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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
  • Relive all of the mesmerizing, jaw-dropping dunks that have received perfect scores in the slam dunk contest!
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  • Rafael Fuzer
    Rafael Fuzer 3 hours ago

    Hi everyone, subscribe to my channel. Thanks!

  • Emre Aktaş
    Emre Aktaş 3 hours ago

    Mİcheal Jordanın bastığı her smaç aynı bune ya ne sıkıcı bi herif bu

  • Ocean’s Bane.
    Ocean’s Bane. 8 hours ago

    Iggy still got robbed.

  • Roei’s Sports
    Roei’s Sports 11 hours ago

    Is Michael Jordan flying... I’m not sure

  • Dustomatic Yo
    Dustomatic Yo 12 hours ago

    I’m sorry, but Spud’s 360 Statue of Liberty dunk will never, ever be beaten.

  • Ali Naraghi
    Ali Naraghi 13 hours ago

    Vince Carter still the best!

  • Sportsquiz Kid
    Sportsquiz Kid 17 hours ago +2

    Spud Webb only got a 50 because of his height

  • Peyton Mcneese
    Peyton Mcneese 17 hours ago

    Anyone watching today in 2019

  • Danny Ortner
    Danny Ortner 19 hours ago

    If Wilkins did those dunks today they will give him a 30 maximum

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas Day ago

    Lavine looks like a basketball artist when he dunks. Fluid motion with such ease. Graceful.

  • tan zhuozhao
    tan zhuozhao Day ago

    i love this guy

  • Kid Buu
    Kid Buu Day ago

    2:34 The J Rich off the glass, between the legs is the most underrated dunk ever....

  • kevin couture
    kevin couture Day ago

    blake griffin jump over kia wasnt 50?

  • kevin couture
    kevin couture Day ago

    lavine crazy freethrowline between leg

  • Jorge Montero
    Jorge Montero Day ago

    To be honest...I think Jordan’s dunk wasn’t that impressive?? Vince Carter and Zach lavine was way more impressive

  • Supreme Jewish overlord

    have you goyim heard of the NAZIS?????????????????????????

  • Cash Mannn9
    Cash Mannn9 Day ago

    Slam let the boys b boys!!!!

  • Joseph DeFoor
    Joseph DeFoor Day ago

    mj wasnt very creative in those dunks 😂

  • Ryan Cho
    Ryan Cho Day ago

    Vince fucking cater oh my god

  • Ashton Harper
    Ashton Harper Day ago

    Can you please make an updated version of this video

  • robert lalremruata

    when it comes to dunks.. VC15 is the best and that kid Lavine got the flow too... and Dominique is the one who started it all...

  • Ahmed Othman
    Ahmed Othman Day ago

    What you guys have to understand is that the old ones that look basic were not mainstream at the time like they are now. Pretty soon it’ll be normal for everyone to dunk like Levine

  • djplg25
    djplg25 Day ago

    7:54 the face that all of us had when we saw it LIVE in 2000!!!, I still remember Francis after this, had the nerve to say he was Robbed LOL!!!!

  • Ben Maxwell
    Ben Maxwell Day ago


  • Brady Oxborrow
    Brady Oxborrow 2 days ago

    0:26 loves shaq face TEEEEHEHEEE

  • guip1408
    guip1408 2 days ago

    Those Jordan dunks weren't supposed to be 50s. Most of them

  • Аврора Ланская

    Сразу лайк✌

  • Ramy HORAS
    Ramy HORAS 2 days ago

    Jason Richardson is so underrated
    I have no idea why ???????????
    Best slam dunk dunker of All time ..

  • Lil_Slams
    Lil_Slams 2 days ago

    Did Nate Robinson dunking over Dwight Howard not get a 50

  • bubmah axr
    bubmah axr 2 days ago

    Wasn't KryptoNate over Dwight won it?

  • marlon dela cruz
    marlon dela cruz 2 days ago


  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn12354 2 days ago

    no offence to LeBron but how can u claim the GOATS title if you never won a Dunk contest

  • The Yorkshire Clipper
    The Yorkshire Clipper 2 days ago +1

    White men cant jump. Not 1 while guy

  • joshua lucchesi
    joshua lucchesi 2 days ago

    Jordans dunks were the worst. Crazy.

  • Phil Snarski
    Phil Snarski 2 days ago

    Theirs no reason Dwight Howard should have gotten a 50. He never dunked the ball. He threw the ball at the basket and got lucky ass hell that it went in.

  • Martin Flores
    Martin Flores 2 days ago

    Aaron Gordon's @ 0:49 is nasty.

  • tdan819
    tdan819 2 days ago

    Please take Micheal Jordan off the list. After the floating dunk that made him famous and the sideways dunk that was all he brought to the table. Hell Dr. J's floating dunk was better...but he's MK I get it. after 88 there were more impressive dunks being made with ease by better dunkers. Should he be in the top whatever number yes but he only had one good dunk. But then again its the dunk that made him richer than all the rest after rethinking the dunk debate.

