Pelican Invades Director's Tent On The Galápagos Islands - Blue Planet II Behind The Scenes

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • UK: 5th episode of Blue Planet II starts 8pm Sunday BBC One. Nordics and Asia : simulcasting on BBC Earth. USA: Early 2018 on BBC America. Details here
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    *Pelican Invades Tent In The Galápagos - Blue Planet II Behind The Scenes* The animals on the Galápagos are known for being friendly, but for Blue Planet II director Rachel, a friendly pelican gets a little too interested in her tent!

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  • Pets & AnimalsPets & Animals
  • Runtime: 1:27
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Comments: 162

  • Isabella Felipe de Oliveira Campos

    Pelicans are cute and useful, they eat (well, swallow) pigeons. We need more pigeon-eating birds.

  • Lee Jia Wei
    Lee Jia Wei 2 days ago

    Can we be friends? No?

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova 3 days ago

    its cold .. let it in

  • Mohammed Abbasi
    Mohammed Abbasi 3 days ago

    Pelican thinking... Expect more of these bloomin immigrants after Brexit!

  • wozardofiz
    wozardofiz 4 days ago

    'just checking the walls'

    HAYK HOVHANNISYAN 4 days ago +1

    Эту прицу было холодно
    Оно дражало

  • James 4theDoctor
    James 4theDoctor 5 days ago

    She needs to chill... That is such an amazing opportunity.

  • Alucina Vecina
    Alucina Vecina 5 days ago


  • 2charliep
    2charliep 5 days ago

    Your tent, MY island.

  • Youtube Central
    Youtube Central 5 days ago

    *Pelican* : _Can I be in Planet Earth 2?_

  • Pretty Boi
    Pretty Boi 6 days ago

    Director is kinda cute

  • alhumaidy alenzi
    alhumaidy alenzi 6 days ago

    الحريم مع انهم اذكياء وفيهم دكتورات ومهندسات وعالمات آلا انهم. يعجزون عن التصرف في مواقف بسيطه ،

  • kashewz
    kashewz 6 days ago

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Here's something I've freshly baked....

  • war zone
    war zone 7 days ago

    No no no no no

  • illusiwind
    illusiwind 7 days ago

    “Look, where are these weird looking dogs from?" Said the pelican.

  • JuicyWatermelone
    JuicyWatermelone 7 days ago


  • Dan Langdon
    Dan Langdon 7 days ago

    Aw, he was only a young fella wanting to make friends.

  • Akın Yılmaz
    Akın Yılmaz 7 days ago

    If you record its private moments without permission , he can invade your tent director

  • Whatcha
    Whatcha 7 days ago

    absolutely cute!!!!

  • Dropout's Production

    he wants sun pussy.

  • ServantOfTheKing
    ServantOfTheKing 8 days ago

    Definitely sent by Christians...

  • Iqbal Nawaz
    Iqbal Nawaz 8 days ago

    I am so happy.... very very happy, to see this video and to see this kind people who are very peaceful and lover

  • Iqbal Nawaz
    Iqbal Nawaz 8 days ago

    It's amazing. Animal also loves people like that, who are kind & peaceful.

  • rodibremo
    rodibremo 8 days ago

    Directors Tent invades pelican territory on the Galapagos Islands. No?

  • Mr. Chip Whitley
    Mr. Chip Whitley 8 days ago

    Nigel [queitly]: "Okay, don't make any sudden moves. Hop inside my mouth... if you want to live."

  • Mr. Chip Whitley
    Mr. Chip Whitley 8 days ago

    It's just Nigel trying to find Nemo

  • José Rondón
    José Rondón 8 days ago

    Jajaja, simpático el vídeo. El Pelícano como que tenía frío y me gustaría una casita así.

  • PTM45 smi
    PTM45 smi 8 days ago

    duh, you should have just closed your tent

  • MissEmeraldgreen77
    MissEmeraldgreen77 8 days ago

    And her response and facial expressions to the pelican are cute!

    JOE BLOE 8 days ago

    "Honey, did you get the Thanksgiving Turkey?" Yes dear, it ran right into my arms.

  • Sea&me - Marine stuff with Maria

    "Tuturu, don´t mind me just passing through"

  • Curious1nSC
    Curious1nSC 8 days ago

    💜 this

  • spiritual proteins
    spiritual proteins 8 days ago

    some wildlife documentary director she is, if she's that scared of a bird

    • Drake Livsey
      Drake Livsey 6 days ago

      spiritual proteins pelican bites hurt

  • quality bleach
    quality bleach 8 days ago

    Ron just wanted to smash

  • Lordious
    Lordious 8 days ago

    He is the real boss there

  • Rüdiger Hartmann
    Rüdiger Hartmann 8 days ago

    Not always you can control who would like to be a friend of you.

  • sugarplum isawesome
    sugarplum isawesome 8 days ago


    • Drake Livsey
      Drake Livsey 6 days ago

      How was she not being nice, she doesn't want it in her tent

  • Magical Banff-Unicorn
    Magical Banff-Unicorn 8 days ago +1

    Planet of the pelicans will be better then planet of apes

  • Sumeet
    Sumeet 8 days ago

    hes all like wheres yer planning permission to build on me lands ey!?

