Gal Gadot Asks Jimmy Kimmel About Her Breasts

  • Published on Mar 16, 2016
  • Gal asks Jimmy about something comic book fans have had a big reaction to and recalls the first time she tried on her Wonder Woman costume.
    Deleted Scene from "Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel -
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    Gal Gadot Asks Jimmy Kimmel About Her Breasts
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  • Diya Murukesan
    Diya Murukesan Day ago


  • davidwilson626
    davidwilson626 Day ago

    I would love to lick her butthole...

  • DamianMaurice Leyy
    DamianMaurice Leyy 2 days ago

    1:42 💯

  • Saahib Vlog
    Saahib Vlog 2 days ago

    Oh God! She is gorgeous. 😍😍😍

  • Mohyal for humanity
    Mohyal for humanity 3 days ago

    Mann she is so beautiful plus worked in IDF , perfect wife

  • Shubh Iglesias
    Shubh Iglesias 4 days ago

    Too Gorgeous, Women don't need big boobs n wide hips to look attractive 😍😙

    AK GAMER 4 days ago

    1:41 Thank me later!

    SURAJ BHAT 6 days ago

    Priyanka chopra duplicate

  • Selvyn Quijada
    Selvyn Quijada 6 days ago

    I don't get it, she is not really, like really cute! She's like a 6 but okay, wonder woman.

  • Michael Tester
    Michael Tester 7 days ago

    At first I was against Gal being wonder eomant. Thought she was too skinny. But I've become a huge fan sicne then. Even won in Vegas on the wonder woman machine at the Exaclibur

  • Bengo
    Bengo 7 days ago

    She reminds me of Abela Danger for some reason

  • i candy
    i candy 7 days ago

    She's so beautiful

  • music nation
    music nation 7 days ago

    from the video its clearly visible...she loves jimmy...her face is blushed !!!!

  • the kamaldip rathod
    the kamaldip rathod 7 days ago

    She is not feeling well on couch

  • IshBooShow
    IshBooShow 8 days ago

    I love her breasts

  • Hesus Dela Cruz
    Hesus Dela Cruz 8 days ago

    I'll grope your breasts.

  • mike yu
    mike yu 9 days ago

    she's a goddess, hot damn.

  • l l
    l l 10 days ago

    Damn she is so pretty

  • BlueX XDragon
    BlueX XDragon 11 days ago

    Dang I seen her in person before and she’s pretty tall but I’m taller than her by a few inches I believe

  • Jayc “Plays”
    Jayc “Plays” 11 days ago

    She looks like a mega freak

  • dimml0r
    dimml0r 13 days ago

    kimmel... man....
    just imagine what ferguson what have made of that question

  • Prasanjit shil
    Prasanjit shil 15 days ago

    Well tbh , her boobs are small :-(

  • Ideal Speaker
    Ideal Speaker 15 days ago

    *_The title_* 😂😂😂😂

  • Shane Blair
    Shane Blair 15 days ago

    She is insanely hot and she has such a great personality.

  • Zapa 98989
    Zapa 98989 16 days ago


  • venkatesh Natesan
    venkatesh Natesan 19 days ago +2

    She is mine. Stay away all of you oh! I too become selfish greedy 😧

    I RGMERO 20 days ago

    Your Breasts? Oh Beautiful Flowers or Wonder Boobs

  • brad goins
    brad goins 21 day ago

    Jimmy: Your parents went for a stage name....
    Gal: I know, they knew what they were doing
    Jimmy: Yeah they really did.
    Hahahaha. damn playa

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia 22 days ago


  • Taj Randhawa
    Taj Randhawa 27 days ago

    I love her smile

  • JPVNG67
    JPVNG67 29 days ago

    guys..i admire the interviewer..cuz we need to have nerves made of steel to not stare to her legs

  • Batonga VIlle
    Batonga VIlle 29 days ago

    Greenstein to Gadot...another crypto-jew in Jewllywood.

