Dax Shepard Does Mental Math While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Mar 23, 2017
  • Dax Shepard may have written/directed/starred in the new buddy-cop film CHiPS (March 24), married the lovely Kristen Bell, and pranked countless celebs on Punk'd, but what we really want to know is: How is he with hot food?! Hot Ones host Sean Evans finds out as he goes wing for scorching wing with the actor, grilling him on everything from his Jay Z man crush, to his deep love for Costco.
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  • Marcus Levin
    Marcus Levin 19 hours ago +1

    Bring Dax back with the new sauces!!!

  • bedtimedeeepthoughts

    how about kristen bell on hot ones??

  • Antoinette Jean
    Antoinette Jean Day ago


  • Karen Hida
    Karen Hida Day ago +1

    17:41 EFFIN LIIIIIIT 🤴🏼

  • DragonCon's Best
    DragonCon's Best Day ago +5

    We really need to see how well Kristen Bell would do in comparison. She did really well with the One Chip challenge.

  • Miranda McGrath
    Miranda McGrath 2 days ago


  • The Film Attackers
    The Film Attackers 2 days ago

    Do Ryan Reynolds

  • Ventzislav Vitkin
    Ventzislav Vitkin 2 days ago

    Dax can really stand the heat. Makes sense how he survives in a house with all women.

  • meemeeciicii
    meemeeciicii 3 days ago

    Isn’t he an ex-crackhead? We all know they’re superheroes.

  • Mitch McKillip
    Mitch McKillip 3 days ago


  • deagle50ae
    deagle50ae 3 days ago

    Heavy painkillers is a disqualification of your "man card"!

  • Lysa vincent
    Lysa vincent 3 days ago

    Bad ass

  • ABS
    ABS 3 days ago +18


  • Ellen Boyle
    Ellen Boyle 3 days ago

    I love Dax

  • Sarah Bazemore
    Sarah Bazemore 4 days ago +1

    Please get Dave Grohl, Ryan Reynolds, and Benedict Cumberbatch on the show.

  • Mike Guenther
    Mike Guenther 4 days ago

    So, apparently, Detroit's go to food item is a "Coney Dog".
    "Philly Cheesesteak" - Philadelphia, PA
    "Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza" - Chicago, IL
    One would think that "Coney Dog" would be a Coney Island, NY thing. Lol

  • Serin Resan
    Serin Resan 4 days ago +1

    Dax was more heated over the math problem than the wings.

  • Marie Blarfingar
    Marie Blarfingar 5 days ago

    please get kristen bell on the show!!

  • sillieww
    sillieww 5 days ago +2

    The max scoville level on his last wing was only 550,000, WTF. When he asked for another wing, you should've given him a wing with a 2 million scoville level.

  • Gage Heyboer
    Gage Heyboer 5 days ago

    Michigan is definently the best place ever

  • Ruben Rodriguez
    Ruben Rodriguez 5 days ago +17

    Almost 2 years later and this is still one of the best interviews.

  • Mary Kate Scheffel
    Mary Kate Scheffel 6 days ago +3

    Dax Shepard is a dope dude!

  • B Jeon
    B Jeon 6 days ago

    Wow 👏👏👏

  • RCL 1221
    RCL 1221 6 days ago

    Damn. It's too bad that nobody saw CHiPs. 😂

  • Ron Marquez
    Ron Marquez 7 days ago

    Dax is on point with the artichoke dip though!

  • Damon Jones
    Damon Jones 7 days ago

    Chips is a beast

  • Damon Jones
    Damon Jones 7 days ago

    I recommend a japanes or korean habachi chef ..one wing at a time

  • Damon Jones
    Damon Jones 7 days ago

    Why have cold wings....i just list respect

  • CuriousPlatypi
    CuriousPlatypi 7 days ago

    Couldn't agree more about Costco's artichoke dip!! Thank you Dax Shepard xD

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Do the one you did w chili klaus, the one w the peppers on the wings

  • TwoWander
    TwoWander 7 days ago

    Bad Ass.

  • Kelly Grabill
    Kelly Grabill 7 days ago +1

    I know this is old as hell but I got mad car guy respect for the wagon. Fucking nice.

