IT'S TRUE - GAMEFREAK LIED TO US ALL. (Pokemon Sword and Shield Controversy)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • The #GameFreakLied hashtag has been going wild on social media, and many are not understanding what it's all about. As much as I hate having to report this, potential customers deserve to know the truth about Pokemon Sword and Shield and its models.
    #PokemonSwordShield #BringBackNationalDex
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  • SilphSpectre
    SilphSpectre  23 days ago +1689

    This is a video I feel morally obligated to upload, despite disliking the fact that I had to. It is not intended as a 'hate' video, but merely a video to tell the truth and inform prospective customers of shady business practices that we ALL should be disappointed by & should condemn, no matter what your position is on the dex. Hopefully, this is the last of the bad news and we can move forward together as a community.
    If you enjoy my content, feel free to support on Patreon & get some cool perks; it helps out a lot!

    • ZelosSama
      ZelosSama Day ago

      @Steven 1773 the thing is thats it not a remake , i dont know why you compare it to one . Its been tge same pokemon models for several new games now

    • Sakura Hime
      Sakura Hime Day ago

      Princess Pikachu there are other good games on the switch, my hero academia, ni no kuni I highly recommend, yokai watch 4 will be coming out. Honestly that games a lot of fun, I love the storyline and even cried in some side game stories. Those games are worth the 60 dollars and getting a switch. I also got the switch thinking the Pokémon games would make it worth it but I luckily found several games later on that made it worth having.

    • Sakura Hime
      Sakura Hime Day ago +1

      Davis Rush so because we get lied to and that’s just how it is no one should complain ever right? Don’t like something too bad, shut up and accept it is what you’re saying? Well that’s not how our world works and it’s a good thing too since we because of criticism and people not letting others walk all over them times have changed. Don’t use the excuse that that’s just how the world is because it’s not, people who have bought the game under lies are allowed to feel upset and criticize the game.

    • Sakura Hime
      Sakura Hime Day ago +1

      Davis Rush not every company is lazy, people are mad because it’s a 60 dollar game and not everyone has money to spend on a more expensive ds game. Just because “ every company lies “ as you doesn’t mean we should just put up with it. I don’t have a lot of money, yet I bought the switch for Pokémon because they said they were moving to it, even though at the time They didn’t have any games I was interested, but i did cause they said they could do so much on the switch ect, so naturally I expected it to be so much more, I pre ordered the game at game stop was all excited until I actually played it and it was worse then sun and moon, I can get pass the cut out Pokemon , I hadn’t even watch the drama until after cause I wanted to know what the heck was going on. I saw so many glitches in my game, my game forced closes and I had to completely restart, the Pokemon they weren’t that great, the graphics were not what I expected ect. It was extremely disappointing and I’m basically stuck with an overpriced game I can’t return, since game stop doesn’t do that with new opened games. It was the first game I bought myself and I was really excited and it ended up being a waste of money I could have spent on something better. The only thing I liked from it was some of the British slang they used.

    • FX RedArrow
      FX RedArrow 3 days ago

      And yet it’s titled GAMEFREAK LIED TO US ALL!

  • KingDragon2401 YT


  • Sam Havranek
    Sam Havranek 10 hours ago

    Listen, I know this sounds stupid but... I like Sword and Shield. I grew up with the newer generations of Pokémon, so I can’t tell if Game Freak is making a terrible Pokémon game. Thank you for reading this comment and don’t criticize me just because I don’t think it’s terrible.

  • Kizza
    Kizza 20 hours ago

    Stranger things have happened, 343 industries redeemed themselves with bringing halo reach to pc. I think game freak will pull their head in eventually.

  • BryceMasterCat Guy

    At the very least

    At the VERY least
    They have a chance to fix this

    When the sequal game for this one comes out

    I say when because they'd be stupid not to release one

    They can build off what they already have and hopefully put in all the other pokemon

  • Craig Whitelaw
    Craig Whitelaw Day ago

    Yeah! Push the game back indefinitely if you’ve not reanimated EVERY frame of the pkmn models. F***in assholes. How dare they save money to produce and release a game that we enjoy playing. They should be spending the money, not us. Take a year to do it, hell, take 3 and release the game when the Switch will be older and the PS5’s out. Cheats. Cutting corners

  • Ssj Bread
    Ssj Bread Day ago

    I will be fair and say that axeing megas was probably just to make dynas viable and not broken, because if you could only do one or the other, then everyone is going to choose mega over dyna because all dyna does is boost hp and give a special moveset, while mega changes everything about the mon. If you can use both in the same battle, well then that's just broken.

