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  • Carli Bybel
    Carli Bybel 14 days ago +2327

    Sending so much love your way 🌊💙

    • Loulolitaa
      Loulolitaa 5 days ago

      don't be sad, you deserve someone that will put a ring on it mwahhh!!

    • SmilEndlessly
      SmilEndlessly 8 days ago +1

      Carli Bybel Hello Carli. I hope you are not done reading comments from this video. I am also a “hopeless romantic” or as I like to call it a “hopeful romantic.” Please do not lose hope in relationships. I believe God can turn any situation around. The pain that you’ve been feeling CAN’T compare to the joy that’s coming! Whether you believe it or not, Jesus loves you and so do I. On a side slay my existence. ♥️♥️♥️

    • Brows ByMimi
      Brows ByMimi 10 days ago

      Sending much love right back! :)

    • Hoeyaam Majiet
      Hoeyaam Majiet 10 days ago

      Sending love babe!... Please show us your beauty room set up! xx

    • Namesdotjennn
      Namesdotjennn 10 days ago

      So glad your backkkk

  • Beth Hirst
    Beth Hirst 3 hours ago

    You look so beautiful Carli 💙
    Send lots of love, success, good health & happiness your way too 😘✨

  • Chantelle Spence
    Chantelle Spence 6 hours ago

    Can you please upload a video of a night time routine. Love your videos, very inspiring :)

  • annxxivilla
    annxxivilla 7 hours ago

    i needed to hear all that advice carli. thank u so much. huuugs

  • Mélissa Gleyze
    Mélissa Gleyze 13 hours ago

    This is exactly what I need to hear right now. Thank you.

  • Smacck
    Smacck 15 hours ago

    I've been through hard breakups, it feels at that time like you will never recover, but you do... and you grow... and you live.... and you begin to trust in your journey. I'm a warrior now. It's part of life. Good things will happen for you Carli in the romantic department . You will realise it's all part of a bigger plan. :)

  • Barbiriss
    Barbiriss 21 hour ago

    keep bold keep strong keep slay- loads of love carli

  • Jewell Wooten
    Jewell Wooten Day ago

    im so glad i watched this! we're going through the same thing relationship wise and im so glad i have someone to relate to. Things do get better, everything happens for a reason. love you and this video

  • Elizabeth S.
    Elizabeth S. Day ago

    I highly recommend Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  • Micaela M
    Micaela M Day ago +1

    Been single all my life so cqnt relate really😂 but gurl you are amazing💕😍💕take ur time

  • Herczeg Niki
    Herczeg Niki Day ago

    I'm an aquarius so happy to hear that I also had a tough year so happy that new year is here. I have been following you for a while now and I am so happy to see how much you have grown as a person and all of your accomplisments it's amazing and I am really happy for you and hope new year brings good things for everyone 😘😊❤️

  • Debora Playfair
    Debora Playfair 2 days ago

    Carli seeing you sad actually made me cry. I hope you find yourself again soon, you are beautiful inside and out and deserve happiness. Sending love you you xxx

  • Tatiana Ortega
    Tatiana Ortega 2 days ago

    Wow . I felt like this video was perfect for me to see today . I quit my job today without having anything lined up because I was over the work abuse at my job . This video added some hope and positivity to my day that everything will fall into place . Thank you 😭

  • Denice Bolden
    Denice Bolden 2 days ago

    It's been some time since I've watched one of your video's, girlfriend I'm 59 and single. (married/divorced x2) There is nothing wrong with learning from a break up and taking time just for you. You've worked hard over the years and it's time for some selfishness (self care) and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep your head up and one foot in front of the other. God knows your heart! Wishing you peace, grace, love and prosperity this year. You inspire this old broad keep it going.

  • Emma Kraft
    Emma Kraft 2 days ago

    That person will come when you least expect it. You’re so strong my girl. It gets better. I love you so very much.