  • Matt Cooler
    Matt Cooler 8 days ago

    Thats why she should have say yes constantly...

  • Palinghufter
    Palinghufter 8 days ago +17

    Girl: You can't be in my tent!
    Pelican: I Pelican even if I Pelishouldn't.

    • kroakie4
      kroakie4 7 days ago +1

      Palinghufter, 😆

  • Danielle Spargo
    Danielle Spargo 8 days ago


  • Franz Schrodinger
    Franz Schrodinger 8 days ago

    He looks really cold

    • Drake Livsey
      Drake Livsey 6 days ago

      Franz Schrodinger probably the wind blowing his feathers

  • Jeffrey Wise
    Jeffrey Wise 8 days ago

    He smelled something fishy in there, and i'm pretty sure what it is

  • Roger B
    Roger B 8 days ago

    Great footage. hahaha. I love this channel. :)

  • G.O.D No G.O.D
    G.O.D No G.O.D 8 days ago

    That thumbnail looks like my churumba when I'm swole!

  • AznStarzflyz
    AznStarzflyz 8 days ago

    "He just pooed outside my tent!"
    He's marking his territory

    ATIF ZIA 8 days ago +1

    He was doing the mating dance for u girl.

  • karthik karthik
    karthik karthik 8 days ago

    :p don't know what it was thinking ...

  • Jaylee Davies
    Jaylee Davies 8 days ago

    Why didn't she just close it in the first place

  • Nasser Feed
    Nasser Feed 8 days ago +4

    I like how the thumbnail is the first frame of the video

  • Sony H K
    Sony H K 8 days ago


  • chairshoe81
    chairshoe81 8 days ago

    *_swiggity swooty_*

  • lutin grognon
    lutin grognon 8 days ago

    Wow, this pigeon is really big!

  • John Jeffry
    John Jeffry 8 days ago

    Alex Jone -- Lesbian Interracial Pelican

  • WJ K
    WJ K 8 days ago +5

    This is my territory, and who let you set up a tent here? I didn't.

  • EliteSalvi
    EliteSalvi 8 days ago

    Should have taken a no soliciting sign.

  • Rui Pedro Silva
    Rui Pedro Silva 8 days ago +3

    How can she be so afraid of the pelican isn't being hostile but just curious!? Doesn't she work with wildlife? Sir David Attenborough would find this behavior fascinating as would I, no doubt about it! This is really baffling me...

    • Drake Livsey
      Drake Livsey 6 days ago +1

      Rui Pedro Silva have you ever been bitten by a pelican it hurts

  • Durrpadil
    Durrpadil 8 days ago

    They're like curious little kids lol

  • Jd D
    Jd D 8 days ago +1

    No, no no (while I have the door wide open and my phone in my other hand) Nooooo don’t you even think about coming in.... Typical woman....

  • AmeerZx LoLMC
    AmeerZx LoLMC 8 days ago

    pelican: show bobs and vagene

  • Nuckin Futs
    Nuckin Futs 8 days ago +1

    He's like "hey pretty lady, room for two?" 😉⛺

  • ffi1001
    ffi1001 8 days ago +6

    She is very calm actually.

  • Chaosdestille
    Chaosdestille 8 days ago

    Awesome xD

  • elena 13
    elena 13 8 days ago +75

    The music makes this video even better

  • HawkingN
    HawkingN 8 days ago +24

    Overhears a pelican meeting:
    - then team grey will poop at the door, before scouting the interior of the tent. He will then commence the invasion...

  • Honami Kao
    Honami Kao 8 days ago

    Its cute but is that bad for the animals?

    • Jeffrey Wise
      Jeffrey Wise 8 days ago

      martojacinto you need to have a cup of tea, your life must be stressful.

    • martojacinto
      martojacinto 8 days ago

      Jeffrey Wise no i understand where she coming from you are the one that needs to "chill out". Stop trying to apread your ignorant and inhumane propaganda. We as people are not greater or lesser than the animals around us accept it or perish.

    • Jeffrey Wise
      Jeffrey Wise 8 days ago

      Honami Kao chill out

    • martojacinto
      martojacinto 8 days ago

      Honami Kao are you insinuating that animals aren't intelligent

  • Gerardo Garza García
    Gerardo Garza García 8 days ago +5

    Because that pelican is a boss 😎

  • MrWotsItoya
    MrWotsItoya 8 days ago +5

    Let in the feather friend

  • Muhammad Alfudhail
    Muhammad Alfudhail 8 days ago +23

    He just wanna smash

    • M S P !
      M S P ! 8 days ago +1

      Muhammad Alfudhail

  • VaciliNikoMavich
    VaciliNikoMavich 8 days ago +4

    "I wanna see what this structure is, m'lady!"

  • Danny Soekarnsingh
    Danny Soekarnsingh 8 days ago +25

    Or director invades living space of pelikan???

    • binky2819
      binky2819 8 days ago +3

      True, but it's the only way they can study them and get amazing footage of them.