  • mat turley
    mat turley Month ago

    Wow 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • vamos haya
    vamos haya Month ago

    Beautiful i love her

  • Javier Lobos
    Javier Lobos Month ago

    She’s a freak

  • donniev2008
    donniev2008 Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is the most handsome guy.

  • I Play One On T.V.
    I Play One On T.V. Month ago

    She is stunning!

  • Zack M
    Zack M Month ago

    Suchcha B.E.A-YOU-TEE-FULL woman! May god bless her :)

  • Mist Ex
    Mist Ex Month ago

    Xbox Trash

  • Prdarkfire Caro
    Prdarkfire Caro Month ago

    I would love to know her as a friend, cause I don't know how would I feel if I was her partner knowing that every guy alive was hitting on her. She's amazing tho.

  • Bain Wheeler
    Bain Wheeler Month ago

    “What do you think about my breasts”
    Idk I’d have to see them

  • Johannes Stach
    Johannes Stach Month ago

    Nou Gala Godot Wonder Woman nou Oktrisju Pladijatju .it Shugli Regen Wonder Woman it Oreginalju Oktrisju.

  • Darts
    Darts Month ago

    She deserves better than the Wonder Woman and justice league movies.

  • 邓珠生龙
    邓珠生龙 Month ago


  • eDa272
    eDa272 Month ago

    That dress😍😍

  • Kouka G
    Kouka G Month ago

    She didn't really understand Jimmy when he said that it takes some getting used to

  • Suman Tiwari
    Suman Tiwari Month ago +1

    Gal Gadot have boobs? .. she looks like pre-pubescent boy than a woman.

  • DatTC127
    DatTC127 Month ago +1


  • choknuti
    choknuti Month ago

    Thank God they changed the costume to something closer to the comic version. The brown costume does not say "Wonder Woman" at all.

  • St ak st
    St ak st Month ago

    wow so perfect crush. love you gal gadot 😘

  • Elvin Rivera
    Elvin Rivera Month ago

    Looked @ this vid like 10 times in a row bro..

  • Dariush fab
    Dariush fab Month ago +1

    Shes so hot. Who tf would dare to complain about anything about her body

  • Gsm Multi Service
    Gsm Multi Service Month ago

    What's wrong with her ?? Why is she moving so much ????

  • Just FX
    Just FX Month ago

    -_- b00bs ?
    I think A22

  • Shaikh . Moin
    Shaikh . Moin Month ago

    Why this women got no titties😆

  • Mirza Shafi
    Mirza Shafi Month ago

    Yo! Gadot, don't block mkbhd from Twitter. You may not know but he is a celebrity in another category. Okay? So that might offend others. Unblock him now and apologize.

  • This channel does not reply to stupid people

    Oh and I'm sure all you guys are commenting here complaining about her titties being small have beautiful nine inch porn dicks and a six pack, huh? Lmao. Hypocrites. Leave her alone.

  • lets do it
    lets do it Month ago

    people that lady (gal gaddot) was my ex i use to call her the love of my life we are on a break we will meet again at 2022

  • Sachin.K.G Ganesh
    Sachin.K.G Ganesh Month ago +1

    She is amazingly beautiful.

  • lilly smith
    lilly smith Month ago

    When jimmy said I'll be in your movie. Did anyone else think about ellen and how she's" cut out" of all the movies.

    LIL CAN Month ago

    She is a wonderful woman and everything but when she talked about her breasts i was like "what breasts"

  • Toning Tan
    Toning Tan Month ago

    Carly Simo

  • vivek s
    vivek s Month ago

    2:16 her eyes. Wooooow

  • UNpro Gaming
    UNpro Gaming Month ago

    His look when she asked him!😂😂

  • A Brain full of Dark Existential Bullshit !!

    Who cares about her breasts ?!! Look at that heavenly face ! She's a goddess

  • A Brain full of Dark Existential Bullshit !!

