50 Cent Most Gangsta Moments Part 1

  • Published on Apr 24, 2017
  • 50 Cent Most Gangsta Moments. From interviews to altercations, 50 Cent just might be Hip Hops Richest Goon. What do you think? This video shows 50 Cent in many different lights at different points in his career from the early G-Unit days to after the success of his first album Get Rich or Die Tryin;. Enjoy the video and please give feedback.
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  • VisionzGalore Lo
    VisionzGalore Lo  2 years ago +487

    Part 2 is now up check it out!

  • Lemuel Gonzalez
    Lemuel Gonzalez Day ago

    If I ever get 50 cent mad, I’ll tell him to straight up punch me. Lol it’s funny I’m not afraid I just respect the guy too much. And when I wake up in the hospital I’ll be like “we good” lol

  • Leon420fam 201
    Leon420fam 201 3 days ago +1

    Yo 50 cent out here

  • Thomas Dovahri
    Thomas Dovahri 3 days ago +1

    G unit

  • George Arturo Pérez

    this foo stay mad real GEE. if the paper runs out open season on foes.

  • Msgamer97
    Msgamer97 4 days ago

    i remember when he was robbed in angola , what happaned there? oh i remember he just stood there looking at the crowd , but yeah 50 is a legend

    • Msgamer97
      Msgamer97 42 minutes ago

      @Tumisang Efedileyou do know Africa is not a country, right?

    • Tumisang Efedile
      Tumisang Efedile 19 hours ago

      Lol in Africa there are no courts no law

      U die it's over no justice

  • Tray Fontaine
    Tray Fontaine 5 days ago

    try me biiotch

  • Tray Fontaine
    Tray Fontaine 5 days ago

    im in fuckin the real fuckin old GZ peg city

  • Tray Fontaine
    Tray Fontaine 5 days ago +1

    bitch ass nigga cant even speak or hold a word bird

  • pirco pizi
    pirco pizi 5 days ago

    someone who has been through a lot. He has some traumatic experiences behind him. that shapes a child. he is therefore a narcissistic sociopath. no more and no less

  • Milli Macro
    Milli Macro 6 days ago

    8:16 lmao

  • Milli Macro
    Milli Macro 6 days ago

    Imagine 2003 mike Tyson and 50 cent knock at your door

  • Milli Macro
    Milli Macro 6 days ago

    Rap was created for 50

  • Joshua Pfeifer
    Joshua Pfeifer 6 days ago

    50 cent sounds like gangster mark Wahlberg

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 6 days ago

    That room went real silent when the penny dropped, 5k for a hit, several hundred k for a trial. That's no joke.

  • HY FR
    HY FR 7 days ago

    *0:50** this is the most gangster shit ever*

  • Panther Punch
    Panther Punch 8 days ago

    I love young 50!

  • Anthony Dot
    Anthony Dot 8 days ago

    Love my dad 😂

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor 10 days ago

    What the song 2:54? sure it isn't the ones in the description.

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 11 days ago +1

    50 cent need to change his name i said CHANGE his name to checkbook

  • Nosferatu Al
    Nosferatu Al 11 days ago

    The last clip!!!!!!! That's real right there.

  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis 11 days ago

    Ill tell you what coming from someone who lived born and raised on compton streets met Dr Dre before eminem 50 cent is no punk and as he gets older hes more wiser smarter and at the top of his game more laid back but I tell you this dont think much more son cause he still will snatch some punk up quick to trash talk or act tough he is the real deal much respect and love for 50

  • Tyler Manning
    Tyler Manning 11 days ago

    he struggling so hard to keep a straight face

  • Matthew Duman
    Matthew Duman 12 days ago

    Dude got high pitch voice lol

  • Aleck Ramon
    Aleck Ramon 13 days ago

    50 cent a real gangster. Told him to post his location and when he finally saw him he said naw get out and confronted him lil bitch what now. Real gangster don’t care the location talk shit get ready to stepped on.

  • Basil Otieno
    Basil Otieno 14 days ago

    I should black your eye😂😂

  • m g
    m g 14 days ago

    Put jay z and naz together and try make a video like this it would last 15 seconds yet 50 we have a part 2 haha real king of ny silver back 50

  • mkfourgli1
    mkfourgli1 14 days ago

    What s that first track

  • Mr Shovel
    Mr Shovel 15 days ago

    6:55 sounds like mike Tyson there

  • Just My Two Cents
    Just My Two Cents 15 days ago

    @ 8:26 50 jumped in the crowd with a white tank top stomped some dude out took his Black T-shirt and hopped back on stage like nothing lol

  • Dat Boi666
    Dat Boi666 15 days ago

    Song at 8:50 ?

  • Hermanbob
    Hermanbob 17 days ago

    50 Cent is who 6ix9ine wishes he was

  • Clement Joel
    Clement Joel 17 days ago +13

    50 cent the only bully that I love.

  • Prabhat kiran
    Prabhat kiran 18 days ago +1

    that mysterious smile he gives when he says he got his MGM chain from a jeweler

  • nobody
    nobody 18 days ago

    50 wont survive 1 month on streets of some europeans countries lol ... ' gangsters' lol .....lol

  • Matthew Phillips
    Matthew Phillips 18 days ago +1

    50 Cent- “Think of the worst guys you know...they all know me really good”
    Envy- “this is true”

  • Vincent Thukwi
    Vincent Thukwi 19 days ago

    Song name at 5:40 plss

  • bilbo Tbaaguns
    bilbo Tbaaguns 19 days ago

    This is why he's on paper he must have a fucking permanent concussion don't even know what he's saying (slippin) on alot of these interviews

  • Gathka Master
    Gathka Master 20 days ago

    Soo fake

  • Gathka Master
    Gathka Master 20 days ago

    He fake

  • Michael Sciuto
    Michael Sciuto 21 day ago

    What’s the song at 8:26

  • wᅢᅩᄅᄇκᄑᄅ
    wᅢᅩᄅᄇκᄑᄅ 22 days ago

    6:09 track name please?

