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50 Cent Most Gangsta Moments Part 1

  • Published on Apr 24, 2017
  • 50 Cent Most Gangsta Moments. From interviews to altercations, 50 Cent just might be Hip Hops Richest Goon. What do you think? This video shows 50 Cent in many different lights at different points in his career from the early G-Unit days to after the success of his first album Get Rich or Die Tryin;. Enjoy the video and please give feedback.
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  • VisionzGalore Lo
    VisionzGalore Lo  2 years ago +413

    Part 2 is now up check it out!

    • Ashley Blackburn
      Ashley Blackburn Month ago

      VisionzGalore Lo I love the songs you added🤯

    • APEXWOLF1890
      APEXWOLF1890 4 months ago +2

      the price of life is cheap
      you're born for free and you die for free

    • Ryan Baran
      Ryan Baran 5 months ago

      Ok ok

  • Richard Coulombe
    Richard Coulombe 5 hours ago

    3:53 yayo. Yeah niggggaggagaaa lmao

  • Adrian Slaughter

    50 Cent look like his face been painted

  • scott wylle
    scott wylle Day ago

    Das Cowld, Shellasho Diawg, 50 be crackin

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald 2 days ago

    Niggas need to watch they moves. You dont grab a nigga by his waist these bitches quickly use that shit to get gain in the wrong way and ruin these niggas character. Nikki minaj watching that shit, bipolar pitch. Weirdo mothafolkas that folk wit ya brain from the penitentiary to the streets from the grave. Rap about it. Instead of acting like you dont know. Instead of folkn people lives up. Its about prinicipalities. Its easy to forgive but when you think about the principle it becomes a different story a different thought and meaning. Thats why niggas get killed over 50 cents.

  • volooooo
    volooooo 2 days ago

    Song at 9:10?

  • African Fins
    African Fins 2 days ago

    I am not gang gang.... I do not gang bang.... but treat me like I'm pussy I will pull up and bang bang. #legend

  • Dikizeyiko Nsiamundele

    Fifty The realest ever Respect from Kongo Kinshasa african 🇨🇩🇨🇩

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan 3 days ago

    Needless to say "many men" pee'ed their pants.

  • Mahri Martin
    Mahri Martin 5 days ago +1

    50 left the hood but the hood ain’t neva leavin him

  • zacH
    zacH 5 days ago

    *on film*

  • Alan Naidon
    Alan Naidon 5 days ago

    I like 50. But it's kind of hard to understand the fuck he's saying.

  • Albert krank
    Albert krank 5 days ago

    8:08 a good picture of Angela Merkel.

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 6 days ago +1

    Son said “ so we can die any day now!”! Damn son! Son is mad frivolous!

  • TheGeeSpot
    TheGeeSpot 7 days ago

    You gotta love how fabolous acted like nothing happened on stage ! Lmao

  • money men
    money men 8 days ago

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  • Trap God
    Trap God 8 days ago

    Facts: 9-people shot 50 but he livin and they ain't

    • LeRoy Bringe
      LeRoy Bringe 4 days ago

      1 guy, 9 times. Was a hit, didn't work. That fool died 2 months later.

  • jason moore
    jason moore 8 days ago

    Your showing the Anticipation of a possible conspiracy or anticipated action can conclude an hypothesis of human interaction

  • Claresa Morris
    Claresa Morris 8 days ago +4

    50 got beautiful teeth.I think and always thought he's a Very Handsome Man.

    • Claresa Morris
      Claresa Morris 4 days ago +1

      +Phillip Brown You're Right.

    • Phillip Brown
      Phillip Brown 4 days ago +2

      That's because he got shot in the mouth. They paid for

  • Афанасий Скабеев

    Niga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga nigaNiga niga niga

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 8 days ago

    A mobster from the 30s was reincarnated as 50 cent.

  • fush
    fush 9 days ago

    Most Gangsta Moments - Starts off with him giving all his niggas a hug.
    That's my kinda gangasta shit.

  • Nikki'z TheReaLest
    Nikki'z TheReaLest 10 days ago +1

    4:35 "Oh it came from a jeweler, jeweler's they made it sooo we got it" 😂😂

  • J. Moir
    J. Moir 10 days ago

    I prefer trolling fif over gangsta fif

  • 1 hater
    1 hater 10 days ago

    2:50 Song?

  • Roll Tide
    Roll Tide 11 days ago

    Point blank 50 a real one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 11 days ago

    Bra this is hip hops fucking scarface. No one carries that fucking Aurora like him yo.

