An Abortion Education | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Class is now in session for every male legislator who cut class for the last one trillion years of people having babies.
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Comments • 513

  • Brandon Sharp
    Brandon Sharp Month ago

    I feel like my country is falling into the dark ages. Stupidity rules the land.

  • Preston Marlo
    Preston Marlo 3 months ago

    "If you're not an expert on the subject don't talk about it"
    -Late-night host trying to explain biology, politics, and foreign relations.

  • Paola Rosario
    Paola Rosario 3 months ago

    This is so scary. I use the pill but not to prevent pregnancies but to regulate my incredibly painful, debilitating, incapacitating menstrual cramps. Aside from strong narcotics (Demerol, Toradol) that will destroy my kidneys eventually if I continue taking them, they are the only thing that actually work. I get them with my private insurance. People forget (mostly male senators, really) that the pill its not only used to prevent pregnancies.

  • Alec Morrison
    Alec Morrison 3 months ago

    I don't know in my opinion I feel that they're standing up for the right of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the unborn child Now Banning plan B maybe not the smartest thing

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf 3 months ago

    abortion is wrong. How can you be a progressive and then deny a voice for those who need their mother most

    • TheLegendOfRandy
      TheLegendOfRandy 3 months ago

      Do you value the fact that you were born and have the life you have?

  • ndmushroom1
    ndmushroom1 4 months ago

    Let's be fair: the question was not whether abortions should be allowed at the moment of birth, but whether abortions should be allowed UP UNTIL the moment of birth, meaning late pregnancy abortions. I know Sam has a misplaced grudge against Bernie, but that's no reason to distort what he said.

  • tugglywood
    tugglywood 4 months ago +1

    If pollution can cause an abortion, can we also prosecute any politician who doesn't support environmentally friendly legislation? If we push this issue, either we get women's rights or a cleaner environment. One out of two, right? :D

  • Matin Gilardi
    Matin Gilardi 5 months ago

    Uncle Mothballs lol

  • zanechaos
    zanechaos 5 months ago

    I didnt understand the wording of her question
    I thought she meant like if the mother was going to die when the baby was almost fully formed but theres a complication

  • Dean Frank
    Dean Frank 5 months ago

    Thank you for your effort at instruction. Hilarious and educational.

  • Leam D
    Leam D 5 months ago

    Old white men who haven't even taken basic anatomy or sexed telling women what to do with their bodies. You'd think it was almost a joke. If men could get pregnant, there would be abortion clinics at every corner. I would bet my retirement that Trump's mistresses have had countless abortions

    • Fma Acmab
      Fma Acmab 5 months ago

      @Mathilde Young CRC Art. 12 has a catch 22 fuzzy wording hehehe

    • Mathilde Young
      Mathilde Young 5 months ago

      Looks like you need the anatomy lesson. An unborn child isn't part of your body.. He/she is an individual human being.

      Getting a tattoo is doing something with your body. Killing an unborn child is doing something with the body of another human being.

  • tablelampdoor
    tablelampdoor 5 months ago +1


  • Richard Bacchus
    Richard Bacchus 5 months ago +1

    this woman is clearly is an idiot

  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 5 months ago

    4:45 Does Trump have any descriptive words besides "tremendous & beautiful"?

  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 5 months ago

    4:21 Bernie Sanders getting booed on Fox News on the topic of abortion? Shocker

  • Prino Prince
    Prino Prince 5 months ago +2

    If an unborn baby is not a human being? What is it-a dog, a dolphin, a cat or a green bean?
    It has 100% human DNA (with a unique combination of information that came from both father and mother), and humans only produce humans, so the unborn baby can’t be anything other than a human!

    • Mathilde Young
      Mathilde Young 5 months ago

      @Prashant Wason Plenty of pro-choices think an unborn child is not a human being. They are in denial.

    • Prashant Wason
      Prashant Wason 5 months ago

      Oh, no pro choice person thinks that it is not a human. What they think is that it is not a 'person'.

  • yesplease
    yesplease 5 months ago

    Was Bernie referring to the 1% that Samantha herself referred to just a moment later when he said "those are incredibly rare"? If so, why did she attack him on this?

    • Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog
      Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog 5 months ago

      Because an abortion happening right up before birth doesnt happen. It implies the fetus is viable to be born into a baby. When that isnt the case for abortions after 24 weeks..