  • Cirex2118
    Cirex2118 Day ago

    Let's as a whole community to simply rebel by not buying a single pokemon game until a genuinely good game comes out that has good quality at least they have the money they just need to actually put the effort into making it :T

  • Soandnb
    Soandnb 2 days ago

    7:52, THIS is the key as to why everyone's upset about models being reused. I distinctly remember Game Freak, during the X and Y age, saying something along the lines of "we're making high-quality models that will be able to last for a long time". Okay, makes perfect sense. Same models in Sun and Moon? No problem.
    But we learn that the National Dex is getting cut, an unprecedented move to make for a series whose catchphrase, officially or otherwise, is "Gotta catch'em all!", on what is supposed to be the big, shining move to HD consoles, and the REASON is for improving models, which DID NOT happen, and the Dex is still cut? THAT's why people are upset about reused models.

    Certainly doesn't help that the series has been devolving and becoming distilled into a more basic, core experience with many of the flavorings and seasonings found in past games not coming back. And the little glitches here and there, the oversights, etc... it all just adds up to leave a really bad taste in people's mouth.

  • Murkel7
    Murkel7 2 days ago

    Jesus this video has too much filler!

  • The Zachary Martin Show

    Game Freak = Activision

  • Reuben Stansberry
    Reuben Stansberry 2 days ago

    I could agree that they could have cut certain attacks/moves from the game; however, there was no good reason to cut any Pokémon (other than legendary Pokémon) from the game. I remind you all, we have given Gamefreak billions over the years! The least they can do is give a a decent game!

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez 2 days ago

    I don’t Care

  • Nazakat Ali
    Nazakat Ali 2 days ago

    This is the biggest mockery to the UK ever.

  • Potato Jesus
    Potato Jesus 2 days ago

    got a pokemon sword and shield before the vif started

  • IcyFlare
    IcyFlare 2 days ago

    Game freak is really a freak.

  • The Parmesan Seeker
    The Parmesan Seeker 2 days ago

    I often think about how the Pokémon games these days are so rush and incomplete while Fire Emblem has gone from a game that was stuck in Japan to a mainstream game. At the same time, the company of Fire Emblem, Intelligent Systems, put forth so much effort into 3 houses, delaying it several times and making one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Pokémon is fun to play but, god I wish that GameFreak would be like Intelligent Systems.
    (Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense I kinda just dumped all my thoughts out)

  • ChocoWisplet The Wispiest

    O K B O O M E R

  • DarkRed
    DarkRed 3 days ago

    I fucking called it
    They have a time limit
    Every Main Pokémon game is released about every year
    They already had 151 models because of let’s go for the switch
    Now the reason why not all Kanto Pokémon are in the game is because they also needed to finish the rest of the game and the internet features so they just chose Pokémon that were popular in tournaments and on twitch streams and TVclip let’s plays
    Now think about it
    3ds and switch are two different systems
    Just think about it

  • This is Atlas.
    This is Atlas. 3 days ago

    i dont think we need nee models but we need new animations and pokemon personality in them

  • Lieutenant Meatball
    Lieutenant Meatball 3 days ago

    Dynamax Jigglypuff should have been a thing with her final smash

  • MazeCode
    MazeCode 3 days ago

    Game freak needs money we need QUILITY PRODUCT DAMNIT

  • Ren
    Ren 3 days ago

    They could have just made another remake like LGPE as a continuation in order to slowly but surely add the Pokemon missing, or just take a break from making a new game and fix some issues with the new hardware. Not make a half assed game.

  • Lunar Shadow55
    Lunar Shadow55 3 days ago

    The one thing that my father drilled into me is to not lie because it never helps anyone in the end as the truth will ALWAYS find a way out. And so far, that has been nothing but true as controversy after controversy gets brought up against companies, movements, businesses, and just individuals keep getting pointed out for the lies they spread before trying to make the wildfire seem like it was just a lit match

  • FX RedArrow
    FX RedArrow 3 days ago

    I don’t think you should judge the game before even playing it, you don’t know everything about the game yet, so don’t go making another clickbait titled video.

  • Lorenzo austin
    Lorenzo austin 4 days ago

    Why would you even want all 800+ pokemon in one game, thats too many to me.

  • Pokémon Trainer
    Pokémon Trainer 4 days ago +1

    Sword and Shield is so bad that it makes me appreciate Sun and Moon more than I used to.😂

    • allen allen
      allen allen Day ago

      Pokémon Trainer
      It’s not that bad lmao. And it’s still as fun as the other games for many.

