Inside the Quest to Make Lab Grown Meat | WIRED


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  • James lie
    James lie 4 hours ago

    i am certainly gonna miss bacon

  • 杨编
    杨编 11 hours ago

    Future animal protection organizations will don't let people eat natural meat.

  • ThatsSOJohn
    ThatsSOJohn 19 hours ago

    What you guys should focus on is not making the lab grown meat similar to conventional meats, but transform it into something unconventional that attracts curiosity. The world is changing & with it it’s demographics. The young like new flashy things.

  • ThatsSOJohn
    ThatsSOJohn 19 hours ago

    It’s unnatural, I don’t like lab made do realize just about everything we eat has been either genetically modified, artificially created or mixed with preservatives

  • Kyle Michael
    Kyle Michael Day ago

    the synthetic Krabby Patty IRL

  • yaduraj shakti
    yaduraj shakti Day ago

    Technique to create muscles for our future Robots. Who knows :D

  • Epic Replays
    Epic Replays Day ago

    Still going to eat meat lmao

  • Ellie
    Ellie Day ago

    *vegans and vegetarians are feeling conflicted*

  • Mr. Chicken
    Mr. Chicken Day ago

    Factory Farming is *SO* natural

  • willyam mak
    willyam mak Day ago

    I’m all okay to all kind of food, I want to try if their meats can be made into my fav food, meatballs

  • watever watever
    watever watever Day ago

    i say everybody hunt for themselves

  • Junaid Hussain
    Junaid Hussain 2 days ago

    Vegans must be so happy

  • bob noble
    bob noble 2 days ago

    just a reminder peta will steal your dog and kill it.
    awsome science to look forward too though.

  • Jacobo Joven
    Jacobo Joven 2 days ago

    2.2 billion people certainly won’t be engaging in this product.

  • Maverick Hargrave
    Maverick Hargrave 2 days ago

    I wouldn't believe that this can "save animals." More like "make animals obsolete for food." The animals we eat are not natural, they were bred over centuries to serve as food. There are billions of chickens, cows and pigs so on, and they could never be released into the wild. So if one day, the unlikely future turns out to be only of lab grown meat, these animals will end up extinct.

  • adolph medina
    adolph medina 2 days ago

    i want a burger of this now im excited -.-

  • job krumeich
    job krumeich 3 days ago

    I imagine this meat tasting way better when it's further developed in the future. Their would be way more control over the specific composition of different muscle and fat tissues in the meat.

  • charlie Dilltardē
    charlie Dilltardē 3 days ago +1

    gross, no thank you. i like to hurt things when i eat

  • Lupix
    Lupix 3 days ago

    Yea it can help the growing vegan population

  • Mike Fani
    Mike Fani 3 days ago


  • Squizzle
    Squizzle 4 days ago

    Back when people hated the Apple earphone Jack now got used to it

  • Snails40
    Snails40 4 days ago

    Let's throw away less food and not play insane scientist.

  • Kim Rowi Somabes
    Kim Rowi Somabes 4 days ago

    Can you have an end of the year review of this?

  • Mark Donaghy
    Mark Donaghy 4 days ago

    All the little piggies munching away on Mc nuggets 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Tell ya what I for one am looking forward to clean meat

  • Mark Donaghy
    Mark Donaghy 4 days ago

    I would not worry about finding a market 😂😂😂😂😂 sweet Jesus look at all the pigs who eat McDonalds chicken nuggets 😂😂😂😂 those things are lab grown

  • Spooky_ Ghost
    Spooky_ Ghost 5 days ago

    Science has officially announced *meat 2*

  • Gluttony with a German

    He could have given them a Taco but he did not that says something.

  • G Nk
    G Nk 6 days ago

    Umm I eat meat in many ways so I'm not sure why it matters if its texture isn't the same as a steak just throw it in a stew put it in a taco.... easy.
    I'd happily eat it if it was cheap but I won't pay 78 dollars for the honor of eating what looks to me like fatty ground beef.

  • Aldibas
    Aldibas 7 days ago +1

    Peta are complete fuckwards. I could never respect them in the slightest.

  • Emiru97
    Emiru97 8 days ago

    wait why is it non vegan? i mean they are not killing animals for that meat

  • TrEdtion
    TrEdtion 8 days ago

    they also don't have slaughterhouses to get the meat.

  • TrEdtion
    TrEdtion 9 days ago

    lab grown meat is a superb product taste just like the real product and it does not include death of animals.

