Time To Tell You The Truth! | Range Rover SVR

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Time To Tell You The Truth | Range Rover SVR

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  • adem cornish
    adem cornish Month ago

    Sorry but you couldn't be more wrong how can a set of black wheels be better? you cant see them so no the car has less presence than alloy finish as they stand out in fact any other colour than black would give it more presence.shame really you get a really sporty svr and go and throw a dull set if wheels on it.

  • Phil Maddin
    Phil Maddin Month ago

    Just seen this video brilliant boys

  • red monkey
    red monkey Month ago

    You English blokes need to try a Jeep Grand Cherokee track hawk . It's called American muscle for a reason

  • Shaia Stefani sS d
    Shaia Stefani sS d 4 months ago

    Get a Land Rover evoke

  • Shaia Stefani sS d
    Shaia Stefani sS d 4 months ago

    What the hell artery

  • Anton Santiago
    Anton Santiago 6 months ago

    Range rover is overrated like any european like porsche audi n bmw compare to simple engineering of practical Japanese like toyota Lexus Honda Acuña n mitsubishi . Overprice n high cost of maintenance . Of RRover. I must admit interior is finest but overall not practical especially on tropical countries . Dubai , India Middle east n Muslim countries Japanese tops

  • Cesar Castillo
    Cesar Castillo 7 months ago

    Wow Archie has some big pecs lol

  • Hide Myass
    Hide Myass 7 months ago

    Does JE actually speak like that all the time lad?

  • Hide Myass
    Hide Myass 7 months ago


  • Paddy Downey
    Paddy Downey 7 months ago

    12:30 “I need a Supercar in the next 6 weeks” 👍😂

  • Gekkoo
    Gekkoo 7 months ago


  • spadgm
    spadgm 7 months ago

    New shape!!!

  • Scott Pullinger
    Scott Pullinger 7 months ago

    Je talks a lot of sense, SVRs are chaos and you can’t beat them on terms of the power and performance, for the price. But you can not and I can’t stress this enough, beat a vogue it is the king of 4x4s and you will suddenly not miss the SVR if you got a vogue

  • alan bartlett
    alan bartlett 7 months ago

    What a pair of tarts.

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell 7 months ago

    Stupid pansy boy hair cut/trim/whatever

  • Deezel Kane
    Deezel Kane 7 months ago

    The thing on JE’s wrist doeeee

  • Jakob Østvik
    Jakob Østvik 7 months ago

    SQ7 ABT

  • John S Anderson
    John S Anderson 7 months ago

    Omg I never see as much vain people in my life & I train or gym bunny 3 times a week only & would show those dicks up 24/7 a total slap slap slap 👋 .

  • Tony Walters
    Tony Walters 7 months ago

    You guys need to learn how to make money on cars.

  • 2B055
    2B055 7 months ago

    I agree with JE.. I had a svr now I have a 19 vogue hse and I prefer it for the comfort.. wish they had the TDV8 here in the States!

  • Alex Fleming
    Alex Fleming 7 months ago

    listen to JE wise fella right there ;)

  • S Greer
    S Greer 7 months ago

    Not that chav with you again! 🙄

  • Altiora Peto
    Altiora Peto 7 months ago

    Might be worth checking out the F-Pace SVR after the summer. A LOT quicker than the RRSport SVR, nearly as refined plus it's £35k cheaper! Well worth considering.

  • Anton Jaworski
    Anton Jaworski 7 months ago

    Everything you post is always attention seeking bullshit. Your a grown man so stop acting like a child all the time. If I was related to you I would deny it.

  • Martin Fisher
    Martin Fisher 7 months ago

    We’re is the link for the gym setup lad

  • Henz Powell
    Henz Powell 7 months ago


  • Free The plug
    Free The plug 7 months ago

    Blacked out vogue
    Rs3 saloon👌🏼

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 7 months ago

    Get a Jaguar F-Pace SVR or Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio for a 4x4

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White 7 months ago

    Why don’t you get an Range Rover Vogue SVR ?

  • Lee Daughtrey
    Lee Daughtrey 7 months ago

    Hold out for an SQ8 absolutely the beans

  • Spencer Cooper
    Spencer Cooper 7 months ago

    Seen more meat on a butchers knife 🔔🔚

  • Mr.chuuk truetells
    Mr.chuuk truetells 7 months ago

    give me that blue one

  • Siam Uddin
    Siam Uddin 7 months ago

    Loving the SVR tell me how you guys deal with security risk of stolen etc....??My GL63 was stolen last year from my drive i did get my payout from insurance thank god, am so tempted to get an SVR loving the reviews on it, but the fear of getting stolen again is still lingering in me 😟

    • EthanEJC
      EthanEJC 7 months ago

      Siam Uddin you do know that Mercedes has a comfort access turn off feature via the key?? which stops the signal.
      Also I wouldn’t get a range don’t get me wrong their nice and all but after being told by a JLR dealerships that the ranger rovers are made for stealing that definitely kinda puts your off.
      But not to say you shouldn’t get an SVR If you do get and SVR look in to getting something like a pandora alarm system.

