Battle Royale Dev Update #10 - Season 4 Battle Pass and Map Update


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  • FaZe Gang
    FaZe Gang 5 days ago

    Put back in misty mire

  • mugman 99 makes a return

    pls bring back Dusty depot

  • LIEX 440
    LIEX 440 27 days ago

    Throw back

  • JohanTV
    JohanTV 3 months ago

    0:34 Season 3 ??

  • CJ
    CJ 5 months ago

    0:41 We are all going to ignore the rose team leader before it was realeased to the public

  • DestinyYT
    DestinyYT 5 months ago


  • Ethna
    Ethna 5 months ago +1

    Watching in Season 5

  • Tellstar Games
    Tellstar Games 5 months ago

    Anyone watching in season 5

  • chochin1803 gamer PiKa_ tu canal de risas


  • Quincy is dumb clips
    Quincy is dumb clips 6 months ago

    Pause at 41 seconds

  • Josh Juarez
    Josh Juarez 7 months ago

    Plz put dusty depot bak

  • Hannah Salvador
    Hannah Salvador 7 months ago

    Did anyone notice at :44 look at the bottom right in his skin locker it’s a leaked skin named rose team leader

  • Fortnite Settings Channel

    Look at bv message

  • George Halvatsiotis
    George Halvatsiotis 7 months ago

    You got rose team leader.

  • ItsMeNitros
    ItsMeNitros 7 months ago

    Rosé team leader like IF u saw it in the locker

  • D y l a n D o l l a r
    D y l a n D o l l a r 7 months ago

    Who else seen Rose Team leader in his locker? And those unused loading screens of the Brite Bomber?

  • Abbe Norén
    Abbe Norén 7 months ago

    41 seconds in you can see the Rose team leader at the bottom

  • Vexify Embers
    Vexify Embers 8 months ago


  • FëRö_ Retardo88
    FëRö_ Retardo88 8 months ago

    Not Dusty

  • lisandra cordero
    lisandra cordero 8 months ago


  • cookie gamer
    cookie gamer 8 months ago

    Hey thats the rose team leader

  • GameMaestro 725
    GameMaestro 725 8 months ago

    You need to fix trap switching on PS4

  • Daddy
    Daddy 8 months ago

    Add a trio gamemode

  • kars mooiweer
    kars mooiweer 8 months ago

    You can see the rose teamleader

  • Pac Zap
    Pac Zap 8 months ago

    Is the rose team leader gonna come out

  • Magnuss
    Magnuss 8 months ago

    Pls give back old lobby music

  • ChessVL
    ChessVL 8 months ago +1

    Bro a biplane glider please

  • 12sharp 21
    12sharp 21 8 months ago

    He has a unreleased skin

  • Luisgumer134
    Luisgumer134 8 months ago


  • Luisgumer134
    Luisgumer134 8 months ago

    0.45 rose team leader

  • guccigangzavein STREAMZ

    No one noticed Rose Team Leader ?

  • Vert Sloth
    Vert Sloth 8 months ago

    You leaked a skin with pink hat

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 8 months ago

    O:41 u can see the pink squad leader on the bottom of the middle

  • Evan Gillespie
    Evan Gillespie 8 months ago

    Why is the rose team leader in your locker

  • Brickstomp12
    Brickstomp12 8 months ago

    Leaked skin hope you guys find it

  • TheStrike Guy
    TheStrike Guy 8 months ago

    Does Anyone see the rose team leader the third to last skin

  • Matthew_balli 03
    Matthew_balli 03 8 months ago

    Can epic add missions in fortnite to get vbucks??? Its way to expensive to buy stuff at the idem shop it cost like $25 for 1new skin and 1 emote. In fortnite. But i could buy the battle pass for $10 and get about 100 idems from it.

  • Matthew_balli 03
    Matthew_balli 03 8 months ago

    They should add new different port a fort. In diffrent layouts.

  • Anthony Timmons flynt
    Anthony Timmons flynt 8 months ago

    Did anybody see the new skin at 41 sec on the bottom row

  • J4CK
    J4CK 8 months ago

    When will rose team leader come out as it is in your locker so we know its in the game + one of the screens on mobile while waiting for updates

  • Uykf
    Uykf 8 months ago

    look between the rex and john wick what skin is that

  • trick_656
    trick_656 8 months ago

    Roast team leader leaked skin announce when

  • Jr Gamer
    Jr Gamer 8 months ago

    Why do we have
    to pay

    RAPSCALLION F.F.G 8 months ago

    Where is all the founders skins

  • samy2222red
    samy2222red 8 months ago

    when you start the battle pass your supoust to get the whole first page but i didnt

  • #deus ex oh yeah yeah
    #deus ex oh yeah yeah 8 months ago

    Put the raptor back in store

  • Bobby Johnston
    Bobby Johnston 8 months ago

    Pause at 43 seconds and look at 3rd last outfit

  • Nicholas Cintra
    Nicholas Cintra 8 months ago

    Does anybody know what the skin below the love ranger is?