    • Muhammad Alfudhail
      Muhammad Alfudhail 8 days ago +1


  • The Universe Educational Documentary

    He wanted sexx

  • Yung Afrika
    Yung Afrika 8 days ago +90

    He never seen a human before probably.

    • JuicyWatermelone
      JuicyWatermelone 7 days ago +2

      well they did Evolve to be afraid of animals (humans included as animals) its just that being on that island for so many generations made them eventually lose the fear of predators .....or people's tents.

    • Hathur
      Hathur 8 days ago +37

      no natural predators on the island, they never evolved to be afraid of other animals / humans.

  • Taras B. Ukrainian
    Taras B. Ukrainian 8 days ago

    That's a tasty looking pelican

  • I hate you with a passion
    I hate you with a passion 8 days ago +116

    Becky lemme smash

  • Dinosaur, Giraffes And less MORE!!!!!

    Is it legal for someone to visit the islands?

  • greekatso
    greekatso 8 days ago +9

    Amazing encounter, Pelicans are cool.

  • Hælmers 432
    Hælmers 432 9 days ago +32

    "Lemme smash"

    • Pyourrr Skai
      Pyourrr Skai 8 days ago +3

      Probably smelled like fish, the reason that the pelican was like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ben B
    Ben B 9 days ago +7

    Just zip the tent. Duh.

    • z vign
      z vign 8 days ago

      she wants to leave the tent

    • Bk Jeong
      Bk Jeong 8 days ago

      She does at one point

    • Fortify '
      Fortify ' 8 days ago +1

      Ben B where's the fun in that?

  • MischievousMischief
    MischievousMischief 9 days ago +39

    So cuuute! I love it when animals are curious.why is it for some people so hard to understand that we have a lot in common?

    • MischievousMischief
      MischievousMischief 7 days ago


    • MischievousMischief
      MischievousMischief 7 days ago

      hahahaha yes I guess we all would feel quite confused if somebody just shows up at your doorstep – it being a a bird or a human it doesn't matter XD

    • JuicyWatermelone
      JuicyWatermelone 7 days ago

      mischieveusMishief i agree about all the stuff about animals (humans are included as animals) but i would fell vary overwhelmed if a huge bird like a pelican would walk over and casually get in my tent people arn used to those things well it is the Galapagos.

      .....Also why do birds poop so much?

    • lastshadow123
      lastshadow123 7 days ago

      Are u stupid?Let some people come into your house and they will kill u as well.This guy clearly thinks about biological similarities

    • Mick-Eric Boettge
      Mick-Eric Boettge 8 days ago


  • June Hass
    June Hass 9 days ago +2

    Did she think of zipping her tent?
    Sometimes human r just stupid

    • jotoenatehaaen
      jotoenatehaaen 9 days ago +4

      wouldn't have made for a great bts though xD

  • Leon Fook
    Leon Fook 9 days ago +116

    "Lemme through you peasant."

  • adam mac
    adam mac 9 days ago +99

    Awww.. he probably just wants to spoon with her. And some fish.. a lot of fish.

    • adam mac
      adam mac 7 days ago +2

      Renagade Ba-dum-tiss!

    • Renagade
      Renagade 7 days ago +12

      Probably smelled fish in there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dee Man
    Dee Man 9 days ago +4

    Pelican: Oyi u BBC weirdos, care for some pelican poo? Lemme polish that shoe for ya, u filthy animals.

  • _Star_27_
    _Star_27_ 9 days ago +2

    Add a public comment...

  • FR Z
    FR Z 9 days ago +6

    We need the Tony Baker Animal Compliation department on this one 😂😂😂😂

  • Mephisto
    Mephisto 9 days ago +5

    lol this is adorable

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 9 days ago


  • MD Parvez Wahid Bird

    I like Wild

  • MD Parvez Wahid Bird
    MD Parvez Wahid Bird 9 days ago +2

    Friendly Pelican

  • dreamphoenix000
    dreamphoenix000 9 days ago +10

    Pelican played by Benedict Cumberbatch

  • boku kawa
    boku kawa 9 days ago +5

    Just a pelican passing throught

  • Polymathically
    Polymathically 9 days ago +45

    "Look, lady. I'm freezing out here, and I need to use the restroom. Oh no, look what you made me do! Wait, you got it on video? Why are you even recording me?! Don't share it! The guys will never let me hear the end of this! Just... just get out of my way. See, was that so hard?! Thank you. Ugh, humans..."

  • Calvin Hobbes
    Calvin Hobbes 9 days ago +15

    Probably wanted to Netflix and Chill.

  • Charoen P
    Charoen P 9 days ago +2

    😁😁😂😆 friendly bird

  • YJ TAN
    YJ TAN 9 days ago +196

    "Excuse me Ma'am, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour? Ma'am??? Ma'am???"

    • Srbistanik 01
      Srbistanik 01 8 days ago +3

      YJ TAN
      Obviously she does. They are both on deserted island.

  • Rakinah Haji Ibrahim
    Rakinah Haji Ibrahim 9 days ago +3

    Hahaha! it's cute!

  • pudelosha
    pudelosha 9 days ago +20

    I heard that when woman says 'no' it means 'yes' :D

  • Bekiffte Ratte mit Anzug

    Brilliant 🤣