  • Guacamo-Lei
    Guacamo-Lei 2 days ago

    I wish I had eyelids big enough for these make up looks :'( haha

  • Sister Cypher
    Sister Cypher 2 days ago

    omg are you a virgo? All i do is Sage lol

  • Sister Cypher
    Sister Cypher 2 days ago

    your light may been dim now , but it will shine bright and more radiant than ever this year!
    i feel bad, i can tell your doing alot of healing. Giving you Hugs Back!! xoxo

  • Susan Castro
    Susan Castro 2 days ago

    OMG.. This video is all that I need right now. We are not alone!

  • Cindy Sancinito
    Cindy Sancinito 2 days ago

    Sending love back I love the makeup today I love more of the Browns and orange colors

  • Amanda Girard
    Amanda Girard 2 days ago

    I am currently reading So Sad Today by Melissa Broder, and I absolutely love it. She reflects on things in her life through small essays and it’s just so amazing and so eye-opening - and there is humor in it so it is very enjoyable!

  • Sarah Rolko
    Sarah Rolko 3 days ago

    🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💙💙💙 thank you! Wishing you the same back for you!!!

    BOMB.COM 3 days ago

    Awesome video, Love you so much!!

  • Kacey Willis
    Kacey Willis 3 days ago

    Going through the SAME thing at this very moment. Came out of no where last week and I was planning on picking up my life and moving to be closer to him. It completely has flipped my 2019 plans. Definitely feel so relatable to your feelings on being a hopeless romantic. Trying to adjust to dealing with being single and not getting sucked into all the mobile app dating. Love being able to see that I'm not alone!!

  • Kenzie Jo
    Kenzie Jo 3 days ago

    You're so beautiful, I'm jealous!!

  • Perach Khadideh
    Perach Khadideh 3 days ago

    My fav make up omggg!!! She’s so stunning

  • Valeria Valderrama
    Valeria Valderrama 3 days ago

    Bratz who?

  • celine shamalian
    celine shamalian 3 days ago

    how to be a badass at makng money! byjen sincero amazing book to help focus on your career

  • Kristen Nogler
    Kristen Nogler 3 days ago

    true love is doing all of the things you want to do and letting your partner do the same and doing things you love together & supporting each other for both and you WILL find it just when you’re not looking for it 💕💕

  • SMichelle626
    SMichelle626 3 days ago

    You are a very beautiful person inside and out and all things are attracted to that good and bad, but everything is a learning experience and you will learn and grow and not only find yourself but also find the one😊

  • Thiabeauty world
    Thiabeauty world 3 days ago

    I love rain and it is so relaxing to hear it in the background, omg!

  • Rissa_7
    Rissa_7 4 days ago

    ASMR makeup in the rain😍

  • Beth Stagner
    Beth Stagner 4 days ago

    The Bible. Learn about the One who created the moon and the stars.

  • Star Family
    Star Family 4 days ago

    i'm excited for you to do more spiritual videos ... o and also u know that little song u sing on birthdays u know r u 1 r u 2 so on I do that with my kids now ... I love ur way of living life!

  • Karen EREN
    Karen EREN 4 days ago

    I have met my soulmate the time when i let go, take care about myself, totally living happy alone, I knew the man of my life will coming 1 day. And he clocks at my door the day i was not expecting 😘♥️ When you let go everything coming better :)

  • Sarah Larsen
    Sarah Larsen 4 days ago

    Would love to see a green eye look🤩

  • Valerie Hernandez
    Valerie Hernandez 4 days ago

    OMG! this video makes me so happy, I few months ago I had a bad breakup and finally everything starts feeling with so much peace, thanks for the chat, I really wanted a hug, and saw this video it was like a receiving one. You're not alone too, we love you Carli ❤️

  • Ess See
    Ess See 4 days ago

    Read Blink. It’s a beautiful spiritual book.

  • Katie Costanza
    Katie Costanza 4 days ago

    You should read The Four Agreements if you haven't already!

