BHPD Recruitment - 2016

  • Published on Oct 22, 2016
  • BHPD recruitment video

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  • Richard Francis
    Richard Francis 3 months ago

    Cool video...the citizens in that rich town should and thankfully do take care of their First Responders

  • Patrick Patel
    Patrick Patel 5 months ago

    Y'all using sounds from need for speed most wanted lmfao

  • Zyz zyz
    Zyz zyz 8 months ago +2

    There is nothing going on in Beverly Hills. These cops probably have the least amount of experience just like LA County beach cities departments.

    • Getvagazzled
      Getvagazzled 4 months ago

      Dude they get burglaries, robberies, theft of vehicles, and apprehend wanted criminals every week. LAPD is busier but these guys do real police work

  • Richard Francis
    Richard Francis 11 months ago

    They have some great examples of their officers...I lived in LA when I went to USC...Beverly Hills seems small...but that is a serious dept. and they deal w a lot of serious stuff everyday

  • Joe T
    Joe T Year ago

    Do not joke or prank in public in Beverly Hills you will be arrested.

  • Joshua Powell
    Joshua Powell Year ago +1

    I didn't see one black face....

  • John
    John Year ago

    Shoutout the 818 Valley

  • Luckystrike
    Luckystrike 2 years ago +2

    The only way to stop police misconduct and abuse is comprehensive civilian oversight of the police.
    Independent, full time, puissant, oversight by an elected (not appointed) agency charged with the authority, responsibility and duty to monitor and superintend the actions of the police, and ensure compliance by them of all applicable laws, policies and procedures, from the newest recruit to the top administrators.
    An agency with the power to investigate complaints, to subpoena witnesses, to view dash and body cam video (unedited.), all arrest records and use of force reports upon demand, and to compel testimony in non criminal cases. A supervisory body with the authority, right, and responsibility to hand out swift, meaningful, and binding discipline, including termination and loss of pension and benefits, without input from the police, the mayor, the city council or any other government agency.
    An agency with guaranteed funding sufficient to hire the staff and obtain the other resources necessary to perform those duties, effectively, properly and in a timely manner.
    A truly autonomous, self governing agency, beholding to only the electorate.
    The police have amply demonstrated that they are incapable or unwilling to supervise themselves or each other, it's time to have true civilian control over the police, the same as we have civilian control over the military, and for the same reason.
    The experiment of letting the police run their departments like private fiefdoms, where they set their own standards, and are allowed to investigate and discipline themselves and each other, without accountability to any other authority must end. It's a complete failure, it's demonstrably unworkable, and it's an embarrassment to a civil society based on law and human rights.

    • J T
      J T Year ago

      @You're Fired why dont you?

    • Ibn Mamoo
      Ibn Mamoo Year ago +1

      They don't. Stop drinking the Koolaide. You sound like a deluded fanatic. @Luckystrike

    • Jon Daigle
      Jon Daigle 2 years ago +1

      Luckystrike most don’t. But some feel like their mother is looking over their shoulder giving them that sick feeling in their stomach making them constantly worried that they might mess up. That’s my best guess.

    • Luckystrike
      Luckystrike 2 years ago

      Why do cops fight so hard against cameras?

    • Jon Daigle
      Jon Daigle 2 years ago +2

      Luckystrike not even! The amount of times that those things happen are few and far in between. Look at it all his way, in order for someone to be a CEO of a company and hey must have experience. That’s why a civilian cannot have oversight of police matters because they have no understanding or experience in the matter. And I am not a law enforcement officer. I am an ex soldier who served so that you could have the freedom to be a little shit.

  • ValenciaRegina Shelton

    Sharp video,informative and officers were skilled and photogenic, Asset to your Force,showed female and male training, equipment.

  • Shawn Afshar
    Shawn Afshar 2 years ago +1


    • J T
      J T Year ago

      low IQ

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 2 years ago +2

    If only I could do it all over.

    • Michael Sullivan
      Michael Sullivan 2 years ago +1

      I know what you mean. Remember, God's in charge. All things happen for a reason. You made a difference doing whatever you did and wherever you are. You might not see it, you might not know it. Sometimes it is what we don't do that makes the difference also. No regrets brother. Look forward, don't regret. There's no point to it.

  • Diego Delavega
    Diego Delavega 3 years ago +17

    Do you take wise crackin, rule breakin, African-American laterals from Detroit?

  • The Jew Crew
    The Jew Crew 3 years ago

    They all seem like pretty cool people

  • Anvar A43
    Anvar A43 3 years ago +3

    1:19 Music,please