Pokémon Switch: Generation 8 Confirmed, Alaska Region Based On Project Codename?


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  • NGameTheCube
    NGameTheCube  9 months ago +54

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    A region based in Alaska would be super awesome, I hope this happens!

    • ノックス
      ノックス 9 months ago

      NGameTheCube fuck

    • Theoretical Physics
      Theoretical Physics 9 months ago

      So I just had a pretty good idea for a game. I think if Pokemon wants to go open world, Scandinavia, Russia, and China are the best bets. I personally wanna see Russia. It'd be split into an Eastern European Region and a Far East Siberian reigon. The western region could be more urban, with Moscow and saint Petersburg based cities and even have a red forest in reference to Chernobyl Ukraine. The Eastern region could be more open world, with references to places like lake baikal. The population would live in traditional villages spread throughout the region, some of which even host more Asian architecture.
      The two regions could be split by a reference to the trail mountains and linked by a reference to the trans Siberian railroad.
      Legendaries could live in the mountains, the red forest, at the lake from under it's depths, in far eastern shrines, in ice caves, in a place referencing tunguska. A major battle could take place in a reference to red square at the climax of the game. The champion could live in a reference to the winter palace. An arid reigon could even exist in a reference to Kazakhstan, where a space program could exist.
      In the far north (like in the city referencing saint Petersburg) very long days to the point of a midnight sun can be experienced in the summer and very long nights including can be experienced in the winter. Time zones can become important maybe.
      A meteorite for deoxys can be found at one point (referencing tunguska or the 2013 meteor)
      A Siberian tiger based Pokemon could be made.
      The music could feature many symphonics, choirs, and balalaikas.
      The story could be about innovation vs tradition.

      China could have the same story as well, with a cyperpunk version of Shanghai and a very traditional version of the inland villages

      With these open world regions, you can fly on Pokemon like Charizard, Lugia, ho-oh, latias and Latios, rayquaza, heck maybe even garchomp or arceus to get around at very fast speeds. There could be parts where you have to race people, or chase a legendary.
      You could even play as Pokemon instead of having to ride them. You could have a battle in the sky where your Pokemon chases after another. You could play as lucario and use aura to determine threats (you'd see in aura similar to that one scene in the subspace emmisary). You could have a mission as zoroark where you impersonate people to gain trust and reveal secrets. You could play as Mewtwo and use telekinesis to control things. Seriously, I can think of these ideas all day. Pokemon could be so much more on the switch, so I hope the development time is taken.

    • Theoretical Physics
      Theoretical Physics 9 months ago

      Jace Frost I think they probably implied that for Gen 7 so they could focus on z-crystals

    • Theoretical Physics
      Theoretical Physics 9 months ago

      Jace Frost i mean I was joking but still we don't exactly know if megas and z-crystals are done; I've gotta feeling they'll continue to give old Pokemon new perks, or at least old legendaries (ie uxie mesprit azelf dialga palkia giratina and arceus in a Sinnoh remake)... I would'nt mind seeing some underplayed Pokemon get a boost (ie giving flygon a boost to compare with garchomp)

    • Jace Frost
      Jace Frost 9 months ago

      Theoretical Physics they said that they wouldn't do any more megas

  • Akira Himura/ Kin Akiyama

    Alaska themed for realz???????????

  • Huzaif 100
    Huzaif 100 2 months ago

    Me Want More Ice Types

  • yong Phen
    yong Phen 2 months ago

    Hope gen 8 is a masterpiece of gen 5 for its music work and all of dat

  • Lil Salt
    Lil Salt 2 months ago

    Canada plz

  • phoenix route66
    phoenix route66 3 months ago

    Masuda!!!! Masudaa! M asuda these are graphics open you eyes you China man

    • AHighDef. Experience
      AHighDef. Experience Month ago

      pho enix One, this is terribly racist. Two, Masuda is Japanese, not Chinese. Then yet again, you probably think every Asian person is Chinese due to lack of education

  • Skool Wifi
    Skool Wifi 4 months ago

    We deserve a region, after all we have every terrain. Yes, even dessert

  • drfreshey
    drfreshey 4 months ago

    Perhaps it will be a region just north of Sinnoh based off of Russia's Sakhalin Oblast.