  • Trevor Gahagan
    Trevor Gahagan 7 days ago

    Okay but was he really wearing a fent patch? lmao

  • Christine Hier
    Christine Hier 8 days ago

    Dax wins the world

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus 8 days ago

    hot dogs...barf!

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus 8 days ago

    i want to see Kristen Bell do this!!!!

  • Jonathan Shields
    Jonathan Shields 9 days ago

    Did anyone else go buy a Coney Dog right after watching this?

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 9 days ago +2

    He seems like a Cool guy, but I want him back on the show for the new sauces. The top dog sauce is nothing compared to what you guys have now. Not sure he can rock that same heat.

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 9 days ago +1

    Could the green tea have helped?
    Or is it that the man has BALLS of FREAKING STEEL?!

  • Austin Clemons
    Austin Clemons 9 days ago +1

    He probably does have a fentanyl patch on too. Rich people get the best drugs 😂

  • Austin Clemons
    Austin Clemons 9 days ago

    That's his DETROIT SPIRIT

  • Walter K Bauer
    Walter K Bauer 10 days ago

    At home Urinal, 66 Lincoln,
    Kristen Bell, home Urinal(piss like a big dog), 66 Lincoln, enough head trauma to not feel pain, and CHIPS.
    Things that make Day, the best Dad.
    CHIPS 2

  • Gwenny Llama
    Gwenny Llama 10 days ago

    What an alpha move

  • Jeff Francis
    Jeff Francis 11 days ago

    Holy hell, it didnt even bother him

  • C J
    C J 11 days ago +1

    Im gonna just watch Chips over and over cause I LOVE DAX and Kristen soo much!!

  • C J
    C J 11 days ago +1

    The best so far!!!

  • Sean Mulvihill
    Sean Mulvihill 11 days ago

    This is probably going to get pretty fuckin radical

  • Nia Fultz
    Nia Fultz 12 days ago

    Please have him back!!

  • Shakendria Murphy
    Shakendria Murphy 12 days ago

    im finna go watch baby mama on netlix because hes carl ass bruh!!! he is so much funnier when hes his self lmao.

  • Bleh is my name
    Bleh is my name 12 days ago


  • Joey Flett
    Joey Flett 12 days ago

    Fucking Roadmaster! YEAH!!!!!!

  • Simily Scribe
    Simily Scribe 13 days ago

    He OWNED that! WOW! That was almost...sexy. ;)

  • [ZKG] GEG17
    [ZKG] GEG17 13 days ago

    Dax is my Hero

  • Ernest Bethel
    Ernest Bethel 13 days ago

    Good lord that was impressive

  • Punky & Pudgy
    Punky & Pudgy 14 days ago +7

    “Tell me about Blair” “Blair is a dude from New Jersey” “should of known”... “Cindy, is a dude from Minnesota” LOLOLOL so casual

  • SJR mars
    SJR mars 14 days ago

    Sean's face as Dax destroyed the extra wing that was drowned in death sauce...pretty much sums up the whole thing.

  • Clear Adventure
    Clear Adventure 14 days ago


  • Kevin Valdez
    Kevin Valdez 15 days ago

    How about warming up the dudes wings? Aren’t you a hot wing’s show??! It appears that this is an oversight, doncha think, Sean?

  • Dgsd
    Dgsd 15 days ago +2

    Dax is a Capricorn. They are the sign of the goat. Goats try to eat anything.

  • MrSpawnofglory
    MrSpawnofglory 15 days ago +6

    Zack Braff we need Zack Braff

  • LeeLee Rozay
    LeeLee Rozay 15 days ago

    Raven Symone

  • SEBE
    SEBE 15 days ago

    It's DAXXXXX

  • Jacquelynn Poorman
    Jacquelynn Poorman 15 days ago +4

    Just watched this, Dax and Kristin are my favorite celebrity couple! Y'all need to bring both of them back since the hot sauces have changed!! Please!! :)

  • Vertigo Bridge
    Vertigo Bridge 16 days ago

    Props to Michigan. Thanks, Dax.

