Say That to My Face Challenge with Mila Kunis and Zachary Quinto


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  • Ava Girnius
    Ava Girnius 9 hours ago

    The Adam Sandler impression

  • Ava Girnius
    Ava Girnius 9 hours ago

    She saw the nicholas cage one

  • Skull-Strike-J
    Skull-Strike-J 20 hours ago

    1:10 the face of pure joy!

  • Suleman B
    Suleman B Day ago

    That loud laugh at 2:29 lmao like this when you hear it

  • Jameel Buntley
    Jameel Buntley Day ago

    Jimmys Seinfeld impression was on point

  • matt arroyo
    matt arroyo Day ago

    mila you cheat 2:44

  • husky from france
    husky from france Day ago +1

    trump is my bitch

  • Bushra Shaikh
    Bushra Shaikh Day ago

    Hit me baby one more time

  • Alex Storah
    Alex Storah Day ago

    "Trump is my bitch"
    Lmao 😂

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S Day ago +1

    Bad acting :D 2:45 Mila peeks at the photo of Nick Cage and then pretending she's playing fair

  • Rejuv-A-Nation
    Rejuv-A-Nation Day ago

    i love this game!!!!!

  • Iván Emma
    Iván Emma Day ago

    Well done game. I like how they include characters like Putin too. It was pretty funny :)

  • Courtney Miller
    Courtney Miller Day ago

    Anyone else notice that Mila Kunis looked at hers (it was Nicholas Cage) when she put it down after the round and picked the same one up for the next round ?😂😂

  • Pin-Wu Yu
    Pin-Wu Yu 2 days ago

    2:01 - "Trump is my bitch"
    LOVE what Zachary Quinto said!!!

  • ifka
    ifka 2 days ago

    Jimmy always wasting time when it’s his turn or when he already knows the answer 👿

  • Raniero Capitillo
    Raniero Capitillo 2 days ago

    Trump is my bitch AAHHDSHASAHHAHAJAJ

  • Remus Negotei
    Remus Negotei 2 days ago

    the song at the end? shazam is telling that is ariana but it;s sound nothing like that?!!?!?!?!

  • مدوود الحبيب

    Mila i love youuuuuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤😄

  • singing4hope
    singing4hope 2 days ago

    2:12 The Chewbacca impression. Bahahaha!!!

  • Insumniak
    Insumniak 3 days ago

    All these famous people know for their big butts. Kinda sad for them loll This game was missing J-Lo I guess :D

  • Anna Makovskaya
    Anna Makovskaya 3 days ago

    Mila reminds me of the other mother from the "coraline" movie in that dress and hair styled like Beldam's

  • z ⸒
    z ⸒ 3 days ago

    Meg can't even do a chewbacca impression, what a loser

  • Joe Sutter
    Joe Sutter 3 days ago

    Uhmmmmmmm she totally cheated with nicholas cage!

  • Fikri Kittikhun
    Fikri Kittikhun 3 days ago

    cheaters never win. mila already knew it was Nicholas cage haha

  • minnie mouse
    minnie mouse 3 days ago

    "I live in space on a ship"
    Could be Nicki Minaj aswell

  • ShilohMcFly
    ShilohMcFly 3 days ago

    2:04 he was afraid to throw Putins face😂

  • Opper ,
    Opper , 3 days ago

    2:44 She looks at the mask and 3:20 she pretends she doesnt know. 😑

  • Norah Saad
    Norah Saad 3 days ago

    3:20 she knew already

  • Rose Wint
    Rose Wint 3 days ago

    Loved that

  • Malin Huot
    Malin Huot 4 days ago

    Cardi B? 😂

  • Merio Prasetyo
    Merio Prasetyo 4 days ago

    shut up meg

  • Akshay Agarwal
    Akshay Agarwal 4 days ago

    If you smellllllalalalalla !!!!
    Come on man..

  • Young-sun Ju
    Young-sun Ju 4 days ago


  • Just Geo
    Just Geo 4 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon your a fake Fuck with your fake laughs bring back Leno

  • Samantha Mallory
    Samantha Mallory 4 days ago

    2:44 I love how Mila looks at the face and puts it back down😂

  • Nesa Devi
    Nesa Devi 4 days ago

    “Trump is my bitch” 😂😂😂

  • Corissa Dorethy
    Corissa Dorethy 4 days ago

    that was such a cute game

  • zRandomize
    zRandomize 5 days ago

    Mila cheated 2:44 !!! Damn i love her so much

  • Thommy Turtle
    Thommy Turtle 5 days ago

    Milia Kunis: Quak quaaaak :D

  • Bishnu Akash
    Bishnu Akash 5 days ago

    Man oh man I felt the hype

  • Bishnu Akash
    Bishnu Akash 5 days ago

    Cardi B

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez 5 days ago

    This was actually entertaining to watch lol

  • Estibaly D
    Estibaly D 5 days ago

    Lmfao Mila with Chewy

  • Layba Sohail
    Layba Sohail 5 days ago

    For the rock why not just do " CAN YOU SMEELLLLL WHAT THE _______ IS COOKING "

  • Adventures of Nicktropolis

    Why is it adam Sandler’s face on the thumb nail.. kinda dumb.

