Tearing Into Tesla's Model 3

  • Published on Feb 2, 2018
  • A lot has been written about Tesla’s Model 3. But those reports mostly come from EV enthusiasts and owners. By all accounts they love the car. But so far no one with deep experience in design, engineering and manufacturing has evaluated it, at least no publicly. That’s why we were excited to get an invitation from Sandy Munro to visit his shop and take a look at a Model 3 that he’s about to test and tear down for a competitive benchmarking study. And Sandy found a number of issues that he really doesn’t like about the car, which he pointed out to Autoline’s John McElroy. Take a look.
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  • swedishstile
    swedishstile 22 hours ago

    The gaps on my electric focus were so inconsistent that the hood barely closed. If you haven’t seen it since the 70s you’ve been blind for a long time. Ever tried to close the trunk on an x3 without the power assist? Better get ready to hang on it. Btw, fire departments train on stuff like that for a reason. You don’t have to know where to cut, they do. And...they do.

  • Thomas C
    Thomas C 3 days ago

    There's a 'pull' where that wire is...it's a law requirement to open the hood

  • Alex Salava
    Alex Salava 6 days ago

    It's obvious these guys ultimately work for a gasoline Auto maker or multiple ones

  • BertVegas
    BertVegas 7 days ago

    Old farts

  • Victor Galindo
    Victor Galindo 10 days ago

    Anything can be improve as nothing is ever made perfect, these two guys comments are destructive, and alarmist, dont help to improve shit

  • jMGutierrez
    jMGutierrez 11 days ago +1

    Tesla the Best !!!

  • Pavol Sojak
    Pavol Sojak 17 days ago

    looking at the manual (link from some other comments) www.tesla.com/firstresponders?redirect=no there is the way to open the rear doors, or front hood. don't own Tesla just trying to understand how objective are these guys, hence the whole clip feel biased. every car maker have their own way of doing emergency mechanisms, worth to read the manual in first place.

  • Bryan Channell
    Bryan Channell 18 days ago

    Hell a used Tesla sells for more than 3 times yoyr gas car and tesla last a million miles, nobody ever did that in gas engine, its impossible

  • Bryan Channell
    Bryan Channell 18 days ago

    Tesla fan right here what have yee say about a car the kill everycar out there, #lets go gasaholes;)

  • Bryan Channell
    Bryan Channell 18 days ago

    Get into the car havee u seen the crash tests? Its the highest probability of surviving an accident in a tesla all three are top 3 safest cars out there

  • Emese Szorenyi
    Emese Szorenyi 19 days ago

    Tesla-haters are getting more and more jealous. Super fun.

  • Thomas Kallmyr
    Thomas Kallmyr 19 days ago

    conclusion-TESLA-is Moore complicated.....

  • Ramon Hernandez
    Ramon Hernandez 29 days ago

    Really. Why is everyone picking on this company. I dont own one I wish I did. But everyone talks bad about this car. Especially the older generation.

  • kevin atkinson
    kevin atkinson Month ago

    Seems like if the accident is of such severity cutting to remove the hood wouldn't be an issue. The access he's showing is primarily for a dead battery to access the fronk. I can't tell you how many ICE car fires i've seen that inhibit the ability to get to the mechanical release inside the vehicle. Plus in that case you not only have that issue but you have a combustion engine under the hood rather than storage.

  • Brian Kavanagh
    Brian Kavanagh Month ago

    In the Uk if the Fire Dept need to get the roof off they smash the windows and use big hydraulic shears to cut the roof posts, job done.

  • Al Coholic
    Al Coholic Month ago

    Boy, I’m glad I quit working on Tesla’s when I did.

  • ken URO
    ken URO Month ago

    how is EXON treating you

    TRUTH SKR Month ago

    This is what happens when you try to change an industry. These two dinosaurs are probably from the oil lobby. This review will be laughable when electric cars are the norm.

  • verve92
    verve92 Month ago

    You gotta be f**king kidding me. "Guess the kids don't matter." Guess not.

