Gal Gadot Asks Jimmy Kimmel About Her Breasts

  • Published on Mar 16, 2016
  • Gal asks Jimmy about something comic book fans have had a big reaction to and recalls the first time she tried on her Wonder Woman costume.
    Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel -
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    Gal Gadot Asks Jimmy Kimmel About Her Breasts
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  • Burak Boran Evran
    Burak Boran Evran 8 hours ago

    ı dunno.. They look great both of em LMAO

  • 24 LIES Studios
    24 LIES Studios 16 hours ago

    God those sexy legs🔥🔥🔥❤❤🙌

  • paulbsmokin
    paulbsmokin Day ago

    She is so freaking fine!!!

  • A.L.A
    A.L.A 3 days ago

    he`s clearly NOT a comic book nerd cause he would have known what she ment

  • elisa johans
    elisa johans 3 days ago

    God bless u all

  • John Blake
    John Blake 4 days ago

    God... She's beyond sexy. Literally I can't even explain how beautiful this women is.

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 6 days ago

    He is trying so hard not to look her legs lmao

  • Big C Christian
    Big C Christian 6 days ago

    Gal is fuckin perfect for it. Just push them bee stings up as far as possible and all the whiney pervs will shut it.

  • Ema
    Ema 10 days ago +1

    Well, the original Wonder Woman has a hourglass figure, so she also has bigger ass, hips and smaller waist. But that is how all comic female characters are portrayed, nobody seems to complain about the others.

  • Tahmid Chowdhury
    Tahmid Chowdhury 11 days ago

    they are too small to be wonder woman's breast.

  • pricey 4ever3
    pricey 4ever3 12 days ago

    There real and there spectacular lol

  • Sameer Rajakumar
    Sameer Rajakumar 12 days ago

    She looks so sexy here

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 13 days ago

    Gal dot transvestite GROSS

  • Alexander Robles
    Alexander Robles 13 days ago

    Her accent and that beautiful Israeli face 😻🔥💋🤩😱🤭😎

  • Fairy Girl
    Fairy Girl 13 days ago

    Love her!

  • Tangin Ahsan
    Tangin Ahsan 13 days ago +4

    Did anyone noticed...Chris Pine - Chris Evans, Steve Trevor - Steve Rogers

  • Taimoor Waheed
    Taimoor Waheed 13 days ago

    she forgot her pants

  • TG R.
    TG R. 14 days ago

    She has improved since her Fast and Furious days

  • EGator 85
    EGator 85 14 days ago

    She’s beautiful

  • Анна Нифёдова

    Hahaha he's jealous :D

  • krshankumar gautam
    krshankumar gautam 15 days ago


  • Kris LaWho
    Kris LaWho 16 days ago

    God was just showing off when he made her

  • Daniel Popa
    Daniel Popa 16 days ago

    I mean I wouldn't mind to be my girlfriend come on people she is amazing...

  • Sun Cool
    Sun Cool 16 days ago

    Man, what a change for gal 🦋

  • Lilredthr3
    Lilredthr3 16 days ago

    She’s beautiful and wonderful and I love her costume of Wonder Woman and I can be the next Wonder Woman

  • Alea Philpot
    Alea Philpot 16 days ago

    Is that Wonder Woman?... she hiding under the dress..

  • Loren Martin
    Loren Martin 16 days ago

    God shes gorgeous

  • Gelo Gelo
    Gelo Gelo 17 days ago

    I like this lovely hot redhead

  • Joe Kasprzak
    Joe Kasprzak 17 days ago

    Pedifile jimmy has a boner

  • Eddie Kim
    Eddie Kim 19 days ago

    She is too skinny for wonder woman and she need to eat more

  • 雷震富
    雷震富 19 days ago

    Looked like red human

  • Sebastian Brzeczeszczykiewicz

    Who’s Gal Gadot

  • Lonely teenager
    Lonely teenager 20 days ago

    there’s something wrong with the title

  • Мурад Аппазов

    1:42 that moment she tried to flirt, but it was so bad...