  • Gary McNally
    Gary McNally 7 months ago

    JE needs a SVA

  • Simon Clegg
    Simon Clegg 7 months ago

    Je knows best 👍🏻 svr is epic but the fuel is savage and would just put me off the car! I love my vogue check it out cleggy_93

  • mark758573
    mark758573 7 months ago

    Good video, looks like you guys had a laugh. Gym content good! Keep moving forward, don't go backwards.

  • marconorth
    marconorth 7 months ago +3

    Archy for pitys sake will you stop copying TGE.
    I mean saying 'very very' & 'Chaos' in the same style as Tom is beyond cringe. Thats his lingo man, think of yr own stuff. Originate don't imitate.

  • Erwin S
    Erwin S 7 months ago

    RR Vogue / SVR? As far far as I am concerned, these are so far removed from being a driver's car... they're just trucks. Do you need that to drive around London or is it only to make you feel important? Get a Mini or something. Or better, one of them electric bikes you've been testing recently. That would be proper out-of-the-box thinking. Just took delivery of a ST3 Stromer speedpedelec. It's mind-blowing how much faster you peddle through the city on one of these. I am keeping my 968 for when the weather is bad (I know, not an option in London as it's Euro 2 hence you pay extra when entering ULEV area, but in B it's good until 2025). Have a deposit in for a 718 GT4 as well but that will be my weekend toy.

  • W0o0dy
    W0o0dy 7 months ago

    @Archie Hamilton: get the new Jaguar F pace SVR... You'll love that even more than the Range I think.

  • El Salvador
    El Salvador 7 months ago

    Why not just get a mental bike instead for the summer a h2 or something

    • El Salvador
      El Salvador 7 months ago

      Then save the money you would have spent over summer on a car and use it to get an even more expensive car for winter

  • Gordon Simpson
    Gordon Simpson 7 months ago

    Dont get the SVR back Archie....you will only moan about the cost of fuel - its a long way back from Redline!

  • Shaun Blowers
    Shaun Blowers 7 months ago

    I notice James wasnt wearing a seat belt 😉

  • Yep Yep Yep
    Yep Yep Yep 7 months ago

    Audi rs3 , gt3 rs and you have killed it geez!!

  • Ken Spear
    Ken Spear 7 months ago

    JE doesn't need his own channel, he's hijacked everyone else's.

  • Lesley Davies
    Lesley Davies 7 months ago

    Ooh your so ever

  • DM H
    DM H 7 months ago

    Get an vogue overfinch

  • DM H
    DM H 7 months ago

    Vogue overfinch is chaos

  • Stephen Lane
    Stephen Lane 7 months ago

    James / Archie - get a Vogue. I would watch your content. Seriously cool 😎

  • Liam Brennan
    Liam Brennan 7 months ago

    Je always talks sense as much as it pains me to admit it Lad

  • James Mallison
    James Mallison 7 months ago

    Definitely Purple. Get it Wrapped Viola Purple 💪🔥🔥

  • Ryan Madyira
    Ryan Madyira 7 months ago

    The Vogue is a brilliant idea, I've had 2 Vogues, no complaints, great daily driver

  • L S
    L S 7 months ago +1

    £68,990 minus remaining finance towards an Alpina B5 and street cred for days!! 🙌🏼

  • Stephen Lane
    Stephen Lane 7 months ago

    Spot on James I agree with your logic mate. 👍

  • Stephen Lane
    Stephen Lane 7 months ago

    Go with the Vogue. RR Sport is better with the standard V8 petrol not the SVR which is ridiculous let’s face it.

  • Finlay Allen
    Finlay Allen 7 months ago

    JE come to Reading Land Rover. We have 2 rather nice Vouge’s in the Showroom.

  • Random Hero Spotting
    Random Hero Spotting 7 months ago

    Petition to get JE a channel!!! 😂 I think you should get another hatch hot Archie! Something like the A35 AMG or RS3 😊

  • Oscar Dominguez
    Oscar Dominguez 7 months ago

    Get a Nissan GT-R Nismo

  • spainter1985
    spainter1985 7 months ago

    Might be a new shape, but the wrap looks like grey primer

  • ☉kauai | Music
    ☉kauai | Music 7 months ago


  • NutterButter
    NutterButter 7 months ago

    Archie, you should get a Jeep Trackhawk!