  • Maisonier
    Maisonier Month ago

    Why he didn't design some wireless charging under the car so we don't have to plug anything? just park in certain area and that's all.

  • THESocialJusticeWarrior

    He is a caveman looking at a spaceship.

  • Jayden Nguyen
    Jayden Nguyen Month ago

    Does your Buick Park Avenue go zero to sixty in three seconds?😂

  • walter harris
    walter harris Month ago

    These to old farts are idiots... No Clue...

  • Nick Reino
    Nick Reino Month ago

    Why is grandpa doing this he's just stuck in his ways how long did it take to come up with all these nitpicking crap

  • Helen Winrow
    Helen Winrow Month ago

    How to control the masses - make them fear. All they talked about was accident this, death that, kids don't matter etc etc. Tesla has been making cars for what? 10 years?. Please think back to the cars 10 years after the invention of the ICE. The facts are that Electric cars (not just Tesla) are coming, they are quicker, more efficient and better for the environment (mostly). Whether you like it or not. I'm sure many horse owners were outraged at the invention of the motor car but hey - no-one misses the sound of horses hooves. With some minor tweaking and improvements there will be nothing to complain about other than ooohhhhhh I don't like touch screens and I want more buttons boohooooo. If you go over any car closely there will be issues - instead of fighting back and just complaining we should be embracing and providing solutions. This is a video of two grumpy old men who are facing a new technology and judging against what is already present. Look at it from the point of view of a tech company that has decided to make cars for the last ten years - the fact that they have gotten this far should be celebrated.

  • Alexander Ruf
    Alexander Ruf Month ago

    Blablabla... two old men from the muppetshow. Check the 5 stars at NHTSA

  • Arnold Nymus
    Arnold Nymus Month ago

    5 star rating you fgts xD

  • Ashley Bergman
    Ashley Bergman Month ago

    04:26 “I guess the kids don’t matter!” Lmao Tesla is a joke and they’re going bankrupt because of Elon’s lies.

  • vq35dNYC
    vq35dNYC 2 months ago

    This CEO guy is two years away from being in a nursing home. Sounds like he’s having his period too.

  • crashk6
    crashk6 2 months ago

    The power actuator pop-out/jump box leads are actually for non-emergency access to replace a failed 12-volt battery, or boot a car with failed 12 volt to put it in tow mode (neutral with no brake). There are many other cars that provide similar jump points because they have 12 volt batteries that are otherwise not directly accessible. As far as accident response, the impact sensors are, depending on the type of collision, programmed to trigger all the doors to unlock and the frunk (front trunk) is supposed to pop, as well as disabling the main contactor to the traction pack in the event of said accident. If emergency services needs access to the 12 volt, or interior of the car, in a manor other than using the normal door handles and access means, then power hydraulic tools will be used to rip the car open.. just like would be done on any other vehicle involved in a crash warranting forcible access. A fireman's axe is also pretty effective at opening that hood by leveraging the pick at the latch point.. just FYI. Any new vehicle that comes out with new engineering people cite safety.. news flash, any good emergency response services are updating their training periodically. Humans, by majority, just tend to dislike things that they aren't familiar with. Thus, will go out of their way to give you a multitude of reasons why it won't work or tell you what's wrong with it based on their own arbitrary standard, which may or may not have any valid reasoning, and may or may not actually make any difference to anyone a generation after they've died off. For example when your standard 4 & 6 banger sedans moved the 12 volt battery to the trunk, or in some cases into the passenger compartment UNDER the rear seat. People cried and whinged about it, now it's fairly standard, and modern cars are still just as difficult to work on as they'd been before the change. For a genuine whinge, In one car I owned the battery was in the front bumper.. technically the "bumper cover". One had to take the front wheel off to get the battery out for replacement, and this car had a knack for killing a battery every three years without any warning that it was about to go. It SUCKED when a hit & run driver smashed the battery under the bumper leaving me stranded in -17c weather (Thanks allot Chrysler! Nice engineering.). I'd have killed to have a battery in the trunk or under the seat like the other cars had.. or even under the hood. But, in any case those cars with "alternate battery locations" were the first to have "cut points" for emergency services. Tesla isn't new in this. What Tesla is doing with model 3 which is different as far as the cut points are concerned, they have provided not one, but TWO, so if emergency services can't access the front cut point, say.. because the front of the car is wedged under the rear of a bus for example, then they can cut the back one, or vice versa. That is thoughtful design. I'd take a model 3 with the "flaws" this guy cited over the STUPID engineering in many vehicles I've owned. Tesla vehicles arn't to everyone's taste and that's fine.. I know I won't own another Chrysler.