  • Jellyman4 Boomer
    Jellyman4 Boomer 4 days ago +2

    They add pokemon that have literally no purpose.
    But removed pokemon that matter...WHY GAMEFREAK??

  • HelMax Mekker
    HelMax Mekker 4 days ago

    does it mean we will get the diamond and pearl remakes so they can save the pokémon franchise? if so this game is so worth it!

    • A Wild Moose
      A Wild Moose 2 days ago

      that wont save the franchise you imbecile

  • UltraWeebMaster
    UltraWeebMaster 5 days ago +1

    I’m honestly not that angry they removed half the roster. I’m angry that I probably won’t be able to transfer my old pokèmon because of it.

  • Tagteam Player
    Tagteam Player 5 days ago

    Let's hope next time game freak won't ruin Satoshi's wonderful franchise and put a bad reputation on him for reusing models like a cheapskate and then deleting the most popular pokemon everyone loved.

  • Foirie
    Foirie 5 days ago

    dude when'd todd howard take over game freak

  • Venus. Tea
    Venus. Tea 5 days ago +2

    honestly the only thing I hate about all of this is if anyone dares to say “I still like the game” theyre called an ignorant die hard fan who will defend Pokémon, no matter the content.
    Like damn,
    One mans trash another mans treasure lmao. if someone likes it let it be

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 5 days ago

    I would have rather had a full 3ds grade of the game and have 2 times the content. ( two regions and leagues to explore and have the dens with online play with 3ds graphics vs what they threw up onto the table... How TF Im 7 hr into the game and almost done is NOT worth my $60. I have bought $20 switch games with more content....
    O and a actual story... not some annoying neighbor keeps popping up and pestering you with his predator older brother creeping around like a stalker.

  • Gunnzero 2000
    Gunnzero 2000 5 days ago

    Why did game freak remove Pokémon

    • A Wild Moose
      A Wild Moose 2 days ago

      @Venus. Tea jesus you are actually that ignorant? defending a lazy move from them by using realism in a fantasy game. you area joke.

    • Venus. Tea
      Venus. Tea 5 days ago

      theyre going to start doing regional dexs. which, honestly makes more Sense. Different parts of the world have different animals, same should apply to Pokémon.
      However, a lot of people are salty by this and just call it lazy :/

  • Relaxing Gaming
    Relaxing Gaming 6 days ago

    Shut up

  • ツHyperAnimates
    ツHyperAnimates 6 days ago

    But other than that, the new Pokémon game is good

  • Thigh Highs
    Thigh Highs 6 days ago

    dude this is some *amazing* clickbait

    • A Wild Moose
      A Wild Moose 2 days ago

      how is that clickbait in any single way?

  • Njd Customs
    Njd Customs 6 days ago

    Hop i just a carbon copy of hau from sun and moon

  • ーススペードのエ

    Can't we sue game freak now?
    They false advertised
    They lied

  • Kyle Wagoner
    Kyle Wagoner 6 days ago

    I want analysis of those high quality animations, which might be an even bigger lie.

  • TheConspiredOne
    TheConspiredOne 6 days ago

    maybe complaining about this will get them to make an actual mmo of pokemon for once. you know the stuff people have been asking for? keep up the good work.

  • Yes
    Yes 6 days ago +1

    There could very easily be a genuine reason they lied, like something contract related, you never know. Still sucks though...

  • good guy
    good guy 6 days ago +3

    Game should be $30 if they're going to release a half-assed game

  • Pugganator
    Pugganator 6 days ago

    the lets go models are from pokemon go

  • TheSalami Jam
    TheSalami Jam 6 days ago

    You fans should mature. I know the controvesy and agree some parts about it, but you fans should not threaten the company that is so IMMATURE.

  • Bunnygirl1a studios! the sequel

    *"Maybe we would've had a couple more if gamefreak later down on the forms on a SPECIFIC POKEMOM"*

  • Adam R
    Adam R 7 days ago

    #freegamefreak ...

  • Pavan Kilaire
    Pavan Kilaire 7 days ago +1

    You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain

  • Persephone Pomegranate

    Dynamax is a pretty cool concept but the way they did it kinda made me loose the hype. The raids were really awesome but seeing it in a battle isn't cool

  • Reece Gillatt
    Reece Gillatt 7 days ago

    Seriously disappointed with Gamefreak and wont be buying or playing Sword or Shield out of principle (big deal for me because I've played them all aside from the Gen 2 remakes, and I just bought SoulSilver). Perhaps if the "Ultra" versions are much better and refined then I'll consider buying them, but from my perspective Gamefreak will need to do some serious fan service in order to regain my, as well as many other fans trust.

