Apartment Atrocities


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  • Dead Hand
    Dead Hand 4 hours ago

    Disney owns pixar

  • Teyla Izzo
    Teyla Izzo 5 hours ago

    My hero academia

  • Adan Ruiz
    Adan Ruiz 5 hours ago

    ;-; I had headphones on 0:09 rest in peace my ears

  • Jasmin Naranjo
    Jasmin Naranjo 6 hours ago

    What song is that at 5:38

  • Jas DrawZ
    Jas DrawZ 7 hours ago

    Lol bnha boizz...

    and I love to draw anime. ; - ;

  • Littl3 China
    Littl3 China 9 hours ago

    1:11-1:13 lmao

  • loveeyouuxxo
    loveeyouuxxo 10 hours ago

    I wanna join the pIlLoW fIgHt t0o- -

  • Pick Leah Animations
    Pick Leah Animations 10 hours ago

    1:00 the girl on the left looks like jaiden animations Btw my fav video so far

  • LOVIN jw
    LOVIN jw 11 hours ago

    Stop drawing anime. Ain't nobody goin to look at that.

  • burrito sloth
    burrito sloth 11 hours ago

    I .ove how tabbs comes out in the video like out of no were

  • Brennon Martinez
    Brennon Martinez 12 hours ago

    Are you in Utah Provo

  • setsuna200
    setsuna200 13 hours ago

    Also learn to draw your mouth moving while talking. Good luck.

  • Delgados Are Boss
    Delgados Are Boss 14 hours ago

    who else from here is bts army? no one? ok ill leave

  • Delgados Are Boss
    Delgados Are Boss 14 hours ago


  • BunnyMellow Gaming
    BunnyMellow Gaming 14 hours ago

    Lol I have the same poster

  • Haley Jackson
    Haley Jackson 15 hours ago

    Git Good?

  • Alora Sketch Studios
    Alora Sketch Studios 16 hours ago

    I wish it was a pillow fight.

  • Prototype07
    Prototype07 17 hours ago

    mmmmmmmmmmmm pillow fight

  • Foxy Tries To Animate
    Foxy Tries To Animate 18 hours ago +1

    That wasn't a pillow fight that was s-
    **TVclip comes up behind me with a knife**


  • Xavier Lujan
    Xavier Lujan 18 hours ago

    You hot

  • Adagio clayton
    Adagio clayton 19 hours ago


  • Jumper5050 GD
    Jumper5050 GD 20 hours ago

    your not the one that uses Power Point to make Profile Pics instead of Photo Shop or something xD

  • cthulu bubby
    cthulu bubby 20 hours ago

    Sexual joke

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 21 hour ago

    7:20 LAW AND ORDER

  • Pandora's Studio
    Pandora's Studio 21 hour ago

    Mixtape for shgurr
    Every time Bakugo says deku

  • Mayte Orozco
    Mayte Orozco 21 hour ago

    i love my hero Academia today it will start

  • Mayte Orozco
    Mayte Orozco 21 hour ago

    do you have a my hero Academia paster

  • GiaKitten 2138
    GiaKitten 2138 21 hour ago

    Art is drawing! That’s how you get animating! *I am triggered* and I don’t think that’s a pillow fight......

  • Daniella Bunyai
    Daniella Bunyai 22 hours ago

    Yup 100% a pillow fight! 👍🏻

  • Cosmic Animations
    Cosmic Animations 23 hours ago

    Yeah... pillow fights...

  • Corgi DIY
    Corgi DIY 23 hours ago

    Tell a manager about the cinder blocks

  • Lilliéx
    Lilliéx Day ago

    Shgurr, we need to have a talk..

    It's about bees.

  • Alexia Bryant
    Alexia Bryant Day ago

    I'm not sure that was a leak how about an ocean

  • De Ku
    De Ku Day ago

    "Pillow fight"

  • Matrix
    Matrix Day ago

    0:50 I got sad because I anime is the only art style I have but I wanna go to animation school I'm eleven XD

  • gaming 101
    gaming 101 Day ago

    Why does ever body hate anami it's not that bad😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😰

  • Miss 53
    Miss 53 Day ago

    I just realized, you kinda sound like Ruby from steven universe

  • The Name's Scratch

    I saw jaiden and tabbs 😂

  • Alexyss Lopez
    Alexyss Lopez Day ago +1

    I love how she drew one of her room mates like froppy from my hero academia

  • Emy Robison
    Emy Robison Day ago

    OMG YASS DEKU 😘😘😘😘💕💕💕

  • StepOne Studio
    StepOne Studio Day ago


  • papa RAGTAG
    papa RAGTAG Day ago

    Flex tape! Lol

  • Robotic Hamster
    Robotic Hamster Day ago

    That's no pillow fight...

  • Da mcmuffin
    Da mcmuffin Day ago

    "I wanna join the pillow fight too" (hint:its not a pillow fightxD)

  • Hello World
    Hello World Day ago

    Rebbeca pahram and tabbes

  • Creepy Candy665
    Creepy Candy665 Day ago +1

    What I’ll draw food for memes not memes for food

  • Delayed Sniper08


  • Kawaii Potatoes
    Kawaii Potatoes Day ago

    “Stop drawing anime.”

  • Ash Fur
    Ash Fur Day ago

    Here's my roommate story.... Her name was Katie and she at 2:00am would bring her boyfriend over and play loud music! She also ate my food and one night she fell asleep and her cute boyfriend asked me out! She found out about it and broke up with him and now I'm dating him!!!!!!😜

  • Toes RSwag
    Toes RSwag Day ago

    4: 40, when I wake up

  • ghostly the ghost

    0:59 robeca/let me explan stodio srry can't speel good

  • Lorelei Cupcake
    Lorelei Cupcake Day ago +1

    0:30 lol Disney and pixar are just staring at Sony 😂

  • Ayiana Denise
    Ayiana Denise Day ago +1

    Exercising, sure....