  • philglassfan
    philglassfan 2 months ago

    An assembly line under tents? LMAO

  • Allam Omar
    Allam Omar 2 months ago

    How things change in a couple months.
    "Munro & Associates finished its teardown and analysis of the Tesla Model 3, and the results are startling. Sandy Munro, the president of the company, says his first impressions of the car kind of misled him, and that now he has to eat crow. It’s all got to do with the potential profitability of the car."

  • dforaker
    dforaker 2 months ago

    Tesla's are junk.

  • neil farnell
    neil farnell 2 months ago

    The trash talking is over the top, the issues are genuine and worth considering.

  • 6infinity8
    6infinity8 2 months ago

    The software that runs the car is a bigger joke

  • Brian Molitaris
    Brian Molitaris 2 months ago

    these guys are clearly haters. lol

  • khatun 777
    khatun 777 2 months ago

    Tesla = abysmal quality, and with serious competition heating up, this "futuristic" jetsonesque junk will go the way of the dodo bird.

  • Lance Corporal
    Lance Corporal 2 months ago

    this car company should not be allowed to use Nikola Tesla's name
    Nikola Tesla was precise -> implemented inventions only after perfecting their designs
    musk's company should be renamed Edison -> now there goes a trial and error man

  • Lance Corporal
    Lance Corporal 2 months ago


  • Shawn
    Shawn 2 months ago

    So basically it's an overengineered piece of shit. Which company was it that removed the oil dipstick? Was that Audi? Fucking retards. If something works, don't ruin it! Why does opening the door need to be a process?

  • Todd R. Lockwood
    Todd R. Lockwood 2 months ago

    Amazing what a difference a few months can make. After getting under the skin of the Tesla Model 3 and tearing into its technology, Sandy Monro has done a one-eighty. After you watch this video, you'll want to watch this followup... tvclip.biz/video/pAS-yjWj9DY/video.html&t=219s
    The Model 3 in this video was a very early 2017 example, likely in the first few hundred produced by Tesla. The Model 3 build quality has come a long way since then.

  • whitehope
    whitehope 2 months ago

    Tesla cars are garbage. Tesla will die and be long forgotten. They are extremely poorly built with zero quality or fit and finish. No independent automaker has been able to gain a foot hold and compete with the big three. Elon Musk has always hoped that a major automaker would scoop up tesla. Tesla has zero technology and used 18650 cells for battery packs. Once general motors is running full speed on electric vehicles tesla will be a obscurity.

  • Jeff Moore
    Jeff Moore 3 months ago

    Interesting to see

  • Cal Garian
    Cal Garian 3 months ago

    Jesus H. Christ this car is a bloody death trap. I'd rather try and kick the window out from the inside than trying to go through the fucking trunk. Thankfully I'm smart enough to never EVER get in one of these hearses. Why not go the whole nine yards Elon and make the seat belts lock and unlock electronically too.