  • Nora Martinez
    Nora Martinez 4 days ago

    Can you do a purple night out eye makeup?

  • Priscila Lala
    Priscila Lala 4 days ago

    Get in touch with nature again, nature can heal you ❤️

  • Lizbeth Garcia
    Lizbeth Garcia 4 days ago

    Lol to all those saying she sounds sad, she's FINE, she's just been hanging out with Hrush who talks/sounds just like this, monotone, drags her words, sounds sad almost like she has a sore throat. Just like the Kardashians lol She's even making her facial expressions. It's like when you hang out with a certain friend for too long and her mannerisms start to stick. Carli looks beautiful and seems content, let her be❣️

  • Salma Sweilem
    Salma Sweilem 5 days ago

    Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    MAGALI GRISSOM 5 days ago

    Mexico always is the best place … food, party, beach 🏝 the best weather, and places to go I love it I went with my husband 4 times 💕 Cancún Tulum Cozumel Playa del Carmen Isla Mujeres Holbox and more.

  • Stephanie Mina
    Stephanie Mina 5 days ago +4

    I recommend the Book of Proverbs or Songs of Solomon.

  • Debra Brown
    Debra Brown 5 days ago

    I will do my homework, thanks for the idea 🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️💕💝

  • Janna Baza
    Janna Baza 5 days ago

    She is Free by Andi Andrew!

  • Dawn Marie D
    Dawn Marie D 6 days ago

    I love that you are into your astro chart, phases of the moon, sage, etc I found a whole bunch of books about that at my local Barnes & Noble when I was picking up some witchy & metaphysical books, tarot & oracle cards for Yule gifts.

  • Andrea James
    Andrea James 6 days ago

    This book really help my thought process "The seat of the soul "

  • Dawn Marie D
    Dawn Marie D 6 days ago

    Coming out of a 15 year relationship myself I’ve been wanting to do things to improve myself too! I’ve given myself a makeover & working on giving my house a makeover & then I really really want to take a few dance classes, start attending some kind of self-defense classes (or some kinda boxing-class) & start going regularly too “ladies shoot free” nights at my local SouthFlorida gun range 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

  • Dawn Marie D
    Dawn Marie D 6 days ago

    I feel you girl I’m bout to start reading the warrior Goddess it’s a spiritual self improvement type of book I spotted at my last trip to Barnes and Noble

  • Andrea James
    Andrea James 6 days ago

    You are so inspirational love you carli !!!!!

  • nini perol
    nini perol 6 days ago

    I love you so much hope and wish the best for you ❤️

  • Asia Malik
    Asia Malik 6 days ago

    U broke up. I feel really sad. U guys made this house together and living together. I thought u guys will be together forever

  • unkwn entity
    unkwn entity 6 days ago +1

    Carli, you are so delusional for an almost 30 year old woman. Your state of mind and thinking is equivalent to that of a 15 year olds. It's obvious you are accustomed to getting anything you want with looks, hence why your life went downhill so much. You even talk like a little kid.

  • Jaimie Meurs
    Jaimie Meurs 6 days ago


  • princessptfo
    princessptfo 6 days ago

    what cat ears are those? I want!

  • Lenita Nelson
    Lenita Nelson 6 days ago

    Man that is freakin bomb n poppin AF

  • Gabrielle Smith
    Gabrielle Smith 6 days ago

    Omg, I just found this video and it spoke to me in so many different ways! Thank you for sharing your story it really helped me!♥️♥️

  • Lea Mirabal
    Lea Mirabal 6 days ago

    Its funny. You posted this last week and I saw you posted but I said "ill watch it later or eventually"
    And then today I was feeling down about something that happened to me and I said let me watch some yt to pass time. I clicked on this and I was like damn.. i really needed to hear some of the things you said in this video. Really made me feel better about certain situationships and things of that nature. So thank you.
    Sigh Sometimes I wish life was easier. Anyway, wishing positivity and happiness for all in 2019

  • Kelli Marissa
    Kelli Marissa 6 days ago

    Loved the soothing rain sounds in the background! I think you will rediscover yourself during this time, it's so hard to figure out who you are when you are attached to someone else because they influence you and your ideals. Now it's time to learn who you really are!

