311 - Rolling Through [Official Audio]

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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Comments • 131

  • London Ibrahim
    London Ibrahim 12 hours ago

    now THAT sounds like 311

  • Logan Sweeney
    Logan Sweeney 7 days ago

    Good song, intro sounds similar to Jack and Dian

  • Joseph William
    Joseph William 16 days ago

    R.U.Kidding. Not heard sharper fo yo kno!

  • Serendipity ARR.
    Serendipity ARR. 21 day ago


  • JHaz
    JHaz Month ago

    Full ride + Tune in + Loco + Rock on

  • Greg Murphy
    Greg Murphy Month ago

    WOAHHH YEA. They are definitely coming original with this song. It's so starkly different and unique compared to their past works. It's like they could compete with the black eyed peas in levels of creativity.

  • SharkTank311
    SharkTank311 Month ago

    This song only entered into one contest, and it’s to be the 311esr.

  • Joseph William
    Joseph William Month ago


  • Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell Month ago

    That beat ... god damn I love it

  • Matt Campbell
    Matt Campbell Month ago

    My fav song on the album

  • powergroover19
    powergroover19 Month ago

    311 has influenced my life for so long, I hold all other new and interesting music to their standard of harmony and groove!! 311 for president would unite the world, that is my wish!!! ( On a side note, I look and sing like Nick, slightly older)

  • Daytona Says What?!

    One of two tracks on the album that was written purely by 311.

  • Ryan Shaffer
    Ryan Shaffer Month ago

    Loco 2:20

    • JHaz
      JHaz Month ago

      Trip the shrooms fantastic, shit gets drastic

  • SaturniidSkye
    SaturniidSkye Month ago

    YASSSSS! Blue album feels. #nickraps

  • BaltoFun1
    BaltoFun1 2 months ago +1

    Why are they not playing this and Charge It Up from the new album on the current tour?? The best harder songs, throwback feel.

  • DJ Beezy
    DJ Beezy 2 months ago +2

    The guitar riff reminds me of CKY.

  • Norseman
    Norseman 2 months ago

    Saw them in Philly last night .... 🔥

  • Weaponx100
    Weaponx100 2 months ago +2

    Definitely my favorite track on the new album.
    One of the few songs I like nicks stuff more than SA’s too

  • Josh Nichols
    Josh Nichols 2 months ago +2

    Man, I dig the hell out of this.

  • Frosty Bird
    Frosty Bird 2 months ago +2

    This song REALLY reminds me of ‘Full Ride’ off From Chaos. Anyone else? I don’t care, I love all their stuff but I couldn’t stop myself from singing full ride on top of the chorus

  • Joseph Brooks
    Joseph Brooks 2 months ago +1

    This song and album are saving my life. Thank you guys. I am so grateful.

  • Mark Anthony Smith
    Mark Anthony Smith 2 months ago


  • tenac2215
    tenac2215 2 months ago +1

    This is the only one off the new album I have been able to get into so far

  • Brad Watts
    Brad Watts 2 months ago +5

    2:14 😮Hexum's best rapping in a long time.

  • Joshua Nesseth
    Joshua Nesseth 2 months ago +4

    I absolutely love it 👽

  • David Paulus
    David Paulus 2 months ago

    This never loud enough!!!!

  • Chris Goodloe
    Chris Goodloe 2 months ago

    Welcome back old school 311!!!!

  • mcnell311
    mcnell311 2 months ago +17

    This is by far the 311est track on Voyager

  • Daniel Tipps
    Daniel Tipps 2 months ago +1


  • Jared McCammon
    Jared McCammon 2 months ago +4

    This should've been the opener for the album and better space the closer. Nice track.

  • Melissa McCauley
    Melissa McCauley 2 months ago

    Classic 311!

  • Brad Epstein
    Brad Epstein 2 months ago +3

    Old school 311 vibes. Love it.

  • Justin Hayes
    Justin Hayes 2 months ago +1

    Sick Tight this song is

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  • gofastgokart99
    gofastgokart99 2 months ago +8


  • Donald Love
    Donald Love 2 months ago

    Never stop 311

  • tj d
    tj d 2 months ago +1

    The best!!!!!