  • Vesna Mcphee
    Vesna Mcphee Day ago

    My Hero Academia FOREVER!!!!

  • Peft
    Peft Day ago

    7:16 lol they're fucking

  • Gaming Switch
    Gaming Switch Day ago


  • Dude Just Give Me My Kitchen Sink Beføre Im A Gøner

    Yeah...... PILLOW FIGHT...... r u sure?

  • Kaci Boatright
    Kaci Boatright Day ago

    I dont like a pillow fight...

  • Darrin Luckel
    Darrin Luckel Day ago

    You kinda sound like my bestie natile shgurr

  • janice cool
    janice cool Day ago


  • Jasemin’s Studio

    The thing that would make me wanna watch anime is if my brother says “*Plus, ULTRA!*”
    (me when I realize I watched the whole series and is waiting for next episode)
    Me: *crys outloud*

  • Laurie Bemount
    Laurie Bemount Day ago

    uhhhhhhhhhhh it cant be a pillow fight i mean just think for a sec

  • Natascha McSandbox

    How are you liking Utah? I know its drastically different from California that's for sure

  • Chloe 1234
    Chloe 1234 Day ago

    U sure u only want to join in the pillow fight and nothing else???😉

  • Skelton Slay8er
    Skelton Slay8er Day ago

    Shgurr: what I learned in college is...
    Me: what I learned in boating school is...

  • Fried Nugget
    Fried Nugget Day ago

    shgurr: BYU
    Me: Mormon? Mormon? Mormon? (even though I know everyone that goes to BYU doesn't have to be Mormon XD)

  • dimitrije bubic
    dimitrije bubic Day ago

    ,,next girl that rented that apartment...sorry but this is your problem now..."......GENDER.......AAAAAA.....SUUUUU.....MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ima Gaming God
    Ima Gaming God Day ago +1

    ya *pillow fight* omg... wow

  • Silva Animations

    Did i see a wild jaiden and tabbes? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Caleb
    Caleb Day ago

    I would love to have a “pillow fight” with you

  • Alana Weinmann
    Alana Weinmann 2 days ago


  • YouTube man Jeffry fan

    You do what you won’t to do

  • AvAcado
    AvAcado 2 days ago

    I had this person above me they were a light sleeper and they would always shift back and forth on their bed and it would be LOUD AS FUCK

  • AvAcado
    AvAcado 2 days ago

    5:40 what song is that?

  • Down with the fluff
    Down with the fluff 2 days ago

    please you really don’t want to join in that pillow fight

  • MasterOf CringeTWO
    MasterOf CringeTWO 2 days ago

    **Insert peace sign**

  • Maymouna Bah
    Maymouna Bah 2 days ago

    Oml srsly pillow fight?

  • Rex
    Rex 2 days ago

    Yes, don't draw anime.

    *It should die.*

  • Ducks
    Ducks 2 days ago

    once i actually got a microwave in between the walls so whenever it was finished i always would take the other persons toast

    they hate me


  • Alexa_galaxy 13
    Alexa_galaxy 13 2 days ago

    I hid my head on the glass door like two time at my apartment and my cousins apartment

  • Alexa_galaxy 13
    Alexa_galaxy 13 2 days ago

    I did ok once’s I was going to my cousins apartment and I heard the police and I was going to see it outs side my cousins apartment is like top floors but when I heated the police went past the apartment there was a glass door I just ran into the glass door even at my apartment it was at hawaii

  • That one commenter
    That one commenter 2 days ago


  • the pollock
    the pollock 2 days ago

    7:22 q:

  • ItsMeTaco
    ItsMeTaco 2 days ago

    That wasn’t a pillow fight

  • Alya Cesaire
    Alya Cesaire 2 days ago

    BYU..? holy crap i went there like three weeks ago DID YOU SEE THE GIRL IN A GREY HOODIE LOOKING OVERWHELMED

  • Nekko Chan
    Nekko Chan 2 days ago

    “I love anime drawing but I haven’t seen any movies”

  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall 2 days ago

    5:37 for Without Me by Eminem.
    after listening to the full song, i can safely say that i like it.

  • Cheesy Dorito
    Cheesy Dorito 2 days ago


  • SK8M8S
    SK8M8S 2 days ago

    the eric andre part made me laugh

  • Ricky Allen
    Ricky Allen 2 days ago

    Guess what I’ve actuallyRead Narnia

  • Wolfy Moon
    Wolfy Moon 2 days ago

    Hey i luv anime!!!!>:( everything i draw is anime, including my chibi

  • Haiden Clark
    Haiden Clark 2 days ago


  • Jahneil Palmer
    Jahneil Palmer 2 days ago

    what if it's not a pillow fight ;D

  • Walter orellana
    Walter orellana 2 days ago

    When I cant go to the, mall 1:09

  • It'sfrosty585
    It'sfrosty585 2 days ago


  • Beaks TheSqueeks
    Beaks TheSqueeks 2 days ago

    Ya super rude “pillow fight”

  • DE4D D1S4ST3RS
    DE4D D1S4ST3RS 2 days ago

    s t o p d r a w i n g a n i m e : )

  • faith and Jenny.0
    faith and Jenny.0 2 days ago

    Excuse me don't drop anime what are you guys safe because domics draws in anime form you're going to say to stop drawing anime😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Sebastian Tschatordai

    So, you want to join the pillow fight, eh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer 2 days ago

    Omg I imagined that in the vid some apartment is gonna flood but I said to mah self NAAAH THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN xD and it happened xD WOW I predicted DAH FUTURE