    She's so beautiful !! She might be the only woman who's face distracts me from staring at her breasts. Those lips, that smile. Prettiest face ever.

  • Mr xhaan
    Mr xhaan Month ago

    The both of them great🤣🤣🤣

  • Chik Bum
    Chik Bum Month ago

    This woman is the definition of beauty I love you Gal gadot

  • Alhoceima Biya
    Alhoceima Biya Month ago

    Shame she is a jew

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai Month ago +1

      Alhoceima Biya shame you are racist

  • Tony Becker
    Tony Becker Month ago

    Waaaaaay too small for iconic Wonder Woman. Sge knows it too. That's why she is talking about them.


    2:18 you knew that seen omg she is goddess

  • Madhusudhan Pandey
    Madhusudhan Pandey Month ago

    she got two pimples on her breast..

  • 19stalkern
    19stalkern Month ago

    She is THE most likable actress I’ve ever seen

  • kempe Gowda
    kempe Gowda Month ago

    Her smile

    LONE WIKF Month ago

    Wonder (full) woman

  • abhishek kumar
    abhishek kumar Month ago

    I just don't understand why this woman got no tities ???????😂😂

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh Month ago


  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 2 months ago

    Stunning. Is she not the most beautiful girl in the world?

  • Triple6 vlogs
    Triple6 vlogs 2 months ago

    The most beautiful woman,I dare to say!!!😍😍😍

  • Iron Man 69
    Iron Man 69 2 months ago

    She only got the part cos she's Jewish. And Israeli at that. Jews control Hollywood.

    • yjohnny y
      yjohnny y Month ago +2

      It still doesn't explain why her, even if that the cause there are more talented and professional Jewish actresses than her.
      plus the Holywood kind of jews are not really fans of Israel, Woody Allen for example is quite anti-israeli.

  • MrLoco
    MrLoco 2 months ago

    Jimmy Pimmel germans whats up😂😂😂

  • Axels Santoso
    Axels Santoso 2 months ago +10

    Gal gadot : what do you think about my breast ?
    Jimmy : (takes a quick look) mmhm their great

    • Anurag
      Anurag 11 days ago

      They are perfect not great

  • KurtGamerPlays
    KurtGamerPlays 2 months ago

    1:42 Your Welcome ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Faridi Alam
    Faridi Alam 2 months ago

    I love your voice gal gadot

  • manan patel
    manan patel 2 months ago

    Hmmm now I am in love

  • Tom Howland
    Tom Howland 2 months ago

    Stunning in so many ways.

  • Logic Studios
    Logic Studios 2 months ago

    3:30 "Perverts"

  • Kostel Nasha
    Kostel Nasha 2 months ago

    " Really, what do you think about my breasts?
    - AAAA WHAAT ???😂😂😂😂
    He just get lost...

  • yrm159
    yrm159 2 months ago +1

    Only an Israeli would ask another guy what he thinks about her breasts on national TV XD

  • Gary Squid
    Gary Squid 2 months ago

    She got no tities

  • Efthimios Kalaitzis
    Efthimios Kalaitzis 2 months ago

    Would be amazing if she asked Conan about her breasts, lost potential.

  • yadvinder singh Johal
    yadvinder singh Johal 2 months ago

    is she priyanka chopra?

  • Mostafa Osama
    Mostafa Osama 2 months ago

    I hate isreal

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai Month ago +1

      Mostafa Osama we hate you back osama bin laden

    SNAPPY 2 months ago


  • sam
    sam 2 months ago

    I like her accent 😘

  • naughty
    naughty 2 months ago

    I am stunned by this beauty
    Thumbs up for her no 2 thumbs up no three thumps up ...Hey wait that third is not thumb but still it's up

  • lazer tag
    lazer tag 2 months ago

    she can make neo nazi's like jews

  • Shangrilaa
    Shangrilaa 2 months ago

    Begone beautiful thot...

  • paul the deceiver
    paul the deceiver 2 months ago