Last To Leave Carnival Ride Wins $10,000 - Challenge

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
    I rented a carnival ride for 24 hours and had 4 contestants try to stay on it as long as they could. Things got crazy!!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +4336

    like the video or you’ll be stuck on this ride forever

    • FzyLemonade
      FzyLemonade Day ago

      Bruh never put kaelyn in another challenge

    • Halo destroyer
      Halo destroyer 2 days ago

      FaZe Rug can I join FaZe plz my fortnite name I XxS1p3rB3astxX

    • Tiana Graeff
      Tiana Graeff 6 days ago

      Broooo I love those kinds of rides and closing my eyes on those rides is fun, I would totally be down to do that. I live in PA tho, but I would gladly come to San Diego to do the vid

    • Princess Carroll
      Princess Carroll 7 days ago

      Nice jokes FaZe rug

    • Paige Black
      Paige Black 8 days ago

      FaZe Rug his elephant looks like a blob fis

  • Elektra Spiteri
    Elektra Spiteri Hour ago

    When they had to draw a elephant one of them asked if an elephant had a tail look on the elephant that you're riding

  • Kathy Ward
    Kathy Ward Hour ago

    I want join

  • surry gameging
    surry gameging 2 hours ago

    Donald trumps elaphant

  • Lorena Pérez
    Lorena Pérez 6 hours ago


  • Lorena Pérez
    Lorena Pérez 6 hours ago


  • Bts Obsessed
    Bts Obsessed 6 hours ago

    How much did it cost for the carnival ride??

  • Sammy Munoz
    Sammy Munoz 8 hours ago +1

    It looks like an anteater

  • Razzle dazzle And the family

    That looks like a blob fish

  • Charlestin Woody
    Charlestin Woody 8 hours ago

    That blob thing

  • Oscar Isidro
    Oscar Isidro 10 hours ago

    8:18 When Mexicans hear this they be like: “Takis and Cheetos ain’t hot wdym🤨”

  • Millie Pozos
    Millie Pozos 10 hours ago


  • Cupcakes
    Cupcakes 11 hours ago

    waching this mad me dizzy

  • Hamdan Alshhehi
    Hamdan Alshhehi 11 hours ago

    I swear there is a movie that have a monster that looks like brawadis drawing

  • I eat Chicken ez
    I eat Chicken ez 12 hours ago

    A pig with a pinnis on it

  • Ellic Smith
    Ellic Smith 16 hours ago

    A skull

  • Bella Vlogs
    Bella Vlogs 16 hours ago

    It looks like an ant eater

  • Hunter Elkins
    Hunter Elkins 18 hours ago

    Brandon’s elephant looks like a deformed dog

  • matthew57 padilla
    matthew57 padilla 22 hours ago

    Omg so funny lol where do you get the money for this dang haha lol

  • Harry Heath
    Harry Heath Day ago

    Sherman the virgin 40yrs and urgent

  • crystal Pratcher

    I watch you guys alot you guys have gave me hope my grandma and my mother just passed away this last week me my kids are homeless cause my mother family took everything n lefted me n my kids without anything so I had to give my kids up to randomly people cause I couldn't live with my kids outside so you guys insipered me alot o cry every nite day cause I can't have my kids with me cause I'm homeless I wish I could get my kids back my kids have austim I love my kids and you guys mean alot to me and my kids we love your shows my cash app is Crystalpratcher I live u guys I live in Spokane Washington state

  • L3GENDGhost OG
    L3GENDGhost OG Day ago

    I wish I was over there cause I will just eat the chips even if I was on the ride I don't give a damn

  • Harp3r27
    Harp3r27 Day ago

    @FaZe Rug I would love to do a challenge but I live in Montana and there is NO way I could get down there

  • MiniLegends X
    MiniLegends X Day ago

    I love this vid

  • Gracie Jones
    Gracie Jones Day ago

    Brandon's elephant looks like a blob fish

  • maycee leblanc
    maycee leblanc Day ago +1

    when i close my eyes on a spinning ride it makes it better for me🤷‍♀️

  • Jamie Dodds
    Jamie Dodds Day ago

    Brandons pic looks like an ompalompa

  • Liliana Hernandez

    7;51 a blob fish😭


    Brandon's drawing looks like ME

  • Arpi Solaimanian

    brandon’s elephant looks like one of squidwards abstract paintings LMAOOOO

  • Stephanie Lange
    Stephanie Lange Day ago

    Brandon’s pic looked like a hourse


    6:19 I was dying

  • Nigward Jr
    Nigward Jr Day ago +3

    Brandon’s drawing looks like sum u will find in hell

  • Mason Stevens
    Mason Stevens Day ago

    honestly the elephant drawing reminds me of when they did a art style cut scence sort of thing with the Ice age with manny and the villagers, if yall know what im talking about...

  • TheGamerBoy1192
    TheGamerBoy1192 Day ago

    Who the hell has a fair ride at their house lol

  • NCHU Pappy
    NCHU Pappy Day ago

    Manatee with legs and a skinny tail

  • Christian Shannon

    Honestly I think Sherman’s & Brandon’s was bad

  • Carly Harper
    Carly Harper Day ago +1


  • Jasmine Redrup
    Jasmine Redrup Day ago +1

    I want to do your challenge but i live in England

  • Bowen Burdorf
    Bowen Burdorf Day ago

    Dam nice

  • Powe ll
    Powe ll Day ago +2

    Caption This!!

  • Rosanna_ Playz
    Rosanna_ Playz Day ago


  • Rosanna_ Playz
    Rosanna_ Playz Day ago

    No offense but brandons elephant looks like a ant eater with three eggs

  • Jelly Belly
    Jelly Belly 2 days ago

    I think Brandon's drawing looked Like a Blob Fish

  • Country human Love
    Country human Love 2 days ago

    Lookalike a Piece of shit

  • boy pug
    boy pug 2 days ago

    It looks like poop with legs a nose and a tail

  • Krystin Hall
    Krystin Hall 2 days ago +7

    Brandon's looks like a blob fish when they were drawing a elephant

  • darling
    darling 2 days ago

    *i took art in 6th grade*

  • Rachel Sjurseth
    Rachel Sjurseth 2 days ago

    Blob fish

  • Evarista Duarte
    Evarista Duarte 2 days ago

    I think Brandon's elephant looked BOOTIFUL!!!!

  • Wesley Rivera
    Wesley Rivera 2 days ago

    Heyyyy the car I’m buying now is a Mazda 6😂😂🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Hoverdork121
    Hoverdork121 2 days ago +2

    2:33 How does he not get dehydrated if he’s on a soda only diet?

  • Mariah Elizabeth
    Mariah Elizabeth 2 days ago +1

    Kaelyn:”mY NaMe iS SheRmeN AnD I wOn ThE LaSt TwO ChAlLeNgEs🤣”

  • paula moore
    paula moore 2 days ago

    His elephant looks like a blob fish

  • Kaedon Matthews
    Kaedon Matthews 2 days ago

    This reminds me of draw with jazzas joker robin torture story

  • Yomo Nunez
    Yomo Nunez 2 days ago

    Bro that looks like a foking horse and a dog

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 2 days ago


  • Rima El-Hassan
    Rima El-Hassan 2 days ago +8

    brandons drawing looks like a character from adventure time

  • Isaiah Puglisi
    Isaiah Puglisi 3 days ago

    Bruh the underarm hair 4:39

  • ecualizer 76
    ecualizer 76 3 days ago

    Draw a elephant there sittin on a elephant