Apartment Atrocities

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • This was supposed to come out like 3 months ago whoops
    This video was like a filler that ended up changing my animation/coloring methods and got me back in the groove of making videos since school totally wrecked my upload schedule. I hope to get a shorter video done before the 19th if possible this month.
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  • Betsy F
    Betsy F 3 hours ago

    “Pillow fight”

  • UnknownAlpha
    UnknownAlpha 3 hours ago +1

    just realized shgurr listens to aviators and s3rl.
    tbh they’re both really good musicians. ^^

  • Guillermo Perez
    Guillermo Perez 4 hours ago

    Stop trying so hard😤

  • reagan dixon
    reagan dixon 4 hours ago

    I just wanted to say I watched your animations 3 years ago and I saw this video in my description and you improved alot and I also want to go to collage for animation so if you have any suggestions I would gladly take them and so....good job and keep up the good work

  • Cedar Bolam
    Cedar Bolam 4 hours ago

    The mix between theodd1sout and jaidenanimations

  • Fluffy Wolf
    Fluffy Wolf 4 hours ago

    4:40 Jurassic park 😂

  • gufo10 games.
    gufo10 games. 4 hours ago

    at a hotel i was staying at there was a safe in the wall next to the bathroom ... except it went all the way through and there was no back to the safe AND the safe lock was broken so there was a gaping hole thru the wall so you could look straight thru to the toilet

  • Kaeru Shinobi
    Kaeru Shinobi 4 hours ago

    Shgurr it's fine take your time with your videos, school is important so we can wait as long we can

  • PunchMeInTheFaceProductions

    What song was that?

  • Dancing Wolfie
    Dancing Wolfie 4 hours ago

    i want to desperately get out of my lease it's f-d up our ac wasn't properly connected our walls are made of metal the paint chips when you touch the wall our tiles turned out to be plastic, shower cant have non slip matts for some reason oh and the maintenance people told us to cover our fire alarms so that cooking doesn't set them off because when they go off, they need to be fully replaced and if we unplug them the entire lot doesn't have any fire protection

  • DogeOmG
    DogeOmG 4 hours ago

    I didnt know that shgurr likes Eminem :3

  • Dancing Wolfie
    Dancing Wolfie 4 hours ago

    i didn't hear it cuz it is raining lol

  • Pvt. Kane
    Pvt. Kane 5 hours ago

    Git gud

  • Niall Byrne
    Niall Byrne 5 hours ago

    Just on animation. Learn toon boom or animate/flash it will be worth it

  • Moxy Brancel
    Moxy Brancel 5 hours ago

    Hey what if the bed squeaking is just someone who moves around alot when they sleep right🙃

  • Geoc
    Geoc 5 hours ago

    Pawn stars

  • Wacky wabbit
    Wacky wabbit 5 hours ago

    ;----; college is a youtube killer i tell ya, i can't seem to get anything done. Don't see how ya do it meh lady....who did you sell your soul to .....

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia 6 hours ago


  • Vincent Rodriguez
    Vincent Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    This is like the "Girls Rule" version of TheOdd1sOut. She has the end credits just like James and EVERYTHING. I LOVE IT AND HATE IT AT THE SAME TIME.😍😘😡👿

  • RamenMai :3
    RamenMai :3 6 hours ago

    4:06 It's your spit.

  • omema girl
    omema girl 6 hours ago

    they thought that wifi won't last forever and look we still using it

  • Chay Montealvo
    Chay Montealvo 6 hours ago

    The 2 a.m. every morning squeaking I went to the grocery store my mom was getting eggs and it kind of sounded like a foam carton of eggs

  • Kylee & Irina's Slime,DIY & More!

    That's uh.... Not a pillow fight... Heh heh...... And yeah I don't think you wanna join In on It... Heh heh... I'll leave now and let people that are my age or older use their Imagination for this comment.

  • koy ii
    koy ii 6 hours ago

    so the apartment I used to live in with my Mom, bro and Dad. There was black mold growing..

  • maria mocko
    maria mocko 6 hours ago

    That may not be a pillow fight...

  • Lena TK
    Lena TK 6 hours ago

    So many BNHA references.. I love it

  • Quapin
    Quapin 6 hours ago

    This is not to sound rude, but, your art style reminds me of Poptropica. Annnd this was my first video of watching you and you have left a great impression on me.

  • ClusterFunk
    ClusterFunk 7 hours ago


  • Noob gamer for all games

    This is better with the subtitles

  • Julio Medina
    Julio Medina 7 hours ago

    haha my hero acedemia

  • Matthew Ellis
    Matthew Ellis 7 hours ago

    BYU? You're Mormon?

  • Edvin Iancu
    Edvin Iancu 7 hours ago

    Can you please love me i love you

  • xX TheDeadEnder Xx
    xX TheDeadEnder Xx 7 hours ago

    You should work as the editor for Steven's Universe!