  • Max
    Max 3 months ago

    This video should be called "Old men complain about modern technology"

  • Zeke Santamaria
    Zeke Santamaria 3 months ago

    I'll be as unbiased as I can be. The fire department complain about how to cut the car it's something new to me.. I own an Audi Q5 and I don't see even a sticker that shows how to cut the car in an emergency. The door handle is simply his preference. I don't have a problem with it and he's exaggerating if he has to use two hands to open it..
    most cars don't even have a secondary way to open the door. The M3 has an electrical button and a mechanical so you have redundancy. What else do you want? The ONLY real issue in this whole video is the QA problem with the gap. It is my understanding and based on owner's experiences that the QA issues are being solved as their production ramps up and improves. You're talking a company that was born less than 10 years ago compared to companies that are 100 years old! The funny thing is, Tesla came up with insanely beautiful cars that are destroying every other car in the market in most tests (acceleration, safety, environmental friendliness, etc, etc) and most old school companies (aka Ford, GM, BMW, etc) that have had a huge advantage experience wise, they are losing that edge to this brand new company... riddle me that!

  • Zach
    Zach 4 months ago

    The 2018 Lincoln Continental has the same door system; opening from inside. However, only the driver’s door has a manual door release; all the other doors don’t.

  • R Cabreezy
    R Cabreezy 4 months ago

    Wow look at all the salty TESLA owners downvoting this video. The truth must really be upsetting.

  • Able Lawrence
    Able Lawrence 4 months ago

    Is this a representative specimen. The fact that someone tried to get rid of this one means this was not a good one,

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 4 months ago

    Tesla is about stock price.. like Apple they are about fanbois buying their crap because it says Tesla.. Tesla just slapped together S parts and said look Model 3.. It's an overpriced compact car poorly made..

  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews 4 months ago

    these things make Jeep look like a LEXUS

  • Mat Kurth
    Mat Kurth 4 months ago

    Grumpy old men

  • spock
    spock 4 months ago

    I love Tesla, but I'll wait for them to mature as a car maker, every car maker is like this when they start. Most importantly I dont have money yet to buy a Tesla lol

  • Red Dead
    Red Dead 4 months ago

    I love Tesla but the fanboy comments are pathetic. Munro is giving constructive criticism.

  • NeoBlue
    NeoBlue 4 months ago

    Pathetic Tesla fanboys

  • RL R
    RL R 4 months ago

    What a fucking annoying presenter. Let the Munro man SPEAK without interrupting him every 20 seconds, for fuck's sake! It is as he wants to show everyone he already knows everything Munro man will say. Shut him the fuck up.

  • Petere Poet
    Petere Poet 4 months ago

    It is sad that a Modern Car Company upstart did no learn from mistakes of a hundred plus years of MFG before them.
    The death of Tesla once the novelty wears off will be the very thing that powers it, lithium ion battery pack.
    The warranty on a new car is 8 years on the battery pack. The quoted cost to replace one with a new one is $39,000. Even if you mass produce the Batteries, the cost may drop by a third to $27k but that fact right there kills the used car market for Middle to lower class buyers.

  • NuclearNow_SolarLater
    NuclearNow_SolarLater 4 months ago

    There needs to be an update to this video, where he reviews a newer model 3

  • Adam Kinner
    Adam Kinner 4 months ago

    These guys haven't been laid in decades.

  • Elon Milord
    Elon Milord 4 months ago

    Damn 5 months ago he is truly a Model 3 hater!!!

  • Daniel Roig
    Daniel Roig 4 months ago

    So many corners were cut for a $53K to $60K car.
    I like Munro's comment - "Lawyers are going to have a field day with this car".
    Any sense of a luxury brand is gone.

  • Red Menace
    Red Menace 4 months ago

    These fossils should stick to fossil fuel cars.