  • Joshua Calosso
    Joshua Calosso 21 day ago

    Kimmel knows she got no tits

    • Rachel gold
      Rachel gold 19 days ago

      We all know you got no diXX ... so ?

  • QGXY Reverse 98
    QGXY Reverse 98 23 days ago

    A woman personal stuff lol but with host show channel Jimmy Kimmel on it I am fun with it but Gal Gadot is a awesome Actors , I like her and Taylor swift and the other cast of DCEU Gal Gadot should have a unSuperheroes films with Ray Fisher some time Actor who choose DCEU movies to be famous for the first step in Hollywood . And Ray Fisher is in Batman VS Superman Down Of Justice and Justice League .

  • mhmd Nassealdeen محمد نصرالدين

    Ks ommmk 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Cachi -
    Cachi - 26 days ago

    I don’t know what I think about your breasts but I can tell you, you have some serious legs and can’t stop staring at them.

  • subhan anees
    subhan anees 26 days ago

    Hahahahahha i like both of em nailed it kimmel

  • Genius General
    Genius General 26 days ago

    Her legs are so sexyyyy...😋😋

  • Nguyen Anh
    Nguyen Anh 27 days ago

    i feel bad for her husband.... i mean if ur wife sometimes act too naughty around other coworkers... wonder what he feel

  • HScarlet
    HScarlet 28 days ago

    What were the comic book nerds complaining about, the costumes breast plate being different than they had imagined from the comic book designs or her actual breasts?

  • Akshay Rawat
    Akshay Rawat 28 days ago

    Gal gadot has the hottest genitalia!

  • Saurabh Warudkar
    Saurabh Warudkar Month ago

    Matt Damon is going to get your role.

  • Nature Lovers
    Nature Lovers Month ago

    Jimmy kimmel is best in bkc***di 😂

  • Hpcomputer Hp
    Hpcomputer Hp Month ago

    1:42 😬😆

  • Neil Flores
    Neil Flores Month ago

    Gal gadot:what do you think of my breasts?
    Me: I don’t know I haven’t seen it😬

  • sudo nym
    sudo nym Month ago

    Only issue I had was she is too skinny overall, she is what 130 at 5,11. But I quickly got over that as her acting skills are great overall.

  • Basir Ijaz
    Basir Ijaz Month ago

    Comic fans are mad that why this small tits woman is made as wonder women because comic wonder women is strong, healthy and sexy as hell and !!!

  • William Brooks
    William Brooks Month ago


  • Omar
    Omar Month ago

    After over thousand of interviews he still do “um you know” wtf

  • Harshit Tibrewal
    Harshit Tibrewal Month ago

    Jimmy should've said let me figure it out by touching them 😂

  • Manash
    Manash Month ago

    She is *Beautiful*

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Month ago

    She sexy, beautiful, and down to earth friendly, yes, totally your average woman today, a real Wonder Woman.

  • Closing Statement
    Closing Statement Month ago

    As an objective matter she is one of the most beautiful women ever. This is why racism is so pernicious... her name change also helped her against antisemitism.

  • Jain Manari
    Jain Manari Month ago

    She has such an innocent smile

  • Fernicus Maximus
    Fernicus Maximus Month ago

    Gal Godot = likable and successful
    Brie Larson = annoying and future failure

  • Rajdeep Singh
    Rajdeep Singh Month ago

    She so fuckin cute

  • Alex Moeggenberg
    Alex Moeggenberg Month ago +1

    No wonder this video has 13 fricking million views... 🤨😂

  • Cian Flaherty
    Cian Flaherty Month ago

    Good clickbait

  • TrueSake
    TrueSake Month ago

    She needs breasts

  • Raju
    Raju Month ago

    Feminists would have got triggered if that was breast thing got initiated by Jimmy Kimmel.

