Live PD: Best of El Paso, Texas Police Department | A&E

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
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    Check out the best moments from the El Paso, Texas Police Department including a young kid caught with cocaine, and an ex gang member turned father who shares with police how he turned his life around. #LivePD
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  • A&E
    A&E  24 days ago +182

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

    • Weary Wolf
      Weary Wolf 2 days ago

      @A&E do a compilation of these sovereign citizen fools!

    • befineguy
      befineguy 14 days ago

      Why you gotta do donut operator dirty like that

    • Ghost
      Ghost 14 days ago

      Yeah I do I subed today

    • Tanner dylan
      Tanner dylan 17 days ago +1

      It’s hilarious when cops act like they’re experts on things they obviously know nothing about lol

    • Wing Nut
      Wing Nut 18 days ago +1

      Thanks for letting me know not to move to Texas I love freedom legalize it for safety reasons a weed store is safe.

  • Jorge Salinas
    Jorge Salinas 8 seconds ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger 😭😂

  • Henry Gaughan
    Henry Gaughan 58 minutes ago

    "It's Kush.......that's what they call it........very strong." As she smells the bag LMFAO!!!

  • R H
    R H Hour ago

    Love the last video! Good guy!! Never say you can't turn your life around especially for the sake of your kids and the one you chose to spend your life with.

  • Mr. Trump Sir
    Mr. Trump Sir Hour ago

    “You’re not even American!” That lovely woman is American, she felt with that perfectly

  • Freezo
    Freezo 2 hours ago


  • Carlos’s Leroy
    Carlos’s Leroy 2 hours ago

    “My pantunflas” 😂😂

  • sykoz 85
    sykoz 85 3 hours ago

    “Its kush, thats what they call it” then proceeds to look at cemera😂😂she aint slick

  • Filipino Black
    Filipino Black 4 hours ago

    4:20 Dayuuuuum, Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.... Hit him with the Punchlines 🤣

  • Carl Starrett
    Carl Starrett 4 hours ago

    Well, least the first guy didn't ask for the corpus delicti.

  • Theonetheycall 1845
    Theonetheycall 1845 5 hours ago

    I'm not driving I'm traveling? He sounds unsure of himself

  • Colby Jones
    Colby Jones 5 hours ago

    People gettin arrested for eighths of weed while were buying ounces up in Seattle

  • pluijm2
    pluijm2 6 hours ago

    All the fuzz over a bit of weed is a little pathetic.

  • RyMichael DudeGuy
    RyMichael DudeGuy 6 hours ago

    14:09 me to my mom after coming home at 5 a.m.

  • Jeffrey Rusch Jr
    Jeffrey Rusch Jr 6 hours ago

    First clip- had No clue he needs an ID to drive. Not even a minute later suddenly knows it's illegal to open his car (which it's not)...

  • Tyler Westbrook
    Tyler Westbrook 8 hours ago

    the CEO of traveling

  • CJ S
    CJ S 8 hours ago

    Sovtard alert and a 13 yo with tats and crack. Good lord. Wow.

  • Lozzybum93
    Lozzybum93 9 hours ago

    Hats off for the last guy! People can change

  • ひJohn
    ひJohn 10 hours ago

    Maria Gonzalez fine ashit oh my god

  • Alina Martinez
    Alina Martinez 10 hours ago

    This girl said 2 ounces 😂😂😂😂

  • Winnerz 1
    Winnerz 1 13 hours ago

    It’s Kush, that’s what they call it.🤣👊🏼

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 23 hours ago +1

    Imagine it being the year 2019 and still arresting someone for possession of marijuana smh

    MONK MIKE Day ago

    I'm Not Driving.. I'm Traveling
    😂😂😂😂 Stupidity

  • Paul Clarke
    Paul Clarke Day ago

    omg what a moron!

  • Ben GM
    Ben GM Day ago

    We released him you mean cause he knew the laws and his rights

    TYCHE Day ago

    the legal gang of America!!!

  • Kyot0
    Kyot0 Day ago

    obviously a gen z kid, but he's not wrong... this is earth.