  • Lori
    Lori 2 months ago +7

    I'll give you shelter, give you bread, make you live again
    Sometimes, it’s half a dozen, sometimes half a ten
    Oh boy, it's business after dark
    I'm a can of Krylon and you’re a wall I mark
    But now leave, I got books to read
    And ones to write, so stop botherin' me
    It's not racist, or places, or caves I fold
    It's bars I drop and these bars is gold

    Far as the nearest star
    It's still a great distance despite your insistence
    That's what I see
    Stay up and away, seizing the day
    And know that you're doing fine

    Always know that you gotta go do
    What ya feel, but don't forget, make it real
    No doubt, it’s about stayin’ true
    (Nothing gonna stop us)
    Always know that you gotta grow, so
    Honestly, it's best that you know
    Who you are as you go rolling through

    Unbelievable stones, inconceivable tones
    Take a bite of it and last longer deep in your bones
    In your chromosomes faster, beautiful disaster
    We can throw a party, get you out of your homes
    I step in the realm, taking the helm
    Someone to stand up, I know the history
    Breaking it down, whatever the fuck we wanna be
    The epitome, a philosophy of music exploration
    Thank you for trippin’ with me
    (Is he crazy?)

    Far as the nearest star
    It's still a great distance despite your insistence
    That's what I see
    Stay up and away, seizing the day
    And know that you're doing fine

    Always know that you gotta go do
    What ya feel, but don’t forget, make it real
    No doubt, it's about stayin' true
    (Nothing gonna stop us)
    Always know that you gotta grow, so
    Honestly, it's best that you know
    Who you are as you go rolling through

    Sackin' many elements and makin' a dent
    Meanwhile, I'm racking up the eloquence to say what I meant
    Because the bigger the bomb, the bigger the blast
    The quicker they go past
    I cast and summon the power to come in an hour
    'Cause I can outlast
    Now everybody wantin' somethin'
    Everybody wantin' payoffs
    Havin' a blast and amassin' all the chaos

    As far as my eyes can see at sunup

  • Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers 2 months ago

    "Ah Shit!" It's Full Ride 2019! I love it!

    • Spinning Spin
      Spinning Spin 2 months ago

      Our Islamic etremeist friends

    • Spinning Spin
      Spinning Spin 2 months ago

      I would imagine our friends will like the big crowds

  • Hec Oxy
    Hec Oxy 2 months ago

    This is gonna be great live.

  • Kurt Dardis
    Kurt Dardis 2 months ago +1

    Now THIS is the 311 I once loved!! YES!!

  • Dillinger
    Dillinger 2 months ago +2

    THAT BASS 🤘😈🤯

  • Scotty's Animals
    Scotty's Animals 2 months ago

    More vinyl coming soon? As someone with 1200 records but only a handful of new vinyl oh, this is one I would like to wear the grooves out on!

  • Jared McCammon
    Jared McCammon 2 months ago +10

    Yeah! Full ride part 2!

  • Allen Cheshire
    Allen Cheshire 2 months ago +1

    Like a trip back through the Grassroots. Nice one guys. dig it.

  • GTlaxTX
    GTlaxTX 2 months ago +6

    Best song on the album and an all timer for sure. Cant wait to hear this banger live

  • Thomas Garcia
    Thomas Garcia 2 months ago

    311 + Song title with To roll (verb or noun) = 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Given Surname
    Given Surname 2 months ago +1

    Unbelievable stones

  • Florida Trailblazer
    Florida Trailblazer 2 months ago +1


  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. Loomis 2 months ago

    Ther worst album since Don't Tread On Me...it's too safe and poppy

    • Chile Chills
      Chile Chills 2 months ago

      @Dr. Loomis lol...I don't necessarily agree with your sentiment regarding the album but it's hard to argue with your logic.

    • Dr. Loomis
      Dr. Loomis 2 months ago

      @Jeff Frick How do you know if you are gonna like the music if you don't listen to it? What a fucking doorknob

    • Jeff Frick
      Jeff Frick 2 months ago +1

      Dr. Loomis lol then don’t listen

  • UberMikeSocal
    UberMikeSocal 2 months ago +28

    Galaxy from Transistor mixed with Full Ride from chaos.

    • JHaz
      JHaz Month ago

      Full ride + Galaxy + Tune In + Loco + Rock On

    • Daytona Says What?!
      Daytona Says What?! Month ago

      Similar rifts, I suppose. But kind of its own thing.

    • Robert Rowland
      Robert Rowland 2 months ago +1

      @Jesús Conesa Damn, this song is genius. They just need to keep mashing styles together from all their songs, they have enough material it could just work forever.

    • Jesús Conesa
      Jesús Conesa 2 months ago +3

      and then at 1:15 blasts into my head You Get Worked . . . . Brainstorm superseding the norm
      When we come together new planet is born... XD

    • Dan Galus
      Dan Galus 2 months ago +2

      So much full ride

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 2 months ago

    Yes!!! So rad

  • Danne Harvey
    Danne Harvey 2 months ago

    As far as my eyes can see,
    At sunup!

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy 2 months ago +10

    More of this please. Happy-sounding single-finger heavy riffs with rapping.

