• Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Roger's Movie (maybe donate a little?)
    Perfect 3 Act Narrative Vlog -
    Before i started vlogging -
    my favorite drone -
    OTHER GEAR ---
    Sony CAMERA
    BIG Canon CAMERA;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);
    follow me; on
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  • Sprint Me
    Sprint Me 2 days ago

    I thought about VLOGGING.... but my life is SUPER SUPER SUPER BORING. Or I am just shit... either way... probably not a good idea.

  • Ezra Rose
    Ezra Rose 3 days ago

    Dude I'm from Hawaii - we made the world record for rainfall - 249 consecutive days and 331 days in total !

  • Meghan S
    Meghan S 5 days ago

    Super helpful, I definitely have a story to tell. This was so straight forward and not wishy-washy or too complicated and overwhelming, so thank you!! :-)

  • Hüsamettin PARLAKKILIC

    Hı casey. O lIke see you new vlogs

  • The Luxury Hybrid
    The Luxury Hybrid 6 days ago +3

    Did Marlon ever start his channel?

  • Fa M
    Fa M 6 days ago +1

    Music is also a major part of your vlogs for sure.

  • Hiyop Point Project
    Hiyop Point Project 6 days ago

    Tks for sharing mate. Regards from Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

  • Javarro Long
    Javarro Long 7 days ago

    Your as cool as me. 😂. Great stuff

  • Edo _
    Edo _ 7 days ago +3

    This is helpful its keeping my confidence with being out of my comfort zone

  • R. Sultan Dairies
    R. Sultan Dairies 8 days ago

    I like your vlog making sense and it's very engaging. The most important part of your vlogs is, you remain genuine throughout the years.
    Stay blessed!

  • Saadon Aksah
    Saadon Aksah 8 days ago

    Nice one!

  • Javier Galué - Habilidades de Comunicación

    GReat Casey! I'll follow your tips in my channel! thanks!!!!!!!!

  • DatDamnDaniel
    DatDamnDaniel 8 days ago


  • I Am Maxwell
    I Am Maxwell 9 days ago

    Casey?where are you need to start vlogging again

    BRYAN TUBOLA 9 days ago

    Casey how to get copyright with the music you will be using in your vlog?

  • Palm Beaches Paul
    Palm Beaches Paul 9 days ago

    The cool thing about your videos Casey is that they are timeless. I'm coming back watch this for a second time just to get a refresher because I'm working on some new vloggs... PS now that you're living out in Cali you don't have to worry about those cold rainy days do you hope you and the family are enjoying your new home.🌅

  • AugustFilms
    AugustFilms 11 days ago

    I see 5 casey neistat and i did not EVEN get in to The video. 2 title. 1channel 2 thumnail. 1 is him saying my secrets and other(his glasses like Mirror. I can see a camera. And then in The camera lens hardly hardly i can see him again.

  • Feel Extremely Positive

    I just start my channel. I will not say the number of subscriptions because I am ashamed of this. And my little niece says she is tired of watching my videos. lol help!

  • Nael and Nathan
    Nael and Nathan 12 days ago

    CaseyNeistat is da man. His advice helped me a lot. Tomorrow, I will be posting my first vlog, so it will be awesome if y'all can come to my channel (Nael and Nathan) and subscribe.

  • David Alfaro
    David Alfaro 12 days ago

    What cameras does he use?

  • micahscaresme
    micahscaresme 14 days ago +1

    It really does feel like a movie. You are my inspiration.

  • micahscaresme
    micahscaresme 14 days ago

    It rains alot in florida too lol

  • Junaid Inam
    Junaid Inam 15 days ago

    I am NYC based Stand up Comedian and You tuber. Please check out my TVclip Channel and let me know what you think. It would mean a lot to me.

  • Pistanbroke
    Pistanbroke 15 days ago

    "no woman... no crime" food for thought for every young man thinking about marriage.

  • cbmofficial
    cbmofficial 15 days ago +2

    Learned a lot from this, thanks bro!

  • Lee McGowan
    Lee McGowan 16 days ago

    thanks for giving us the best idea on how to vlog! you are the best casey!

  • Katie Burgo
    Katie Burgo 16 days ago

    This is really great advice of course. I hope to get better at vlogging!

  • The Riley Shot
    The Riley Shot 17 days ago

    Dammmm, fun vid

  • Kadek Gomez
    Kadek Gomez 17 days ago

    Nice secret thanks

  • John Vancamper
    John Vancamper 18 days ago

    Hi from the UK. 11m subs. I think it was a success 😎 Happy travels everyone. John

  • G
    G 18 days ago

    You're awesome dude!

    LOCO NICOLE 22 days ago

    New mental health vlogger here:)

  • Valley Drone1.0
    Valley Drone1.0 22 days ago

    What an awesome inspirational look into how to vlog. Thanks for the vid

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 22 days ago

    That has to be the best description I forget how to do slugging straight to the point f-n cool dude thank you

  • Santiago Sañudo
    Santiago Sañudo 23 days ago +1

    And using all of this, Luisito Comunica became #1 in Mexico

  • Recharge
    Recharge 23 days ago +2

    you ever do the blog to tech marlin?