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 16 days ago

    I love how each opening when Sean is talking to the camera behind the guest, the guest like, slowly peeks behind them wondering where the heck he's looking

  • The Jack of Realms
    The Jack of Realms 16 days ago

    great tattoo on his ring finger

  • Connor Hudson
    Connor Hudson 16 days ago +2

    Dax is classic 😂you should try and get Mathew Lillard on hot ones too!!

  • meathousehoolihan
    meathousehoolihan 16 days ago

    I like money though

  • Jennifer Fischer
    Jennifer Fischer 17 days ago

    Mn!!! Hey......

  • Neil Todankar
    Neil Todankar 19 days ago

    That was so easy math, it wasn't a problem at all.

  • Clarissa Carranza
    Clarissa Carranza 19 days ago +4

    yes dax took an extra wing with a LOT of extra sauce but he left me more shook with his math skills

  • Cruz Majeno
    Cruz Majeno 19 days ago


  • Lauren Wolanin
    Lauren Wolanin 20 days ago

    Get David Spade

  • Olivia Brackins
    Olivia Brackins 21 day ago +1

    I ordered hot wings to my house while watching this.

  • imreallyspecial17
    imreallyspecial17 21 day ago

    iv had a boner for him since lets go to prison

  • B.E. Freda
    B.E. Freda 22 days ago +2

    Bring back Dak with the new sauces and Kristen...would be the best Hot Ones ever!

  • Lui Moncada
    Lui Moncada 22 days ago

    We need a sample pack of the Hot Ones sauces to try them out and then get the full size we really like.

  • Darlene Sakda
    Darlene Sakda 22 days ago

    Dax is probably my favorite hot ones! He’s so charming and interesting so humble all around awesome guy

  • Robert Yamamoto
    Robert Yamamoto 22 days ago +1

    "im tryin to get up that shirt of yours" hahahaha i love dax

  • seth rogen
    seth rogen 22 days ago

    seriously how the fuck does sean do this so many times

  • Ben Gurtler
    Ben Gurtler 23 days ago

    Get Owen Wilson on!!

  • Micah Cavender
    Micah Cavender 23 days ago

    He is all that is man!

  • e g
    e g 23 days ago

    Damn.... he owned that.

  • Deborah Collicutt
    Deborah Collicutt 23 days ago

    Dax needs to come back for second visit!

  • William Dettloff
    William Dettloff 24 days ago

    Layfette Coney Island hands down the best coneys ever

  • Metal MaMa
    Metal MaMa 24 days ago

    Hell yeah! Way to represent Michigan bud!

  • Adam Hart
    Adam Hart 24 days ago

    come on the mega death is average!! get the blairs 3am reserve death sce

  • Vivie Vei
    Vivie Vei 25 days ago


  • Lisa Hoeppner
    Lisa Hoeppner 25 days ago

    You should get Kristen Bell in the show!!

  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros 25 days ago

    How many of these are there? I've been watching for 9 days straight

  • JD Maness
    JD Maness 25 days ago

    What a beast

  • Dennis Giles
    Dennis Giles 27 days ago

    Love this guy

  • dmoney hustlez
    dmoney hustlez 27 days ago +2

    we need ryan reynolds on here

  • voicetube
    voicetube 27 days ago +6

    Two lines from my favorite Dax shepherd movie: "I like money" & "Go away, baitin!!"

  • C A
    C A 28 days ago

    That, "FUCK!" made me spit my coffee...

  • Joyful in Hope
    Joyful in Hope 28 days ago

    This is the first episode where I actually saw the host interacting with his guest during the interview. 🙌🏼

  • Willifus G
    Willifus G 28 days ago

    After a few years and much stronger sauces bring this man back to really test it

  • Kevin Gonzales
    Kevin Gonzales 28 days ago +2

    Was hoping they’d talk about Zathura!

  • TweetyGurl9506
    TweetyGurl9506 29 days ago +2

    Um shoutout to #TurksandCaicos!!! (Even if it was only 2 seconds 😅)

  • stonewal316
    stonewal316 29 days ago

    No one saw chips :(