Trump vs. The World: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
  • America's reputation is being damaged by its own president. John Oliver, several dinosaurs, and the NYC Gay Men's Chorus remind the world that our country is...complicated.
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Comments • 27 198

  • Jack Glenn
    Jack Glenn Day ago

    have you noticed that their foreign policy is a lot like pretending to have the skill to introduce you to somebody? and Putin looks like Pepe the frog so much that Paul Ryan owns the rights

    CASEY FOSTER 2 days ago


  • TK Tang
    TK Tang 2 days ago

    I would like to see Germany become a leader, but I feel that it overall isn't a military, economically and politically strong enough country compared to a country like China.

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin 2 days ago


  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 3 days ago

    "Believe me" "Tremendous" "Biggly" Trumps 4 word vocab

  • Josny13
    Josny13 3 days ago


  • Hopeful Hyena
    Hopeful Hyena 3 days ago

    “America is a mixing of good and bad”
    *has a good choir sing the perfect song*

  • Ben Crawford
    Ben Crawford 4 days ago

    isn't "naughty Germany" kinda the wrong mentality at this point? I mean, the USA has more self-proclaiming Nazis than Germany does

  • Stuart Cummins
    Stuart Cummins 4 days ago

    I noticed the Israeli clip of Trump impersonator has the muslim man in nazi concentration camp prisoner clothing.

  • Smitty Werben Jaeger man Jensen

    "He said that Korea used to be part of China, which outraged South Koreans"
    *Han Dynasty wants to know your location*

    STONEFREE 6 days ago


  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV 7 days ago

    Full version of All Star by New York Gay Men’s Chorus please?!!

    XIII CHAT NOIR 7 days ago +1

    It is easy to distinguish between the "Good" and the "Bad" in the USA. Miss Nancy the Chairman of the House is "Good" and does her best to follow our Constitution. Mr. Trump and his band of Republicans in the Senate are "Bad". Now when I write "Bad", I mean totally worthless, a gang that will allow the President to break as many laws as he wishes to break, with no consequences. You have heard the phrase, "Birds of a feather flock together". That phrase describes Mr. Trump and his band of Republican Senators. History books will have names and individual pictures of the present gang of Republican Senators that protected their President no matter what the cost to America. The topic heading will read, "Pictures and names of the lawless Republican Senators that had the brain cells of a diseased rotting grapefruit hidden in the back of your refrigerator."

  • moses 1997
    moses 1997 7 days ago

    British committed worse crimes than the nazis
    British is scum

  • Team VLCN
    Team VLCN 7 days ago

    I'm sorry, John, but you think Matt Lauer is MORE muscular than Gal Gadot? Come on.

    • Corey Lineberry
      Corey Lineberry Day ago

      I think it's a comment on how Matt Lauer is a scumbag.

  • Maloy7800
    Maloy7800 7 days ago

    Donald Trump is the EXACT image of Americans!!! Stupid, arrogant, ignorant and doesn't care about anyone but themselves.

  • Gantzuka
    Gantzuka 9 days ago

    Turnbull that was not funny. I'm lying, that was hella funny. But it was embarrassing as hell too.

  • Hot Mess
    Hot Mess 9 days ago

    Those countries are shitholes. That's why nobody wants to move there. Even the people that live there don't want to live there.
    And why is showing videos of violent Muslims considered a bad thing?
    This episode is shit.

  • A De Leon
    A De Leon 11 days ago

    I LOVE it! This is my favorite episode so far

  • Leone Carbone
    Leone Carbone 11 days ago +1

    its incredibly wild to hear donald trump saying that the whole world is laughing at america when video footage was released in december 2019 of canada, england and frances prime ministers as well as a royal family member laughing about trump's teams reactions to trumps utter bull fucking shit

  • Cullen Mitchell
    Cullen Mitchell 11 days ago +1

    What’s the capital of Belgium? Is it:
    A) Brussels
    B) Antwerp
    C) Bruges
    D) Ghent
    If you guessed any of the above, incorrect! The correct answer is:
    E) Amsterdam

  • aphid
    aphid 13 days ago +1

    Ive never been more proud to be an American

  • Contently Shane
    Contently Shane 15 days ago

    All of that is a beautiful ass tax write off and close to free dinosaur costumes and a close to free Batman bed

  • kd gc
    kd gc 17 days ago

    John, you are spot on!!! Brilliant. Every week. Thank you.

  • The Criticiser
    The Criticiser 18 days ago

    John Oliver hates Belgium but is happy for the UK being ruled by the shithole and the EU dictatorship now he's safe in the USA.

  • anonymous Person
    anonymous Person 18 days ago

    There are no go zones in the Netherlands, no politicians get burned alive, but they are pretty bad

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q 20 days ago +1

    4:44 With a bucket on his head, AND a plunger in his hand. We are a complete laughing stock. Fuck you, Trump. Fuck you very, very much. 🖕

  • Joseph
    Joseph 21 day ago

    America complaining about other countries meddling in their elections?