  • gedgar2000
    gedgar2000 23 days ago

    Thanks Casey, that was awesome. I really learned to appreciate things that I took for granted, and figured magically just happened. Your explanations gave them impression -- accurately I think -- as coming from a true master or their craft. Great job. Originality and uniqueness may be essential for true greatness, but there are general principles which are essential and must be quickly mastered, before your own originality has a chance to succeed. This episode would be required viewing in a VLOGing class. LOL

  • Podcast Launch Lab
    Podcast Launch Lab 24 days ago

    Great intel!! Thanks Casey!!

  • 2PURDY
    2PURDY 25 days ago +1

    Instead of making a how to vlog episode, why didn’t you help a little more to promote your ‘friends’ movie?!

  • AnAsianbr0skii21
    AnAsianbr0skii21 25 days ago

    12:00 super shakey much?

    VOZZIO 26 days ago

    And they say nothing is wrong and there is no global warming. Lmao

  • Narita Dogfight
    Narita Dogfight 27 days ago

    @7:20 someones at the door

  • Wholesome Circuits
    Wholesome Circuits 27 days ago

    Do I see a bottle of Old Monk Rum at 2:38 on the shelf behind Casey?! Indian Fans Respect!

  • Keto Beach
    Keto Beach 28 days ago

    The only one who can vlog like Casey Neistat is Casey Neistat. I just did a vlog about this. "Is vlogging in public dying?" If you're just some schmuck with a camera, people in the shot will get bent out of shape. Evidence is there.

  • Graviti Fitness
    Graviti Fitness 28 days ago

    hold the camera steady going in to meet roger .....grrrrrrr

  • Al Ingold
    Al Ingold 28 days ago

    This is super interesting

  • Alice Masci
    Alice Masci 29 days ago +1

    I like your time lapses and drone shots. Also your music and stories.

  • Sohaib _yousaf
    Sohaib _yousaf Month ago


  • Jared White
    Jared White Month ago

    Wish I coulda met you at Sundance last year, will you be going this year?

  • LucyKIM0310
    LucyKIM0310 Month ago


  • SwannyEdits
    SwannyEdits Month ago

    Super interesting

  • Ryan Cunningham
    Ryan Cunningham Month ago

    I wish I had the balls to start my TVclip channel again. Instead I'm scared and just making drone and car videos

  • Angelo Vlogz
    Angelo Vlogz Month ago

    year 2069 everyone?

  • Manca Travel
    Manca Travel Month ago

    what can i say i like skateboards

  • PJmusica
    PJmusica Month ago

    Something should have blown up. You need an action scene. :)

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    killers should go to hell where they came from

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    i don't subscribe to war mongers

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    roger the evil man

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    I'm the OG

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    i have my own thing i don't fail mamn

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    you lied to marvin everyone loves drone shots and timelapses

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    in the trash goes the shakes

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    I'm doing research on you this way i can learn how to make better vlogs

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Month ago

    casey your dad is researching you

  • orange doorhinge
    orange doorhinge Month ago +5

    I'm using everything I learned in this, especially drone shots. A true artists uses what he wants. I want all of it.

      LOCO NICOLE 22 days ago +1

      Good luck to you.
      I'm a new mental health vlogger :)

  • Phill
    Phill Month ago

    7:38 - take notes Michael Bay

  • Samuel F.
    Samuel F. Month ago +2

    2 years later. Still relevant.

  • DB's Adventures
    DB's Adventures Month ago +1

    Casey .. just love your vlogging style, presentations, speeches.. very natural and awesome. Lot to learn from u.

  • This Is Pro-Aging
    This Is Pro-Aging Month ago

    One of my biggest observations is when vloggers don’t look into the camera lens, they look at themselves in the video. That way they aren’t connecting with their viewers. They aren’t talking to their viewers, they are talking to themselves. Eye contact.

  • Beth Cohen
    Beth Cohen Month ago

    More Marlon!

  • mast gamer
    mast gamer Month ago

    anybody from JUNEJO bhai?

  • Enigmatic Aquarius
    Enigmatic Aquarius Month ago

    My idea is to bring the first vlog in history to TVclip... I’ve been vlogging since the 90s... when there wasn’t a word vlog yet

  • Nawawi Mohshin
    Nawawi Mohshin Month ago

    Done subscribed!

  • Steve Pawley
    Steve Pawley Month ago

    I've watched a few different takes on what makes a media content work and finally I found somebody I feel makes sense - Can't wait to watch a few more of these videos :)

  • Adrian Aye
    Adrian Aye Month ago

    Casey Neistat needs to find his Peter Parker/Spiderman to pass the reins on to.