  • Jose Felix
    Jose Felix 9 days ago

    Fabricating flesh is a lot more inhumane than slaughtering animals. Either way idgaf

  • Tyler Mustard
    Tyler Mustard 9 days ago

    0:35 everything's unnatural you dumbass guess you'll just starve

  • Hot_dog_buns
    Hot_dog_buns 9 days ago

    I’m pescatarian but if this comes out I will eat it

  • Light yagami
    Light yagami 10 days ago +1

    If it is cheaper and taste good plus available in my country then i will add this to my daily meal to fullfill protien requirement .

    • Light yagami
      Light yagami 10 days ago

      I think it is really a good idea just start working on a big basis gymers and bodybuilder gonna love it .

  • ryavix
    ryavix 11 days ago

    Leave the damned vegans out of it, this is how we are going to get steaks on space stations.

  • Yharon The Jungle Dragon { Baby }

    If I Were Given The Chance...
    I’d Eat That.
    Out Of Curiosity.

  • mcnuggs
    mcnuggs 11 days ago

    The idea of eating lab meat sounds a little weird, but factory farming practices are a nightmare in comparison to cultured meat.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 11 days ago

    No to the vegan agenda. Never.

  • Seth W. Stahlmann
    Seth W. Stahlmann 12 days ago

    Bro i cant believe they are finally coming out with MEAT 2! The squeakuel

  • speeder blade
    speeder blade 12 days ago

    Mushroms are the closest like meat product and it will always be for me...

  • Yulio oiluY
    Yulio oiluY 13 days ago

    BOOM! Suck it vegan! "non vegan, non vegetarian..." I like that guy he understand human.

  • Emilee Mahar
    Emilee Mahar 13 days ago +1

    I had this idea like 4 years ago!!

  • GoVegan
    GoVegan 13 days ago +1

    Thats why im vegan lol

  • DaddyLust
    DaddyLust 13 days ago

    When a CEO of a company tells you the product he is selling is remarkable. But says you can't taste it? That's a red flag for me.

  • SkipinlLA
    SkipinlLA 15 days ago


  • Simon Suh
    Simon Suh 15 days ago


  • Morga Hussain
    Morga Hussain 16 days ago

    Wish you best of luck to your good ideas. Slaughtering animal is horrible. May Allah turn this idea into a reality.

  • nine77
    nine77 16 days ago

    I don't eat meat.

  • Logan Gagnepain
    Logan Gagnepain 16 days ago

    To all the non-believers:
    Predictions say that Lab Meat will become commercially viable within the next few years!

  • Smol Birb
    Smol Birb 17 days ago

    Lets grow an animal

    SOKO MAN 18 days ago

    This would solve so many world issues. Water shortage issues, global warming *methane emission reduction, land use issues, etc.. Political influence of the meat industry is no doubt very much against any of this progress.

    • namasayanif
      namasayanif 17 days ago

      I would think that the meat industry would progressively switch over to become lab-meat growers if the technology has matured. r at least have a lab-meat subsidiary. If the cost savings is there, and the demand is there, why wouldn't they?

  • Will James
    Will James 18 days ago

    I'd rather eat un-killed meat!

  • amir shake
    amir shake 20 days ago

    Lol this is just capitalism at its finest.

  • Ivanevans28 Music
    Ivanevans28 Music 20 days ago

    P.E.T.A. = People eating tasty animals.

  • deedeetta
    deedeetta 21 day ago

    people complain about GMO product. 'How about we make everything artificial?' suddenly people love it.

  • Galih Raka
    Galih Raka 21 day ago

    Molecular gastronomi 😐

  • Melon .Onion
    Melon .Onion 21 day ago

    the chef has a tattoo in Hebrew on his arm "patience" hahaha

  • Dont _try420277
    Dont _try420277 21 day ago

    I would eat this

  • Eddy L
    Eddy L 21 day ago

    @8 seconds, why did he use flour tortillas? 💀

  • Sirmi98
    Sirmi98 21 day ago

    Those peta people are hypocrites. Dont eat meat ? Well i bet they suck and lick the type of meat that dont wear off jajaja

  • Outback Spaceradio
    Outback Spaceradio 22 days ago

    If you've ever eaten fast food you should be okay with this, trust me I've worked there. Just hope upscaling doesn't lead to any environmental factors.

