• Published on Nov 19, 2018
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Comments • 5 792

  • Draw with Jazza
    Draw with Jazza  7 months ago +1357

    Submit your art (if you're under 11) or your kids art with #RedrawMyKidsArt to Twitter! - must be in the picture to verify age, but can be pixelated/disguised, and I'll be keeping visual identity private in future videos as I have in this video :)

    • dce040186
      dce040186 9 days ago

      Show name could be Vamphighr

    • Tori Puhalski
      Tori Puhalski 14 days ago

      Under 11 Oof

    • mylifeasliv
      mylifeasliv 14 days ago

      Can you do one on Instagram too? I am not allowed to have twitter but I can have Insta.

    • GameGg
      GameGg 15 days ago

      Im 12..... Thats 1 year 🤨

    • H. Q.
      H. Q. Month ago

      I wish I could submit

  • Ajko89
    Ajko89 4 hours ago

    My first thought about Fluffalar - Dropbear!

  • Kris Carrillo
    Kris Carrillo Day ago

    Quickcharge is best friend with Captain Smart Cellphone

  • T R x S H
    T R x S H Day ago

  • Lucid Nightmare
    Lucid Nightmare 2 days ago

    Vampire highschool is already a thing i think

  • Graison art
    Graison art 3 days ago

    Can you please do it on Instagram my mom doesn't have Twitter

  • Adrian Peralta
    Adrian Peralta 4 days ago

    I am not going to say nothing just look at 5:24

  • ThatKid
    ThatKid 4 days ago

    I’m 10 but I look like a pedophile, do I still qualify to send my art?

    • ThatKid
      ThatKid 3 days ago

      Vincent Peluso there aint no going back now, already sent it on Twitter

    • Vincent Peluso
      Vincent Peluso 3 days ago

      Blur out your face. No one will know the difference.

  • Kitsunekun2
    Kitsunekun2 4 days ago

    Does this death speak in small caps?

  • Nathan E
    Nathan E 5 days ago

    9:05 when scooby doo sees Scooby snacks

  • Jayme Tedro
    Jayme Tedro 5 days ago +1

    4:19 you morbid child
    My parents and friends at 14 year old grunge emo me with a dark sense of humour lol

  • Ari Pitama
    Ari Pitama 5 days ago

    I love quick charge(I’m not gay and I don’t want to be gay for him)

    • Vincent Peluso
      Vincent Peluso 3 days ago

      its 2019. Gay people are not in the closet anymore. You can relax.

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Yo could do a animate super hero series that would be dope like just imagine mate

  • Resenseer
    Resenseer 5 days ago

    the first one reminds me of Lilo and stich xD

  • Arvel Garry Campollo

    You are truly amazing jazza. I just started drawing because of your channel

  • Genesis Martinez
    Genesis Martinez 6 days ago


    I thought it would be a blood hound or something like that.

  • chev3710 chev3710
    chev3710 chev3710 6 days ago

    Based on the thumbnail, I thought quick charge was a blue lantern version of the artist

  • DILLAN Joubert
    DILLAN Joubert 6 days ago +2

    First scetch that was redrawn looks like something out of lilo and stitch

  • HeartOn OldBench
    HeartOn OldBench 7 days ago

    9:04 Scooby-Dooby Doo Where are you?

  • David Rak
    David Rak 7 days ago +1

    14:17 *Brain.exe stopped working*

  • PixelMaster
    PixelMaster 7 days ago

    Jazza:what do you think this is an education channel?

    Well,yeah,you teach how to draw,so,yeah.

  • Beastninja Games
    Beastninja Games 8 days ago

    The vampire reminds me of Vanessa from phinies and furb

  • jason labudde
    jason labudde 8 days ago +1

    That first character looks like an experiment from lelo and stitch

    THMSBLVRT 8 days ago

    Quick Charge is so amazing!! Really loved that one

    UNLMTD DUTERTE 9 days ago

    Awesome quickcharge wow

  • Rodrigo Pinheiro
    Rodrigo Pinheiro 9 days ago

    Quick Charge looks amazing

  • Xxking MalikxX
    Xxking MalikxX 9 days ago +1

    I wish you would’ve drawn a lighting bolt in quick charge hand like the original video that would’ve been dope

  • lilhersheykiss123
    lilhersheykiss123 9 days ago

    Quick charge was a direct copy of Quicksilver from MCU

  • Casper Nerving
    Casper Nerving 10 days ago

    I think she wanted to keep the memes cuz she got no kneecaps

  • Kev Bro30
    Kev Bro30 10 days ago

    Where is the electricity in quick charges hand

  • Omair Ahmed
    Omair Ahmed 10 days ago

    The dog was far away on the hill and she was looking at him thinking to bite him. So it is not her team mate. Redraw it

    • Klutzy Mutt
      Klutzy Mutt 7 days ago

      She was looking forward. I thought immediately it was a howling wolf on a hill. Very cliche but cute.