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee 22 days ago

    4:38 TAIWAHN

  • Mark Fudge
    Mark Fudge 22 days ago

    Oh how you called this.

  • Seth Mckin
    Seth Mckin 24 days ago

    Mattis was the only good thing about the administration, and he voluntarily resigned.

  • Jordan Russell
    Jordan Russell 24 days ago

    As an Australian I'm so mad about my countries continue Corporation with the Communist dictatorship China. The people have no rights. Children are forced to work 20+ hours a day. But yal keep buy Disney, Nike, adidas and Apple

  • Shadow1Yaz
    Shadow1Yaz 24 days ago

    This makes me sad. It appears to me that Donald Trump wants to help but is literally not smart enough to. There’s no shame in that. Everyone has different strengths. I’d probably make a terrible president too

  • Zijun Li
    Zijun Li 25 days ago

    As I Chinese I'd have to say the ending is weepingly touching

  • April Gabriella
    April Gabriella 26 days ago +1

    The more I watch the Trump-centric episodes the less I can sleep at night.

    • Samantha Reeve
      Samantha Reeve 26 days ago

      Don't worry, the same worms will eat him too. - Still A Hopeful Thought, 2019

  • Da Go
    Da Go 26 days ago

    John Oliver, fuck you.

    • Corey Lineberry
      Corey Lineberry Day ago

      Wow. Unironically triggered. You do realize... He's speaking the truth?

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 26 days ago +2

      He's married, but I'm sure he'd be flattered by your proposition.

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man 27 days ago +2

    My teacher does this thing called “You pick I grade” its basically where you get to choose the subject of your report that you present to the class, and this is 100% my next subject.

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 27 days ago

    If you want Trump out of the White House than stop with the corrupt shit.

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 28 days ago

    15:46 that comedian was then sent to Goolag

  • whatwhen999
    whatwhen999 28 days ago +13

    “ *isreal* has him kicking a muslim man”
    that speaks volumes

    • James May is Brilliant
      James May is Brilliant 24 days ago

      yes but the thing you need to know about Israeli's is that most of them are Israeli first before religion and that for most of them it is a feud between Israel and Palestine not between Jews and Muslims

  • C.S.R. B.
    C.S.R. B. 29 days ago

    The scarcity of this to me is this felt like years ago

  • Corey Welton
    Corey Welton 29 days ago

    If you are a Trump supporter, you are a fucking idiot. Trumpers need to pull their heads out of their collective buttholes and stand fast. The Republican party is dead and it's all thanks to Drumpf and his idiot fanbase

  • MoreDetonation
    MoreDetonation Month ago

    Stand User: DONALDO TRUMPO

  • Axe Hole
    Axe Hole Month ago

    12.35:William Defoe's love child?

  • dragongirl7978
    dragongirl7978 Month ago

    Aww... You made me actually feel better about my country for a second there. That hasnt happened in a while. Thanks, man. 😊

  • green phantom6
    green phantom6 Month ago

    The way he called out Logan Paul 😂😂😂😂

  • Frank White
    Frank White Month ago +1

    I love this show but that fake audiance soundtrack is sooooooo fucken annoying

  • Rich Greene
    Rich Greene Month ago

    The world laughs at you not us idiot.

  • Hamim Zia
    Hamim Zia Month ago +1

    The girl smiling beside Putin, she's gorgeous

  • Patt Adams
    Patt Adams Month ago

    I think it better to say that soft power is the carrot as opposed to the stick. Which is supported by your further evidence of soft power being described as foreign relief efforts

  • Philip Ehusani
    Philip Ehusani Month ago

    Always blame fake news 😂

  • Carlos Andrés Jurado The world is laughing at us

  • Isidore Aerys
    Isidore Aerys Month ago +1

    “Object Permanance” oooh Piadgettian burn.

  • runechuckie
    runechuckie Month ago +1

    lmfao thank god normal people realize logan paul is a complete good for nothing shithead :D

  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt Month ago

    "Popeyes Chicken".
    "I'd run run thru traffic to eat this shit".
    but those 2 greasy deep fried tacos for $1.50 from Jack in the Box.
    God Bless America.

    • TheWizardMus
      TheWizardMus Month ago

      And dont get me started on the time I literally sprinted across the highway for a 10 taco pack from Taco Bell

  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt Month ago

    "the same worms will eat him, too"

  • Brimborium
    Brimborium Month ago +1

    No satire can beat the real Ttump - covefe!

  • Philippe van acker
    Philippe van acker Month ago

    Hello from Belgium, I would like to give Oliver a lof of of wafels in the ....

  • fav cocaboycola
    fav cocaboycola Month ago

    What no Mexican trump
    I’d dress up but would have the American flag as toilet paper on the shoe 😂

  • Jonathan Still
    Jonathan Still Month ago

    tRump is hilarious once he has that captive audience...
    in Bedlam . Problem is he causes all the residents to fight amongst themselves and hate one another. What an f ing joke !