  • Victoria G
    Victoria G 6 days ago

    your skin always looks FLAWLESS! with all those layers of makeup and powder though how does it look so flat and pristine? when i try and do all these steps it looks soo cakey and layered but on yours its like picture perfect. how?

  • Jorge Pino Alejandre

    La apariencia de una mujer maquillada alcanza un alto ideal subjetivo, muy muy lejano a la esencia de su personalidad, que es muy objetiva y muy muy real y muy lejano del ideal subjetivo.

  • Noemi Villegas
    Noemi Villegas 7 days ago

    Read some of r.h sin’s books

  • Gaby Bravo
    Gaby Bravo 7 days ago +5

    Life is complicated my love but it comes with a main book the most important one in history its the Holy Bible i encourage you to study in it unlike any other book his word is alive theres is a new message for you every day and remember God is not always early but hes never late everything happens for a reason and his timing is perfect thank you for bringing light into this outter beauty community 💓5] Trust in the LORD with all thineheart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 love you

  • Chloe Campeau Pelletier

    Carli I am sending you lots of love. You have such a big heart. Everything happens for a reason and I have no doubts that you will find your person. Xxx

  • Carrie Aguayo
    Carrie Aguayo 7 days ago

    A good book is Terri Savelle FOY
    Dream it, Pin it,Live it

  • Jessica Zavala
    Jessica Zavala 7 days ago

    I’m going through a break up rn and it hurts so bad. We just kind of grew apart and I feel like there was still a chance to fix things. It makes me so sad and I’m so scared to see him with someone else.. I know I have to move on but it’s so hard 😢

  • Robyn Findlay
    Robyn Findlay 7 days ago

    i found that moon calculator so freaky like I'm not really into horoscopes but I tried it, it says "organs which are made more sensitive by moon sign" and mine was stomach and sternum, literally only two days ago I was in the emergency room being treated for extreme pain in these two exact areas

  • Natali Kiria
    Natali Kiria 7 days ago

    You should read the Life Of Pi, it helped me alot in my dark times

  • Kalyn Paige
    Kalyn Paige 7 days ago

    I definitely recommend Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés 💜🌙

  • aml J
    aml J 7 days ago

    Sending so much love to you 💗 read the Quran you will love it!

  • Lorna Brooks
    Lorna Brooks 7 days ago

    Awwwwwwwww “we will always be your number one “ and you will always be ours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💕

  • Lori Oliveras
    Lori Oliveras 7 days ago

    I love how positive you are and love all your makeup looks! I gotta buy that James Charles palette too!

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 7 days ago

    Hey darling! What a Time To Be Alone: The Slumflower's guide to why you are already enough by Chidera Eggerue is an amazing read. If your attitude is that 2019 is your year, then this book helps to encourage the best version of YOU attainable.

  • Khadija Ahmed
    Khadija Ahmed 7 days ago


  • Khadija Ahmed
    Khadija Ahmed 7 days ago


  • Devability
    Devability 7 days ago

    Your having a spiritual awakening and likely are highly psychic. Watch out for codependency- the lessons have been BRUTAL for us Libras. Stay strong 💖 it's time to be independant...FULLY

  • james earl kidd outdoor videos


  • Mariah Rose
    Mariah Rose 7 days ago

    you should read “first they killed my father”
    it is the best book i’ve ever read and I don’t really like to read... it also has the netflix movie directed by angelina jolie , but the book is 10x better.
    it’s based on a true story and it was soo good

  • Rachel
    Rachel 7 days ago

    I love you Carli, things will get better! Trust in the process!

  • Heidi Weller
    Heidi Weller 7 days ago

    On a positive note you get to spoil your cats more!! 2019 will be a awesome year for you!!