  • king
    king 22 days ago

    keep this in your mind. no matter how healthy how good how fresh your meat is .. after all you will get colon cancer and your kidneys start to fall when you eat too much of it

  • Alex R
    Alex R 22 days ago

    PETA Spokesperson - "Our mission is to eliminate animal suffering by killing 99.5% of them." FTFY

  • ralph bryant
    ralph bryant 22 days ago

    Society is more concerned with animal cruelty than feeding the body natural food.

  • Max M
    Max M 22 days ago

    0:00 no

  • fernando tario
    fernando tario 22 days ago

    I want this

  • AcolyteOF Fire
    AcolyteOF Fire 23 days ago

    if it tastes like actual meat, and can come in the form of a good steak, or pork-chops, then i will be more than happy to eat it. but if it comes only ion the form of hamburger then im not 100% for it.

  • Oz El Coskuner
    Oz El Coskuner 23 days ago

    Wow. The moment they say "they did not let us taste but just watch them eating"... all credibility of all news piece is gone!!!

  • Tripled Air
    Tripled Air 23 days ago

    I don't want some like "that guy" buuuuut...I kinda need my lab meat scientists to be in good shape. Clearly if you're 100 lbs, you're not eating the meat you want to sell to me.

  • Zachary Ward
    Zachary Ward 23 days ago

    Where I live at a university they’re researching eating crickets instead of beef pork etc because it used less resources and space

  • Chidozie Anyaso
    Chidozie Anyaso 23 days ago


  • Mike Fani
    Mike Fani 23 days ago +1

    I would love ❤️ to eat this👏👏👏👏

  • Esteban Uribe
    Esteban Uribe 23 days ago

    Will beef jerky still be a thing if this takes off ?

  • Carl
    Carl 23 days ago +1

    Sounds expensive

  • Christopher Ibarra
    Christopher Ibarra 23 days ago

    The guy in blue shirt explains thing well.

  • Jennifer Lewer
    Jennifer Lewer 23 days ago +1

    If its not a meat soup in the future, Im down

  • Akari Zav
    Akari Zav 24 days ago

    I'm actually so happy when I saw the video.
    I've been vegan for a long time but I always loved the taste of meat so if this is going to be mainstream I'll be the first person to buy it lmao.

  • Nathan LaPierre
    Nathan LaPierre 24 days ago

    why not just make a cow lizard hybrid and just break its tail off whenever it grows back?

  • ClutchKarma2
    ClutchKarma2 24 days ago +5

    I don't know why everyone thinks this is gross, I'm actually pretty excited.

  • blacksh33p TN
    blacksh33p TN 24 days ago

    How to make cancer"

  • rashard D'Auvergne
    rashard D'Auvergne 24 days ago

    Nahh i ain't eating that

  • Be More Careful
    Be More Careful 25 days ago

    Poor FARMERS 💔

  • dick sauce
    dick sauce 25 days ago

    Badass, I'll buy a pound

  • Helen Cardona
    Helen Cardona 25 days ago

    What if this lab meat increases cancer?

  • Tem Boi /TB
    Tem Boi /TB 25 days ago


  • Leslie Chavez
    Leslie Chavez 25 days ago

    Idk what to say lol

  • p. rofit
    p. rofit 25 days ago

    to a stranger on the streets the idea would sound bizarre but the thing I worry about is that this could be a revolutionary turn for a dystopia, Ive seen this somewhere before

  • UnStAble FuTuRe 404
    UnStAble FuTuRe 404 25 days ago

    I would eat

  • John Galloway
    John Galloway 25 days ago

    PETA is a disgusting organization that ruthelessly kills innocent animals.

  • JackelLight
    JackelLight 25 days ago +1

    Thats cool

  • frizzie
    frizzie 25 days ago

    It look like doo doo ian eat that

  • Bleak Cobra Productions

    Lab grown meat sucks

  • David Jia
    David Jia 25 days ago

    1:58 gave me goosebumps, that's what I thought of doing with like trees, to make the world with genetic trees that could I make oxygen while taking up less space!

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 25 days ago

    I thought that this was a great idea! up until I heard peta was supporting it...

  • Romeo 67
    Romeo 67 25 days ago

    So vegan meat

  • are cups a vegetable
    are cups a vegetable 25 days ago

    Im eating a hot dog

  • FunkiestChickenlawl
    FunkiestChickenlawl 25 days ago

    I feel like they're getting pretty close with this meat. If they just made it coagulate more into solid beef chunks, i think it would pass as real meat just fine.

  • shiva prakash
    shiva prakash 25 days ago

    Well Lets hope it works I guess.