  • Josh Busfield aka bitterphase

    That's science bytch hahaha

  • Niceness_of_Gemini
    Niceness_of_Gemini 5 months ago

    I’m starting to literally think that far right racist white people are afraid of abortions because they believe their ‘race’ is dying out.

    • Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog
      Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog 5 months ago

      @Mathilde Young no one was talking about who has the most is who is the most out spoken and anti about it.

    • Mathilde Young
      Mathilde Young 5 months ago

      Actually percentage wise African American women get more abortions...

  • Zuma Zuma
    Zuma Zuma 5 months ago +1

    Well, next time Trump asks why there aren't more immigrants from countries like Sweden, he should be reminded about this Alabama law.

  • Kristine Kruszelnicki
    Kristine Kruszelnicki 5 months ago

    She said it herself that the pill can prevent implantation. THAT is why many pro-lifers consider it an abortion. If life begins at fertilization and the newly conceived zygote can't implant, it will be miscarried/aborted.

  • Three Jewels
    Three Jewels 5 months ago +1

    Fun Fact: Doctors actually have to wait until 5 weeks of gestation to be able to pick up a fetus on ultrasound to determine the position of the fetus. So, if someone chooses a procedure instead of a medicinal abortion, there is literally a week of time they can make that happen. I'll bet in a lot of these 6-week states, there are waiting periods or women have to travel many miles to get to the closest clinic. It's ridiculous.

  • Michael Sowell
    Michael Sowell 5 months ago

    This was hilarious and informative. The vest was the cherry on top.

  • Eleanor Mason
    Eleanor Mason 5 months ago +2

    I can't believe that they know so little about reproduction that they think the contraceptive pill is an abortion pill! Sort your education system out!! Also, I know we laugh about Trump's ignorance, but talking about abortion like homicide after birth is not just stupidity, it's willful lying, and desire to spread misinformation

    • Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog
      Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog 5 months ago

      @Mathilde Young u cant be a human being without having personhood...prior to that it is a clumb of cells or parasitic thing. And it is a parasite on the mom's body, by actual biological defintion it is a parasitic relationship with the mammal female. Honestly you seem to attribute the same things a 25week fetus has with a 6-12 week fetus...which isnt even that old cause like the video says it can include 5 weeks of time where conception didnt even happen yet.

    • Mathilde Young
      Mathilde Young 5 months ago

      Way more misinformation comes from the pro-abortion side - e.g. "clump of cells", "tissue", "parasite", "my body", "choice" - anything to avoid addressing what they really support - the killing of human beings that have done nothing wrong.

  • Michele Hill
    Michele Hill 5 months ago

    This is great & terrifying at the same time, the idiots that run this country.

  • Lasombra
    Lasombra 5 months ago +2

    Last I checked, Bernie was pro choice...

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma 5 months ago +2

      @Mathilde Young pro-abortion is not a thing. That's like saying pro-amputation.

    • Mathilde Young
      Mathilde Young 5 months ago

      you mean pro-abortion

  • nayr497
    nayr497 5 months ago +1

    The people championing these outrageous anti-abortion laws are nothing less than an extreme threat to basic human rights in the United States. This isn't about saving lives or Christian beliefs or morality, it is ALL about the desire to control women & their bodies. The politicians pushing for these should be removed from office and punished as direct threats to the basic safety of American women.

    • Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog
      Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog 5 months ago

      @Mathilde Young human beings have sentients, concioisness, a working and developed cereberal cortex...a none-viable fetus is not that.

    • Mathilde Young
      Mathilde Young 5 months ago

      Abortion is a threat to human rights. After all, unborn children are human beings (sorry, I'm sure YOU knew this, but some people don't - can you believe that? )

  • Mark Adderley
    Mark Adderley 5 months ago +8

    ... having an abortion at the moment of birth ...

    isn’t that called “birth” ?

  • peterdefeater
    peterdefeater 6 months ago

    Samantha, stop slamming Bernie. He's been an advocate for women's choice long before it was politically expedient.

  • HH TEE
    HH TEE 6 months ago

    Back to shaming women

  • Anu Bamzai
    Anu Bamzai 6 months ago

    Don’t forget-birth control is not just a contraceptive. Millions of women rely on it to treat their endometriosis or PCOS.

