Launch of Delta IV Rocket Carrying WGS-9 US Air Force Satellite

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  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor 5 months ago

    Impressive audio - with the night launch,the sound becomes more prominent.

  • Shane Ruys
    Shane Ruys 10 months ago

    I was on a flight from Ottawa to Ft. Myers that night and we watched the launch from the plane. Pretty neat!

  • Gavin Faulkner
    Gavin Faulkner 10 months ago

    SpaceX is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of other US space agencies in that they have made the sensible upgrade to metric. (At least in their public facing side of affairs). This makes it much easier for the rest of the world to understand.

  • Санёк Фролов
    Санёк Фролов 10 months ago +1

    И этому театральному атракциону я должен верить ??? да идите вы в ж...!

  • Ryan19812012
    Ryan19812012 10 months ago

    The air force is jealous of space x.

  • Mykola Reznik
    Mykola Reznik 10 months ago

    ne e to technicka revoljucija -na reaktivnoj tjahe,prezentuju pohyb prez otcentrovu silu.Ahoj.

  • dan tibbetts
    dan tibbetts 10 months ago +2


    • Dark Helmet
      Dark Helmet 10 months ago

      I'm getting bored of these comments. Show some legit proof and I'll listen. plus, why so violent?????? cursing is mean. Just wanna add, the space footage is fake because it is kinda pointless to send another rocket to record the original rocket

    • Mike Kraze
      Mike Kraze 10 months ago

      says the video is fake but cusses out people who question.
      And yes dip shit I did see it leave the atmosphere, as I said I saw it in person, do you even know how science works?
      Even if the footage is fake, this did happen stop contradicting yourself dumb fuck.

    • dan tibbetts
      dan tibbetts 10 months ago +1

      BadWolf HS if you can't see the difference between real footage and manipulated imagery then I feel sorry for you. You truly have been mind Fucked. You think a shit clip of a big firework then some poxey commador graphics proves anything? It doesn't. Take my advice, go get yourself a ticket to Mars Dipshit. Nominal. Nice burn.

    • BadWolf HS
      BadWolf HS 10 months ago +1

      Where is your proof that the video is fake? Or do you not have any?

    • dan tibbetts
      dan tibbetts 10 months ago

      BadWolf HS see the crappy video above

  • Robert M.
    Robert M. 10 months ago

    actually saw the flame from Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. It was still bright enough to be seen for a few seconds, then dissapeared.

  • suprasaecularis
    suprasaecularis 10 months ago

    second stage , no acceleration.

  • Kni
    Kni 10 months ago

    Space X

  • Rene Horeic
    Rene Horeic 10 months ago


  • sparkdog44
    sparkdog44 10 months ago +4

    Mach 5 in 2 mins....awesome. Mach 10 in an additional that's moving.

    • Fly Me To The Moon
      Fly Me To The Moon 10 months ago

      sparkdog44 yeah, I feel the same excitement every time I see a space launch. sattelites need to go 28.000kph in order to stay in orbit -)!

  • Ron Hunter
    Ron Hunter 10 months ago

    Very cool!

  • Fei Xiang
    Fei Xiang 10 months ago +1

    wow that srb separation looks hell of close

  • JetSeb
    JetSeb 10 months ago +6

    So much technology for a shitty footage, I seen ppl mount go pros on rockets and this only get a ground camera and a shitty FDR

    • NameNotAlreadyTaken2
      NameNotAlreadyTaken2 10 months ago +6

      Welcome to night launches. They all look the same, they're all boring as shit. Absolutely nothing to see. This video is as good as any other for a night launch.

    • Bennet The denominator
      Bennet The denominator 10 months ago +3

      JetSeb the go pro would most likely melt from the immense heat

  • xc5647321 xc5647321
    xc5647321 xc5647321 10 months ago +2

    likes this!!!

  • Bobbie's Hobbies
    Bobbie's Hobbies 10 months ago +1


  • TheDizizope
    TheDizizope 10 months ago +26

    I watched it launch live from my back yard

    • Robert M.
      Robert M. 9 months ago +1

      TheDizizope, watched it from Disney's Animal Kingdom. It flickered before it went outta sight because of the gravity turn.

    • Mike Kraze
      Mike Kraze 10 months ago +1


    • Fei Xiang
      Fei Xiang 10 months ago +3


    • Rogue Male
      Rogue Male 10 months ago +4

      TheDizizope lucky person.