  • Roman Cusumano
    Roman Cusumano 4 months ago

    November 16 in the sinnoh region probably, it’s cold asf

  • paceyspacey
    paceyspacey 5 months ago

    I really want a British Region before they stop making games! There's been a few Beluga Whales spotted here, and it's kinda cold and rainy, lmao

  • Nolyn Ste
    Nolyn Ste 5 months ago

    Gen 8 Mega sun and Epsilon Moon 37

  • Alexandre, Joao 2021 Student HS

    Is gen 9 region going to be based on Africa?

  • Kurutoshi☆Melody
    Kurutoshi☆Melody 5 months ago

    7th gen is a disappointment. Hawaii is a boring place for Pokemon.

  • JoEs_ Do9
    JoEs_ Do9 5 months ago

    gen 8 should have everything from every pokemon game past in a gta style environment

  • 54 Gamer
    54 Gamer 6 months ago

    So gen 8 on switch? If it is damn I'll have to buy a switch

  • Skittle Turkey
    Skittle Turkey 6 months ago

    Finally my love for ice types will be turned into a region (also Ash is probably gonna look 3 years old)

  • PopeTX28
    PopeTX28 6 months ago

    As a former resident of Alaska. This would please me.

  • MrAstrothousand98
    MrAstrothousand98 7 months ago

    I thought the new region was jungle based?

  • Skool Wifi
    Skool Wifi 7 months ago

    I'm from Alaska, and this would be fucking amazing. I think it has the potential to tie or even beat gen 4, the obvious best ;)

  • Dan Enanoria
    Dan Enanoria 8 months ago

    Pokemon Infinite and Limits

  • Sylvurr
    Sylvurr 8 months ago

    I guess it's time to get a nintendo switch..

  • Joshua Risko
    Joshua Risko 8 months ago

    Maybe Project Beluga is just for the color that is associated with the Beluga Whale which is white. And that color usually stands for something that is clean or new so maybe Project Beluga just means Project Clean Slate or start over hinting at a new take on the Kanto region? Just some crazy theory, I would love for it to be an Alaska based region since I am from Alaska so that would be really cool!

  • DarkHood the first
    DarkHood the first 8 months ago

    Really..... Alaska?

  • Marvis
    Marvis 8 months ago


  • Adam Kleiner
    Adam Kleiner 8 months ago

    Following the trend, a cold climate would follow as hoenn, largely warm region is the contrasted with sinnoh, then hoenn remake released with Alola, makes sense with sinnoh remakes being due...

  • Adam Kleiner
    Adam Kleiner 8 months ago

    What if, "project beluga" refers to the white whale as Moby Dick, the obsessive ongoing quest. This would be more a reference the size and time invested in the game as well as the size of the game itself as it would be an advancement in the Pokemon experience. as the Chinese riddler has worked out that the games has been in 5yrs of development

  • Thibault Tresca
    Thibault Tresca 8 months ago

    WHAT IS UP GUYS BACK AT YOU WITH ANOTHER VIDEO this shit is getting so old now

  • A_Child YT
    A_Child YT 8 months ago

    If it’s an arctic region... Canada?

  • Factfur
    Factfur 8 months ago

    Alaska-based region? Canada-based region? Possible Ice-type buff? _Yes please!_

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 8 months ago

    Alaska? Yesssss...... Finally a region with more snow :D winter is my favorite, it's all snowy and pretty

  • Kid 50
    Kid 50 8 months ago +1

    Click baity title.

  • cool kid 90's
    cool kid 90's 8 months ago +1


  • MortySanchez
    MortySanchez 8 months ago

    Super misleading for you to put a Nintendo official logo in the corner of your thumbnails...

  • Attac Mage
    Attac Mage 8 months ago

    Didn't they already confirm that it was taking place in Greece or something?

  • The Legend27's Toxic Mailman

    Route before Snowpoint Vietnam flashbacks

  • RandomRules
    RandomRules 8 months ago

    i just hope to god they do something different instead of the same shitty stuff they've been doing as of late.