  • InfinitePlayz •
    InfinitePlayz • 11 days ago +4

    I like 50 cent smile he got a vicious smile lol

  • 6star
    6star 11 days ago

    I think his most gangster moment is when he was livestream snitching on an autistic kid at the airport saying he eyes were dilated.

    SALTY_ EYEZ 11 days ago


  • 11 5
    11 5 12 days ago

    going back to your hood is most gangsta moment?

    • Luxembourg Leonard
      Luxembourg Leonard 9 days ago +1

      11 5 no one hates or envy’s you the most then the people from the same place is you.

  • Traypeats
    Traypeats 12 days ago

    What is gangsta about this video? Lol

  • Cesar Medrano
    Cesar Medrano 12 days ago

    Yes I spelled it wrong

  • Cesar Medrano
    Cesar Medrano 12 days ago

    Too bad 50 you from New Yurok

    MICHAEL CRASH 12 days ago


  • †ANGÉ|†
    †ANGÉ|† 12 days ago

    Ye ye and Rick Ross all “real g’s” was an officer prior and all play cops on the screen....

  • Mr Logical
    Mr Logical 12 days ago +2

    *When supreme street smarts meets upper level corporate IQ you get reasoning at **2:04*

  • Young Petey385
    Young Petey385 13 days ago

    This nigga was on radio talking about putting hits on people. 🤦

  • 510jamica
    510jamica 14 days ago

    I love 50...savage

  • Mass Effect 4
    Mass Effect 4 14 days ago +1

    monkeys talk too much. ghetto trash nobodies.

  • kevin brandon
    kevin brandon 14 days ago

    You can start feeling the steam come off Fif at 1:20. " I believe he really would consider doing exactly what he says he will do if you try to come up off him."

  • Plugged In
    Plugged In 15 days ago +2

    50 could’ve easily got pass meek if he wanted to Meek was skinny asf back then

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 15 days ago +2

    A grown up rich man that can't control his temper. Great 👍🏻.

  • DirtBoi 860
    DirtBoi 860 16 days ago

    Oh yeah I remember gunplay getting handled 😂😂

  • 8/10 was an inside job

    I told my friends forget about Supreme. They got a problem with that, they can give me fellatio.

  • Maafa 1619
    Maafa 1619 18 days ago

    This nigga is crazy. They locked up Al Capone like an animal. 50 ain't 1/100th of what Capone was.

  • lil smurf P.
    lil smurf P. 18 days ago

    How much does it cost to kill a cameraman (or iPhone cameraman with Parkinson)

  • NeeFMandO
    NeeFMandO 19 days ago

    But they cut it before gunplay jumped up and bust a nig face

  • Paulo Kraft
    Paulo Kraft 19 days ago

    He was never a goon. He is and always will be internet tough guy.

  • reyzn bran
    reyzn bran 20 days ago

    his most niggertive moments

  • TheMurderIncChannel
    TheMurderIncChannel 20 days ago

    50 a snitch

  • Fredo Dawg
    Fredo Dawg 20 days ago +4

    Why meek step up like he was gonna do something 😩😂😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • amine jamani
    amine jamani 21 day ago

    4:04 he threw the mfka like a bag of cheetos dawmn bruh
    these niggas can fight

  • Uriel7623
    Uriel7623 21 day ago +1

    50 a real one

  • b0zay
    b0zay 21 day ago

    goin 6v1 vs gunplay was not gangsta at all, gunplay was the real gangsta goin alone vs whole g unit squad. that nigga got balls

  • Ninja F3b0
    Ninja F3b0 21 day ago

    Dudes this is not most G moments of 50 it was when no-one knew him then he was the most wanted killah

  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli 22 days ago +1

    50 lost more money than other rappers will ever earn and he is still stanky rich.

  • That Syrian Guy
    That Syrian Guy 24 days ago

    0:38 clip, why is he getting mad tho?

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe 25 days ago

    The only rapper who has the balls to beef with Busta Rhymes so openly on Twitter 😂😂😂. Also the only rapper Busta would let get away with it. These two and their playful beef is comical to see which is why they both doing it.

  • dorrian lassiter
    dorrian lassiter 25 days ago +1

    Strong brother with a strong zodiac sign

  • GoodNight Robicheaux
    GoodNight Robicheaux 25 days ago

    Dont wasup me you sucka 💯 I should black ya eye

  • Tsar R
    Tsar R 26 days ago

    We came from apes defo

  • chaosninja
    chaosninja 27 days ago

    you aint gangsta with that eye liner on

  • Gonzalo Vazquez Avila
    Gonzalo Vazquez Avila 28 days ago

    1:52 Hahahahaha lmao

    MOE ORLESS 28 days ago

    The retarded shitskin will eventually get his stupid ass capped for actin' the fool.