  • Wade Lasch
    Wade Lasch 10 days ago

    My 9 year old daughter wants to know if you’d do an animated or cartoon version of her and her 2 brothers?

  • Dragontoast05
    Dragontoast05 11 days ago

    Is the vampire girl taking a dump on Wolfie?

  • MarkJR.A "DGamer"
    MarkJR.A "DGamer" 11 days ago

    Hello sir can you make a video on how to draw super hero please

  • Mr Metro
    Mr Metro 11 days ago

    Kid these days shoot people

  • Dawg my Asshole wet
    Dawg my Asshole wet 11 days ago

    Man quick charge is a really cool character inspiring too

  • Missing sugar
    Missing sugar 12 days ago

    Aww that wolf I want to hug it

  • Thunderprogamer Power
    Thunderprogamer Power 12 days ago

    Bro the background behind ur head hero’s and villain

  • David Stojilkovic
    David Stojilkovic 12 days ago

    9:04 Scooby Doo joined in

  • Gacha studios Uses gacha life

    I’m bad at art please fix it PLS

  • LozzLani
    LozzLani 13 days ago

    Scooby Noise..?

  • Monkey Evolution NOT HUMAN!!!

    Vampire High?
    Monster High.
    Hmmmm.... being a teenage Male I'd still prefer to watch monster high over Vampire High. Heck I still watch it with my little sis

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell 14 days ago

    should’ve went an ice blue

  • quelorepario
    quelorepario 14 days ago +1

    These drawings are a bit worrying for a child psychologist lol

  • Plebs Gaming
    Plebs Gaming 15 days ago +9

    9:07 Is it just me or does Jazza do a Scooby-Doo laugh impression just perfectly

  • Shane Reacts
    Shane Reacts 16 days ago

    Impressive English accent 👌

    • GameGg
      GameGg 15 days ago +1

      Shane Reacts i can talk like that as well

  • The Jay
    The Jay 16 days ago

    fluff fella

  • Brayden Schmitt
    Brayden Schmitt 16 days ago

    its not dodgey its gabe

  • Roman
    Roman 16 days ago

    The accent is actually good

    • GameGg
      GameGg 15 days ago

      Roman i can talk the same way as he does

    • GameGg
      GameGg 15 days ago

      Roman its just fluent and proper english mixed with british

  • Agent Manny
    Agent Manny 16 days ago

    Going to try to draw it the paint it on but I don't feel confident it will look as amazing as yours dose

  • Agent Manny
    Agent Manny 16 days ago

    Love you artwork Jazz and I skateboard and would love to have that on my skateboard deck

  • Luiz Fernando Nunes Oliveira

    Yo, I wanted a Quick charge wallpaper kkkkkk

  • Awesome1001able
    Awesome1001able 17 days ago

    that moment when kids can draw better than i can :'(

  • J B
    J B 17 days ago

    Quick Charge sounds TOO perfect for a modern super hero name. Like holy crap. That kid might be onto something.

  • Josiah Martin
    Josiah Martin 17 days ago


  • JulietteASM
    JulietteASM 17 days ago

    Jazza: "BLUE!"
    Me: *STITCH!!*

  • Busy
    Busy 17 days ago

    9:03 u sound like penny wise

  • Patricia
    Patricia 19 days ago

    9:03 Scooby Doo Laugh

  • Ariel Bernadas
    Ariel Bernadas 19 days ago

    So cool!

  • FortniteSavageYT
    FortniteSavageYT 20 days ago

    9.00 to 9.05 is very funny

  • Wyatt Ostman
    Wyatt Ostman 20 days ago

    fluffalar looks like sully and stich put together

  • Ema Yeshi
    Ema Yeshi 20 days ago

    First Vedic I have seen with 40k likes and 500 dislikes

  • Ilovedogs Oakley
    Ilovedogs Oakley 20 days ago +1

    He looks like stitch

  • Cara Furry
    Cara Furry 20 days ago

    The first one Jazza made was basically a very scary barny that didn't go extinct.

  • ThatOneGuy Five
    ThatOneGuy Five 21 day ago

    Triggered horse noise @9:04

  • septian zakaria
    septian zakaria 21 day ago

    quick charge, he must be USB type C

  • Hannes Hofmann
    Hannes Hofmann 21 day ago

    Hi. Just wanted to know which Programm u r using?

  • TheSaulJohn
    TheSaulJohn 21 day ago

    Vamp High

  • Khen Afsar
    Khen Afsar 21 day ago

    U forgot to color wolfie's nose

  • Give Up
    Give Up 22 days ago

    Make a book with a story with al your draws you Made in