  • Andrew Aldana
    Andrew Aldana 7 hours ago

    love the posters in her room

  • john Smith
    john Smith 7 hours ago +1

    u draw ur character a lot more thin then what u actually are don't fool ppl ur drawing is ight tho ggs

  • Lps Maya
    Lps Maya 7 hours ago

    Well that’s mean I love anime and I love to draw it it’s like the only thing I can draw

  • chocolatebunn664 jeeefff

    she is lucky i get no sleep at night

  • TeamADD
    TeamADD 7 hours ago

    Sex is a form of exercise

  • sam stuessy
    sam stuessy 7 hours ago

    dear shgurr im really sorry for not subing but i love your vids so well now im here

  • Michi Mango
    Michi Mango 7 hours ago

    I sleep like a rock. If someone wants to wake me up they have to push me off whatever i'm sleeping on, and if i'm sleeping on the floor... they punch me.
    that still doesn't wake me up XD

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 8 hours ago

    You will have two pay them 400 dollars for those cinderblock

  • Shycen I
    Shycen I 8 hours ago

    I think they don't want you to draw anime is because it would take too much time to get your animation projects done so yea

  • Kawaii potato
    Kawaii potato 8 hours ago

    Was that teacher Jazza??

  • Avery Thornton
    Avery Thornton 8 hours ago

    my house has done the same thing with the leaking

  • the gaming skeleton 2000


  • samantha colton
    samantha colton 8 hours ago

    Actually 4th video of 2018

  • Krazee Ladee
    Krazee Ladee 8 hours ago

    Wow, I absolutely love your voice, your style, your sense of humour, why am I only finding your videos NOW?? Keep up the good work!!
    And I've never had so many problems with an apatment until the one I live in now. My upstairs neighbours are a single Mum and her 3 children. The youngest throws temper tantrums at least 3 times a day, and the oldest watches telly at max volume (and a channel that never shuts up!) whenever he is supposed to babysit his siblings when Mum isn't home. The youngest also runs around all. Freaking. Day. In a tiny apartment that's also really old. So every time she runs, my partner and I hear the pipes in their floor rattle so loudly we can't hear each other anymore. All. Day. Long. Thank goodness they've put the apartment up for sale. Won't be soon enough when they move out of there. Good lord.

  • Nomad !lol!
    Nomad !lol! 9 hours ago

    “Hmmmmm.. I feel like I know this channel from somewhere...”
    *checks oldest videos*
    *sees FNAF*
    “Oh god... it’s one of the channels I called cancer a few years ago... WHY PAST MEEE!!!”

  • VidKing11
    VidKing11 9 hours ago

    Hehe... about that pillow fight...

  • Alyse Allen
    Alyse Allen 9 hours ago

    Hey, Old Mill! Hah! I lived there! Yes, the shower thing is kinda weird, but it was nice having your own room with a bus stop so close!

  • Losa Ghyd
    Losa Ghyd 9 hours ago


  • The Corny Channel
    The Corny Channel 9 hours ago

    They having sex what’s wrong it’s human nature.

  • The Corny Channel
    The Corny Channel 9 hours ago

    Share a shower, my former boyfriend, we were friends and roommates. We decided that we liked each other. It made me happy to think that I was opened to it.

  • Mah name is QQ
    Mah name is QQ 9 hours ago

    0:37 which program is that?

  • Mine Shaft
    Mine Shaft 9 hours ago

    If they do fine you it will cost 360$

  • WoomyAnimates
    WoomyAnimates 9 hours ago

    Rember when u were known for fnaf

    Oh god

  • Alan Plays
    Alan Plays 9 hours ago


  • Bella T
    Bella T 9 hours ago

    First video I've ever seen from this channel and it's cool about BYU I hope to go there

  • polskiwilk2000
    polskiwilk2000 10 hours ago

    Compassion. I hope everything will end well. Bricks? What the hek?

  • Warren Tarver
    Warren Tarver 10 hours ago +2

    pillow fight...………. yeah that's a pillow fight

  • _ Bionikujo _
    _ Bionikujo _ 10 hours ago

    Are you LDS? I was just asking since you're going to BYU.

  • Ex Da Fox
    Ex Da Fox 10 hours ago


  • headhirobloxgamer97
    headhirobloxgamer97 11 hours ago

    1:08 aaaa - -

  • headhirobloxgamer97
    headhirobloxgamer97 11 hours ago

    0:50 i hate anime (sorry anime lovers 😖)

  • MonsterDrool
    MonsterDrool 11 hours ago

    Honestly you-tube will always exist in one form or another, there will always be a big video sharing site willing to give a portion of its advertisement revenue to its users. Unfortunately animators get pocket change for their work, Best to work through crowd funding honestly.

  • Sally Achmadi
    Sally Achmadi 11 hours ago

    Yeah... pillow fight...