  • Slowed Hits
    Slowed Hits 29 days ago

    I thought he was only a small time hustler 😴

  • Lew LC
    Lew LC 29 days ago

    This guys a disgrace

  • Craig Schreckenghaust

    BG a real gangster free bg

  • Janet Jones
    Janet Jones Month ago

    How is he gangster oh under ground rap haven't had a hit musically or physically

  • Not Who You Think
    Not Who You Think Month ago +6

    I have so much respect for 50, he is the king of trolling people..the MMG chain shit had me dying

  • FilipB'GG
    FilipB'GG Month ago

    Did 50 crashed the dude's concert and his crew beat him up?? The 1 who took a photo whit is son? Cause i didnt really understood what was happening, the way he walked on on stage...gawd damn Gangasta all the way

  • Tracy
    Tracy Month ago

    Love 50

  • steve steve
    steve steve Month ago

    This is awesome.
    - steve

  • no comment
    no comment Month ago

    Last place u wanna be is the front row when some dumbass throws shit onstage

  • khang pham
    khang pham Month ago

    2:12 couple stacks means only 2... you only say couple when you mean 2... 50 says 5.. and the radio guy agrees yea couple.. stupid man..

  • klnpd
    klnpd Month ago

    Why is fifs face darker than his ears and neck, nigga wearing blackface?

  • Marques Smith
    Marques Smith Month ago +4

    He said, "you gone say, they shot me then shot at the ambulance" 😂

  • king longstroke
    king longstroke Month ago +2

    That pic of DJ Khaled got me deceased kid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tyrhonius
    Tyrhonius Month ago +1

    Lol... Didn't dude get his chained snatched before 😂

  • edy Puentes
    edy Puentes Month ago

    *CURTIS JACK$ON 50 cent I$ one cool dude.*

  • Chingkhuba Moirangthem

    Robbing a chain is gangsta ?

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo Month ago

    Meek stood in front of 50 like he was gonna do something 😂 50 would have snapped him

  • Minkah McKay
    Minkah McKay Month ago

    Imagine if that same energy was spent helping the black community instead of beating them up and perpetuating the worst in our community. This is why white people allowed him to climb up the ladder so quickly. Very self destructive parallel here. I pray that Allah can get to him and change him.

  • MJ 23-GOAT
    MJ 23-GOAT Month ago

    50 is not one to fuck with. Facts.

  • Brother EL
    Brother EL Month ago

    50 act like a diva

  • Travis Dean
    Travis Dean Month ago


  • Sea12hawks
    Sea12hawks Month ago

    For real...fuckin tough guy cuz he got 30 niggas

  • Sea12hawks
    Sea12hawks Month ago

    I'm not sayin he a bitch but id sure like to see this nigga act all tough when he by himself. That nigga gun went in by himself n didnt give a fuck. All I'm sayin

  • shit's classic X
    shit's classic X Month ago

    "It costs more to go to court than it does to kill somebody"

    Me: wait what

  • 양념닭후라이드
    양념닭후라이드 Month ago +1

    50 been gangsta

  • Yolanda Frenchman
    Yolanda Frenchman Month ago

    Big moonie carlito rock stars xpi paisley

  • Yolanda Frenchman
    Yolanda Frenchman Month ago

    Peek a boo lester chicken

  • Kirby Augustine
    Kirby Augustine Month ago +5

    Fif got that same look in his eyes as Tyson in his prime. You can tell he don’t give a f

    • Barry Slaven
      Barry Slaven 16 days ago

      Naah, you got it twisted. 50 DOES give a fuck, which is why he ain't out there dumping on people. He picks his battles, knows exactly when to do whatever the situation need a for him to come out on top.
      My man's a straight up gangsta.

  • Gustav Søborg
    Gustav Søborg Month ago

    douche bag

  • Hitman2Actual
    Hitman2Actual Month ago

    should have done a song sheet for all these, lots of people don't know his mixtape music

  • Bjørn Brondelsbo
    Bjørn Brondelsbo Month ago

    Haha savage og a G....

  • J. CAM
    J. CAM Month ago


  • Chris Dodges
    Chris Dodges Month ago

    7:29 this where 69 get it from lol

  • Leviticus Rock
    Leviticus Rock Month ago

    0:40 what’s he on about ?

  • Cody Gardner
    Cody Gardner Month ago

    Might be on the roids he seem real angry all the time