  • Anfiq Baihaki
    Anfiq Baihaki 2 days ago

    Dunk contest is over in 2016 🤷

  • MineBlox Randy
    MineBlox Randy 2 days ago

    we've seen the MJ free throw line dunk like more than anything else

    BEISisICE 2 days ago

    That dude with the blindfold adjusted his path and curved towards the basket.

  • Heir Fang
    Heir Fang 2 days ago

    Y does spud Webb look like he's running on a Gymnastics mat lol

  • Trenton Lathrop
    Trenton Lathrop 2 days ago

    Micheal jordan the best aka yhe g.o.a.t

  • Tanner Stolfe
    Tanner Stolfe 2 days ago

    Gordon got robbed

  • Jason Balcaitis
    Jason Balcaitis 3 days ago

    Where was JR Ryder? The first guy to ever go through the legs.

  • Derek Dubz2434
    Derek Dubz2434 3 days ago

    Jason Richardson hands down best performance alongside Vince . So underrated.

  • Savage Lifee
    Savage Lifee 3 days ago

    Vince Carter Cookie Jar dunk is the greatest dunk of all time

  • Erasmus Dadzie
    Erasmus Dadzie 3 days ago

    Aaron Gordon vrs Zach Lavine in 2016 was 🔥

    GIULIANO 3 days ago

    Anyone else miss the way the lights used to dim when a dunk was made?

  • Ed Ver Steeg
    Ed Ver Steeg 3 days ago

    Anyone else see that he put some of MJ s dunks on here twice.

    INDO NINTENDO. 3 days ago

    Dominique tearing the fucking rim down 💪

  • Creadel Parker Jr
    Creadel Parker Jr 3 days ago

    Jordan just did the same dunk over and iver

  • Jaeden Sports
    Jaeden Sports 4 days ago

    Great video

  • Lex Spencer
    Lex Spencer 4 days ago +2

    the reason jordan's iconic free throw dunk line was impressive was because he actually dribbled the ball. It's easier to just dunk when you just hold the ball without having to dribble. It's harder to gather the momentum if you're actually dribbling, trust me i know my cousin is a basketball player and always does dunks but he find it so hard if he dribble first and he cant even make it because dribbling lessen his capacity of power to dunk the ball.

  • christian anderson
    christian anderson 4 days ago

    Half of these look the same

  • kkr studios.
    kkr studios. 4 days ago

    No disrespect to the greats but 2016 was the best Dunk Contest ever

  • kkr studios.
    kkr studios. 4 days ago

    And it still baffles me that Aaron Gordon did not won

  • k K
    k K 4 days ago

    Spud Webb flew up 🕊

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price 4 days ago

    That’s travel

  • Bobie DuBose Jr.
    Bobie DuBose Jr. 4 days ago

    Zach Lavine had the best dunks

  • CelloForTheKing
    CelloForTheKing 4 days ago

    Noles turned the corner after the Syracuse win, then this win, now Wake Forest Wednesday....Noles On the Rise!

  • Michael Farrior
    Michael Farrior 4 days ago

    Where was JR Rider Dee Brown Harold Minor 😮😮

  • Dolphino Egglet
    Dolphino Egglet 4 days ago

    We need to see some 49’s too because some of those were INCREDIBLE and under judged

  • Dolphino Egglet
    Dolphino Egglet 4 days ago

    Damn, michael Jordans dunks stink

  • realeques
    realeques 4 days ago

    this was the most boring sports highlight i have ever watched lmao

  • jesseo715
    jesseo715 4 days ago

    Isaiah Rider got robbed.

  • L.B.Jefferies
    L.B.Jefferies 4 days ago

    13:45 best one

  • stephon morris
    stephon morris 5 days ago

    VC arm thru the hoop is my all time favorite

  • Boi wot
    Boi wot 5 days ago

    Aaron Gordon deserved to win

  • Sory Chang
    Sory Chang 5 days ago

    Zach Levine's behind-the-back dunk looks so smooth
    Feels like he's gliding

  • Boi wot
    Boi wot 5 days ago

    2016 was one hell of a year

  • Evan Leatherbee
    Evan Leatherbee 5 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Rakim Watts
    Rakim Watts 5 days ago

    dwight howard shit wasnt even a dunk

  • Awesome Jerry
    Awesome Jerry 5 days ago

    Im tired of hearing kenny smith saying LETS GO HOME

  • SuperTDSmith
    SuperTDSmith 5 days ago

    Zack lavine best dunk contest dunker

  • Blue glue
    Blue glue 5 days ago


  • Vicente López
    Vicente López 5 days ago

    J Richarson✋🤟🤘

  • Ruz
    Ruz 5 days ago

    Not a fan of lebron but I would love to see him compete in dunk contest.