  • Marco Panzanni
    Marco Panzanni 4 months ago

    I don't mined his criticism, criticism is good so they can fix shit, but the first thing is bitching about is the Hood Latch, many other cars have the same thing BMW i8, other Tesla Model-S & X, Porsches cars, so this is not a revelation of any sort. But bitching for the sake of Bitchin' is just annoying.
    U wanna see idiotic and illogical control solutions?, test drive the new Volvo S60, its a beautifully finished car, but Christ Almighty everything in it is backwards.
    I wanna see what they say about the volvo instrument cluster, and overcomplicated Supercharged/turbocharged engine.
    The second thing he bitches about is the door handles, which are easy to open by the way (both overhanded with Left arm and underhanded or palm up with right arm) same as on aston martin and same as on lambo huracan, again nothing new, this has been around for years, just cause ur to dimm to turn ur hand over is not an excuse.
    Then he bitches about rear doors not having emergency opening in an "accident", I hate to break this to u "Bob", but there are other cars with same problems, for example Mazda RX-8 & BMW i3 which both have suicide doors that can not be opened without first opening the front doors, so in an accident those doors can be permanently stuck especially when the subframe is bent or with a side collision.
    So again, did they bitch about those cars, probably not.
    After that he bitches about "high effort" to close the trunk lid, HAHAHA wow.
    Try closing the hood on a Dodge Ram or a Ford F150 when ur 5'6"-5'7" BOB and see how easy that is.
    This idiot is just nitpicking standard shit as if its the end of the world.
    How about u get to the real problems "u found" or maybe u didn't so u had to invent bull shit like this.
    These sack nuts have been on tesla's ass since the beginning just like a damn tick on a dogs ass.
    When Chrysler's 300c had electrical problems and engines would catch fire, where were u?, when Ford was to cheap to put a decent tire on an Explorer so it would not delaminate and kill people in roll overs, here were u?,when Toyota's throttle bodies jammed and killed people, where were u?, when GM ignition switches would turn of the engine under operation on the highway causing u to take a dive in the ditch at 70mph where were u? with ur criticisms.
    See its easy to criticism u dumb monkey, how about u try to find a better solution and submit that to the manufacturer to help them instead.
    And least we forget they used to bitch at Japanese and German car owners with stupid "Buy American" stickers and "keep or jobs".
    Well guess what, Ford's cars are barely 40% american parts and most are put together in Mexico (very american by the way), and VW/GM/Chrysler got so many Chinese parts in them im surprised the nav doesn't talk back in Mandarin to the user.
    Tesla IS an American car company &their cars parts are over 80% manufactured in America and more and more going toward 100%all in house,
    so wheres ur American Pride assholes? You wanna pick and choose whats convenient to u.
    Where was ur mouth when GM sold Allison transmission losing us thousands of jobs buddy?
    Where was ur mouth when Ford moved Focus production to China, or moving Electric cars production from Michigan to Mexico loosing us countless jobs?
    The Big 3 would like u to believe that they're cars are 90% made in USA but thats only 3-4 cars out of how may that each of them makes thats actually that way, only the "most profitable" are made here, the rest is outsourced to God knows where just to pinch and extra dime out of each car.
    We lost so many jubs to this shit practice that they allowed to these multi national idiots.
    U wanna see the results of ur bull shit?, drive through ur own Detroit ghost town, or stroll through Washington with thousands of homeless.
    So Fuck You and the mighty horse you rode into the both of you.

  • Gaming Spite
    Gaming Spite 5 months ago

    People in the comments protecting consumerism products, how shocking.

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 5 months ago

    I love how people are criticizing probably the first batch of Model 3's that are coming from the only successful car company to rise in the automobile market in the past 90 years.

  • travisg528
    travisg528 5 months ago

    and that is what you call a

  • Beboba
    Beboba 5 months ago

    These are totally valid issues.
    It looks like tesla is waiting for someone to die, unable to open these stupid electric door locks...

    • Red Menace
      Red Menace 4 months ago

      Beboba While tesla is waiting for someone to die in the tesla, there will be 3200 people killed in gasoline cars just in one month.

  • Александър Тренчев

    Tesla is just a MEDIA HYPE COMPANY, nothing else, total garbage.

  • New Top
    New Top 5 months ago

    И вот это называете обзором? Ни одного объективного слова... Один лишь хайп и пафос. Наверное больше недели искали к чему бы им придраться? Надеюсь хоть пару баксов на этом видео заработали и подавились к чертям собачим.

