How Celebrity-Favorite Pool Tables Are Made, Starting At $20,000 | The Making Of

  • Published on May 26, 2019
  • Founded in New York City in 1923, Blatt Billiards has been building custom pool tables for nearly 100 years. Their clients have included Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Tommy Hilfiger.
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    How Celebrity-Favorite Pool Tables Are Made, Starting At $20,000 | The Making Of
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Comments • 315

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez Month ago +1

    Thats beautiful, great work you guys.

  • True Leaf
    True Leaf Month ago

    The felt is cut.
    Guy just riping it by hand.

  • Paul Boring
    Paul Boring 2 months ago

    And the dorks who pay 100k for a pool table, cant play for shit. Like the guy who pays 7 or 8 figures for a car, dont know how to drive it. Hilarious...

  • Pat W
    Pat W 2 months ago +1

    100k that’s house down payment

  • ACEE
    ACEE 2 months ago

    Playing pool on a cruise ship in a storm is fun, the waves make your balls go into the pockets but doesn't make the other balls move

  • franc7s
    franc7s 2 months ago

    hes high off the pookie

  • You Orlast
    You Orlast 2 months ago

    what happens when Padro retires /dies ???

  • James Buckey
    James Buckey 2 months ago

    Ahh, good old NJ. Everything can be done with a nod and a wink @2:55

  • D L
    D L 2 months ago

    I would kill to obtain Pedro’s services for two years so hard to find a advanced skilled carpenter that can carve deep free hand carved pieces

  • Vlada Capone
    Vlada Capone 2 months ago

    HostName: [BE] Balkan Extreme Roleplay |
    Players: 110 / 350
    Ping: 47
    Mode: BE:RP v1.0.0 by Juga
    Language: Yugoslavian

  • Thompter S. Hunson
    Thompter S. Hunson 2 months ago +1

    Wonderful people, wonderful billiards. I'm wishing them the best for the future.

  • P. A.
    P. A. 2 months ago

    poor pedro. still working so hard at his age

    I WANT MY SLAW!! 3 months ago

    Do they make air hockey tables? I don't like pool.

  • Baljit Singh
    Baljit Singh 3 months ago

    He is right, Lead is diamegnatic

  • AHR Red
    AHR Red 3 months ago

    Can They Make One Using Carbon Fiber Instead Of Wood?

  • Marin Mrnja 2
    Marin Mrnja 2 3 months ago

    I swear to agod i heard this womans voice somwhere else

  • Onyourknees Beforeme
    Onyourknees Beforeme 3 months ago +1

    I wish I could afford one of these pool tables. Naturally, I wouldn't buy the fucker. Just wish I could afford to...

  • Mark Halvorsen
    Mark Halvorsen 3 months ago

    Custom tables are pretty but gimme a 9ft Diamond w pro cut pockets any day.

  • Ricki G
    Ricki G 3 months ago

    you can tell by his eyes the guy was born to build billiard tables.

  • AngelousSpike
    AngelousSpike 3 months ago

    just one problem, lead isnt magnetic unless you have a very strong magnet.

  • Rainman
    Rainman 3 months ago

    Imagine shelling out $20k just to have the table mess up your floor

  • Bokimon
    Bokimon 3 months ago +2

    how come professional pool players had never had orders with them?

  • The Loobis
    The Loobis 3 months ago

    Well, if these guys are making money then good for them.

  • SleepLess
    SleepLess 3 months ago +1

    I don’t think Taylor knows billboard

  • Hidden Retribution
    Hidden Retribution 3 months ago

    I love in avenel are you guys hiring?

  • Aspirahful
    Aspirahful 3 months ago +3

    Just buy a Diamond table. Amazing looking table and a fraction of the price..

  • Chase Borchers
    Chase Borchers 3 months ago

    Cyka blatt

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 months ago

    Let’s say they sell each table for about 20k, they make a table let’s roughly in 2 weeks. Imagine how much money they make

  • twankyjoe
    twankyjoe 3 months ago +39

    This dude lying about going to sleep dreaming about pool tables. He hasn't slept in 6 days

  • Alejandro Alartiz
    Alejandro Alartiz 3 months ago

    Overpriced regular pool table. Not better than Brunswick or others.