  • Chad Adaza
    Chad Adaza 8 months ago

    If it really is gonna be based of off Alaska, I hope when you catch the legendary Pokemon, it’ll be under the northern lights

  • Drevon Cuff
    Drevon Cuff 8 months ago

    I dunno...maybe the legendary is just a beluga *looks at kyogre* e_e.....uh

  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone 8 months ago +1

    clickbait ass

  • Servine641
    Servine641 8 months ago

    if they make a region out of my own country (Canada), I can die happy

  • aimz210
    aimz210 8 months ago

    I really hope there's no storyline. The thousands of cutscenes in sun/moon killed the game for me

  • Buality Clone
    Buality Clone 8 months ago

    gen 8 might not be confirmed jeez

  • TimmyDaTurtle
    TimmyDaTurtle 8 months ago

    This is not confirmation of gen 8. This is more likely just a switch port of yellow, or if it is a new game, It is a pokemon yellow remake. Just look at the image included.

  • Demetrius Farrell
    Demetrius Farrell 8 months ago

    I think they should remake gale of darkness and put it on the switch

  • Jose John
    Jose John 8 months ago

    Hit it with toxic then stall. Easy battle.

  • Ashley Keller
    Ashley Keller 8 months ago

    I thought Pokemon regions represent countries Alaska is a state part of united States not a country, the region could be in Canada, Iceland, Antarctica, or other colder climates if it's a ice region.

  • Inthemiddle 1-22
    Inthemiddle 1-22 8 months ago

    Dude background music is gen 4

  • AllyDaCrayon
    AllyDaCrayon 8 months ago

    I hope it isn't a switch exclusive

  • Zoey Seely
    Zoey Seely 8 months ago

    If y'all knew your geography, maybe you'd realize there's another big landmass they could base the games around.

  • kristina appelgate
    kristina appelgate 8 months ago

    When you start the video it hurt my ears

  • Caleb Warnock
    Caleb Warnock 8 months ago

    PixelPar is not trustworthy though

  • LEOlympien - SHLP
    LEOlympien - SHLP 8 months ago

    Aren't belugas planes too?

    LOZARK 8 months ago

    i bought a ds for fucking nothing

  • Joe Halden
    Joe Halden 8 months ago

    18 years ago I had all 150 Pokémon memorized, then Brock got replaced they added tons of Pokémon and I lost my interest. Except the games, I love them.

  • Link
    Link 8 months ago

    Imagine soviet Pokémon lmao

  • George Marsh
    George Marsh 8 months ago

    Probably gonna be a push for a unified, japan region starting in sinnoh because the 10 year anniversary of D/P/P, beluga whales being white is more likely a Moby Dick reference about it being the first mainline game on console and it returning to the least liked region and making it work this time.

  • Jaketus
    Jaketus 8 months ago


  • RiceWott TJ
    RiceWott TJ 8 months ago

    Short, sweet, and concise! You earned a sub!

  • Tracy Dainton
    Tracy Dainton 8 months ago

    Does anyone know if generation 8 is only for the switch or will it be available for the 3ds and the switch? I don’t want to buy an entire new system for one game, so the next Pokemon game being available for the 3ds would be great.

  • Phexism
    Phexism 8 months ago +1

    Haven’t played Pokemon since fire red and leaf green, so looking forward to Pokemon in the switch.

  • CamRonAce
    CamRonAce 8 months ago

    I hope we can still play it on the ds

  • Kcirtap S.
    Kcirtap S. 8 months ago

    Sinnoh was, in terms of the games, the coldest region, which made it my favorite. A region which would be super cold would be so cool.

  • Union Sentry
    Union Sentry 8 months ago

    I always thought an Australia/New Zealand region would be cool, considering all the freaky critters you can find there 😱

  • Jorge Federico De Sousa Quintero


  • alaskanspartan89
    alaskanspartan89 9 months ago

    I wish

  • Arraya
    Arraya 9 months ago

    I would buy the Switch and get the Gen 8 game if they ever remake Sinnoh in it. Its my absolute favorite Region, all the mythos and lore.

  • PY LØ
    PY LØ 9 months ago

    Bruh italy would be cool tho rip

  • Augustus Sinclair
    Augustus Sinclair 9 months ago

    Y'all chill, a codename/project name can have nothing to do with the actual project. Like the gamecube was called dolphin, yeah I see the resemblance perfectly.

  • Francisco Pinto Rojas
    Francisco Pinto Rojas 9 months ago

    Gringo culiao fome wn oooh!