  • Петр Петров
    Петр Петров 5 months ago

    Вот чему следует учиться у американцев, это пожилой мужик и его уважают, разбирает хуету Илоновскую и дело говорит. Действительно, а как сзади вылазить.

  • Steven Evers
    Steven Evers 5 months ago

    If the market doesn’t kill this car, the lawyers will.

  • Leslie Dale
    Leslie Dale 5 months ago

    7 minutes of personal bias vs actual criticism.

  • Warrior
    Warrior 5 months ago

    I disliked this video in the begging, and now I'm stunned at my first glance at my car, delivered with on 05/25 with VIN 16XXX, panel gaps are AWFUL.But they are better in the newer VINs I observed. It's seems I am so unlucky to get lower VIN even with later delivery!

  • Trev Pegg
    Trev Pegg 6 months ago

    is this the sandy munro that strips down cars and sells the technology for a quick buck?

  • emdec55
    emdec55 6 months ago

    LoL at the down votes to this video!

  • Trev Pegg
    Trev Pegg 6 months ago

    i understand why he prefers to use one hand :-)

  • Trev Pegg
    Trev Pegg 6 months ago

    petrol/diesel vehicles kill thousands every year and these guys are worried about door handles how sad

  • Charles Myers
    Charles Myers 6 months ago

    Let’s think back to the early 1900s when the car revolution began. People were scared of them, and pointed out every little flaw they could. This is a new era, and people still do not want to change. Yes the Tesla has flaws like any new car company does. In due time, they will perfect their vehicles and EVs will be the norm, and our old horse drawn buggies will be obsolete. Now is not the right time for me to buy a Tesla, but I have been watching, they are getting better and soon will be the right time.

    • Charles Myers
      Charles Myers 6 months ago

      Vincit Omnia Veritas And Tesla cars are revolutionary, and with this guy pointing out everything he can while referencing the old days shows a little fear for this change in technology.

    • Charles Myers
      Charles Myers 6 months ago

      Vincit Omnia Veritas are you saying the car in general is a bad design or just the issues these gentlemen discussed?

    • Vincit Omnia Veritas
      Vincit Omnia Veritas 6 months ago

      Its not "little flaws", its fundamentally bad design. It has nothing to do with the era of early 1900s.

  • basic burgers
    basic burgers 6 months ago

    2k salty Tesla fan bois disliked this vid

  • Vincit Omnia Veritas
    Vincit Omnia Veritas 6 months ago

    Unacceptable. Absolutely poor designs and production quality.

    RETTAVISION 6 months ago

    Thanks for this PRICELESS INFO!!! I'm so glad I kept my S60...I can wait!!!

  • Oscar Esquivel
    Oscar Esquivel 6 months ago

    You never close that door that hard so he is making on purpose so it sounds bad

  • B B
    B B 6 months ago +2

    Trash car by a trash company

  • catothewiser
    catothewiser 6 months ago

    Tesla fanbois downvoting this. LOL! Tesla needs mechanical latches. It is a safety issue.

  • Hart Fischer
    Hart Fischer 6 months ago

    I could not care less about the panel gaps. The innovation in this car is far beyond the Europeans, never mind my beloved Detroit friends at GM. I know that Cadillac is some day going to get me that electric car with RWD, that eluded me with the ELR. Until then, Tesla is the only option. (and now Jaguar, congrats :)

  • Richard Broughton
    Richard Broughton 6 months ago

    yeah and these dicks havent got there own agender in the avent of and accident you just get out fuck the car

  • krismoe31
    krismoe31 6 months ago

    I guess the second generation will be better than the first

  • Andre hoffmann
    Andre hoffmann 6 months ago

    I don't like Teslas, even I don't like normal cars with a huge amount of electronics inside, but, Tesla it's a new company, they are just beggining to make cars, there will be some details, it's just time to they start to get to know better the industry, make better cars and all the problems here will be solved. Besides, electric cars can contaminate 3 times more because all the lithium in their batteries, they do not produce CO but they leave a heavy LiMnO2 print in the enviroment, besides the potencial fire that can occur in the case of an accident. This tecnology is just in its first steps, it will evolve and we will in the future see more dependable, safe and good electric cars.