  • Glaceon Snowflake
    Glaceon Snowflake 8 days ago

    So they lied
    Big deal
    Just makes comleteing the game easier!
    Plus if you think INSIDE the pokeverse , just like real life , you aren't going to find every single that exists animal on the same Continent

    • AuraBlaze491
      AuraBlaze491 5 days ago +1

      @Blaize lets be honest. those who are actually pissed about the pokedex aren't actually goint to complete the dex. Just being a bandwagon.

    • Blaize
      Blaize 6 days ago

      Glaceon Snowflake
      1. People are gonna be mad if you promise them something and then you don't give it to them.
      2. Completing the game doesn't mean you have to complete the Pokedex. It's usually more of a side thing that if you want to do it, you can. And making it easier kinda removes the big main challenge of catching them all.
      3. You're right it wouldn't make sense to find every single Pokemon so far in the same continent, but that doesn't mean Pokemon can't be moved to different continents (You know like Ash’s Pikachu) which is kinda how I always saw the bank.

  • The Legend
    The Legend 8 days ago

    GameFreak don't do this again. Hope they'll understand Miyamoto's quote.

  • Shuffelshift
    Shuffelshift 8 days ago

    Jesus, fuck you all seriously, yall will ALWAYS, *Always* find something to be butthurt little assfucked haterkids. Honestly this game is great, its perhaps even better than all the other games combined! And ive played each and every Multiple Times. Srsly go fuck a goose just cuz your 1 or 2 favourite pokemon arent present in the 'video'game. This is a really decent and well written game and most importantly it's fun. Just bcuz one or two famous youtubers hated on it yall keep hating on it. Fml I sound exactly like a little toxic gamefreak fanboy. You know what, Perhaps Iam. I deserve the hate, but yall would've deserved the new pokemon but decided to hate on it instead.

  • TheRogueGamer66
    TheRogueGamer66 9 days ago

    Next pokemon games.....

    Pokemon Gun and Pokemon Bullet...

  • Jeremie Vis
    Jeremie Vis 9 days ago +4

    All i care about is that the game is enjoyable, and i am enjoying the game so far

    • Blaize
      Blaize 6 days ago

      Jeremie Vis
      That's very fair. I hope the game is a blast for you.

  • Sa i
    Sa i 9 days ago

    Oh dont mind me im Just looking at pokefanboys trying to defend this EA/Activision type of game 🙂

  • Starlight Victorio
    Starlight Victorio 9 days ago

    The #BringBackNationalDex is such a stereotype by now...

  • Storm Perry
    Storm Perry 9 days ago

    Am I the only person who sees that most of the new mons are slowly starting to look like fuckin digimon? Mons in the past games were derrived from mostly actual animals, and mythic creatures. Like Cinderace, Orbeetle, Toxtricity(dont get me wrong I like this mon but still), Grapploct, and Duraludon for examples. And fuckin Eternatus is one of the worst! Wtf. Theres hardly any new mons, a good handful of the "new" mons are just reworked/redesigned mons from past games like Darumaka, Mr. Mime, Ponyta, zigzagoon(also one of the mon changes I like but that's not an excuse), and Stunfisk. And another thing, what in the actual fuck does a birthday cake/Creampuff have any business being turned into a mon?! Jesus fuckin Christ I've been a fan since day 1, and it goes without saying they've dropped the fuckin ball, by a long shot. Are you running out of ideas Gamefreak? For real, dont shit on a spoon, and tell us its fuckin pudding. Completely disappointed in this game, it had so much potential, and ya'll let it slip through your fingers.
    And Falinks looks like some of the catapillers from past mario games. Just wow....

    • Storm Perry
      Storm Perry 9 days ago

      How about you deal with it, bro. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. Lack of imagination isnt an excuse. Converting pokemon into a digimon like style is b.s. especially when everybody and their Damn dogs get butthurt when comparisons are made between the two. Everyone has things they like and dislike about the new generation, and they are making their opinions heard as well.
      So you're comment on my opinion is irrelevant.

    • Sa i
      Sa i 9 days ago

      The "gamefreak is runding out of ideas" joke is old so deal with it

  • MiKEdORf
    MiKEdORf 9 days ago

    Am I the only person happy the national dex is not in sword and shield?