  • Leslie Yvette
    Leslie Yvette 5 days ago

    Okay Mila cheated! She had seen Nicolas Cage picture before they started playing! Haha

  • Bob-Uwe
    Bob-Uwe 5 days ago

    2:44 she is cheating! :)

  • Bella Faatiha
    Bella Faatiha 6 days ago


  • gizmoskates
    gizmoskates 6 days ago

    "Trump's bitch"🤣🤣

  • Seth Beaird
    Seth Beaird 6 days ago

    Mila looking at her next face lol

  • Omar Robles
    Omar Robles 6 days ago

    Adam Sandler's in his "what's his name" stage in his career

  • Andrew Lopes
    Andrew Lopes 6 days ago

    0:50 "ya like jazz"

  • Jacob Parra
    Jacob Parra 6 days ago

    This stuff is so fake

  • evelyn rodriguez
    evelyn rodriguez 6 days ago


  • Sarosh Dadani
    Sarosh Dadani 6 days ago

    Wait but Mila saw Nicholas cages face😂😂😂

  • KK Plac
    KK Plac 6 days ago

    Mila the cheater :D :D :D

  • writerspen010
    writerspen010 6 days ago

    This is one of the most genuinely fun games he's had in a while xD;;;

  • Karen Lóa Júlíusdóttir


  • Julie Rodriguez
    Julie Rodriguez 7 days ago

    she’ll always be jackie burkhart to me 😭

  • Liam McCarthy
    Liam McCarthy 7 days ago

    Are we gonna ignore that Keanu impression

  • r mars
    r mars 7 days ago

    Zachary plays an excellent Spock in all the new star treks

  • diogo roberto
    diogo roberto 7 days ago

    The treasure

    HARRRY_ LOVE 7 days ago

    "Trump is my bitch" GUYS STOP HAHAA

  • Erica Narduzzi
    Erica Narduzzi 7 days ago

    2:45 ...she cheated 😂 she watched the Cage mask 😅

  • The Farting Pillow
    The Farting Pillow 8 days ago

    Jimmy getting excited about the game🤣🤣

  • Zoie Claiborne
    Zoie Claiborne 8 days ago

    I love this game it seems fun

  • No Game No Life
    No Game No Life 8 days ago

    Shut up, Meg

  • LiVeLiKeURdying2
    LiVeLiKeURdying2 8 days ago

    Mila and Emilia Clarke with their Chewbacca impression tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson 8 days ago

    This was awesome 😂

  • Lukas T
    Lukas T 8 days ago

    2:43 LOL that perfectly timed beep signal the moment Nicolas Cage comes on hahahahahha

  • DG
    DG 8 days ago

    "Um I have a huge but and I'm married to Kanye"
    Lol Zachary is hilarous

  • Anusha Hissaria
    Anusha Hissaria 9 days ago

    I'm so upset Jimmy didn't say "it's Brittney bitch"

  • Lui5_23 YT
    Lui5_23 YT 9 days ago

    2:45 Mila looked at the face and then she put it back

  • Monique Dennett
    Monique Dennett 9 days ago

    She already knew it was Nicholas Cage, such a good actor hahaha

  • Michael Greenberg
    Michael Greenberg 9 days ago


  • Kristi W
    Kristi W 9 days ago

    You guys should sell this game, this would be so fun!

  • Don't Kill My Vibe
    Don't Kill My Vibe 10 days ago

    Mila just had to do "Okurrrrrrrr" he would've gotten it.

  • Петро
    Петро 10 days ago

    Это во вашему смешно ?

  • Ralph Basista
    Ralph Basista 10 days ago

    "Uh..Trump is my betch"

  • Ankita Desai
    Ankita Desai 10 days ago

    Love Mila soo soo much 💕

  • Nabeel Naeem
    Nabeel Naeem 10 days ago

    2:44 Mila cheated she saw the face and kept it and then she is guessing like what the treasure.... shyTTT 😂😂😂😂

  • Trevor Hirsch
    Trevor Hirsch 10 days ago

    Impressive... most impressionive #Lukeigotyoursixordoi

  • Adam D. Smith
    Adam D. Smith 10 days ago

    I didn't think I could love Mila more, but then she made a Chewbaca noise. . .

  • Arjun Krishnamurthy
    Arjun Krishnamurthy 10 days ago

    Mila Kunis cheated with Nicholas Cage.

  • Gera Torres
    Gera Torres 10 days ago

    that nigga said "no I love you" lmao

  • damon lolly
    damon lolly 10 days ago

    I Have A Big But Also! (RING) Haha

  • liz scott
    liz scott 10 days ago

    Omg that shit was hilarious! 😂😂😂😂

  • Bean G
    Bean G 10 days ago

    I love Mila she is so cute!!!

  • Adub Htown
    Adub Htown 10 days ago

    the Rock would be "do you smell what I'm cookin?"

  • Adub Htown
    Adub Htown 10 days ago +1

    they made him say ShwarzeNEGGAR to a black guy 🤦

    LLI GUY 10 days ago +1

    Mila should have had a Meg's mask and then she would ahve done her impression then Jimmy should say: ''SHUT UP MEG'' LOL

    ZANNA 10 days ago

    This is so fun!! They should do more of this segment

  • Belinda Karali
    Belinda Karali 10 days ago

    I died when he rly got Cardi at the end 😂😂😂😂

  • ifyouwantbochin
    ifyouwantbochin 10 days ago

    A Harvey Weinstein mask would have been fun.
    2:39 blackface!

  • Graham Salisbury
    Graham Salisbury 10 days ago

    Mila cheats at 2:43 when she looks at Nicholas’ face then puts it back and plays it off like she doesn’t know

  • Snap Dragon
    Snap Dragon 10 days ago

    "Trump is my bitch"
    Me: *DEAD*
    My ghost: *Salutes Zachary*

  • Beth Craddock
    Beth Craddock 10 days ago

    TF with Chewie growl!? 😂🤣😜🤪

  • joey weston
    joey weston 10 days ago

    these celebs are boring funny the world obbbssed with celebs aka humans? wow sad world we live n

  • send memes
    send memes 10 days ago


  • Jelita Pusparini
    Jelita Pusparini 10 days ago

    Lol adam sandler part kills me