    DALVILLAR Day ago

    The 1st one is the best🔥😂😂😂
    "Daaaaaaam like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you hit me with the punch line and walk out, alright" 😂😂

  • EmilyIForgot153
    EmilyIForgot153 Day ago

    She goes "a little under 2 ounces" 😭😭😭
    Girl that looks more like a half ounce if that 😂

    LUIS SAUCEDO Day ago +8

    “It’s kush” she was quick on identifying it because she uses that for her knee problems

  • fortnut god oof
    fortnut god oof Day ago

    What do you mean they

  • Meza Rod
    Meza Rod Day ago

    Dont call me bro, Bro!!!!!!!

  • IndyCarFan265 RBLX

    15:49 Officer McKinney is my favorite 🤣

  • Makenzie Fullen
    Makenzie Fullen Day ago

    Those boots.....

  • Ruby Roman
    Ruby Roman Day ago

    my question is is how does this female opp now its kush 🙄😑

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez Day ago

    Legend has it that he's still traveling!

  • Amanda Jackson
    Amanda Jackson Day ago

    Thank you for keeping us safe, for the sacrifices you all make, for being away from loved ones to make sure that we can, my hats off to all of you may God and his army keep you safe always

  • Jayyishott
    Jayyishott Day ago +2

    “i do not consent to all this” itsss ILLEGAL to touch a person without they’re consent

  • shashank satish
    shashank satish Day ago

    crazy there is exactly 911 likes here nice catch. :-)

  • shashank satish
    shashank satish Day ago

    travelling not driving he aint understanding anything

  • Paul Steenhuisen

    "Just under two ounces".... that was literally like 8-10g

  • Matty J
    Matty J Day ago

    bet you first dude the type to cry the second the camera off

  • Rolando Delgado
    Rolando Delgado Day ago

    {*About a quart of ounce* }
    Cops: under 2 ounces, it’s called kush.

  • Ava Kate
    Ava Kate Day ago

    Dumb Dumb go back to pre-school.... you have a comprehension disability. WoW, those boots look painful! That’s commendable, it’s rare to meet someone who’s turned their life around.

  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac Day ago

    i cant imagine living in a state where weed isn't legal... this is crazy...its just a

  • zachisonfire
    zachisonfire Day ago

    It's odd to see people getting arrested for Marijuana in this day and age

  • Luis Sandoval
    Luis Sandoval Day ago

    Imagine him trying that Cali marijuana

  • Brett Turner
    Brett Turner Day ago +2

    Imagine that dude in the end played that whole ploy because he had 5 pounds of meth under the seat

  • Hector Mares
    Hector Mares 2 days ago

    "its kush, thats what they call it!" Loooool dumb.

  • Charlie Albert
    Charlie Albert 2 days ago

    0:24 bs that she can’t hear him because of the car. She’s smart to use that as an excuse to turn off the car

  • Trent Evans
    Trent Evans 2 days ago

    2 ozs? Girl thats a half lol

  • Who spilled My beans

    Lol if I was the first officer I would have written down “disrespect to an officer” as well

  • 윤효기뿌잉
    윤효기뿌잉 2 days ago

    Heather can arrest me and check me whenever

  • Claudio Andrei
    Claudio Andrei 2 days ago

    4:30 under two ounces? More like under two grams lol

  • Savageranks
    Savageranks 2 days ago

    How does a sovereign citizen get a Cadillac? Lord what I am doing wrong? 😂😂

  • wolfwriterRodger
    wolfwriterRodger 2 days ago

    "What gives you the right? You're not even American" BOY-

  • YB Conner
    YB Conner 2 days ago

    he really called the cops on the cops

  • Bas Oostdijck
    Bas Oostdijck 2 days ago

    The disrespect from that policeman for not shake a hand.

  • Kurt Pilon
    Kurt Pilon 2 days ago +2

    That last one was hella wholesome respect to that guy turning his life around!

  • Zoni 7
    Zoni 7 2 days ago

    The guy at the first he have to come to Brooklyn cuz there are kids smoking weed bro