  • Shaula hensley
    Shaula hensley 9 months ago

    Could be somewhere like Greenland or Russia

  • Lelo99
    Lelo99 9 months ago

    Starters should be fire/ice, water/ice and gras/ice 😂

  • ExoChorda
    ExoChorda 9 months ago


  • Nintenten64
    Nintenten64 9 months ago

    This isn't confirmed... ∇︵∇
    •Necrozma isn't a "Gen 8" Pokémon, and no starter ideas were made.
    •Nintendo would confirm this on their own, or at least The Pokémon Company would if this was believable.
    •So many fake leaks are issued around this, so this must be an attempt to kill hopes.

  • Minty Kricketune
    Minty Kricketune 9 months ago +2

    I live in Alaska so I wonder how accurate it will be

  • TotallyNotEvan
    TotallyNotEvan 9 months ago

    Bring back the ice types!

  • Kristopher long
    Kristopher long 9 months ago

    The new games are called Pokemon Past and Pokemon Future.

  • Nick Hamilton
    Nick Hamilton 9 months ago

    I rlly wanted an Australia region 💀 This quite the opposite

  • Justice Higgins
    Justice Higgins 9 months ago

    Who else lives in alaska? #coldgang

  • roji
    roji 9 months ago

    Thy clickbait be THICC, you get this like anyways :/

  • John J
    John J 9 months ago

    Why are we taking info from the same magazine that spread the false rumor of returning to Kalos?

  • OrenjiZero
    OrenjiZero 9 months ago

    Beluga could be a reference to Lugia, probably not related just a thought

  • Ben Leatherdale
    Ben Leatherdale 9 months ago +1

    It could be Canada because belugas live near Canada and they can make the region big because of the switch.

  • RiverTea Productions
    RiverTea Productions 9 months ago

    Bet y'all anything it'll be attached to sinnoh by snowpoint city

  • DrakEmono
    DrakEmono 9 months ago


  • ScarBlessed
    ScarBlessed 9 months ago


  • Amber Estie
    Amber Estie 9 months ago

    No way it will be Alaska. They already did NY, and Hawaii. America has been treated very kindly by pokemon twice already. We gotta let others get their turn. France got a chance. So now I vote CANADA or RUSSIA.

  • Balza Ius
    Balza Ius 9 months ago

    Fuck the intro video, what a difficult battle for that point of the game._.

  • Jonathan Wheeler
    Jonathan Wheeler 9 months ago

    Pokemon past and future?

  • Stepperot
    Stepperot 9 months ago

    If it's a new generation it should be a new region too.

  • BlitzenXmas
    BlitzenXmas 9 months ago

    Omg if gen 8 is in Alaska I will explode with joy!!! Theirs as to be a reindeer Pokemon omg omg omg I need to do my own research to see if this is true.

  • Alexdoll
    Alexdoll 9 months ago

    I don't know why but some people say It will be inspired in Spain...maybe It could be?
    Because renember,kalos is inspired in France,what is next to Spain,and in the X and Y games there was a train what was able to go to other region right?(but It was Broken)

  • Ivan Quiles
    Ivan Quiles 9 months ago

    Taking a hike in Alaska is pretty much pokemon IRL 😂

  • Grubbin Pokegamer
    Grubbin Pokegamer 9 months ago

    I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE ALASKA, and watch the fire starter be an ox

  • Oscar Asso'o
    Oscar Asso'o 9 months ago

    We want an Africa region.

  • Exposition is unnecessary

    oh of course the alaska region
    makes sense

  • s a l a d u c o
    s a l a d u c o 9 months ago

    Maybe they just named it that way 'cause developing the game is a huge effort - you know, blue whales are huge.

    • Lars Vinterqvist
      Lars Vinterqvist 9 months ago

      Not only are beluga whales NOT blue whales, but they are actually rather small.

  • Skyler Nguyen
    Skyler Nguyen 9 months ago

    Hopefully it's not stupidly easy

  • Frost
    Frost 9 months ago

    Please be an icy/snowy region.

  • Dazza
    Dazza 9 months ago

    can't wait to play pokemon on a big tv!!

  • T Swifty
    T Swifty 9 months ago

    not sure, but that might be a misinterpretation. Project Baluga could just reference the size of the undertaking Game Freak have ever taken on. The first HD mainline game and the first on a home console