  • Mustard Seed
    Mustard Seed 6 months ago +1

    'they all bite' 😂

  • Martin Z
    Martin Z 6 months ago +1

    basic biology quiz for women: when does human life starts?

    • Dottie McGee
      Dottie McGee 5 months ago

      Let the mansplaining begin!

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma 5 months ago

      When the fertilized cell plants itself. Why do you ask?

    • Mathilde Young
      Mathilde Young 5 months ago

      Fertilization! duh....

  • Watch City
    Watch City 6 months ago +2

    Stop the war on women and hold the men accountable. Castration/vasectomies for every man, no spermies, no pregnancies. There is the cure right there. If you are planning to have a family later (yeah, right) then have your boys frozen. Women will not be controlled by anybody. Nobody! It's too bad that we have lawmakers without high school educations and certainly not reproductive health education. Decisions can not be made with out education. Let's have an "MCAS" for congress. If they fail the test they will not be allowed to proceed/qualify for a governing office position over the American people.

    • SalomiSandwich
      SalomiSandwich 5 months ago

      If women dont want to be controlled then they can use their freedom and get their own tubes tied. There we go, no more unneeded abortions.

    • Martin Z
      Martin Z 6 months ago

      I want to see it happen. try it, i challenge you :D:D:D

  • Tessa Robins
    Tessa Robins 6 months ago +1

    Trump’s “soft voice” when lying about so-called late-term abortions just makes my skin crawl. He’s unhinged. That rhetoric is dangerous. Sorry, “Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous” is right up there with “water is wet” in terms of obviousness, isn’t it?

  • Damn Phone
    Damn Phone 6 months ago +2

    The truly horrific thing is, by banning both birth control and abortion, these false Christians will cause millions of unwanted children to be born - and will then completely refuse any responsibility to them like they do now. This will lead to massive increases in poverty and child abuse. Republicans are not for God they are 100% against goodness.

  • Damn Phone
    Damn Phone 6 months ago +2

    Christian conservatives simply don't understand separation of church and state. To them the country is one big church. I don't think they should be allowed to lead, or vote, until they conform to our standards as a secular nation.

  • Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H. 6 months ago

    This has got to be one of my favorite segments ever. Thanks for the dedication and hard work, Sam!

  • MrWeedWacky
    MrWeedWacky 6 months ago +1

    this awesome

  • Micah D
    Micah D 6 months ago

    Trump was quoting current Democrat and black-face governor Northam with the abortion remark. #FactCheck

    • Micah D
      Micah D 6 months ago

      @BadgerPride89 Nuance is fine, but Sam Bee made it seem like Trump was dramatizing; he quoted Northam pretty literally.

    • BadgerPride89
      BadgerPride89 6 months ago

      you have no idea what that law is doing, right? because i would think 'lowering the threshold in emergencies from three doctors agreeing you're gonna die to one' is actually pretty reasonable. as is giving parents the option of how they want to deliver their terminal child instead of the previous law which required a d&c because you fucknuggets liked the idea of chopping up the fetuses of grieving parents.

  • Amber Ambwee
    Amber Ambwee 6 months ago +3

    I can’t believe trump is our president..

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf 6 months ago +1

    guys and chicks are different. they have access to different kinds of pain (man's is religious, women's is childbirth) - which is pretty much why chicks can never be poets.

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma 5 months ago +1

      wow this might be the dumbest comment here, which is pretty impressive

  • кคקק๏гtєг
    кคקק๏гtєг 6 months ago +3

    I'm ashamed of you, Ohio.

  • Garrett Robertson
    Garrett Robertson 6 months ago

    BERNIE 2020!!!!

  • Lola Bradford
    Lola Bradford 6 months ago

    Where can I get that vest?

  • Lady Reddness
    Lady Reddness 6 months ago +2

    Love her & her team! No man/men should have any opinion or power over our female bodies. It's our decision. Period. Perhaps we should punch these senator guys in the gut for hrs and keep giving them babies to take care of, so they know what unwanted pregnancy feels like. Just a small taste anyways, while we ring a bell and say "shame". We should just make a (female/LGBTQ/ male) government with no bipartisan system that accepts and appreciates all people 's unique differences, and over throw this current one. One Nation, One people, One greater good. Period. Not all this squabbling. Chosen not just through votes, but education of the knowledge they represent first, then votes from the people.