  • rachelswanting
    rachelswanting 2 months ago +1

    Loving the heavy beats!

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando 2 months ago +2

    Idk what they were thinking releasing Good Feeling as the first single. After listening to the whole album, that was by far the worst track

  • Mike Duggan
    Mike Duggan 2 months ago +15

    Best song on Voyager! This is true 311 right here

    • Serendipity ARR.
      Serendipity ARR. 21 day ago

      they already did😉

    • Mike Duggan
      Mike Duggan 2 months ago

      Well in "Born to Live," Nick talks about them seeing their kids grow up and eventually seeing his daughters get married. Maybe this album is a precursor to them taking a hiatus. Don't know to be honest. I think this pop stuff is trying to reach the younger generation, but then again 311 has such a HUGE following that their name alone gets them heard and practically sell out every show they play.

    • gofastgokart99
      gofastgokart99 2 months ago

      @Mike Duggan I fully understand that they want to evolve, and as artists they should...but the poppy stuff just kills me...I doubt they break up, they have too much support and money to be made. Maybe a hiatus?

    • Mike Duggan
      Mike Duggan 2 months ago +1

      I know that is what SA and Sexton wants. Nick however, wants to keep evolving and trying new things. Not gonna lie, one more album like the blue album before they call it quits would be amazing.

    • gofastgokart99
      gofastgokart99 2 months ago +2

      couldn't agree more...wish they would start leaning back this way...

  • Quoth the Raven
    Quoth the Raven 2 months ago +6

    Sucks that it took me til track 10 on this album for something to perk my ears up. But glad this track was there when this album so desperately needed it.

    • JHaz
      JHaz Month ago

      Yeah, just glad they got at least one dope song on the album.

    • Justin Ward
      Justin Ward 2 months ago +1

      @wjveryzer7985 take the 3/4 bad poppy songs out and the albums amazing. I'm just going to make an amended playlist

    • wjveryzer7985
      wjveryzer7985 2 months ago

      The good songs are great but again like mosaic it doesnt feel like a record it feels like a collection. Im really hoping scotch does the whole next record. I miss the days of putting a 311 record on and not having to skip every other track

    • GTlaxTX
      GTlaxTX 2 months ago +1

      Bro you cant tell me Stainless, Dream State and Better Space dont bangarang!

  • #CodyCoCreations
    #CodyCoCreations 2 months ago +9

    Everyone learn these golden bars to rap along to in the crowds Live
    For the 2019 Summer Unity Tour‼️
    🐺 #viejolobo kids.

  • #CodyCoCreations
    #CodyCoCreations 2 months ago +3

    After some washing around in my Frontal Lobe, rinsing, and rewiring with the clarity of meeting on the level
    Rolling Through jumps to the obvious #1 spot.
    Now that I think about what I was thinking about prior, I was subconsciously looking for anything to make this perfect cut not Perfect. 🙃Lol
    But let's face the facts fam‼️
    #RollingThrough IS the Greatest track on #VOYAGER

    • #CodyCoCreations
      #CodyCoCreations 2 months ago

      @Super Glued OH MY! There are MUCHO bars from Rolling Through that are fun to rap/sing!
      And I feel it's going to be a live staple. That's why I commented on everyone to learn Rolling Through's full lyrics prior to everyone going on the 311 2019 summer tour they're attending.
      My favorite to rap is:
      "Beautiful disaster
      We can throw a party
      Getcha out of your homes
      I step in the realm
      Taking the helm
      So one to stand up
      I know the history
      Breaking it down
      Whatever the fuck we want to be
      The epitome, a philosophy
      Of music exploration
      Thank you for tripping with me
      (Is he crazy)"

    • Super Glued
      Super Glued 2 months ago +1

      CodyCoCreations kinda. I don’t really know them by memory yet tho. Especially the 2nd verse. I can actually do this one though (rolling through). That “the bigger the bomb the bigger the blast” part is fun.

    • #CodyCoCreations
      #CodyCoCreations 2 months ago

      @Super Glued Here they are:
      "Sooner or later it comes
      As quick as it comes it’ll go
      Whatever is blocking the sun
      It’s only for a moment
      Running away from my past
      It’s pushing me out of my zone
      Pulling me under the gun
      Into the unknown"
      -Nick Hexum

    • #CodyCoCreations
      #CodyCoCreations 2 months ago

      @Super Glued Can you rap Nick's lyrics on Raindrops yet lol 😁 I didn't learn all of VOYAGER's lyrics yet, but as difficult as the fast vox part by Nick on Raindrops may seem, just like Bone outta #CLEVELAND #OHIO it's just the pronunciations of the words to the beat that makes it sound Great. They really are simple words.