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg 22 days ago

    He ain't no Gangster. He gives out that fruad image. Ja Rule is the real Gangster and the real street dude from NY.

  • ian gitau
    ian gitau 22 days ago +1

    5:11"Can't believe anything you hear, internet's crazy"

  • Panamanian Thing Scene

    Damn dude went flying like he had wings lol 😂 they tore his ass up😳

  • Pharoah M
    Pharoah M 22 days ago

    He remind me a little bit of my roommate I fucking hate that nigga

  • Zeth Bloom
    Zeth Bloom 23 days ago +1

    Once a thugh always a thugh right?....bonafide and all

  • Steven henao
    Steven henao 23 days ago

    Dont be surprise when 50 Gets shot for real one of these days. Just a matter of time Some one gona do it and wont care any more because they wont have anything else to do. But until then 50 CENT!

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia 25 days ago +4

    I’m to high to be looking for 50 cents in this video

  • Craig Mitchell
    Craig Mitchell 25 days ago +1

    Somebody needs to prove that 50 cent is niether invincible, impervious or a demigod, simply by coming up behind him and putting two in the back of his head ??? If he really is invincible, impervious or a demigod, that/this will/would prove it ???

  • Shon Tillman
    Shon Tillman 25 days ago

    Thats why Power is So Good! 50 is Authentic, u feel him when he talks about what he went thru in life, One of the Realest.

  • Frank Mendoza
    Frank Mendoza 26 days ago +1

    50 cent is the business

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2day 26 days ago

    50cents dropping knowledgeable. How much it cost to kill some one bout ,$5000.00 why does it cost so much for courts n lawyers . Wow that make ya think doing it .

    • Smile_uwokeup _2day
      Smile_uwokeup _2day 22 days ago

      Leland Paul u have to get to know his past n what he been thru n it may give u idea what he meant but makes ya think don’t it . All he says makes ya think

    • Leland Paul
      Leland Paul 25 days ago

      Smile_uwokeup _2day what did he mean by that?

  • Thoke Daetz Beck
    Thoke Daetz Beck 26 days ago

    What's the song a t 05:40??

  • Rigden West
    Rigden West 27 days ago

    Hoodz Up..Some Real Shit..Get The Strap..Fuk Them All 50..A Real Gangsta..Fuk Them All Up..Get Pac To Shoot..No One Controlz A Real G.. Respect..WestSide Awatapu New Zealand fun rick ross the Fag..

  • Davon Dennis
    Davon Dennis 27 days ago

    Never heard a nigga say anything like this bout officer Ricky that faggot ass nigga diddy and punk nigga jay z helped officer Ricky when 50 was washing that Nigga up

    HEHE XOXO 27 days ago

    2:19 AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA If you understand the serious meaning behind in his amazing humour you will understand this fully

    HEHE XOXO 27 days ago


  • Shay Bae
    Shay Bae 27 days ago

    50 so sexy 💙💙💙💙😘😘😘😘

  • Mider-Span Man
    Mider-Span Man 28 days ago

    In half of these I can’t even see what’s going on! Is that how Fif wants it? That way you really can’t officially pin him for anything.

  • Big Cee
    Big Cee 28 days ago

    2:45 I keep my location on, except when I'm out.

  • Dustin Harrison
    Dustin Harrison 29 days ago +27

    50 Cent watched Scarface as a kid, saw the plane flying with the banner that said "the world is yours", and then went to work.

  • Samantha Burket
    Samantha Burket 29 days ago +1

    That smile is trouble, and I *love* it

  • Icea Kiser
    Icea Kiser Month ago +2

    He needs A therapist, I still think somewhere in there he has A good heart ❤ he got shot 9 times amd didnt die?! Thats a clear sign from god that he belongs here

  • John Rayane
    John Rayane Month ago

    Whats the beat at 3:30 ish?

  • Uzi Vert Snippets
    Uzi Vert Snippets Month ago

    50 the realeast ever

  • Oscyi Mixtapemayor
    Oscyi Mixtapemayor Month ago

    Guess people don’t understand the fact that 50 ain’t no studio gangster or understand the mindset of a person who gets shot up & survives. They be on some way different shit.

  • Seth Base
    Seth Base Month ago

    This man went against the entire Supreme Team (one of the most powerful & dangerous gangs in the US) by HIMSELF. I heard stories from people who know fifty talking about how he crossed paths with ALL the most notorious gangsters of the crack era (Fat Cat, Wayne Perry, Pappy Mason, Preme McGriff, Alpo Martinez, Rich Porter). 50 is a real gangster. Believe me

  • King Kari
    King Kari Month ago +2

    His opinions bring enlightment and substance

  • Irena Deacon Henriquez

    "Imma fuck your life up...for fun"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Irena Deacon Henriquez

    50 is the realest out there. Always was and always will be. True G

  • dp pg
    dp pg Month ago +2

    The way 50 dashed gunplay 😂 he was flying like a kite haha

  • Don Tomazo
    Don Tomazo Month ago +1

    Biggest troll on the internet

  • Spurs Nation4life
    Spurs Nation4life Month ago +1

    Lmfaoo “Imma fuc ya life up for fun.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills Month ago