  • Macom G.
    Macom G. 6 months ago +4

    Thank you Sam, you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️ we need you now more than ever, no other hosts would've done this!

  • aaron000
    aaron000 6 months ago +1

    After hundreds of thousands of years of women giving birth, and billions of babies born, it's baffling that so many people still don't know how babies are actually created.

  • JessieBanana
    JessieBanana 6 months ago +32

    Miscarriage is so common we have entire cultural practice around when it’s relatively safe to announce a pregnancy. Most couples wait until after the first trimester to share their pregnancy, beyond the people they are closest to, because of how common it is.
    If you know anything about reproductive biology, you know it take many mechanisms going right in the first stages of development. Things often do go wrong and the body terminates the pregnancy. Most women who have been pregnant three or more times have experienced at least one miscarriage.

    • Quel
      Quel Month ago

      Kieran well you really have to meet some more pro-lifers! Because literally *none* that I know believe in criminalizing miscarriages.

    • Kieran
      Kieran Month ago

      You and I disagree heavily on the former, and I've only ever heard the latter from so-called pro-lifers.

    • Quel
      Quel Month ago

      Kieran yes it is reprehensible. It’s also reprehensible to allow all *elective* abortion and equate it to women who miscarry completely involuntarily.

    • Kieran
      Kieran Month ago

      @Quel You should tell your fellows that, because there are women in the US who have been investigated and jailed for miscarriages, including a suicidal women who attempted suicide and failed, but miscarried. That's reprehensible.

  • Mr. Ubiboy
    Mr. Ubiboy 6 months ago

    And we certainly don't give an S about libtard lies about trying to announce that baby killing it Justified just to never deal with responsibilities

  • A Trusty
    A Trusty 6 months ago

    So if it's a womans choice. Then men can have the choice go pay child support.

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma 5 months ago

      well, actually, neither men nor women have a choice in that matter: if you don't give your child up, you have to support it. what they should have a choice in, though, is whether they want to keep the fetus for 9 months inside of them, feeding off their blood, getting a bunch of health problems and risks, and then pushing them out in pain. And both men and women should have a choice about that. Of course, never comes to that for men, but nobody's taking away the choice.

  • Mr. Ubiboy
    Mr. Ubiboy 6 months ago

    Maybe the new on abortion movie really got to this libtards anger nerves to her and every other New Yorker in that audience.
    Too bad!
    Truth haters

  • Edward Vasquez
    Edward Vasquez 6 months ago

    Ask Joe Biden about his past views on abortion and current views. Still Bernie or Bust for me. By the way Birth Control and abortion on demand now!

  • Respect/Walk
    Respect/Walk 6 months ago

    "hate logic and Science"- you mean like saying and passing laws that say there are 75 genders ? you mean like that sammy???????????

    • Zuma Zuma
      Zuma Zuma 5 months ago +1

      well, technically, there can be an arbitrary number of genders, because that's a social construct. so there's no contradiction with science or logic.

  • msmightymelle
    msmightymelle 6 months ago +2

    Why is abortion treated like a women's rights issue when I know plenty of abortions that have occurred due to the request of male partners and husbands. Why aren't men speaking tf out too? Their rights are also on the line.

  • kreempouf
    kreempouf 6 months ago

    Miscarriage rates are greater than 30%

  • John Mack
    John Mack 6 months ago +4

    Republicans are materialistic hypocrites and liars. This is a public health, financial and legal issue. Unwanted pregnancies are disabilities and liabilities for women. The unwanted babies are paid for by welfare, foster care and the prisons. This world is overpopulated and eliminating unwanted pregnancies is necessary for our society to succeed.

    • Respect/Walk
      Respect/Walk 6 months ago

      Republicans are materialistic hypocrites and liars- and democrats are not liars ,materialistic or hypocrites? really?

  • Donna Cerny
    Donna Cerny 6 months ago

    Brilliant -- and it should be required viewing for all legislators. I agree with russetwolf13s suggestion that legislators should have to pass a quiz on a subject before passing a law on it. So should passing a basic civics test be required, particularly for those running for president!

  • Simon and Karen Nash
    Simon and Karen Nash 6 months ago +1

    Thank you Sam you are brilliant. Love your shows

  • Izzy
    Izzy 6 months ago +1

    Let them do what they want. Nobody is taking care of that child. It's up to the mother.