• Published on May 12, 2019
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  • Bhebie Cafeet
    Bhebie Cafeet Day ago

    the title should be "RHPC VS SIDEMEN" lol

  • Shura Dontschenko

    *this one is worth... infinity*

  • Zoe-lea Davis
    Zoe-lea Davis Day ago

    harry is the only thing ruining this video.

  • orlando santoyo
    orlando santoyo Day ago

    Isn’t that trophy the one used in tue second ant man film

  • Mr Båzzå
    Mr Båzzå Day ago

    They were drunk

  • iMero x
    iMero x Day ago

    Vikk's underwater moves is insane whys no one talking about it

  • Brian P Kuhn
    Brian P Kuhn Day ago +1

    ksi legit would have won that arm wrestling but niga and the other guy were standing leaning over and at the end the guy had ksi legit leaning over cuz his arm was all the way back... cheaters! 😂

  • Csgo Crooks
    Csgo Crooks 2 days ago

    I could have used those tissues

  • mr. loungensmritz
    mr. loungensmritz 2 days ago

    This actually looked fun.

  • hen ko
    hen ko 2 days ago

    JJ is a stretched res tobi

  • Alor7im xxx
    Alor7im xxx 2 days ago +1

    9:55 no to racism

  • Alor7im xxx
    Alor7im xxx 2 days ago +1

    No ones gonna talk about Harry’s choke?

  • Nina Piorkowska
    Nina Piorkowska 2 days ago

    love the way there’s only one girl

  • DangerousDan
    DangerousDan 2 days ago

    This is like when ur two favorite shows cross over

  • DangerousDan
    DangerousDan 2 days ago

    Do more videos with Ryan higa

  • DihanGamerYT
    DihanGamerYT 2 days ago


  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 2 days ago

    Nigahiga vs niggahigga

  • Kenny Feng
    Kenny Feng 2 days ago

    If only Sean was here

  • Trolling Now
    Trolling Now 2 days ago

    3:48 me when is not november

  • kenisya salsabila l.

    The differences between both of the team are very obvious. Now I can see that Nigahiga is very scripted in making videos, that's why they acted so passive here. Smh.

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker 2 days ago +1

    Nobody gonna be impressed with my boy Derrick coming out strong in that arm wrestle, never knew the boy was fuckin ripped

  • Music and Sounds
    Music and Sounds 2 days ago +1

    Who’s watching in 8829

  • Corbin McWilliams
    Corbin McWilliams 2 days ago +1

    Ninjamelk anyone

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio 2 days ago

    ryan higa has do lot of challenges so he is the winner

  • Nepo
    Nepo 3 days ago

    who else held their breath during the water challenge 😂😂

  • Maleah Thomas
    Maleah Thomas 3 days ago

    I never seen that much work into a arm wrestle

  • TheOne Arif
    TheOne Arif 3 days ago

    Why RaynHiga looks sad though?

  • Amin Al-wagih
    Amin Al-wagih 3 days ago

    Ryan actually looks depressed like "i got podcasts to do" lol

    POTUS CHALK 3 days ago

    Fam ain't bulking anything

  • cheeZups
    cheeZups 3 days ago

    JJ is a stretched res tobi

  • Jacob Foster
    Jacob Foster 3 days ago

    Need more positive collaborations like this

  • deahhh fan
    deahhh fan 3 days ago +2

    Nigahiga make some really good content tho so check them out

  • Murat Ibrahimov
    Murat Ibrahimov 3 days ago +1

    RHPC not team nigahiga

  • Takito Fresh
    Takito Fresh 3 days ago

    Sidemen vs Misfits next?...

  • Weston Luther
    Weston Luther 3 days ago

    anyone else notice that sidemen had so much more in their cup at the end

  • Skanda Vyas
    Skanda Vyas 3 days ago

    why is harry like always uncomfortable in these vids

  • Skanda Vyas
    Skanda Vyas 3 days ago

    why is harry like always uncomfortable in these vids

  • Barth0t234_ Official

    Ryan higa is my niga

  • Zeke Roney
    Zeke Roney 3 days ago

    Nigahiga still exists???????

  • VeedddeeR
    VeedddeeR 3 days ago +1

    Nobody gonna be impressed with my boy Derrick coming out strong in that arm wrestle, never knew the boy was fuckin ripped

  • VanillaJokes
    VanillaJokes 3 days ago

    Josh out here looking like a squashie

    NILIMA PAWAR 3 days ago

    Sidemen more like kindmen how about to let the world know about the KSI I met............

  • Pew Die Pie
    Pew Die Pie 3 days ago

    ryan higa has do lot of challenges so he is the winner

  • Pew Die Pie
    Pew Die Pie 3 days ago

    nigahiga wins

  • Drogoz11YTRoblox
    Drogoz11YTRoblox 3 days ago +1

    Nigahiga the legend himself,im gonna sub to him right now :).

  • Van Hamilton
    Van Hamilton 3 days ago

    Kevjumba podcast!!

  • Lukman Hassan
    Lukman Hassan 3 days ago +1

    Ryan purposefully stalled on the last cup to make victory even sweeter.

    NIGHT REX 3 days ago +1

    Ryan looks sassy with the tiny beard.

