The Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken Sandwich | Best Of The Best

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • The Popeyes limited-edition chicken sandwich broke the internet and sold out after its initial debut in early August. It came back nationwide on Sunday, November 3. Emily and Herrine try the sandwich and compare it to the ones from other fast-food competitors including: Chick-fil-A, KFC, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King. They also provide a quick summary of the Twitter war that fueled the internet frenzy. They ultimately decide if the Popeyes chicken sandwich is worth all the viral buzz and if it tastes better than its competitors’.
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    The Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken Sandwich | Best Of The Best

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  • simi alter
    simi alter 7 hours ago

    Emily looks like Sam from Sam and cat

  • Artemis Ackerman Nightcore

    In India KFC serves the best chicken sandwich

  • Rory Main
    Rory Main 4 days ago +1

    I will love those two in a threesome and eating a chicken sándwich

  • Nahid Mahmudh
    Nahid Mahmudh 4 days ago +1

    You bi*ches you don't appreciate food I will sue you

  • Jousel De Chavez
    Jousel De Chavez 5 days ago

    If only Howlin Ray's can match fast food restaurant capacity in the future....
    As in expansion to other side of US...

  • kenpop dillydoo
    kenpop dillydoo 5 days ago +2

    Them: "winner winner"
    Me: "cHiCkEn DiNnEr!!!!!"

  • Michael S
    Michael S 6 days ago

    Popeyes has never served a quality meal in their entire history. They can keep their dry, raunchy mutant chicken tits.

  • The Black Kaiser
    The Black Kaiser 6 days ago

    I’m Korean and I need the fire noodle sauce😂

  • NirZara Mahale
    NirZara Mahale 6 days ago +1

    Wait.. arent they chicken burgers?

  • bara kaori
    bara kaori 6 days ago

    herrine the korean woman: small boobs small mouth, big nose holes!!

  • tdo7125
    tdo7125 7 days ago +1

    All hype, don’t end up getting killed waiting in line.

  • KaraHops
    KaraHops 7 days ago

    I visited the US a few weeks ago and grabbed one of the spicy sandwiches while I was there. Loved it! I wish I could get it with some veggies like lettuce and onion as well!

  • Weshlynne Dizon
    Weshlynne Dizon 9 days ago

    You should've included Jollibee.

    THICCC MAMI 11 days ago

    Popeyes is better
    Chick-fil-A’s is tooo salty💀

  • Thomas f.254
    Thomas f.254 11 days ago

    I wouldn't know since I hadn't one yet!! 👿(Popeyes) soo at the moment chik fil a..well have to do. I want a popeyes chicken sandwich! 😭 soooo bad!

  • kason loyal
    kason loyal 11 days ago

    Popeyes makes all the other sandwiches look like dog food 😂😂😂😂😂

  • tina
    tina 11 days ago

    *me eating my spicy chicken sandwich from chick fil a 😳*

  • King Lambert612
    King Lambert612 12 days ago

    This with a salad on the side after working out from the gym, this finna be a great meal today

  • m itchi e
    m itchi e 12 days ago

    people literally only say popeyes because it’s affordable. but chick fil a will always be superior literally.

    • BamiAyoBamiAyo
      BamiAyoBamiAyo 9 days ago

      Sounds like you have not tasted Popeyes yet? 😂😂😂😂

  • ICY Gamer
    ICY Gamer 13 days ago


  • ICY Gamer
    ICY Gamer 13 days ago

    i was eating Popeye's mini chicken burger sandwich while watching this video (real)

  • J bee
    J bee 13 days ago

    I'm really bothered by that Asian girl's nose. Also asian here 🤦

    • d d
      d d 7 days ago

  • Fiona the Fox
    Fiona the Fox 13 days ago +1

    I don’t think you should’ve started with the Popeyes sandwich because you were kind of harsh on the rest of the sandwiches

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 14 days ago

    I tried this last week I was in love

  • Champion Alfa
    Champion Alfa 14 days ago

    clearly yo havent had the chick-fil-a chicken sandwich with........................Polanesean sauce

  • Bino Bino
    Bino Bino 14 days ago

    I stopped watching after Popeyes. They’re 1100% better

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    what no dairy queen chicken sandwich?

  • Grey Velvet
    Grey Velvet 15 days ago

    The asian girl looks awful, why are more people not talking about this??

  • Ritik Jain
    Ritik Jain 15 days ago

    She has Post Malone vibess ❤️❤️

  • Immortal gaming
    Immortal gaming 16 days ago

    It’s better. The spicy one at least

  • treeman Micool Jacksonn


  • Yaser Rahimi
    Yaser Rahimi 16 days ago

    Popeyes crack sandwich.