  • AlexyDoesAnything
    AlexyDoesAnything 11 hours ago

    Low-key thought that someone is doing the 'birds and the bees' at 2 in the morning
    *Don't mind me being the perverted human that i am*
    *oh wait, they ARE doing the birds and the bees, oh okay*
    *i still think that im dirty minded though*

  • Human Flower
    Human Flower 11 hours ago

    I didnt get to go to vid con =C

  • Chimipotle Chimichanga
    Chimipotle Chimichanga 12 hours ago

    Because of this video, I have subscribed to you :D

  • Adam Esmat
    Adam Esmat 12 hours ago

    1:10 and we will be back

    ELOELO ELOELO 12 hours ago

    I love BnHA

  • Awoken
    Awoken 12 hours ago

    Ravioli ravioli *D e a t h I s I n e v i t a b l e*

  • БананСемпай 228

    Where fnaf speedpaint's?

  • Kimberly Cruz
    Kimberly Cruz 13 hours ago

    Did the odd1sout make you Outro 🤔😑😂

  • Екатерина Кондратьева

    Who is from Russia like me ?

  • Екатерина Кондратьева

    you have a poster with Boku no Hero Academia? i like it))

  • LaneTaco
    LaneTaco 14 hours ago

    Yo, holy shit. I just refound your channel after like a year and a half. Last time I was here you had like 9k subs. I'm glad your channel has been growing! Your content is awesome!

  • KittyKaitlynPaws 808123

    “Wait, mom?”
    “Where’s that coming from?”
    “The squeaking. Where’s it coming from?”
    “What are they doing up stairs?”

  • KAWAII Tater
    KAWAII Tater 15 hours ago

    And when is that art school animation be out shgurr
    +Cough cough+
    Probably 3 months

  • BTS Fangirl
    BTS Fangirl 15 hours ago

    0:58 Tabbes

  • xXShadowloxXx Mark
    xXShadowloxXx Mark 15 hours ago

    pillow fight

  • Carbon 10
    Carbon 10 15 hours ago

    What that song at 5:37 to 5:46?

  • Brent Colby
    Brent Colby 15 hours ago

    “Nice pillow fight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Кровавая Вишня

    You cool !!!

  • Spongebear
    Spongebear 17 hours ago

    That save tho

  • Mighty ̇
    Mighty ̇ 17 hours ago

    Wait? This shgurr person is the same who made fnaf song animations or whatever back in the day?

  • manboy manboy
    manboy manboy 17 hours ago

    Where I live I always hear hammering noises from the floor above me . I really don’t know wtf goes on on that floor

  • Alex anime gamer
    Alex anime gamer 17 hours ago

    but your profile is anime ;-;

  • Kable Monroe
    Kable Monroe 18 hours ago

    Apartment stories. I'm 16, so I still live with my parents, and my mom and I have moved to apartments so many times. To put it simply, we moved: from one side of El Paso TX to the other, then down the street, then to Odessa TX, then to literally right next door because more rooms, then to a different complex (small and nice), to the other side of the complex upstairs, and finally to Dallas TX. To pick one, my current neighbors. The walls aren't thick so I can hear a lot of things, and their music is something else. I swear I can sometimes feel the bass just from feeling my walls

  • Kable Monroe
    Kable Monroe 18 hours ago

    5:37 probably my first song I listen to while drawing. Assuming I'm not lazy to keep scrolling down my playlist

  • Predator _BQE
    Predator _BQE 18 hours ago

    5:42 put captions on

  • Crappy Gaming
    Crappy Gaming 18 hours ago


  • RamanZombie
    RamanZombie 18 hours ago

    10/10 for keeping monetization

  • Jocelynne summers
    Jocelynne summers 18 hours ago

    I would suggest ear plugs those things that you twist and put in your ears and they look like shiny marshmallows it should block out the sounds we used them in wood shop class at my middle school when we used the machines and they blocked out the sound perfectly so I figure if they can block out loud ass machines they can block out the bed squeaks

  • Simmy The Dog44
    Simmy The Dog44 18 hours ago

    My dog, Duna,Went MISSING one day from like 10Am.At 5am we heard the alarm go off and my grandma opened the door and it was Duna! BUT she was covered all in blood and when i washed her and got the blood off i realized it wasnt her that was bleeding but it was just blood on her as if she was attacking someone.Then I looked at her collar bc it had a secret camera and this guy was trying to steal our dog!

  • bagel fan
    bagel fan 19 hours ago

    This comment is pointless dont waste your life.

  • L33TNINJ4Grrl
    L33TNINJ4Grrl 19 hours ago

    I was looking for an apartment and looking at photos online. I had narrowed down a few that I would check out, and started to reexamine them as I made calls. In the first one I noticed something strange yet familiar on the floor, so I hung up before anyone could pick up. I identified that the object I was viewing was indeed a mouse trap, just BARELY in the picture. Not a conventional mouse trap though, one of the heavy duty ones, and I was only able to tell because of the little trademark on it. There is a big problem with pests in apartments here, so I'm not surprised, but you have to REALLY drop the ball if you can't take a picture without seeing a trap.

  • B-Baka!!!
    B-Baka!!! 19 hours ago

    5:41 i need this music for my car aux cord

  • Bread boy
    Bread boy 19 hours ago

    Oh hey. You’re in Utah. I live there. Cool.

  • izzy
    izzy 19 hours ago

    TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW PLSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!