  • Uncle AD
    Uncle AD 5 days ago

    For anyone who can dunk over here , is it hurt if your fingers hit the rim??😂 I wanna know

  • Bazarov
    Bazarov 5 days ago +3

    Jordan's dunks will always be the best because of the hangtime. None of these other guys have the hangtime.

    • Paul vB
      Paul vB 2 days ago


    • Paul vB
      Paul vB 2 days ago


    • Dolphin
      Dolphin 4 days ago

      You ever heard of physics? Hang time is the same thing as how high they jump. Jordan's just look smooth

    • MemphisKng _
      MemphisKng _ 5 days ago +1

      Bazarov that shit lame as hell ugly bean bag shoe ass ho

    • Bazarov
      Bazarov 5 days ago

      +MemphisKng _ Lavine falls down faster than your 300-pound grandma.

  • Modern Gaming
    Modern Gaming 5 days ago +1

    Is it Jayne or is the 8:48 really impressive for that time?

  • m. J.
    m. J. 5 days ago +1


  • Kenneth Rosado
    Kenneth Rosado 5 days ago +1

    Worried for moment but My Clips still be able to win 45 Games to be 10 Wins over Vegas prediction only 35 Wins

    • Kenneth Rosado
      Kenneth Rosado 5 days ago

      10 Wins above Vegas 35 Win Prediction and still get Lottery Pick with 2 Max Free Agent Slots. Ballmer willing go into Luxury? Clips be best Team in NBA next Season without any doubt. Jerry West has proven once again He Excellent Eye for Talent. Blessing have Logo.

    • Kenneth Rosado
      Kenneth Rosado 5 days ago

      We only have go 14-12 rest of Season to win 45 Games

  • Sgt Sammy
    Sgt Sammy 5 days ago

    that reverse Windmill can't really be beat by Vince Carter. That was the best dunk i've ever seen.

  • Jon Mcilvain
    Jon Mcilvain 5 days ago

    Nique the goat

    TMWSITY 5 days ago

    Jordan's dunks sucked.

  • n.a.v gang
    n.a.v gang 5 days ago

    Zach lavine bruh!🤷‍♂️

  • collingwoodfan72
    collingwoodfan72 5 days ago

    That Zach Lavine bloke is INSANE

  • Nation Gurung
    Nation Gurung 5 days ago +44

    Is anyone going to talk about how Dwight Howard‘s dunk wasn’t a dunk? 5:44

    • Tibby Day
      Tibby Day 18 hours ago

      Its 2019, let it go already, damn man

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 days ago +2

      Nation Gurung You're right, that was lame as hell, LOL. 😆😆😂😂

    • Zack Yang
      Zack Yang 5 days ago +3

      Nation Gurung dunking is the act of slamming the ball inside the ring. It's counted as a dunk. He threw it in. Its not a lay up, not a shoot, but a dunk. A METEOR DUNKU

  • Weeping Angel
    Weeping Angel 5 days ago

    Kenny is fucking annoying and corny

  • T Chambers
    T Chambers 5 days ago +1

    Gordon got robbed.
    Iguodala got robbed.

  • T Chambers
    T Chambers 5 days ago

    holy sub par... a lot of these..jesus christ...

  • utubesgreat7777
    utubesgreat7777 5 days ago +35

    You're telling me Blake Griffin jumping over a car didn't score a 50??

    • Mohamed Abdulkadir
      Mohamed Abdulkadir 9 hours ago

      Derek Dubz2434 Ight I wanna see y’all try

    • jol dut
      jol dut 2 days ago

      Derek Dubz2434 just jumped over the front...

    • Derek Dubz2434
      Derek Dubz2434 3 days ago +2

      Shit was weak sauce . He never really jumped over the middle .

    • woodside4life
      woodside4life 3 days ago +1

      A Kia? Come on now

  • Nathaniel McCoy
    Nathaniel McCoy 6 days ago

    Aaron Gordon, Zach Lavine, Jason Richardson, Vince Carter

  • 속초촌놈고프로라이프

    빈스덩크 라이브로 보고 놀랬던

  • DoomiePookie
    DoomiePookie 6 days ago +1

    The blindfold dunk was the gayest. I bet the gay cunt could see the whole time. Fucken cheating cunt.

  • Mahir Çakır
    Mahir Çakır 6 days ago

    Where is blake griffin?????

  • Nicolas Jardine
    Nicolas Jardine 6 days ago

    Lets go home!!

  • Bry ABNV
    Bry ABNV 6 days ago

    Aaron gordon got robbed

  • Nikolai Bernados
    Nikolai Bernados 6 days ago

    Spud webbbbbbbbbbbb is mlgggg da best.