  • Lindsey Lindsey
    Lindsey Lindsey 16 days ago

    I honestly think that McDonalds McChicken trumps this thing. McDonalds needs to innovate the current chicken sandwich and they will blow these chains out.

  • random person on the internet

    I dont get it its just the same bread and same chicken they used before but just because it's in a sandwich its special?

  • Meister Rodgers
    Meister Rodgers 17 days ago

    Whenever I'm at a fast food restaurant, the stress of public farting goes way down because it smells no different than the food being made.

  • Dr Yosef Ben- Jochannan

    That looks like a lot of damn mayo. Lol

  • Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Popeyes is overrated. Chick Fil A is still #1.

  • go mentally deranged ye

    Someone lost their life for a damn chicken sandwich. What is life now?

  • jkennis9
    jkennis9 17 days ago

    These girls have great chemistry and obviously had great fun!

  • someone127
    someone127 18 days ago

    When the person in front of you orders fried chicken 😱

  • atxformfactor
    atxformfactor 18 days ago

    CFA sandwich, needs honey roasted bbq and a few drops of buffalo.

  • Charley Lewis
    Charley Lewis 18 days ago

    So they tried the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich but elected not give Chick Fil A’s spicy sandwich a try. Not an accurate test

  • Nonie Watson
    Nonie Watson 18 days ago

    I am watching you too from Ireland and I like you booth of you, however I cant helping thinking that you booth of you MIGHT be ,not sure, Be on cocaine or some kind of drugs.

  • SJ S
    SJ S 18 days ago

    I finally got the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich. Yeahhh ..... noooo ... not so much. The piece of chicken was so THICK that the sandwich was awkward to eat.
    Sorry Popeyes, but I was not impressed with the batter and fry. It was not the deliciousness that everyone was claiming. So, I stopped again a few days later. Exactly the same thing. Exactly! I won’t be getting it again. Just seemed to me to be a knockoff of Chic Fil A chicken sandwich, that didn’t make the grade. Chick Fil A don’t put sauce on the sandwich so you can put your own favorite Chic Fil A sauce on your own sandwich. I order mine with the tomato and lettuce. They have options.

  • Han She
    Han She 19 days ago

    I'd have to say Chic Fila or Buttermilk chicken from McDonald's. The McDonald's one is so tender and I love the bun they use. The Wendy's chicken sandwich to me is kinda soggy and the breading isn't that crunchy. I'd like to taste the Popeyes chicken sandwich but I'm nervous because of all the chaos its caused. Someone I know has had one and they say it's delicious too. But I wouldn't go by myself.

  • cosmicjoke
    cosmicjoke 19 days ago

    whoah my new favorite duo

  • jawtek82
    jawtek82 19 days ago

    Popeyes is good, I'm not gonna lie. And spicy is better than mild. But Chick-Fil-A is still the best tasting. Only thing I will give Popeyes over Chick-Fil-A is that the piece of chicken is generally bigger than Chick-Fil-A. The others are not good. Especially Burger King's which is really, really bad.

  • Gianna K
    Gianna K 19 days ago

    Chick-fil-A will always be the best.

  • K M
    K M 20 days ago

    They weren't even close to being objective with this taste test. And they were annoying.

  • Your_local_dog_eater
    Your_local_dog_eater 20 days ago

    I like the chick fa la one better ._,

  • David Hee
    David Hee 20 days ago

    You may want to include the Chicken Shack sandwich from Shake Shack but otherwise great video!

  • レインRain
    レインRain 20 days ago

    Look at us. There are people starving around the world, and we’re here arguing which food is better? Humans make me sick 🤢

  • Jacob
    Jacob 20 days ago

    Chick fil a tastes better. And you can actually get cheese on it. And the service is much better. The popeyes sandwich has a lot more breading than chicken

  • Muhammad Rafiq
    Muhammad Rafiq 20 days ago +2

    I swear everything they eat they say is hella good so how is it a review

  • Joe O'Malley
    Joe O'Malley 20 days ago +2

    Come on, you don't need to have sauce on a Chick-fil-a sandwich.

  • Clouded Kitten
    Clouded Kitten 20 days ago

    It's honestly mind blowing to me how ridiculous people act over Popeye's. It's just a poor quality deep fried chicken sandwich.
    How did this end up getting so big? It's nuts.

  • Anna Lovely
    Anna Lovely 21 day ago

    Chick-Fil-A is so much better than Popeye’s

  • Kartika Ki Rasoi
    Kartika Ki Rasoi 21 day ago

    My channel saport

  • TheIceLurker
    TheIceLurker 21 day ago +1

    The Asian lady is like 4'6..... that's pretty sexy.

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 21 day ago

    It came back on my 26th birthday. Always gonna be a birthday I remember lol all cause of a damn sandwich