  • T -Series
    T -Series 3 days ago

    Vik indian salmon

  • T -Series
    T -Series 3 days ago

    Okay chuck it in the bin

  • anonymous 00700
    anonymous 00700 3 days ago

    Fcbarcelona vs liverpool

  • Chibi Moose
    Chibi Moose 4 days ago

    Ski kept raising his elbows

  • TrIKz Xx PRO
    TrIKz Xx PRO 4 days ago

    anyone notice how red Josh's arms were 11:10 :') :') i know they were in a hot country but my man a tomato

  • PEPSI BigBoi
    PEPSI BigBoi 4 days ago

    they guy in the maroon gives me team 10 vibes

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma 4 days ago +1

    I think that Ryan like all of the sidemen except from JJ

  • Hamza Bourbaa
    Hamza Bourbaa 4 days ago +3

    Yoooo where's the sideman Sunday video
    Been waiting for a week now
    Can't wait another hour

  • Xanthe
    Xanthe 4 days ago +3

    dont worry guys, sidemen sunday will be out in about an hour

  • Xanthe
    Xanthe 4 days ago

    dont worry guys, sidemen sunday will be out in about an hour

  • J P
    J P 4 days ago +2


  • Sachin Hawkins
    Sachin Hawkins 4 days ago

    Look at josh’s twitter that’s why it’s not out

  • Riot Symphetic
    Riot Symphetic 4 days ago +18

    Anyone waiting for this weeks Sidemen Sunday?

    Edit: check Josh twitter should be out by 10pm UK time

  • Zaid Patel
    Zaid Patel 4 days ago +4


  • Xeno terestrial
    Xeno terestrial 4 days ago

    Sidemen jERks off More then higatv

  • Lovre teski baustelac skelA

    Who else is waiting for the new sidemen vide😂😂o?

    • Zaid Patel
      Zaid Patel 4 days ago

      not uploading this sunday due to simon check twitter

  • vxar 11
    vxar 11 4 days ago


  • zink
    zink 4 days ago

    Don't worry, Ill wait. :I

    • zink
      zink 4 days ago +1

      Phantom ye what he said

    • WELSH JOSHx Cox
      WELSH JOSHx Cox 4 days ago

      Phantom twitter

    • Phantom
      Phantom 4 days ago

      +zink how do u know? Seen it on twitter

    • zink
      zink 4 days ago

      +Phantom Edit: It will be out at 10pm

    • zink
      zink 4 days ago

      Phantom must be tomorrow or next Sunday

  • MegaCrazyScience 123

    It's Monday

  • cray cray dawg
    cray cray dawg 4 days ago

    Armwrestling olympics, africa vs china

  • Lucario
    Lucario 4 days ago +3

    Everyone just check Josh's twitter, no Sidemen Sunday this week 😥😥😥

  • OneWheelKai
    OneWheelKai 4 days ago +4

    Where’s this weeks sidemen Sunday 😭

  • Karl-Mihkel Orn
    Karl-Mihkel Orn 4 days ago +6

    Yo its been a week!! And its sunday but where is the new video

  • A.M.HTTYD 3D
    A.M.HTTYD 3D 4 days ago +2

    Where’s the latest sidemen vid

    CHEEZE 4 days ago +31


  • FootballSkills
    FootballSkills 4 days ago +2

    Just waiting for the new sidemen Sunday so watching old ones 😁

  • Bloo
    Bloo 4 days ago +15

    Guess Harry is editing again...

  • M Quinsey
    M Quinsey 4 days ago


  • Jared Toh
    Jared Toh 4 days ago


  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar 4 days ago +1

    team higgggaaaaaa !!!!!!

  • Atlantis_9urpz zzz
    Atlantis_9urpz zzz 4 days ago

    Waiting for the new vid like 😎😎😎

  • Levity
    Levity 4 days ago +1

    From being called the most fat, to being seen as the most fit. Well done Ethan

  • Shazna Choudhury
    Shazna Choudhury 4 days ago

    Do sdmn vs beta squad

  • Raghav
    Raghav 4 days ago +2

    Rian does not care

  • Sinan Zaman
    Sinan Zaman 4 days ago +1

    jj is pulling his shirt down which means he has a stiffy

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago

      bruh 😂

  • Abiram Sureshkumar
    Abiram Sureshkumar 4 days ago +2

    we all know who is missing in the RHPC

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • yara _qme
    yara _qme 4 days ago +1


    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • 1st LT Oh yeah yeah
    1st LT Oh yeah yeah 4 days ago +1

    Ksi only person who can say nigahiga

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • Sync x Clan
    Sync x Clan 4 days ago +1

    Un means 1

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • Dizzy Eggs
    Dizzy Eggs 4 days ago +1

    For the next challenge go up against the robust

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • V R
    V R 4 days ago +4

    I remember back in 2009 when Nigahiga was funny

    • Name
      Name 2 days ago +1

      Still is

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • Bobmarley420
    Bobmarley420 4 days ago +1

    Harry sucked at cup stacking

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • Tay NewNerd
    Tay NewNerd 4 days ago +1

    He went Turbo at 13:03

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • Mιɾɾσɾ Pαɳƚʂ69

    Why was this posted on the sidemen’s channel when Niga hosted it?

  • Justin The Kid
    Justin The Kid 4 days ago +2

    JJ: for the record, we're using all the tissues, we're not wasting all the tissues.....4:20

    also JJ: alright chuck it in the bin....4:26

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago +1


  • TreyBandz
    TreyBandz 4 days ago +1

    nerver heard of nigahiga

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • Andre Unas
    Andre Unas 5 days ago +2

    Down parkourse with them!!!!

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • Robert Pop
    Robert Pop 5 days ago +1

    Bruh I feel like I’ve watched Endgame again

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago

      lol 😂

  • HMT Hacker
    HMT Hacker 5 days ago +1

    React to this

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago

      haven't see this in ageshaven't see this in ages😂😍😂

    LAWAND_ KURD 5 days ago +3

    Next team to challenge
    Dude perfect

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago +1


  • canineee tuff
    canineee tuff 5 days ago +1

    im surprised jj didnt make a joke about Nigahiga

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago


  • SkyCSGO
    SkyCSGO 5 days ago +2

    Ryan’s crew is so calm in contrast to the Sidemen

    • TMak
      TMak 4 days ago

      true 😂