh Haa 13 days ago

    Gordon finds a way too cook fish using heat from car
    *Bear Grylls wants to know your location*

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku 14 days ago +1

    rhekt and link do that 5 year ago😅😆

  • Raptor85 79
    Raptor85 79 14 days ago +1

    Next video:Gordon ramsey cooks bass on a jet engine.

  • Toxcitty
    Toxcitty 14 days ago

    Am i the only one who finds that girl kinda annoying?
    She sounds like those youtubers who overreact, yell and clickbait. lmao

    • Tien Tran
      Tien Tran 14 days ago

      Toxcitty ok ur good

    • Toxcitty
      Toxcitty 14 days ago

      @Tien Tran well no shit, i knew that, im just being honest here lmfao

    • Tien Tran
      Tien Tran 14 days ago +1

      it’s his daughter stupid. Don’t make Gordon find and roast you