• Published on Nov 19, 2018
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  • Jazza
    Jazza  11 months ago +1419

    Submit your art (if you're under 11) or your kids art with #RedrawMyKidsArt to Twitter! - must be in the picture to verify age, but can be pixelated/disguised, and I'll be keeping visual identity private in future videos as I have in this video :)

  • The weird gacha maker
    The weird gacha maker 7 hours ago

    When I was 4, I drew dead people and blood. it was fun. and STILL fun :)

  • Paradigm Parade
    Paradigm Parade 3 days ago +1

    Scooby doo has infected jazza at 9:04

  • Izaac Elliott
    Izaac Elliott 3 days ago

    Bruh he sounded like scooby doo 9:04

  • Gabe Fowler
    Gabe Fowler 3 days ago

    Why does this guy not work for Marvel???

  • The Despite Brothers

    Penny wise the Dancing Jazza - 9:04

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson 7 days ago

    the sparkle fingers were missing :(

  • Nova Flix
    Nova Flix 9 days ago

    NO I’m ToTAlY not a gOofY gUmbO

  • David ANIMATES!
    David ANIMATES! 10 days ago

    He sounds like Scooby-Doo

  • Queen Glittertastic
    Queen Glittertastic 12 days ago

    It’s kinda funny how you said young people

  • Francheska Cua
    Francheska Cua 12 days ago

    Vampires and wolfs are enemies

  • Owen 99
    Owen 99 12 days ago

    Vampire High... So Monster High but only vampires?

  • eddie dowden
    eddie dowden 12 days ago

    9:04, nice scooby doo laugh

  • Jonathan Tully
    Jonathan Tully 14 days ago +1

    Yes you suck even though you're better than a lot of people.

  • _ Shifty _
    _ Shifty _ 15 days ago

    Goofy gumbos more like dick heads

  • samurai gamer
    samurai gamer 15 days ago

    5 minutes and 30 seconds is a part where he sings

  • samurai gamer
    samurai gamer 15 days ago

    5 minutes and 20 seconds made me laugh so bad

  • ATroops
    ATroops 15 days ago

    9:04 jazza sounds like scooby doo

  • Isaiah Gutierrez
    Isaiah Gutierrez 17 days ago

    Uhhhhhh I think Jazza is secretly Scooby-Doo

  • Cookie Miner
    Cookie Miner 21 day ago +1

    Where to send my art

  • Gracula 462
    Gracula 462 22 days ago

    What app do you use to do This

    REDRUM-TO- DIE 22 days ago

    I wonder if he had heard of monster high

  • Smoov Operata
    Smoov Operata 24 days ago

    I wana see more Quick Charge!!

  • Amber Blyledge
    Amber Blyledge 29 days ago

    QuickCharge is an awesome name!

  • Vard Kruger
    Vard Kruger Month ago

    Drawing grimm reaper for his birthday, what exactly in that child's mind?

  • cσurαgє pαrαdσх

    at 13:36 the pose reminds me of dragonBallZ lol XD idk why

  • RealBlazecrafter yt

    Quickcharge reminds me of Nightwing

  • Joseph Myers
    Joseph Myers Month ago

    9:04 it sounds exactly like Scooby Doo.

  • Shardadark 999
    Shardadark 999 Month ago

    I like your simple style and still watch for tips but i don’t like refined pieces that are smooth and I like rough pieces with a TON of details

  • Byggare playz
    Byggare playz Month ago

    Pls make a anime movie

  • Gacha man watch kawwai_potato

    Am I the only one who thinks he sounded like scooby doo when he laughed about the wolf pup dog thing

  • Angelica Kurzweil
    Angelica Kurzweil Month ago +1

    Great, under eleven, I just turned twelve.

  • PeeL_Boozuh
    PeeL_Boozuh Month ago

    The kid that did death was my brother

  • joselyn walker
    joselyn walker Month ago

    Is it just me or at 9:05 his laugh sounds like scooby doo

  • Anthony Rodrighez
    Anthony Rodrighez Month ago

    Who else thought that quickcharged symbol looks like a-lia

  • Gee Soon
    Gee Soon Month ago

    i thought it was a giant vamp-girl cuz she was leaning on the mountain 😂

  • strange apple
    strange apple Month ago

    my guy did a straight out the game scooby doo laugh

  • Wolfie's Gaming
    Wolfie's Gaming Month ago +1

    Hey he drawn me... As a cute character...

  • Art with Ivy
    Art with Ivy Month ago

    Stich is that you

  • Joseph Moss
    Joseph Moss Month ago

    Hey what are you using for drawing in the first one

  • Arda Arsen ACER
    Arda Arsen ACER Month ago

    Jazza, you have a thing for chest plates, dont you ? ;)

  • Vivek Yadlapalli
    Vivek Yadlapalli Month ago

    For “poky numbs” u should’ve coloured him like u coloured the copic monster,in case u forgot its like a splash of bright colours I honestly would’ve thought that would’ve been cool.

  • Vivek Yadlapalli
    Vivek Yadlapalli Month ago

    I think u put 11 and under cuz in the round 2 an 11 yr old embarrassed u lol nvm.

  • NB/BC youth praise band

    Vikki and vlad

  • advaith arun
    advaith arun Month ago

    Jazz a why don't u make like a separate channel for tutorials on how to draw

    Like if u agree

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F Month ago


  • bence king
    bence king Month ago

    9:04 pennywise is that you??

  • Bendy
    Bendy Month ago

    im literally 9 and its almost my birthday,

    • Bendy
      Bendy Month ago

      And yes i know im not supposed to say my age in public, but i am pointing out a coincidence.

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S Month ago

    Big booft. The first one kinda looks like Stitch

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S Month ago

    The first one be looking like Curious George at first

  • Lamees Salem
    Lamees Salem Month ago

    aRe YoU CaLLiNg mE a KiD, excuse You I’m 11 years old and ain’t a kid, I’m offended .-.

  • Tayden Beckham
    Tayden Beckham Month ago

    The fluffaler looks like an off brand stitch

  • trex art
    trex art Month ago


  • Kennan Lukacs
    Kennan Lukacs Month ago

    Was anyone else a little disappointed that Quickcharge's hands weren't holding lightning bolts? 🤣

  • John Banzales
    John Banzales Month ago

    Quickcharge looks like A-Train

  • MonoLegion
    MonoLegion Month ago

    You forgot Quick Charge's electric effects

  • Kadyn Ruis
    Kadyn Ruis Month ago +1

    That Scooby-Doo laugh though😂

  • Spectre Gamers
    Spectre Gamers 2 months ago

    Don’t be lazy jazza!!! QuickCharge clearly has electricity coming from his hands

  • Matej Ohrablo
    Matej Ohrablo 2 months ago

    What if i blur his face already and then send it?

  • Haley Raiford
    Haley Raiford 2 months ago +3

    Imagine: The Purple Mantis and Quick Charge meeting each other

    • Caleb Arellano
      Caleb Arellano Month ago

      They could become vidoegame characters that would be awesome