  • dog gamer
    dog gamer 8 months ago

    Someone noticed rosé team leader

  • LiL Pasta
    LiL Pasta 8 months ago

    Look at the skin between Rex and the Reaper

    POLSKIPOLAK XXD 8 months ago

    U have rose team leader

  • Thiccc Donkey
    Thiccc Donkey 8 months ago +2

    41 seconds new skin at the bottom

  • Rex C
    Rex C 8 months ago

    There's a rose gold team leader at the corner

  • VideogameFrEaK 67
    VideogameFrEaK 67 8 months ago

    Anybody notice the rose team leader at 41 seconds

  • Jorgetheloser _13
    Jorgetheloser _13 8 months ago

    New skin?? 0.40 look at his skins next to rex and john wick or under love ranger skin that hasnt came out ???

  • Mythic Xplrs
    Mythic Xplrs 8 months ago

    Rose team leader

  • SkY Goal
    SkY Goal 8 months ago

    See new skin at :41

  • leonbelegu Boi
    leonbelegu Boi 8 months ago

    You guys leaked a skin at 41 seconds. The pink one. Rose team leader

  • F -Series
    F -Series 8 months ago


  • N.O.G - Agon
    N.O.G - Agon 8 months ago

    wait there is the rose team leader in his locker

  • Andy Gerardo
    Andy Gerardo 8 months ago

    Do you get the money when someone spends the money on vbucks

  • Luke Hammond
    Luke Hammond 8 months ago +1

    God loves you all have An amazing week yall!!!!

  • MSN BoY
    MSN BoY 8 months ago

    Rose team leader!!!

  • frosty 501
    frosty 501 8 months ago

    how to get rose team leader?

    RADI PLAYZ 8 months ago


  • William Russo
    William Russo 8 months ago

    When will Fortnite come out on the Nintendo Switch ?

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 8 months ago +1

    Look at 41 seconds in the vid theirs the rose team leader at bottom so there’s something that’s getting added xD

    • Walrus Viejito
      Walrus Viejito 8 months ago

      cool theres also a weird loading screen at 51

  • X S
    X S 8 months ago +1

    Please put tricera ops in the item shop again I beg of you

  • Ahmed Nisar
    Ahmed Nisar 8 months ago +3

    Rose team leader beside the reaper

    • pure.hd_
      pure.hd_ 8 months ago

      Ahmed Nisar i was just gonna say that

  • Andrew TheBeast
    Andrew TheBeast 8 months ago +1

    Did anyone see a skin that hasn't come out yet

    KKTC NOVA 8 months ago

    Pause at 42 seconds and look at the people there is a leaked person

    v ALLMIGHTYYy 8 months ago


  • SwanyVerx
    SwanyVerx 8 months ago

    Rose team leader underneath Love ranger at 0.42

  • The Star Ranger
    The Star Ranger 8 months ago

    Did any one else see the rose team leader?

  • caleb333
    caleb333 8 months ago

    late but anyobdy else see rose team leader between rex and john wick

  • Hazem Nasr
    Hazem Nasr 8 months ago

    41 seconds in the video there is a legendary female skin

  • BBurritogames
    BBurritogames 8 months ago

    He has rose team leader no way!!! Look at the bottom row

  • father pope
    father pope 8 months ago

    When is the founder's pack coming

  • TrickyTV on PlayStation

    Rose team leader at 0.41

  • Kiibbes
    Kiibbes 8 months ago

    Rose Team Leader and Warpaint?

  • Paints YouTube
    Paints YouTube 8 months ago

    Rose Team Leader!!

    BOLTSCREWED 8 months ago

    I miss Dusty Depot :(

  • Jason_ Casey
    Jason_ Casey 8 months ago

    Pause at 50 seconds. Who is the girl in the loading screens slot

    HERO GAMER YT 8 months ago

    I though tilted was gonna get destroyed

  • DeltaXM1 ديلتا اكس ام

    epic u will fix dusty divot u sayed u will bomb tilted towers

  • Pranesh Anand
    Pranesh Anand 8 months ago

    Please relese fortnite on android

  • Skain :v
    Skain :v 8 months ago

    I need v-buck :,v

    • Skain :v
      Skain :v 8 months ago

      To buy battle pass

  • Vander GAMES
    Vander GAMES 8 months ago +1

    Like to Get the old theme music back

  • #T-D
    #T-D 8 months ago

    I said at rhe start im never gonna buy vbucks but now iv spent about 200+

  • robloxgamer200
    robloxgamer200 8 months ago

    I wish that we can drive cars in fortnite some day that might happen

  • Luis Gamer
    Luis Gamer 9 months ago

    Fornite son los mejores

    KEVIN YT 9 months ago +1

    i hate this game so much i really dont know why enery body spend times on this stupid game

  • Sayeed Masrur
    Sayeed Masrur 9 months ago

    i liked the update and it was amazing but the only problem is that fotnite sometimes lags in my laptop how can i fix it?

  • Phxy ツ
    Phxy ツ 9 months ago

    Why did you destroy Dusty?😥

  • E_tex Gaming 0ffical
    E_tex Gaming 0ffical 9 months ago


  • TFBowl
    TFBowl 9 months ago

    666 dislikes lol

  • Phontax
    Phontax 9 months ago +1

    Danke das man reporten kann

  • Gabriela Parra
    Gabriela Parra 9 months ago

    You can tell by his voice that he's tired of all these updates

  • MX Saucy
    MX Saucy 9 months ago

    Can u bring back sniper shootout plz

  • Man fred
    Man fred 9 months ago

    plz vbuuucks!😫