Rita Ora - New Look [Official Video]

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • ‘New Look’ out now: rita.lnk.to/Newlook
    My new album 'Phoenix' is out now: atlanti.cr/Phoenix
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  • kiko chagca
    kiko chagca Day ago


  • Andrea Mištrafix
    Andrea Mištrafix Day ago +2

    Love it!!!😍😍🤤🤤💯

  • Abhi Negi
    Abhi Negi Day ago

    Why krewella nd rita ora are so underrated. ..super voice awsome music and lyrics

  • Patrycja Piotrowska

    Who loves Rita Ora? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lukasz Chmurski
    Lukasz Chmurski Day ago

    Note move asdy. 🐅 😘 ♥

  • B CAS
    B CAS Day ago

    Dubai dubai

  • Anna Buchcik
    Anna Buchcik 2 days ago +1

    I Love it

  • Thiago Maggioni
    Thiago Maggioni 2 days ago

    OMG months hearing this song thinking was J.Lo... visshhhh

  • marion thuita
    marion thuita 2 days ago +1

    She’s so underrated but very talented 🔥 🔥 I ❤️ u Rita

    HAZUNA 2 days ago

    such a wonderful syle Ritaaa 😍 guys my new video is out too, let me know what you think!

  • Great Banner
    Great Banner 2 days ago +1

    Its so amazing and respecting

  • shahryar azami
    shahryar azami 2 days ago

    seeing all that women wearing hijab around rita make me expect rita to wear full hijab too... i didn't like it
    hijab is stupid... i live in iran and that's why i know it's stupid

  • Игорь Веторази

    Very good music 👍✌️

  • hapy gamer13
    hapy gamer13 4 days ago

    The new lady of music,that captivates you with her new song,and i hope you enjoy it în 2020 too.

  • Mor 0666
    Mor 0666 5 days ago

    Wish she would stop dying her hair (Because it destroys it)

  • FirstSleeper
    FirstSleeper 5 days ago +2

    Nice track n very nice and very good directed theatrical video

  • Ahmed Alwahbi
    Ahmed Alwahbi 5 days ago +12

    I'm Muslim we are really appreciate that, representation of Muslims in good way

    • John Wilde
      John Wilde 3 days ago

      Just do not drive with a truck through the pedestrian zone and everyone is happy. Nice, Berlin, Barcelona ... it's enough.

  • יהודה הללי
    יהודה הללי 5 days ago

    יהוה אלהים עשית לאדם הראשון ורע אלהים ישלם לך מידה כנגד מידה נכון יהוה גדל עונך מנשוא אני קין נכון

  • Sheena Bayno
    Sheena Bayno 6 days ago +3

    I still can't forget my very first international concert watching Rita. Superb from Phil. I'll see you much more soon 💕

  • Emahd Ghafoor
    Emahd Ghafoor 6 days ago +1

    It’s funny how Rita ora was bag of skin and bones in fast furious 6 and now she is healthy 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Harries
    Thomas Harries 6 days ago


  • melnjada2
    melnjada2 6 days ago

    that guy is hot as fuck!

  • Karolina Kozłowska
    Karolina Kozłowska 6 days ago +1

    Rita you're my Avenger

  • hi itsme
    hi itsme 6 days ago +2

    Ella me parece muy linda, talentosa, hermosa voz y gran música, es perfecta!! Congratulations from mexico Rita!! 👏 👏 👏

  • Fabio Mendieta
    Fabio Mendieta 7 days ago

    Basically the song is sh*t but the video is great so I’m still giving it a like

    • Nahida Karimi
      Nahida Karimi 6 days ago

      honest opinion, so i'm not come at you cause everyone has their own opinion

  • santiago franchi
    santiago franchi 7 days ago +13

    She is so incredible when smile, make me crazy

  • Michael Lagarde
    Michael Lagarde 7 days ago +2

    love the sights in Dubai...you rock Rita :)

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow 7 days ago +2

    Love from Germany 🇩🇪 ❤️

  • oprea anis27
    oprea anis27 7 days ago +1

    Fast and Furious & Deichamen!!❤❤❤❤

  • šetonasas demon
    šetonasas demon 7 days ago

    hava you

  • šetonasas demon
    šetonasas demon 7 days ago

    helau rita ora

  • šetonasas demon
    šetonasas demon 7 days ago

    ai la bau yoo

  • Ewoud
    Ewoud 7 days ago

    VanHaren schoenen reclame iemand??

  • Pili Omar
    Pili Omar 7 days ago

    Hi Rita and my dear fellow fans! I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm from Argentina and where i live they don't give me a chance to work with something i study a lot years ago, so i started my own proyect in youtube, and i'd be more than grateful if you suscribe to my channel and share it with everyone you know. I'm working really hard to have and make great content for you. Thank you so much for your help :")

  • ikzelf100
    ikzelf100 8 days ago +1

    Happy international building and promoting peace day!!!!!

  • toma ernest
    toma ernest 8 days ago


  • Negre Andrei
    Negre Andrei 8 days ago

  • Rashid Hadish
    Rashid Hadish 9 days ago

    I fucking love this song... Right now...

  • Music Station
    Music Station 9 days ago +2

    Rita is killing the game lately!

  • tørű
    tørű 9 days ago +1

    Hmm you like lika 100000000000000$, voice..mmmm....but next time take drifters from Poland - in video worst drivers i ever seen. Girls drive better in Poland :)

  • C G
    C G 9 days ago

    Love this song

  • Michl S.
    Michl S. 9 days ago

    Great song !

  • Sheila L
    Sheila L 10 days ago

    A great song from her ❤️

    STAN TALENT STAN EXO 10 days ago

    Underrated. Deserves more views.

  • lysy like
    lysy like 10 days ago

    To match make up

  • mitzcaeli1
    mitzcaeli1 10 days ago

    Dubai #UAE #BurjKhalifa

  • Sevinc Sevinc
    Sevinc Sevinc 12 days ago

    I love you Rita

  • E. K.
    E. K. 12 days ago


  • Kateryna Khovpun
    Kateryna Khovpun 12 days ago +1

    Love this song

  • iara batista de arruda
    iara batista de arruda 12 days ago +1

    i love you am music rita ora

  • Dylan Wang
    Dylan Wang 12 days ago

    Beautiful woman

  • Adam Fabrizzi
    Adam Fabrizzi 12 days ago

    wAllah nassim en place

  • Delphi 28
    Delphi 28 12 days ago +1

    😍 👍 Great Musik

  • ella music ella
    ella music ella 13 days ago +3

    rita you'r the best when i saw this vedio featuring a girl wearing Hijab i really liked the message Rita

  • KrasniQi Lortt
    KrasniQi Lortt 13 days ago

    🎧Rita king të kem yll bebe dua ava unikktil✌️🎧

  • ryandas yt
    ryandas yt 14 days ago


  • Niky sarah Ramroop
    Niky sarah Ramroop 14 days ago +2

    I crazy 😜 in love 🥰 With Rita Ora as shape size as singing voice as new 👀

  • Wladimir Albuja
    Wladimir Albuja 14 days ago

    As usual, lively colours, great 'new look' and beautiful melody single. :)

  • Omar Zouiten
    Omar Zouiten 14 days ago

    who else came here for the car content

  • Shant Hal
    Shant Hal 15 days ago

    You're the best Rita