  • minicopilot1
    minicopilot1 Month ago

    I'd love to glaze her like a Cinnabon!!!!!!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago

    Her breasts are just like her acting skills

    Invisible 🎤👋

  • D Strokes
    D Strokes Month ago

    Wonder Woman & Aquaman more the savers of DC rather than the whole World!!

  • Trinidad Nabor
    Trinidad Nabor Month ago

    Shes so sexy....

  • Qais Rasooly
    Qais Rasooly Month ago

    They bang that night

  • Soham Sen
    Soham Sen Month ago

    is this on 60FPS? i kinda feel weird

  • Mdee Ryn
    Mdee Ryn Month ago

    Her smile

  • Lance Gaming
    Lance Gaming Month ago

    So HOT

  • Mr. Audition.
    Mr. Audition. Month ago

    I just love her.

  • Thetic Caribou71
    Thetic Caribou71 Month ago

    Y’all talking about breast, y’all over here sleeping on those fine ass legs she has

  • _misra.ble_ neh
    _misra.ble_ neh Month ago

    He's in love with her. Who _wouldn't_ fall in love with her?

  • mxamiss5
    mxamiss5 Month ago

    You can't be a Juggie if that's what she wants

  • naama hirsh
    naama hirsh Month ago +1

    מבטא ישראלי חמדמד ^_^

  • Emperor Ziko
    Emperor Ziko Month ago

    I would drink her bathwater.

  • ViividYoshi
    ViividYoshi Month ago

    Omg... Shes beautiful

  • Jesse Toler
    Jesse Toler Month ago

    Since the media is so worked up about Russian oligarchs, why no discussion of Gal Gadot's connection to Roman Abramovich? The British denied his visa and the Swiss don't want him, so he flies into Tel Aviv and claims citizenship under Israel's Right of Return laws. After arriving, he buys the Gadot-Varsano hotel for 26 million when it's estimated worth is reportedly at 16 million.

  • Jens
    Jens Month ago

    she is so racist

  • amnesiai
    amnesiai Month ago

    oh man she's so sexxyyy

  • Gao Matlhare
    Gao Matlhare Month ago

    her voice!!! am i the only one???

  • Paul Ijeh
    Paul Ijeh Month ago

    Gal gadot please do porn am begging you

  • Abhijeet samrat
    Abhijeet samrat Month ago

    Well I am not complaining about her boobs ☺️😘 honestly she is soo cute

  • xilo301
    xilo301 Month ago

    i believe he cannot make wonder woman, because she is not similar to linda carter or something but i was wrong, she plays it very well and is lovely and funny in the interviews.

  • John Rumb
    John Rumb Month ago

    She wanted to show them so much he ruined everything 😂😂

  • Pratyush G
    Pratyush G Month ago


  • ismet yılmaz
    ismet yılmaz Month ago +1

    Her smile ...

  • Stephen TP Hmar
    Stephen TP Hmar Month ago

    Poor Lily.

  • Aritra Kar
    Aritra Kar Month ago

    Yeah she is a real life god

  • barry allen flash
    barry allen flash Month ago +2

    1:16 look at way she moved she’s crushing


    I love you gal😍😍😍😘😘😘😘u r m crush.

  • mynameis jeff
    mynameis jeff Month ago +1

    She's Israeli by the way

  • Honey Asmr
    Honey Asmr 2 months ago +1

    I just want her face and legs plz

  • TK Nathan
    TK Nathan 2 months ago

    Gal Gadot: "how are my breast"?
    Jimmy: "I'd have to suck on them to make a comment".

  • Ed Vella
    Ed Vella 2 months ago

    That is the most gorgeous woman in the world.

  • dark574burst
    dark574burst 2 months ago +1

    She's so hot like if you think so

  • TNシ NinJa
    TNシ NinJa 2 months ago

    I'm like- 😈Lets get Started...

  • satan seeker
    satan seeker 2 months ago

    The reason you came here 1:41

  • Subal Doyal
    Subal Doyal 2 months ago

    Her voice is similar to Priyanka chopra's