    • TheFreshSpam
      TheFreshSpam 3 months ago

      Custom anything is a custom price. God you would kill the small businesses at any second

  • ok man
    ok man 3 months ago

    Imagine having a 100k pool table but u still shit at pool

  • Vanessa Costa
    Vanessa Costa 3 months ago

    Rick James on your pool table.

  • Christopher Trogdon
    Christopher Trogdon 3 months ago

    Nothing about these tables makes them worth that much money.

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore 3 months ago

    Lead isn’t magnetic!

  • fur king el
    fur king el 3 months ago

    i used to make them for the pros, we used to go to their house and build it. the only thing i took away from the experience was they had heated floors everywhere it was beauty haha

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer 3 months ago

    2:47 you can tell this mf killed a few unwilling women and built them into a couple of pool tables.

  • Stefanes
    Stefanes 3 months ago

    Man those pockets are gigantic

  • egori84
    egori84 3 months ago

    his eyes are balls

  • Garrett
    Garrett 3 months ago

    20k are you kidding me, I'm going to make pool tables I can do inlays and wood carving as good as this. People are just stupid, and I guess I'm stupid.

  • Say What
    Say What 3 months ago

    I bet everybody that owns one of these tables is still shit a playing pool..

  • shumcr
    shumcr 3 months ago

    They must be good if the whiter than white, black wanna be justin bieber has one

  • Jaime Meza
    Jaime Meza 3 months ago


    • Sprokie van Gistraand
      Sprokie van Gistraand 2 months ago

      Jaime Meza you can not compare Blatt to Olhausen!!??? Blatt is like a 1000 times better! It’s like comparing a ford to a rolls royce!!

  • DJ Deckard Cain
    DJ Deckard Cain 3 months ago

    ......Cocaine..... Look at his eyes in the beginning when he's rolling out the felt. Around 0:12. That was just the beginning...

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 3 months ago +7

    4:11 “she said the n-word”

  • Shona
    Shona 3 months ago +19

    Oh yeah, I always wondered where all those Kings and Queens in London get their tables. Every time I see one of the many Kings and Queens of London playing pool I just ask myself what it would take to get a table like that.

  • John Barr
    John Barr 3 months ago

    I’m a simple man. I see the beibs; I see billiards. I click the vid

  • Bev Charles
    Bev Charles 3 months ago

    2am video type

  • Jack Liddy
    Jack Liddy 3 months ago

    So If i wanted a snooker table I'd have to shop else where

    • twankyjoe
      twankyjoe 3 months ago

      Not if you're a king and queen in London

  • Bass Fishing Pennsylvania
    Bass Fishing Pennsylvania 3 months ago +1

    He does no that lead isn't magnetic right 😂😂

    • DJ Deckard Cain
      DJ Deckard Cain 3 months ago

      Cocaine is magnetic though, right? IF HIS NOSE IS THE MAGNET!

  • joey
    joey 3 months ago

    what is that intro you guys made lmao did you have a 6 year old make it

  • Forgotten Lawrence
    Forgotten Lawrence 3 months ago

    What sort of idiot uses that washed up gimp on their thumbnail!

  • Jon Lamberti
    Jon Lamberti 3 months ago +67

    So whats your business plan when Pedro Retires?

  • Noah Phipps
    Noah Phipps 3 months ago +2

    Lead isnt magnetic tho

    BS GAMING 3 months ago +4

    Is this like a knockoff How it’s made?

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 3 months ago +2

    I didn’t know it was so complicated

  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 3 months ago

    can you get a lease on the table?

  • Aim entity
    Aim entity 3 months ago

    Waste of money scam rip off kys

  • Ben Hansell
    Ben Hansell 3 months ago +1

    a lead ball eh? 2:10

  • Cameron Schmit
    Cameron Schmit 3 months ago

    I like how he says balls. BOOWLS

  • Toast Cat
    Toast Cat 3 months ago +1

    4:08 Kings and queens in London, lol how many kings and Queens are there in london...

    • Steven Vacher
      Steven Vacher 3 months ago

      I was in London today, loads of kings and queens there 😂🤣😂