  • Julie Wuis
    Julie Wuis 7 days ago

    The book " i hope i screw this up" by kyle cease is AMAZING ! And he is hilarious too !

  • Julie Wuis
    Julie Wuis 7 days ago +2

    Carli! My boyfriend and i just brokeup two days ago too.. and honestly, the best thing is we have to focus on ourselves! Nothing can be fulfilled through another unless it is in us first, and it always is :) spirituality is the way to go! Thanks for sharing! Love your videos thank you !! stay in gratitude

  • Hailey Sandoval
    Hailey Sandoval 7 days ago

    U should read the cellar its about a kidnapping its really good! Love u carli

  • Michelle Tome
    Michelle Tome 7 days ago

    i love how you just used 3 shadows and your eye makeup was basically done

  • Tiffany Hale
    Tiffany Hale 7 days ago


  • RiRi Ray
    RiRi Ray 7 days ago

    Books on Kindle -Richard Dotts and Rita Faith they talk about the law of attraction and how using your imagination can create any reality you want

  • Rea
    Rea 8 days ago

    Omg you litetally recreated my favourite type of look I use to wear when I really need some cute makeup glam up! I love it! Too gorgeous💞

  • Lenka Matejik
    Lenka Matejik 8 days ago

    You are great Carli the way you choose to take the change. Both of you guys were so great with sharing your pieces of work and private life, thanks for that all! You guys are so blessed having that amazing time together! Carli you are going to do so well as you sense/ know. Having such amazing support system with your family is only going to be great great great!😊❤️.. I can't wait to see your new chapter's products. Always inspiring! Lots love and light to you! Kind regards currently from 🇸🇰 Slovakia. ❤️✨LM.

  • Lauren Hafer
    Lauren Hafer 8 days ago

    Hi👋🏼 could you do a video of your hair care routine? Best products for healthy and hydrated hair? I’m suffering from dry hair and I rarely use hot tools! Please help, your hair is so beautiful! Love you 💙

  • Geeta Mangalie - Jagoo

    Your so beautiful but i think you do need to focus more on finding yourself and less on finding that "perfect guy". I really did think u jump into that last rship wayyy to quick!

  • carysa227
    carysa227 8 days ago

    Carli I missed you! I’ve been so busy with school, work, my babygirl and everything else life brings. It’s so hard to keep up with everything! But good news I’m finally graduating from college and ready for the next chapter in life!

  • chele10580
    chele10580 8 days ago


  • Shelly Smith-Mitchell

    Hey hun, nice to have you back! Sorry to hear about your breakup. You're beautiful (physically AND spiritually) and you'll find someone who'll steal your heart away in due time, just don't rush yourself. You're doing right by taking time to heal over your last relationship. In life these things happen, and sometimes serves as a test of our faith and strength. You're an incredibly amazing person from what I gather, and I am normally a very good judge of character, so you'll be quite alright.
    The look is yet again GORGEOUS, as usual. Keep doing what you do, and continue being the very pleasant person that you are. Things WILL get better. 💕

  • Moza Alfalasi
    Moza Alfalasi 8 days ago

    you know it's true feelings when you feel emotional while watching the video.
    Stay strong queen and wish you all the best

  • Hasna Motivation
    Hasna Motivation 8 days ago

    I suggest that you read the holy quran i know that you have a different faith i respect that but try it you will feel better for me it helped me to feel love the love for the creator is the best and healed my heart ❤

  • Maya Montri
    Maya Montri 8 days ago +1

    love your video! you are amazing. Who loves Carli??

  • taylalouise67
    taylalouise67 8 days ago

    Conversations with god, don’t let the title put you off.everyone needs to read it

  • jadoresephora roi
    jadoresephora roi 8 days ago

    Ariana's famous words...THANK YOU,NEXT!!! your new relationship is with yourself Carli!!!! Like Ari!!!!