  • DueLos
    DueLos 6 months ago

    Great tear down of the tesla!

    Really hope they address the issues that were noted in this video. I have good hopes for tesla in the future!

  • The Chrysler Crew
    The Chrysler Crew 6 months ago +1

    I appreciate the fact Tesla blatantly ripped off Chrysler’s door handles from the mid 50’s. :)

  • The Finnish Guy
    The Finnish Guy 6 months ago

    If third of the video is complaining about some external hood opening thing that most people will never know about

  • Troy Miner
    Troy Miner 6 months ago +1

    Tesla’s are just so shitty. Don’t know why anyone would buy them

  • ensjesse
    ensjesse 6 months ago

    Malcolm Bricklin, John DeLorean. They loved body gaps and slow production.

  • Lpatierno84
    Lpatierno84 6 months ago

    Who's gonna be under the hood in an accident?

  • moktoya1
    moktoya1 6 months ago

    What absolute rubbish review.

  • Adapt FPV
    Adapt FPV 6 months ago

    6:03 it's clearly labeled. Not sure what your complaining about.

  • Stephen Zungi
    Stephen Zungi 6 months ago


  • W-_-T
    W-_-T 6 months ago

    Tesla owners starting to fall into the same category as vegans and gluten free hipsters.

  • ApplePotato
    ApplePotato 6 months ago

    To be fair they made some very good points. Tesla build quality is poor at times (usually the first batches). Many said the back seat passengers can crawl out the front. But this is only true if the front doors aren’t stuck. Many model X and model S owners have complain about rattling noises and poor paint finishes. Also these guys are not done with the car. There is another video where they took it for a spin and was super impressed by the drivetrain. Munro even commented that if the build quality was on par with Japanese manufactures the model 3 will be a car no one can ignore.

  • Steven Gedzyk
    Steven Gedzyk 6 months ago

    And here comes more "ICE fan boys" attacking anything that isn't obnoxiously loud, poisons the biosphere and doesn't run on over-priced, fossilized dinosaur shit (and only actually uses >20% of it).
    You guys are absolutely pathetic.. You cling to your ancient, prehistoric technology like you cling to your little, shriveled penises when you're about to get kicked in the crotch. And that's exactly what Tesla is doing to your dinosaur auto industry and your shitty dinosaur companies; they're doing things completely differently (which you all clearly can't stand) and kicking all of them right in the balls in the process. So, naturally, they're going to send in their lackys and post video after video (all of which have been thoroughly debunked) about how horrible Tesla's are.. right they're soo horrible, that's why they're officially the safest cars in the world and broke every safety rating system, which none of your shitty ICE vehicles have ever done in over 100 years of existence. They're so horrible that 500k people preordered one without ever test driving it.. And they're only 14 years old and just getting started!
    So, while you're watching some old geezer with his obsolete experience (who probably doesn't even know how to use a smart phone) tinker with a car that is beyond his comprehension, I was reading yet another lovely piece about one your ICE fan boy companies that's still fucking up and still can't go one year without a huge recall:
    Ford has been around since the 1800's and they still suck at making cars, despite over a hundred years of practice. I can't wait to see what bullshit the ICE fan boys come up with to explain why this recall is perfectly acceptable, and yet, they sit here pick at the Model 3 and call anything they don't agree with/understand a flaw.. You guys are fucking pathetic. Ever wonder why recalls from major car companies like Ford (who's steering wheels are literally falling off) wouldn't make headline news.. hmm.. I bet if even one steering wheel fell off of even one single Tesla, there'd be wall-to-wall coverage 24 hours a day.
    Bottom line: Tesla is winning and they're going to continue to win. No amount of ICE fanboy videos will ever change that so get over it. I can't wait until I get my Model 3!